Saturday, April 30, 2011

More AXXE remixes

Except from Stay Ali's remix that we posted only minutes ago we also wanted to share two other great remixes of AXXE's latest "Sweet Stuff". If Stay Ali's remix is the most arty and experimental remix these two from Dreamtrak and Neon Workout are the most danceable.

Sweet Stuff [Dreamtrak Diamond Dub] by AXXE

Sweet Stuff [Neon Workout RMX] by AXXE

Stay Ali + AXXE

We always long for new stuff from Stay Ali and when I met with one of the members Elias the other night at a party he told me that they were about to finish a remix of AXXE's "Sweet Stuff". And now, here it is!

I love how these three guys handle stuff, they're almost kind of disrespectful but with a lot of respect, playful in a serious way and that's why things from Stay Ali always is something extra and special.

AXXE - Sweet Stuff (Stay Ali Remix)

And as a bonus for Stay Ali we give you this playful acoustic summer night track, reminding me of The Kinks...

Sally (The Beautiful Girlfriend of Mine) by Stay Ali

DJSB remixes 4 famous girls

DJSB aka DJ Sake Bomb is a 21 year young guy from Portland, Oregon. Even if it's not totally solid yet and that he's still experimenting with different styles I believe in this guy. The remixes of our love Ellie Goulding and our Swede Lykke Li are nice ones and the Kate Perry remix almost turn into the classic sound of the Russian female duo Tatu. Give this young dude your support!

Ellie Goulding - Starry Eyed (DJSB Remix)

Lykke Li - I Know Places (DJSB Remix)

Kate Perry - E.T. (DJSB Remix)

Rihanna - Only Girl (In The World) (DJSB Remix)

Friday, April 29, 2011

Zombie video from GRS Club

When we were down in Paris beginning of April performing on the Shamrock Festival at Glazart we met GRS Club. They were one of the other bands doing their thing at the mini-festival. We really liked this French guy-and-girl duo, they were so energetic on stage and they did a really cool performance. I also love all the graphics around this band as a graphic design nerd I am.

After their gig we spend some hours backstage talking about everything in life ranging from parties and music to the meaning of life. And we also got the chance to get a sneak preview of their upcoming zombie video and now it's official along with the release of "Easy Rocket" out on well respected Boxon Records.

Get over here to buy the release along with remixes from Punx Soundcheck, The Boomzers, Tuff Wheelz and D.Vice. My favourite remix is by The Boomzers but we also got this other remix from Don Nola that didn't make it onto the release, but as good.

GRS club - Easy Rocket (Don Nola Remix) by donnola84

Fresh from Digitalfoxglove

Got this spaced out 80s disco track from Digitalfoxglove the other night while chatting. As always with his stuff, it's that perfect craftsmanship building a lovely tune. So get into your car and drive along the coast or jump into your space shuffle and set off into outer space while listening to "Someone Else".

Digitalfoxglove - Someone Else

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Blackout celebrates 2 years and we give away 30 places on the list

Our friends behind the club Blackout are celebrating 2 years as a club in the nightlife of Stockholm. During these two years Vaktmästaren and Brinx have brought electro house to the people. And they promise that this night will be something extraordinary without no boundaries. This night will take place this Saturday at NU! at Fridhemsplan from 9 PM.

And due to our friendship they were so kind to let us give away 30 places on the list for our fine fans of Tracasseur. This list will last longer than 11 PM. To get your hands of these 30 places, you just have to email your fellow friends of Tracasseur at and write "Blackout" as subject. Easy way in to the party!

Link to the event.

And as always we have to give you a track, it's not with Blackout but with Blacklight Flashlight, an old classic for the dance floors.

Midfield General - Disco Sirens (Blacklight Flashlight Remix)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Young Galaxy remix of "Watch The World Go By"

The amazing track "Watch The World Go By" by Le Prix & Johan Agebjörn feat. Lake Heartbeat that we posted a while ago has now been remixed by the fantastic Young Galaxy, who released one of the best albums this year with "Shapeshifting", that we also wrote about earlier in February.

When such great acts like Johan Agebjörn, Le Prix, Lake Heartbeat and Young Galaxy gets combined, it's automatically something wonderful.

Le Prix & Johan Agebjörn feat. Lake Heartbeat - Watch The World Go By (Young Galaxy Remix)

The original version can be found on Johan Agebjörn's full length album "Casablanca Nights", out May 10 on Paper Bag Records (and in our old post...).

