Tuesday, March 31, 2009

WE LOVE Archigram part I

It's more than two years ago since two of my favourite DJs, Archigram from Paris, played at my club WE LOVE at Berns cellar (aka 2.35:1). It was a truly great DJ set where they used samplers and drum machines, creating that great live mix feeling you only get from dedicated DJs like them. I really wanna bring them back here soon, but until then listen to some of their remixes. And yes I'll try to interview them in a close future.


Monday, March 30, 2009

Exclusive Interview: Deluce

We have written about the French wonderchild Deluce before. But now we wanted to have a little chat with this bloke and ask him how’s it going in school while producing fantastic music.

Who is the man behind Deluce?
Deluce is a young electronic music producer who will like to cross the galaxy in a powerful spaceship.

Does Deluce stand for something? I found this American city named Deluce in Arkansas...but that I believe has nothing to do with you?!
No, Deluce was the name of my old college-cooker, haha. His name makes me feel good, so I take it as my pseudonym in video games, and after that for the music.

You are French and live in Ile-de-France (Paris). How is that?
Exactly, Ile-de-France is Paris and all close by neighbourhoods, I live approximately seven minutes of Paris so I can say I live in Paris. Ile-de-France is cool; Paris is the most beautiful city in the galaxy!

We have written about you before, and we wrote that you are studying engineering. How is a day in school?
Yeah, I study in an Engineer school. It's cool, we don't have a lot of work. A day in school is slow. I often sleep in class otherwise I draw.

Does it work well studying and writing great tracks? How much time on studying versus producing?
Yeah, it works well! I consider being more serious with my studies, but in class I'm not that serious. 80% producing and 20% studying. It works well, haha.

How many points did you get in your last examination?
9/20 in maths.

How many points do you give your last tune "Epic"?

Hehe, you are a bit shy, we believe it’s a great track, well worth much better points!
What influences do you have?
Danger (I'm a fan!), Trentemøller (his sound quality makes me fly), Ratatat (his melodies makes me so cool), and of course Valerie troops and French rap!

We also wrote in our last post about you, that your music would be a great soundtrack while travelling in space. Do you think your music will suit outer space?
I make a lot of different kinds of music but it's true that some of my tracks are made for intergalactic travel.

Yeah, let’s head into space now and until next time Deluce, good luck with your producing and don’t forget about school…
Hehe, no I promise. Now let's go for track!

Deluce – Epic

Deluce – Superheroes

Lex Chauve – The Invader (Deluce Remix)

Trippple Nippples

Since the Lowbrows' remix of Chromeo's "Call Me Up" (which we posted here) is one of my favourite tracks at the moment, I wanted to check out some more of their stuff. While doing so I stumbled upon electro poppers Trippple Nippples. It's not entirely new (2006 I think) and I don't know much about them other than they're Japanese, that three is 50 % more than two and that the more, the merrier...

Trippple Nippples - RIP Meat

Trippple Nippples - PPP

Trippple Nippples - PPP (The Lowbrows Remix)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Twelve is the number!

I guess its time to write about my favourite Brazilians: The Twelves. Joao Miguel and Luciano Oliveira from Rio de Janeiro formed the group back in 2006. The name came from the strange coincidence of their birth dates: twelve of July of 1980. The breakthrough came when they remixed "Boys" by M.I.A. I've never had the opportunity to see them live but their shows are a unique blend of live keyboards, drum machines, mash-ups and remixing on the fly. A key element for the duo is trying to improvise as much as possible.

Here are some of my favourite remixes by these great Brazilians. And if you don't like them i say in portuguese: Cala boca! And if you want their remix of La Roux "In for the Kill" just go here.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Jason Reid, aka Build, dropped a new terrific remix the other day. This time of not so daft punk rockers Phoenix' free download single "1901" from their upcoming album due out in May.

Phoenix - 1901 (Build Remix)

I used to listen a lot to rude French indie rockers The Teenagers, and once again mr Build' does a great job.

The Teenagers - Feeling Better (Build Remix)

It seems we are slowly posting all of the gazillion Ladyhawke remixes. On the other hand, chances are that we'll be sitting on some retirement home somewhere around 2050 when we're finally done..

Ladyhawke - Back of the Van (Build Remix)

And the same goes of course for Cut Copy.

