Friday, November 30, 2012

New one from Kate Boy!!!

We were one of the first blogs to write about and also write up Kate Boy, the new Swedish super act that will rise to the skies. With their first track "Northern Lights" they kind of blew up the blogosphere and getting praising words from all over the world. Listen and see the video here.

Now the release date for the EP is set to January 22 and it will be released on IAMSOUND Records. Until that special date they let us hear their next tune, the B-side "In Your Eyes". Another awesome track that lets us know that they are up to something really big. We are even more happy than many others out there in the world, because we've been friends with three of the members for quite a while. You can say that we are proud of them!

ODahl - Sexual Healing

Our main Fireball whiskey supplier, and my evil twin, ODahl's latest track is a step away from the nu disco towards a deeper sound, and I'm loving it. At the same time it makes me remember the track that really caught my ear from the beginning - his remix/cover of another seminal soul claasic; Luther Vandross' "Never Too Much". Great way to move forwards without forgetting where you came from.

Kris Menace ft. Miss Kittin - Hide

Digging the new single from synthy house nestor Kris Menace called "Hide", taken from his new album "Features". It's got Miss Kittin on vocals and a very nice video which makes you think of both A-ha's classic "Take on Me" and the psychedelic X-mix series that ran on MTV's Party Zone in the mid-90's.

The remixes come from Undo, Nhar, Alexander Maier, Pwndtiac and Maethelvin. Nice ones, and even nicer that the Maethelvin is a freebie!

Goldroom - Sweetness Alive (feat. SLL)

The latest sweet tune from Goldroom featuring the Swedish twins Saint Lou Lou. Another pearl from LA mastermind Goldroom. Buy it here!

Late night Julio

Time is past three glasses of red wine and fantastic company of a certain person. What could then be better then to hear the B-side of Julio Bashmore's latest single "Husk / Pelican"? Probably nothing! Out December 2. Good night then!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Meet Frida Sundemo

An interesting new electronic Swedish artist is born, in Frida Sundemo. With "Indigo" she got herself an amazing little tune that directly hit your heart. One listening and I was hooked, two listenings, three listenings and then I was heartily hooked.

An EP is about to get released on Parlophone/EMI in March next year, a video is soon out and Adrian Lux is about to release a remix of "Indigo". With "Indigo" we get a taste of what to come with her new sound. Earlier she created more singer/songwriter music and also been included in an EP with Rasmus Faber. I believe Frida's new project will get some bigger attention out there.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Frum Frum

Fare Soldi says "Frum Frum" with their new tune out November 30 on Riotmaker Records. It's an absolute dance floor banger and they got early support from the best people in the business, The Magician says it's a "fatal weapon for dance floors". Can only agree on that.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Oh so good, this Vinjette remix of Urban Cone!

Sometimes when you hear a track and you hear the first tones, you know that it's a great track. Really love Urban Cone but never heard of this Swedish duo Vinjette before. But what they do to this already amazing tune is to make it even more amazing. Always hard to put your teeth into an awesome tune but when you successfully manage to create something even better, you can be really proud of yourself and just sit back and receive all the compliments.Watch out for Vinjette!

The Presets + Plastic Plates

What could be a better combo right now than Aussie-duo The Presets along with Plastic Plates? Not much I would say. Plastic Plates put their genius sound onto The Presets second single "Promises" taken from their album "Pacifica". Lovely! A funny fact is also that Plastic Plates was a drummer and third member of an early The Presets.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The video for Flight Facilities' latest super track Clair De Lune + new remix by Deptune

One of the most blogged tracks right now is Flight Facilities' new track "Clair De Lune" featuring Christine Hoberg. One mellow piece of superb music with wonderful vocals from Christine. Not the typical Flight Facilities tune, but I love it! Now they have released the video for it:

Here is the original track on SoundCloud and here you can buy it all over the world.

And as a bonus we also got this deep house remix from Deptune on "Clair De Lune". Very true to the original but with that deep beat, the perfect remix!

Flight Facilities - Clair De Lune (feat. Christine Hoberg) (Deptune Remix) (320 kbps)

Magic Tape 27

Only 6 hours old we got The Magician's latest mixtape for you. Always as excited to see what he is up to and what new tracks that he has put into it.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Meet Kate Boy

When you get music from friends of yours that make music, it almost every time really good. Not only because you are friends with them, but also because the music they create is really good. With Kate Boy it's even better than so. This could be the next thing up here in Sweden. It's something in this tune that could make it into a smaller hit or at least a break-through and it's also packed with interesting sounds that reminds me a lot of The Knife, and that's not a bad thing.

Kate Boy consists of three Swedes and one Australian and they've been producing for others quite a while and now they though it was time to launch their own dream project. "Northerns Lights" is their first official track but expect more to come very soon. Keep your eyes open for Kate Boy!

Final DJs + Goldroom

German friends of ours Final DJs have made their "When We Were Young" version of Goldroom's beautiful "Fifteen". This track as original tune is one track that really goes straight into your head and heart and so will Final DJs version do. Comes as free DL too.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Rodion's Halloween Mixtape

To start off this Halloween weekend (at least we will celebrate it this weekend in Sweden) we give you this dark, mysterious, creepy and brilliant mixtape from Rodion.

Treasure Fingers + Codes + Amy Douglas

Treasure Fingers have joined forces with Codes and singer Amy Douglas. The release is set to November 26, when it will be released fully with a couple of remixes on Hed Kandi. Feel this sample until then. To check out the remixes, click here.