Monday, April 25, 2011

April Disco Madness

I thought I'd just throw up the mixtape I did for Radio Elektrana last Wednesday. It turned out pretty disco.

Tracasseur - April Disco Madness

1. Keren Ann - My Name Is Trouble (Collateral Remix)
2. Jonathan Johansson - Blommorna (Niva Remix)
3. Birkii - Shade Of Doubt
4. Is Tropical - South Pacific (Database Remix)
5. Wolfram ft. Holy Ghost! - Hold My Breath (Johan Agebjörn feat. Sally Shapiro Remix)
6. Terminal Twilight - Black and Blue (Lazydisco Remix)
7. Xinobi - Hawaii (Original Mix)
8. Stopmakingme - K & Big V (The Deadstock 33s Remix)
9. The Human League - Never Let Me Go (Aeroplane Remix)
10. FOX - Mind Goes Blank feat. Organek (Last Robots Remix)
11. Hercules & Love Affair - Painted Eyes (Moonlight Matters Remix)
12. Kolombo - Passin Me By
13. Azari & III - Reckless (With Your Love)
14. Munk - Rue de Rome (Cécile Remix)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wonderful Leno Lovecraft

Amazing stuff from Leno Lovecraft. Imagine the crazy psychedelic cartoon serie from 1979 Doctor Snuggles and then you put the whole world under water like The Lost City of Atlantis. Then you flavour it with some odd under water animals, some weird machines and people floating around and smoking under water pipes. Finish it off with putting the soundtrack to it by putting on Leno Lovecraft's "EP #1". That's how the music world of Leno Lovecraft sound like.

01 Planet Sextron (EP version) 1 by Maman_Records

05 Princess 1 by Maman_Records

06 Silver Aquariums 1 by Maman_Records

02 Claire And Cynthia 1 by Maman_Records

Get over to Leno's Bandcamp to listen to the whole 6-track EP and pre-order your copy here.

And here is a freebie not on the EP but still from that odd world.

Leno Lovecraft - Passsionate Fantasia

And best of all is that his new EP is out on our new favourite Paris based label Maman Records. You should check in all of their releases and especially Chad Valley and Kisses and you should definitely fan them.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Moby + Lifelike + Gesaffelstein + Funkerman

Moby's latest single "The Day"has got this sweet remix signed Lifelike. First I heard it in Edwin Van Cleef's great April mixtape that we posted the other day, so now I have to make the post about the track too. Love what Lifelike puts into this track, and the original track reminds me a little about David Bowie back in the days.

Moby - The Day (Lifelike Remix)

Moby - The Day

And as a bonus these two remixes by Gesaffelstein and Funkerman aren't too bad either, more techno than we usually post but I really like these ones.

Moby - The Day (Gesaffelstein Remix)

Moby - The Day (Funkerman Remix)

Happy Easter from Beaumont

Straight out of Australia our fave Beaumont hails a greeting for the holiday. The greeting flies close to the sun and maybe get its wings burnt. Irrespective of that this is the track to fly away with, as the soundtrack, in a small plane into the sunset. Dreamy.

Beaumont - Wings Like the Sun

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Edwin Van Cleef does Phoenix

Was about my way out when I took a quick glance in the inbox and to my happy eyes I saw a mail with a new Edwin Van Cleef track. Great news for us who long for the upcoming EP in July.

With this remix/cover of Phoenix track Lisztomania Edwin bring in a female vocalist in Jane Hanley instead of Phoenix singer Thomas Mars. Interesting move with a perfect result.

Edwin Van Cleef - Lisztomania (feat. Jane Hanley)

Also take a good listen and download Edwin's April Mixtape!

Edwin Van Cleef - April Mix 2011

1. Blue Satellite - When The Sun Rises (Blue Satellite Remix)
2. Architecture In Helsinki - Contact High (Clock Opera Remix)
3. Peter Bjorn & John - Second Chance (RAC Remix)
4. French Horn Rebellion - Up All Night (Clubfeet Remix)
5. Breakbot - Fantasy
6. Codebreaker - First True Love Affair
7. Moby - The Day (Lifelike Remix)
8. John Legend - Rolling In The Deep (Edwin Van Cleef Remix)
9. Birkii - Shade Of Doubt
10. Niki & The Dove - Gentle Roar (Mylo Remix)
11. Starfucker - Girls Just Want To Have Fun
12. Holy Ghost - Hold My Breath
13. Blende - One Sided (Louis La Roche Remix)
14. DATA - Califronia Special (Eumig & Chinon Remix)
15. Rimer London - Mr Froggy Diamonds
16. Edwin Van Cleef - Lisztomania (feat. Jane Hanley)

Dear Paris x2 remixes

We still in love with our last stay in Paris and what could be better than to remind us more of Paris with two new remixes of Dear Paris. Regarding the French sounding name Dear Paris are actually from Germany. They released the EP "Synchronize" in January and now a bunch of fine remixers made something new of their tracks and they're all on the new EP "Synchronize Remixed". We give you two of them here for free but if you want all of them go over here and buy both releases.

