Thursday, August 16, 2012

Introducing Death Rattle

Got amazed by this new duo from London. As many great duos, they consist of a boy and a girl, together they form Death Rattle. Sharing the last name Hamilton, Chris and Helen formed Death Rattle after the dissolution of their old grunge band. Together they formed something that wanted to explore the darker and more melancholic sides of music. If you're into bands such as Fever Ray, Lykke Li, Depeche Mode, Austra and Light Asylum you will totally dig Death Rattle.

So far they have released two tracks along with two videos and also made a solid cover of Fleetwood Mac. But there are more to come, in October they will release their debut EP "HE&I" on Frontal Noize and in 2013 they will release their debut album. Later this year Death Rattle will also go on a UK & Europe tour to start things off. I think this band will kind of hit it off, it's only a matter of time and timing. To help them hit it off we will help them on their way by posting the three tracks mentioned above along with the two videos. You can help them by fan them on their Facebook and SoundCloud.

Latest one from Jonas Rathsman

Speaking of the super label French Express in the last post, they also released the latest track from our Swedish brother Jonas Rathsman, another one with the title "best one right now". We've been with Jonas for quite a long time now and since we booked him to our club in the winter-time he's been a busy man. "Since I Don't Have You" has that Rathsman sound that we've learned to love and we hope that he keeps on being busy and producing these beautiful 90s house stompers.

Chris Malinchak, we love you!

After our long but well deserved summer vacation with fewer posts we tried to slowly start up Tracasseur again. We failed a bit, but now we will roll up our sleeves and make another more serious attempt to get back to business, back to the "normal" Tracasseur. Hope you still are with us!

We are still with Chris Malinchak, one of the best producers/acts right now. After the success EP "Ironbound" we've been playing his tracks so much that they almost ignited. A couple of days ago our fave label French Express released another new track named "If You Got It", and of course it's another smasher from Malinchak and it's for free!

During summer French Express also released a more tropical summer track with Malinchak and it's been one of my summer anthems while driving around in my old SAAB in whole Sweden with my girlfriend. So this one goes out to her and of course to my other love, Chris Malinchak.

In case you've missed out on "These Dreams", here it is too!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Julio Bashmore + Bobby Womack

Bobby Womack released one of the most interesting albums earlier this year produced by Damon Albarn. Now one of our faves Julio Bashmore has got his magic touch on one of Bobby's tracks.

Second track from The xx's new album

We've heard "Angels" and now we have the next track from The xx's upcoming album "Coexist" for you. Now it's time for "Chained" to see the daylight. I think the follow-up album to the super successful debut album from The xx is gonna be pretty super duper too.

New Kisses single while waiting...

...for the second upcoming album. It's been quite a while since Kisses released music and we got very happy when they were up to something new again. Kisses are the dynamic he-and-she duo from L.A. that makes this dreamy and wonderful dance pop. I'm glad they're back and that they are about to release a new album soon. Until then we got this new single "Funny Heartbeat" about new love and high anxiety.

The latest kind of a release from Kisses was the excellent cover of Robert Palmer's classic "Johnny and Mary" and I think it's worth a repost.

Kisses - Johnny and Mary (320 kbps)

And the latest remix Kisses made was this one of Regina.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Be The Bear - Bad Things

Sad to say, I had missed out on this stunning Swedish electronic indie pop duo Be The Bear. But now they are in my sight for now and for what to come, thanks to Danish-English singer Christina Wehage that sent us an email the other day. The other half of the duo is Swedish producer Mattias Bolin and together they make beautiful tracks down on the west coast of Sweden.

Be The Bear released the EP "Fireships" last year and now they are here with their strongest track so far. More electric and more catchy than before, I think this could be the big jump upwards for this duo. The perfect feeling of Christinas voice on top of the electronic landscape makes "Bad Things" into one of the most interesting songs from Sweden this year. Could they be the next Niki & The Dove?

Anyhow, talented bands like this need your support, so fan them, buy the track at iTunes and also listen more on their SoundCloud or on Spotify.