Cut Copy - Hearts On Fire (Build Remix)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Techno pop Québécois

We posted the remix of French-Canadian singer/songwriter Coeur de Pirate's "Comme des Enfants" by fellow Québéqoises Le Matos a while back. Now Mademoiselle Pirate has returned Le Matos' favour by appearing on the new Le Matos track, another beautiful techno pop track:

Le Matos feat. Coeur De Pirate - How Do I Let You Know?

The first track I heard with Le Matos was their banging remix of Canadian (you guessed it!) rap group Omnikrom which surfaced eons ago by blog standards. I'm talking like 2007. You can really hear how their sound have changed from then.

Omnikrom - Prend Une Photo Avec Moi (Le Matos Mauviette Remix)

Here's more of Le Matos' trademark mix of techno, pop and nu italo (this one more towards melodic techno):

Le Matos - Quiet Earth

My favourite Le Matos has otherwise been the remix of this Numéro# track...

Numéro# - Star Modèle (Le Matos Poindexter Remix)

...which also has been remixed by Parisian techno DJ Don Rimini, who played in Stockholm a couple of weeks back.

Numéro# - Star Modèle (Don Rimini Remix)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Norwegian friends Super Society

Our friends Super Society from Norway, has given us two new fresh songs, that are very, very good (in Norwegian: kempegreit). They want us to share them with you. And we want you to discover Super Society.

Super Society is an electronic/dance/ambient project based in Oslo. Behind this project is a guy named Kjetil Egeland. The project started two years ago and the plan was to make cheesy, cold, Scooter-techno, showing up on stage with bleached hair and glow sticks. That idea was unfortunately doomed because of hair loss…

But anyway, here you have two of Super Society’s latest tunes, “Our Love (Donna)”, which is an easy pop/dance tune with sexy Donna Summer on vocals and “Pacific O” which is a feel good/taking a drive at night by the sea tune.
Tracasseur and Super Society say: Enjoy!

Super Society – Our Love (Donna)

Super Society – Pacific O

And the original tune from Donna Summer produced by the master Giorgio Moroder:

Donna Summer – Our Love

Monday, March 23, 2009

Want to be Daft Punk?

Ever felt you want to be Daft Punk? Well, now you almost can. Try out this emulator iDaft that gives you the chance to make "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" a little harder, better, faster and stronger!
Also join the group on Facebook to stay tuned with new updates. So now, work it, make it, do it!

Daft Punk – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Testarossa from Sweden

You can at all times trust the Swedish act Testarossa. He always comes up with great songs and remixes. It’s catchy tunes in-between the Italo Disco and Electro. You want to move on the dance floor when you hear the fine beats.

Testarossa is based in Stockholm, but for a couple of years he was djing in lots of clubs in Barcelona. Now, however, he is back in Stockholm and focuses more on his own music. But still he’s into the dj thing. On April 18th it’s the premiere of his new club “Discow Moscow” at Knast here in Stockholm. If you are a big fan of analog synths, funky hi-hats and cowbells, it’s the right club for you! Testarossa is a big devotee of the italo-punk-dub-disco thing and the club will be totally dedicated to that.

Testarossa has co-operated with Headman and released a remix of “Catch Me If You Can” on Gomma Records. He has some on-going projects with Kompakt and is also waiting to get the song “Monte Carlo” released on the Italian label Dead Elite Records. Therefore we are extra happy to share a version of that song with you guys. It’s a real pearl!

Testarossa – Monte Carlo (Dazed Dub)

Testarossa – Gino

Testarossa – Tiger Dance

Testarossa – Italo Gizmo

Headman – Catch Me If You Can (Testarossa Remix)

DID – Time For Shopping (Testarossa Remix)

DID – Time For Shopping (Testarossa Dub)

Broder Daniel – Luke Skywalker (Testarossa Edit)

Thom Yorke: Lady GaGa to produce Daft Punk's new single!

Click on picture to enlarge
That's gonna be super-sweet!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Disco Paulistano

Since I'm a bit slow, I haven't figured out how to make GIFs work on our site until now. But now that I have, I'm only going to post about people with cool/wacky animated logos. Chances are our legal department is going to force us to post an epilepsy warning in the right-hand column...

Database from São Paulo, Brazil not only have wacky GIFs, they also produce outlandish disco music to go with them. Somewhere between disco, filter house and electro you get that sweaty carnival feel from their music.


