Monday, December 8, 2014

Pat Lok Update

A quick happy birthday to our buddy Pat Lok, who's had his excellent "Could be Mine" featuring Patrick Baker remixed by Red Milk, Chores and Wantigga (the latter two are free downloads). Great stuff all around, but I gotta say that the Chores remix is the fave.

[24h Exclusive download] Ayoe Angelica remixed

We've been super lazy recently, but I can calm everyone down: the rumours about our deaths are greately exaggerated. On the contrary, we're working on some big things that may or may not include a range of Tracasseur speedos for men.

But as a gift for not giving up on us, we're giving away a couple of very nice remixes of Danish soul/R'n'B singer Ayoe Angelica, in collaboration with local Stockholm label Playground Music. The remixers are local talent too; Robin Marken has made a funky, cut-up disco version while Thunberg's remix is more of a soulful deephouse/nu disco version. Very nice stuff from people and a label that are worth keeping an eye on.

Both tracks are available for free download for 24 hours (from around 14:00 CET), so get on it!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

[Free download] Goldroom - Till Sunrise (Justin Faust Premix)

More old friends and more free downloads! This time Justin Faust have remixed Goldroom's upocoming single Till Sunrise, featuring Mammals on vocals. Actually, remix isn't really the appropriate term, since Josh Goldroom has come up with a pretty neat idea. The single is out August 11, but since a week back the vocal stems have been available for anyone to make their own remix. Err, I mean premix. They can then be sent to Josh and he'll post the things he likes on his Soundcloud, which with over 80.000 followers is pretty decent exposure.

It's an interesting concept. Since no-one have heard the original yet, there's no way that the preconceptions of the it will shape the remixes. So, apart from the keys of the vocals and the rather slow tempo, expect some pretty different takes on it.

84 bpm isn't really Justin's standard tempo, but he's managed to make a really groovy electro funk slowdance of it.

Why not give it a go yourself? Here are the vocal stems!

[Free download] Final DJs - We Are The Night

Some new stuff from longtime friend Final DJs. We know Basti spent a lot of time on We Are The Night, and the result is a catchy piece of nu disco that instantly will make you want to dance. Great vocals from Torontonian Dana Jean Phoenix don't make it any worse. And to top it off, Basti is giving it away for free! All you have to do is head over to the Final DJs Facebook page.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

[Premiere/free download]: PWNDTIAC & Douze - Nightvision

As usual our blogging pace slows down during the summer when I take a well-needed vacation from all the blogging I haven't been doing. We're all very thankful for Jonny who's left to fend for the blog on his own. But today I thought I'd kick off my 2014-15 season. We have a lot of things that we've liked during the summer, and some of it we'll try to give you  even if it might be a little late. But of course we'll guide you through the current of new stuff that constantly washes over the internets.

SO, let's start with something brand new when we premier PWNDTIAC and Douze's collaboration "Nightvision". And by new I mean old, since this is a track that the guys made some time ago. It's also "old" in the sense that it has a lot of that classic synthwave sound that we used to listen to so much. And perhaps after a couple of years of deep house, we're ready for some sort of revival-revival? Download the track for free on PWNDTIAC's Facebook page!

One of the releases we've liked a lot (but didn't blog) is PWNDTIAC's catchy filter funk track "Hey Girl" that makes you think of greats like Shannon, Jellybean and the likes. Including a colaboration with Digitalfoxglove and remixes by Justin Faust and Douze.
"Hey Girl" also has an awesome video that really catches the mood of the track perfectly:

Monday, July 7, 2014

Cyril Hahn + Jessie Ware

Lovely Jessie Ware released a new single "Tough Love" June 23. The mastermind Cyril Hahn got his hands on the single, so take a good listen to it. Could be the perfect summer track when the sun goes down and you just want to dance into the night.

Also take a good listen to the mighty fine original.