First out is our fine French friend of Deluce. It was a while ago we posted something from the young talent, so now it's about time. Unfortunately we didn't get the time to meet up when we were in Paris so what could be better than to post a new remix by him. It's a more popish side of Deluce we hear in his new remix, and I quite like it!

Dear Paris - Golden (Deluce Remix)

The second fine remixer of the day will be our Aussie fave Ren Riz, putting his super nu disco touch to "On Fire". Ren Riz make our day and night!

Dear Paris - On Fire (Ren Riz Remix)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pacific! ft El Perro Del Mar + Moonlight Matters

One of our favourite tracks this spring has been Anoraak's remix of Pacific!'s new single "Unspoken" featuring El Perro Del Mar. Another one has been Moonlight Matters's remix of Clare Maguire's "The Last Dance". So, I wonder how a Moonlight Matters remix of "Unspoken" would sound like? Why, pretty darn good of course!

Pacific! feat. El Perro Del Mar - Unspoken (Moonlight Matters remix) by Moonlight Matters

Friday, April 15, 2011

Do Me To The Music – PREMIERE

That's the sexy name of our second new club that we start within a month. Everything about this club should be more challenging and we actually want people to make out plus more on the dancefloor. Do you dare to come?

"Do Me To The Music" has its premiere tomorrow, Saturday, April 16 at the coolest place in and within the Stockholm area; Slakthuset (in English 'The Slaughterhouse'). Imagine a meat packing district a la New York that instead of making the whole area into something cool, just one place rebuilds an old slaughterhouse into a huge club. Still situated in the meat district, where the neighbour still makes his sausages and the butcher across the street still takes care of his meat. Exactly there you find Slakthuset and it's the next thing in Stockholm, it's gonna be big. And tomorrow we will have our club night there. Porky time!

For the premiere night we've flown in the wonder-child Louis La Roche from Norwich, UK and the crazy dudes of The Zombie Kids from Madrid, Spain. Along with Tracasseur, La Petite Putain and Happy Endings this will be a night not to forget in a long time, and also a night you want to come back to soon again...

Louis La Roche - Love

Teenage Bad Girl - Keep Up With You (Louis La Roche Remix)

A-ha - Hunting High And Low (Louis La Roche Remix)

The Zombie Kids - Blow Money Fast

The Zombie Kids - Drums Of Death (Original Mix)

The A-Team - The A-Team Theme (The Zombiekids Remix)

And for those who loves quiz, we got the perfect one for you early birds, we've hired Dr Love to do his "Dr Love's Orgasmic Musex Quiz" from 8.30 PM. Don't miss out on that one boys and girls.

"Do Me...Do Me To The Music!"


Being home due to feeling a bit sick and the sun is shining outside, bad timing I must say. But good timing also, because I stumbled upon Geographer, so sometimes things must have a meaning.

The trio of Geographer hails from San Francisco, making music that will put them in-between Yeasayer and Metronomy. A mix of synths, cello, guitar, drums and the beautiful voice of Michael Deni. They also recently made a great performance at SXSW in Austin, Texas, so expect more attention on these guys to come.

The "Animal Shapes" EP is a perfect record that sum-up their sound quite good. "Kites" is a track that I fell in love with right away, and the Limousines remix is the perfect remix of that track. Here is Geographer for you!

Geographer - Kites

Geographer - Kites (Limousines Remix)

Geographer - Verona

Geographer - Original Sin

Don't forget to buy the whole release here including one more remix from Wallpaper.

Golden Bug + Mustang

Brussels duo Mustang have made a pretty damn cool remix of Golden Bug's new single. Out next week on Gomma.

Golden Bug - Sex Beat (Mustang Instru Remix) by Mustang (Official)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fare Soldi - Casotto EP

So today Fare Soldi made the preview of their new EP "Casotto" available for the public. We've been listening to it for a while, and even had the chance to try it out on the dancefloor with good results (as expected). The EP is out April 19 on their label own Riotmaker.