Database - ReaIce

Database - Dance Like 107

Database & Midnight Martyn - Party People

Phyllis Hyman - This Feeling Must Be Love (Database Ugly Edit Re-edit)
Also called: Database – Must Be Love

Jo Mistinguett - Personal Fuck (Database Remix)

Scenario Rock - Both Gotta Move On (Database Remix)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Disconet part III

Finally it's time for the third and final part of my Disconet series. There's not really much to say about these great discosongs. All I can say is: enjoy!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Bat For Lashes

This is a nice girl! A nice girl from Brighton, UK, and her real name is Natasha Khan. With a sensitive and vulnerable voice together with a little spooky sound she makes music for the soul. If I should compare her with other artists Bat For Lashes is a mix of acts like Goldfrapp , Pale 3, Portishead, The Knife, Jenny Wilson, Kate Bush and Tori Amos.
This is an eminent and mysterious video from her first album “Fur And Gold” and it’s called “What’s A Girl To Do?”.

Bat For Lashes will release a new album named “Two Suns” on the 6th of April. The first single from that album is “Daniel”, which is a great song with a nice beat. We are also giving you a little sneak preview from that album with two other songs called “Glass” and “Pearl’s Dream”. And you can furthermore check out this road trip video featuring excerpts of tracks from the forthcoming album.

Enjoy, and don’t forget to buy the record in April or preorder it here!

Bat For Lashes – Daniel

Bat For Lashes – Glass

Bat For Lashes – Pearl’s Dream

Bat For Lashes – What’s A Girl To Do?

Bat For Lashes – Horse & I

Bat For Lashes – A Forest (The Cure Cover)

Sunday, March 15, 2009


It was Friday 13th again, and it was time for Les Tracasseurs to play at a secret masquerade party at Skyddsrummet in Stockholm. Here are some pictures from the party and also some songs we played for our wicked crowd during the night.

I wonder what hairproducts that Mary used...

Sir Lancelot is in the house!

Our friendly hosts.

Just a regular crowd...

The baglady.

That Edward guy almost cut me with his hands...

Our favourite wolf.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tonight in Stockholm...

The nice band Whitest Boy Alive is visiting Stockholm tonight for an exclusive gig at Strand. The great Erlend Øye is the man behind this fine little band. All his projects are always awsome, and so is Whitest Boy Alive. So if you aren't doing anything more important, get your ass over to Strand!
This is a nice performance in Berlin last week:

Whitest Boy Alive – 1517

Whitest Boy Alive – Island

Whitest Boy Alive – 24K

Whitest Boy Alive – Golden Cage (Fred Falke Remix)

Friday, March 13, 2009

DatA on Debaser Medis tonight!

French electro-act DatA is playing at Debaser Medis tonight along with Östersund's I Always Wanted A Pony!. We tracasseurs are all a bit bummed that we have other engagements so that we're not able to see him, but if you have the opportunity, head to Medborgarplatsen this evening!

It was some time since I heard from Monsieur DatA, and a quick look on my favourite blog search engine reveals that the newest track from him is a remix of his biggest hit, last year's "Rapture", from Irishmen Schizofonics which is barely a week old. I haven't listened to it yet, but since "Rapture" was one of the tracks with the most and best remixes of 2008 I'm pretty confident it's blog-worthy.

DatA ft. Sebastien Grainger - Rapture

DatA - Rapture (Schizofonics Remix)

And speaking of Edwin Van Cleef in the last post:

DatA - Rapture (Edwin Van Cleef Remix)

Incredibly, the first Chromeo track on Tracasseur:

Chromeo - Needy Girl (DatA in Beverly Hills Remix)

I've personally never wanted a pony:

I Always Wanted A Pony! - Strobe Light

Thursday, March 12, 2009

New Edwin Van Cleef!

So, we played some records out yesterday night. I finished off with a track from Edwin Van Cleef, whose tracks always set off a venue in the right party mood. When I came home and turned on the computer I saw two new tracks from one of Leeds' finest (GRUM is the other one) had hit the blogs the same evening. Maybe more of a coincidence than proof that God exists perhaps, but I was really happy since I've been waiting for some new EVC for a while now. Then again, I'm always waiting for new stuff from him..

