Monday, June 29, 2009

Shame on you!

Belgians Luuk Cox and Jimmy Dewit from Shameboy are quite new to me. I heard their electro banger "Stumble" last year but rediscovered them again when I heard my favourite Dj Alex Gopher doing a brilliant remix of their 2005 song "Rechoque"...and I'm hooked again. I love their dark electronic sound and strongly suggest you see them live if they come to your city (the apparently made a brilliant performance at Rock Werchter 2008) or just simply buy their music here. See their MySpace page here.

Here are some of my favourite productions:


Friday, June 26, 2009

Fresh from Afghan Raiders

Fresh new songs from Afghan Raiders. The Las Vegas duo has released their new single “Admiral’s Doorbell” with the b-side "Morphine Dream" on iTunes. Once again they deliver some mighty stuff! If you like these new songs I think you should support them by visiting iTunes and purchase these nice tunes.

Afghan Raiders – Admiral's Doorbell

Afghan Raiders – Morphine Dream

R.I.P. King of Pop

Sad news to the world, the King of Pop has left us, only 50 years old. We at Tracasseur must pay our tribute to Michael Jackson by posting some good remixes of some of his classics. R.I.P. King of Pop!

Michael Jackson - Billie Jean (Mathematikal Remix)

Michael Jackson - Thriller (Louis La Roche Remix)

Michael Jackson - Bad (Chunky Chicks Super Fun Remix)

Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal (Telemitry Remix)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Val Venosta

Got an e-mail in the Tracasseur inbox. Got some damn good music. Got a new fine acquaintance, Val Venosta are our new friends.

Val Venosta are two blokes from the southern parts of Sweden and with influences from Dry Martinis nothing can really go wrong. Also inspired by 80s movie soundtracks and 70s punk they got themselves a fresh electro robotic funk sound.

They have just released their new single “These Days” along with a music video. The single also consists of the b-side track "The Abominable Computer at Castle Dragonwyck" along with a remix by Gothenburg based techno gurus Bird Fish in Between.

Val Venosta - These Days

Val Venosta - These Days (BFB slow and low mix)

Val Venosta - The Abominable Computer at Castle Dragonwyck

But this is not their first release; they have also made an EP named “Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf?” with some fine tunes. Here are a few tracks and a video from that EP.

Val Venosta – Kaleidoscope

Val Venosta – Carlo in Q Minor

Val Venosta – I Think Billy Wilder Would Like This!

Val Venosta - S.R.S. part 1

Val Venosta also makes a lot of remixes; among others they have remixed Britney Spears and fellow countryman Montt Mardié.

Britney Spears - Womanizer (Val Venosta Club Remix)

Keep your eyes and ears open for more great stuff from the blokes of Val Venosta by giving them your love at their MySpace.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Oh yes, we love it!

Here is a sweet summer song I keep listening to over and over and over again.... German Jürgen Paape made this masterpiece with singer Boy Schaufler in 2007, which is light years for us music bloggers, but I still can't resist to post it.

By the way Jürgen is also co-founder of Kompakt Records, one of my favourite labels... Go to his MySpace page here, or check out his record label here and buy his tunes.


Buffetlibre remix of Patrick Wolf

As fresh as an early June remix i.e. not totally new but totally good. Original song by singer/songwriter Patrick Wolf from the south of London remixed by the Spaniards of Buffetlibre. It is a great combination!

Patrick Wolf - Who Will (Buffetlibre Remix)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Just another Midsummer's Eve

Today is Midsummer's eve: a very important pre-christian holiday for Swedes, but evidently it is celebrated all around the world from Canada to southern Brazil. Who would have known that.

Anyway I really don't like traditional Swedish summer songs so I decided to post my favourite productions by Joakim instead. Maybe you think he is Swedish or Norwegian but he is in fact French. I've seen him live twice and he has a truly unique sound, something similar to Lindstrom and that nu disco electro wave. So I say to you in Swedish: "Glad Midsommar!!"

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I ♥ NY

Just back in Stockholm from a great trip to New York. Inspired of the Big Apple in all kind of ways, I wanted to give you some new music from the New York area.

The Golden Filter is not new to me, but the remix they do of Polly Scattergood’s “Please Don’t Touch” is quite new to me. You can hear the Golden Filter sound driving the song forward. Also hear out the original, even if Polly is from London.

Polly Scattergood – Please Don't Touch (The Golden Filter Dub Mix)

Polly Scattergood – Please Don't Touch

I also ran across this odd Brooklyn based fellow called Bad Brilliance in New York. When he’s not harassing people at fashion shows he makes interesting music. Not like everyone else…

Bad Brilliance – Texas Ugly As Hell

Bad Brilliance – Ball Park Hot Dog

Another interesting act from Brooklyn are Here We Go Magic that are quite indie in a good way. A nice sound and along with that, a nice arty video produced by Snejina Latev:

Here We Go Magic – Fangela

Here We Go Magic – Tunnelvision

This next group I found in the city that never sleeps was this amazing group with a very odd sound. Swimming In Speakers is a duo with multi-instrumentalist Chris Clarke and lead vocalist Meadow Eliz. Maybe it will not get to you at the first listening but give it a little more time because it will hit you. So take your time! Support these newcomers by purchasing their EP here.