Fare Soldi - Party Posse

Fare Soldi - Cassa Forte by Fare Soldi

Fare Soldi - Volluto

Fare Soldi - All you need is LOL

Fare Soldi - Sabbiadoro by Fare Soldi


Madrac - Normale (Fare Soldi DiscoFu Remix)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kill Them With Colour x 3

We got two remixes from our fine finding Kill Them With Colour a while ago and the other day we got another one, so it's time to make the post!

It was more than two months ago we wrote about Kill Them With Colour the last time...way too long. So now we will triple the contribution of tracks. Three new remixes, two older artists to be remixed and one new. Love the Marvin Gaye remix, already with a classic Kill Them With Colour sound!

Marvin Gaye - Got To Give It Up (Kill Them With Colour Remix)

Michael Jackson - Dirty Diana (Kill Them With Colour Remix)

The Middle East - Blood (Kill Them With Colour Remix)

Fan these guys on their fanpage, they are worth it! And here are some more posts we've made about them.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lifelike remix of Teenage Bad Girl

Ever good Lifelike has made this amazingly fine remix of Teenage Bad Girl. Nothing more to say really, just enjoy the remix, it's perfect for the floor and for driving at night in your car...and it was released in February by Citizen Records and you can buy the full Teenage Bad Girl release here with more remixes.


And the original hair metal video for "Keep Up With You":

And a bonus 320 kbps mp3 not on the release, a really nice remix of Kartell.

Teenage Bad Girl - Keep Up With You (Kartell Remix)

Le Prix & Johan Agebjörn feat. Lake Heartbeat + Skatebård + Wolfram feat. Holy Ghost! + Sally Shapiro + Flight Facilities

A lot of fine names in that headline I must say. We will take you through this line-up of names in the right order.

The two finest nu italo creators of Sweden, Le Prix and Johan Agebjörn, put their brains together and feature amazing Lake Heartbeat, who are two other great minds in Dan Lissvik and Janne Kask. Lake Heartbeat released one of 2009's best albums in "Trust In Numbers" and Janne Kask (former Brainpool-singer) made a perfect combination with his voice along with dreamy landscapes. Now his voice meets this dreamy nu disco instead, and it's as perfect. This is a lovely track that you will put on repeat.

Le Prix & Johan Agebjörn feat. Lake Heartbeat - Watch The World Go By

It's released today and it keeps remixes by Skatebård and Teen Daze, the remixes from Skatebård will probably also go on repeat. The release is the first single from Johan Agebjörn's upcoming album "Casablanca Nights", which we expect to be superb due to all the great collaborations on it. What do you say about names like CFCF, Sally Shapiro, Fred Ventura, Queen Of Hearts, Wolfram, Legowelt, Ercola? Expect something really good in May. And here you can buy the single and get the B-side track featuring Yota.

Le Prix & Johan Agebjörn feat. Lake Heartbeat - Watch The World Go By (Skatebård Remix)

Le Prix & Johan Agebjörn feat. Lake Heartbeat - Watch The World Go By (Skatebård Instrumental Remix) [Tracasseur exclusive in 320 kbps]

Speaking of Wolfram, they featured Holy Ghost! on "Hold My Breath" and Johan Agebjörn together with Sally Shapiro made a remix of it.

Wolfram feat. Holy Ghost! - Hold My Breath (Johan Agebjörn feat. Sally Shapiro Remix)

And speaking of Holy Ghost!, they just released their debut album yesterday and "Wait & See" is one of the best tracks on it, here with a great remix of Flight Facilities.

Holy Ghost! - Wait & See (Flight Facilities Remix)

Enough names for one post I must say, puuhh...

Terminal Twilight and Zimmer

Today I thought I'd write about not one but two releases from Discotexas, to maximize your disco pleasure and to make up for our rather lazy blogging of late. Let's take them in order.

Zimmer is a young man who grew up in California and Paris, something you might hear in his laid-back yet chic music. "Cruisin'", released last week, works not only when cruising down to the beach to take a dip in the Pacific Ocean, but probably just as well cruising down Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré.

Zimmer - Cruisin' by Discotexas

The upcoming release of Terminal Twilight's "Black and Blue" seems to have come about in a less than smooth way. It's actually a re-release of a deleted vinyl single, and managing to destroy most of their original tracks during a studio move meant they had to record a new version. The result is a nice deep disco tune with dub influences that will make you mix it with your old Basic Channel vinyls. The release also include great remixes from Lazydisco, Mirror People and Astrolabe, where my favourites are Lazydisco's funky disco house and Astrolabes electropop.