As for the tracks, they're great electro/synth house with a nice 80's feel as always. Excellent for the dancefloor, but with beautiful melodies as well.

Edwin Van Cleef - Overtaken

ProCon - Delia (Edwin Van Cleef Remix)
(Remix of Canadians ProCon)

Bonus (some classic EVC):

Edwin Van Cleef - Lovin'

Edwin Van Cleef - All I Have To Offer

GRUM - Heartbeats (Edwin Van Cleef Remix)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Exclusive Interview: ROCCA

We have posted Swedish bands lately like DW. Now it's time for an exclusive interview with ROCCA; another Swedish band consisting of Christoffer Björklund and Julia Vangsnes. They are also based in Stockholm.

Hello, do you feel the glow right now?
(Julia) That was a good start! Actually, I don't feel any glow right now. Let's blame it on the weather.
(Christoffer) I'm poppin' champagne as we speak actually.

Why the name Rocca?
(Julia) We came up with different names, but the name "ROCCA" was a shooting star that fell down on us.
(Christoffer) It's hard to come up with a good name, we just took it, so we had something to put on our records.

When did you start as ROCCA?
(Julia) I've had several bands before ROCCA. Late in summer 2006 I met Christoffer and from that point I decided to put my full focus on ROCCA.
(Christoffer) Yes, we met via mutual friends at a club in Stockholm. In 2006 ROCCA was officially formed.

How would you describe your sound and music?
(Julia) Like a collision, hopefully. I think some songs sounds like: "happy car-crashes" if you know what I mean...haha... still...let us not categorize a typical ROCCA sound. The lyrics versus the sound. The music versus the expressions. And then... always add passion to it. It's all about giving each song the best treatment after the circumstances. And that's all.
(Christoffer) The sound could be anything really as long as it has got the right feeling to it. There has been a lot of old school sounds in past ROCCA productions, but we're always trying to find new expressions as well.

How did your first live show go?
(Julia) We had the first live show in 2007 at Debaser Medis in Stockholm. I remember it as a good one.
(Christoffer) We rocked it. One guy told me it was the best concert he's ever been to so we must have done something right.

Have you been signed yet?
(Julia & Christoffer) This is the case; so far we've been releasing two singles at the Tokyo based label Every Conversation Records. Also, we've been contributing with songs onto compilation albums and also for commercials and trailers. By signing each release separately we're having the freedom and ability to take some sort of control within the whole process. Our next album release will be on another label. It's nothing wrong to "go major".

You've done some great remixes, including a remix for Lykke Li. How do you choose which songs to remix?
(Julia) A good song is a always a good song – no matter of the sound, still...remixes can be really disgusting depending on what parts in the song the remixer chooses to clarify. To know the art of remixing takes a talent. I think Christoffer is one.
(Christoffer) You need to do something different with the song and find a new context which fits. With some songs, it's hard to do that. They're already great. The Lykke Li song "Everybody But Me" was quite easy to remix. Not only is it a great song but the original version had so few sounds in it so there were many different alternatives you could try which sounds completely different than the original. I think we made three different versions.

When did you Christoffer decide to use the Talkbox for your music? Before Chromeo?
(Christoffer) I've always been fascinated by the talkbox sound and before I got my own I was so curious of how they made that sound in old r'nb songs like Zapp's "Computer Love" for example. I got my talkbox in 2007 I think. Currently we don't use it that much in the songs, we're having a talkbox break.

How does the future look like?
(Christoffer) We're about to release an album. We will keep on making new songs, collaborate with other artists and so on...
(Julia) I am jiggy with it.

Ok, cool guys looking forward to hear from you again!

Here are six songs by ROCCA. Enjoy!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Daroc ♥ DW = Last night in France

This song is super fresh; we should be the first blog in the world up with this one. It’s a fresh, half porno little tune, made as a collaboration between the French guy Daroc and the Swedish duo DW, that we had a big interview with a while ago. Daroc has made the sweet beat, while DW has written the song. DW is also the ones singing about the Swedish northern light that is visiting Paris for a one-night-stand...

Amir in DW tells us that Daroc is one of their oldest friends at their MySpace, therefore it was extra enjoyable to make a song together.

