Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Win tickets to Todd Terje at Berns in Stockholm

Dear readers, from Sweden especially or even from the Stockholm area. We've just got the nice opportunity to give our readers of Tracasseur the chance to win tickets to go and dance to Todd Terje, when he will be doing an unique live-gig at Berns now this Easter Sunday, March 27.

The gig will take place in Stora Salongen in Berns and there will be a huge party in the whole building. The gig is unique due to this will be Todd's first live-gig ever in Sweden. He will be supported by the duo Haidl & Lindstrøm. Down in Audiio Rollerboys will then continue the party all night long. Link to Facebook event.

All you have to do to win these special tickets for you and a friend is to go to this link with your cellphone and download the nightclub-app Keyflow (or maybe you already have it). The go to the event and chose "Request Guestlist" and give a motivation why justify why you should win a ticket.

Simple as that, good luck! See you there on Sunday then when we dance alongside with you.

Todd Terje's debuting his live show (with band) at Oya Festival 2014. Due to YouTube copyright laws the audio between 4–10 mins (Leisure Suit Preben) has been removed.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Tracasseur's Best of 2015

Every year we do it. This year will be no exception, even if we've been having a really off year as music bloggers. We still are music lovers though. A lot of music have passed through our ears in 2015 and the least we could do was to compile the best of them into a list for you guys out there. We present to you the best 100 tracks of 2015 in no particular order.


Tracasseur's Best of 2015 on Spotify

Monday, March 9, 2015

Utropstech - Malplacebo

Got a tip the other day from a friend knowing a guy that was about to release his second EP. It sounded interesting when he told me about his music and then I forgot about my friends chat conversation. But my friend reminded me yesterday and I took a listen to Utropstech. I was extremely happy that I took a listen! Such a solid EP from Utropstech.

One of the greatest things with running Tracasseur is the chance to get to know unknown and small artists and producers around the globe that are great. The feeling when you know that you have such a gifted talent in front of you and you can be able to help out with a post, showing the world something totally new and fresh. Today that feeling is all about Utropstech!

The short story about Utropstech is about a 25-year-old guy living in a small city in Sweden named Skövde. The city of Skövde isn't famous for bringing forward great tech house producers, but now they have their first really talented one. Utropstech has been producing back and forth for twelve years and most of time just for the fun of it. He has also been into the EDM but the last three years he has become more serious and landed in the style that he kind of always have wanted to produce, tech house.

I love his work with all the details and small sounds in his music and he also told me that he always been focusing on the soundscape and the "perfect" details. This EP sums up pretty good Utropstech's way of thinking tech house the last year. Very well thought I must say! I'm already longing for the next release. This release is out on Sequence Media Group, a label from his hometown of Skövde, that have understood the golden opportunity to find the home producers on the west coast of Sweden.

SoundCloud-links below to listen, if you prefer Spotify click here and if you want to buy the EP head over to iTunes.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

[Free download] Kids At Midnight - Survival

Awesome Aussies #2: Kids At Midnight's new single "Survival" reminds me of another bunch of talented women; the Haim sisters. It also shows Jane's versatility that she can make utterly danceable house and disco tunes in addition to this dreamier and more delicate sound. Just such a beautiful song!

Tear Council - Anywhere

Awesome aussies #1: Matt Van Schie has teamed up with Van She colleague Michael Di Francesco to make this dreamy synthpop/tropical/nu disco gem under the name Tear Council. It's just as awesome as you'd expect from the pair.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Friend Within - The Square

The upcoming Friend Within EP (out 15 March on He Loves You) seems to be of the usual high quality that we've come to expect from our friend. At least judging by this acid weapon.