Terminal Twilight - Black and Blue (Lazydisco remix) by Discotexas

Terminal Twilight - Black and Blue (Astrolabe remix)

Terminal Twilight - Black and Blue (Mirror People remix)

Use the download buttons to buy these on Beatport. The dub version of the original is available in 160 kbps for free though!

Terminal Twilight - Black and Blue (Terminal Twilight dub version)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tracasseur back to Poland

After our last mini-tour together with Kamp! in the three Polish cities of Krakow, Lodz and Katowice it's now time to gig in Warsaw and Gdansk. We fell in love with Poland last time and now we are back to give our gratitude back to you for your kindness and for a hell lot of fun.

We start this mini-tour off in Warsaw this Friday, April 8 at the party All You Can Eat at Obiekt Znaleziony, Pl. Malachowskiego 3. So if you're in Warsaw and like us to get you dancing, join us for fun!

Then we're off to coastal city of Gdansk up in the north of Poland on Saturday, April 9 to this crazy party of Supertouch! at Buffet, ul. Doki 1. At this party we will join forces with our German friend Justin Faust, that we booked to Stockholm last year. Gonna be nice to see this bloke again, and together with him we promise a really amazing party night.

To get in the right mood:

Justin Faust - Sloppy Chic (Bestrack Remix)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Exclusive download of Collateral remix of Keren Ann

We were just down in Paris to gig at Shamrock Festival at GlazArt and we had a blast. The other nights we were hanging out with nice people we know in Paris. We met the nice guys from Maman Records irl for the first time. Supernice label ran by two amazing guys and they introduced us to Collateral. We wrote about Collateral along with the post about Chad Valley, that is on Maman, a while ago and we said that their remix of Chad Valley was ace.

And now when we met them irl they wanted us to release their fantastical fine remix of Keren Ann for download exclusively at Tracasseur. We are honoured to get the chance to release such a fine remix.

When I stood in the streets of Paris listening to it for the first time in Julien's (Collateral) earphones it was love right away. I told him that this kind of remix was up the right alley for Tracasseur. And now when we're back in Stockholm this tune will let us remember the good times we had in Paris. We hope to be soon back guys and girls of Paris! Au revoir!

Keren Ann - My Name Is Trouble (Collateral Remix) [Tracasseur exclusive download]

...and of course it's high quality 320 kbps if you wonder, now you download and enjoy!

Countdown to Monsieur Adi's new EP

We're anxiously waiting for the release of Monsieur Adi's new EP that will drop sometime in April. I've been listening to a couple of the tracks and they are just as amazing as you'd imagine. As a teaser you can now listen to one of the B-sides of it; the dark and industrial "Chariot". This techno sound is kind of a new territory for Adi, and shows his versatility, but even if the other tracks are more clubby than previous tunes, you'll recognize his melodies and harmonies in them.

And apart from the EP and the Album due late summer, there are more exciting things in the pipeline for Mister Adi, that we'll have reasons to get back to you on.

Monsieur Adi - Chariot

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Exclusive interview: Erik Hassle

Erik Hassle, our Swedish talent with that great voice and cool red hair, that moved to London and made his career even bigger. He's back with the mini-album "Mariefred Sessions" and we caught him in action to discuss the release and some other things around Erik.

Hello, Erik. First of all we must say thank you for showing us your new tracks a couple of weeks back. We got hooked right away.
Hello and thank you. It's sensitive times always around a release, so it pleases me a lot that you like it.

This means that you're back and you're singing "Are You Leaving". What is your new single about?
"Are You Leaving" is about being caught in between your "yet to come" and your past. About the rootlessness of standing with only one foot in the memories from your childhood while the other one struggles to move on. It's a gap outside both realitys. In my case about a small town two hours south of Stockholm.

You left the small town for a bigger town, nowadays you even live in London. Was Stockholm too small for you? Maybe you had bigger plans with your new label of Island Records?
Moving to London was a natural step for me in many ways. Partly because I got signed to Island Records and have been working in a lot of different territories the last couple of years, but also it is a crazy town and a good base connecting both Scandinavia and the US.