Daroc feat. DW - Hypnotic France

From Russia with love

I first heard Tesla Boy last Friday when our dear Polish YouTube colleague delahems posted this awesome video:

I was hooked right away by the excellent eighties-feel production. It turned out they had been posted on Valérie the day before (which shows the danger of not checking out their blog on a daily basis) and that they hail from Moscow, Russia.

So I shared the video with Amir of DW to see if a nu italo-head like him would like it and it turns out that the DW Design boys had made the cover of Tesla Boy's EP! Small world, eh?

So, from Russia, via Poland and France, with love...

Tesla Boy - Spirit Of The Night

Tesla Boy - Electric Lady

Tesla Boy - Fire

Tesla Boy - Neon Love

Tesla Boy - Runaway Man

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Here comes Danny!!

My favourite movie all time is The Shining. It's just not a great horror movie, it's a complete masterpiece. Everything from the casting and photography till the music and set decoration is just perfect. Six year old Danny Lloyd (born 1973) was selected for the role of Danny Torrance due to his ability to retain his concentration for extended periods of time. Because of his age and the genre of The Shining, Danny was closely guarded by Kubrick during filming and didn't know it was a horror film until several years later. Despite his notoriety and his famous line "Redrum! Redrum!", Danny made only one more film and has stated that he isn't interested in an acting career. Nowadays he teaches hard science at Missouri.
I wonder how many students say "redrum, redrum" during his lessons....

Bonus: Check out this creepy alternate trailer version.
I have to check nobody is in my room when I write this down...

Here are some creepy songs from the movie you can use this Friday, the 13th...

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The russet-red one…

…is what the gifted English girl Eleanor Jackson calls her exciting project, but in French then; La Roux. And it’s good, really good. She released her first single “Quicksand” last year on the French label Kitsuné. Great tune, check out the video directed of Kinga Burza (Kate Perry, The Teenagers, The Thrills, Ladyhawke):

VIDEO La Roux - Quicksand (the video could not be embedded)

The English newspaper The Guardian tells us that we should keep an eye on La Roux during 2009. And I can ensure you that we will, not to should be pure stupidity. The second single “In For The Kill” will be released March 16th on the record label Polydor. They are also set to release the debut album in 2009. Can hardly wait…

VIDEO La Roux - In For The Kill (the video could not be embedded)

There are a lot of remixes made of these two songs that I have mentioned, not all of them great, but we give you them all anyway. So then it’s up to you to decide which one you like the most. My favourite remix is the Joe and Will Ask? remix that was featured on “Tracasseur Mixtape February 2009”.

La Roux – In For The Kill

La Roux – In For The Kill (Heartbreak Remix)

La Roux – In For The Kill (Hostage Remix)

La Roux – In For The Kill (L-Vis 1990 RIP Hyper Bass Remix)

La Roux – In For The Kill (Skream’s Let’s Get Ravey Remix)

La Roux – In For The Kill (The Twelves Remix)

La Roux – Quicksand

La Roux – Quicksand (Beni Remix)

La Roux – Quicksand (Chateau Marmont Remix)

La Roux – Quicksand (Joe And Will Ask? Remix)

La Roux - Fascination

Friday, March 6, 2009

Lebatman part I

It feels like an eternity since my last post here on Tracasseur. Since then I've been preoccupied by important rl obligations, and been struck down by a deadly bird flu/cold.

Anyway, I've been meaning to post about LeBatman (formerly known as stadTkind) for a while now. He's been one of my favourite house producers ever since I heard his Arnold Schwarzenegger sample on "Call Hooters 1278", and his remix of Pal Secam's "March" has been one of my top tracks for the last couple of months. You might have heard the remix of The Cars' "Heartbeat City", which was included on the epic Masters Of The Universe 2 compilation.

Despite his name and his "French" sound he's not at all French but from Milan, Italy. His productions ranges from slick French touch via disco and filter house to, well, just straight-up house. Oh, and he doesn't ski.

More on Monsieur Le Batman soon...

stadTkind - Le Batman!

LeBatman - Killer Deffos!

LeBatman - Alphaville

LeBatman - Call Hooters 1278
Arnie Schwarzenegger - a true Tracasseur...

The Cars - Heartbeat City (LeBatman Remix)

Pal Secam - March (LeBatman Remix)

Worship - Fat Love (LeBatman Remix)

Coal Stairs - Fuji 111 (LeBatman remix)