Was it in London you met with our fave Ellie Goulding to make the fine duet of Robyn's "Be Mine" that was out in the end of 2009?
Yes. Me, Ellie and Little Boots were on tour together last fall. I love Ellie and we had a little getting-to-no-each-other-ceremony recording "Be Mine" and some other songs... It actually wasn't supposed to be released but it leaked out on Popjustice and the rest is history.

Do you have more projects on the go with Ellie?
Not at the moment, but she is always welcome to Stockholm.

If we get back to "Are You Leaving", the video is made by you and your friend Johannes Ring. And you went back to your hometown of Katrineholm for a Saturday night to catch the feeling of a small town. How was it to come back and do this kind of video?
It was fantastic and since it brought back so many memories, it was quite easy to come up with different locations to visit. The design of pleasure is permanent and a Saturday night is more than often the same. There is not many clubs, restaurants and houses to choose between and I really wanted to capture the beauty of that. The safety of knowing who your friends and enemies are and the safety of knowing you will meet them if you go to certain places is something I really appreciated while living there. Before we took the car down there to shoot the video, I was a little bit worried that people would be offended and not see the love in it. But the reactions to the video from the locals has been so nice and they really understood the idea.

Here is the video:

The whole new mini-album "Mariefred Sessions" is recorded together with Jocke Berg and Martin Sköld from the well-known Swedish band Kent. How was it to work with these guys, they're pretty big in Sweden?
I loved every minute of it. They really took me in and made the process very natural. It was a new experience to work with people coming from a band and I found that very inspiring. If they wouldn't already be a part of a band, I'd force them to tour this record with me. The writing and production process turned out quite "band-like" and it was great feeling the unity. And apart from being great guys they are really really fantastic songwriters.

Almost the whole album is also recorded in Martin Sköld's studio, that is in Mariefred. Was the title of the album clear to you or did you think about other titles for it?
Well, at first we didn't have a clear thought at all of what to do. We had been talking about trying and write something together, back then maybe just a song or two for my album no 2 that I was currently working on. But after just hanging out for a couple of days we had made 3–4 songs and quite instinctively felt we had to make something special out of it. The city Mariefred and Martin's little atelier was the core of all the songs and the name was the first that came out.

Is this maybe the fresh start of a long term working relationship between you and the guys from Kent?
Never say never...

The English paper The Guardian wrote a tribute article about you a while back and called you "the Stockholm Wunderkind". How did you feel when they wrote such a great article about you? Did you get scared?
Yeah a little bit scared. It was so early in my career, I was about 18 and it was a big thing to handle :) I remember how surreal it felt. Still in the start of writing my first album and they basically based that article around a couple of songs I had put up on MySpace. It led to so many good things though and created a buzz outside of Sweden.

Anyway, we're really glad that you're back, with this new mini-album you've shown that you're "the Stockholm Wunderkind". Good luck Erik!
Haha, thank you!! Bye!

And here is a taste from the mini-album "Mariefred Sessions" that is really good, buy your copy here or use your Spotify. "Stay Away" is the next single from the mini-album.

Stay Away by erikhassle

Monday, April 4, 2011

Moonlight Matters + Ellie Goulding

This one is so fresh and it's steamin' hot! Moonlight Matters started chatting with me and told me he just uploaded this really great remix of our English favourite girl Ellie Goulding. It's so hot I can't write no more...than it's hot...and that I love the Moroder vibe of it...and that whatever Moonlight Matters touches it turns into gold...

Ellie Goulding - Lights (Moonlight Matters Remix) by Moonlight Matters

Pacific! + Anoraak + El Perro Del Mar

Sometimes there are great combos between two acts, but here we got the perfect combo of three. Sweden hold Pacific! and El Perro Del Mar on vocals and France hold Anoraak with the remix.

Pacific!, who are on Alan Braxe's label Vulture are about to release their second single, from the longed album "Narcissus". "Unspoken" will be released April 18 with remixes from fine names as Santiago & Bushido, Moonlight Matters, Alex Gopher & Pierrick Devin and Anoraak then. Always keen when Pacific! releases new stuff, they've made such fine tracks earlier. Enjoy this one in 320 kbps!

Pacific! feat. El Perro Del Mar - Unspoken (Anoraak Remix)

And here's the official video for the original track, as good!

Tyson give away The Swiss

Tyson is kind by handing away the Swiss remix from his latest single "Out Of My Mind" that we wrote about a while back. If you're into this danceable 70s-80s-disco-funky-bassline-stuff, than this is the remix for you by The Swiss.

Tyson - Out Of My Mind (Swiss Dance Remix)