Swimming In Speakers – Serve Them Well

Swimming In Speakers – In Knowing

The last group I will write about aren’t from New York, they are from Hamburg in Germany, but they have just released their latest single on New York based label Coco Machete. Their name is FUKKK OFFF.

FUKKK OFFF – Love Me Hate Kiss Me Kill Me

And as a bonus, a tribute to the city of New York with a New York Re-Dub:

Mondo Disco vs. SirBilly – Extended Dreams (New York Re-Dub)

Ain't That Fresh!

Actually these songs are really old school 80's classics, but if you haven't heard them before it's definitely time to get them now!
Some of them have been sampled by other artists. Can you tell who?

George Kranz - Din Daa Daa

Exodus - Together Forever

B Beat Girls - For The Same Man

Strafe - Set It Off

Seidah Garrett - Do You Want It Right Now


Tuesday, June 16, 2009


It's been a while since I last had the time to post anything here, but since the spring semester is finally finished I hope that's going to change. Anyway, I say this as an excuse since the first video and track I'll post is now a month old, and chances are that you've listened or at least seen it to death (at least if you're a teenage boy). Voilá Make The Girl Dance:

Now, I wasn't that impressed with the track when I heard it. I'm still undecided, and the same goes for the No Kiss With Gloss Remix.

Make The Girl Dance - Baby Baby Baby

Make The Girl Dance - Baby Baby Baby (No Kiss With Gloss Remix)

And the video seems in a way like a cheap trick to get attention, besides having more than resemblances with this...

...and this... let's just say I was less than convinced that it's blog-worthy.

On the other hand, something prevented me from writing it off as just a speculative and rather bland attempt at some Justice pop. The lyrics are supposed to be comments and digs at various parts and persons of contemporary French culture, even if the only thing I made out with the little French I know is that the singer wants Sébastien Tellier in her iPod.

And I don't know if it's because it's French, and that they somehow get away with stuff that others wouldn't. Kind of like that character that's in every college flick, the slutty friend who do these zany things that the lead character just shakes his head at but still like? Isn't France the World's crazy, slutty friend?

I don't know if this theory holds up, and I'm not going to elaborate on it, because what in the end won me over and made me kind of like MTGD was these great tracks that surfaced a little later. They have a more mellow pop sound. More like The Teenagers, which were one of my favourite bands of 2007.

Make The Girl Dance - South

Make The Girl Dance - My Name's Breezy

Then, to tie it all up, the inevitable response came from fellow Frenchman Reead. And this is the reason why an equal opportunity and nervously PC Swede like me can post a bunch of videos with naked chicks in them. So here's one for the ladies:

Reead - Baby

Oh, and speaking of being PC, I can't help but notice that the guys are much more climate smart than the girls by pulling up in that little Peugeot instead of that thirsty 60's Jeep Cherokee...

Monday, June 15, 2009

Tesla Boy is back!

My favourite Russians Tesla Boy are finally back with two new productions. First up is a fine remix of Moskow indie band Manicure's "I've Got You". The other one is actually a remix by Parisian Bestrack Productions and it's definitely my favourite one.

Tesla Boy - Sprit Of The Night (Bestrack Remix)

Support them by buying more songs from them and check out their MySpace pages here:

Friday, June 12, 2009

For mature audience only!

First time I met singer Anthony Mills from Super Viral Brothers was at a Tracasseur gig about two months ago. I checked them out on MySpace and found they have a unique sound, consisting of electro and rap. Think Soulwax with a rapper.

I saw them do their first live gig yesterday at Bruno in Stockholm and they kicked ass! Anthony Mills sings and Olle Cornéer (from Dada Life) dj and do the beats.

Below is the official video for their single debut "Hot Chocolate + Polar Bear Rug". It's quite gory so I warn you before you see it!

Bonus remix from Swedish Staygold:

Super Viral Brothers - Hot Chocolate + Polar Bear Rug (Staygold Remix)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hard working Todd

Todd Terje has always been my favourite Norwegian for a long time. And how much he works!! He is coming out with amazing new re-edits or remixes almost every week...that's what I call a hard worker. Well anyway here are some of my favourite productions by Mr Terje. I think "Eurodans" is the best one of them. What do you think?

Monday, June 8, 2009

Just another manic Monday

Here are three super fresh and exciting tracks I've been listening to today.

First up is the new band Flight Facilities up-tempo and super cool remix of Sneaky Sound System's brilliant "16". As number two it is a funky and retro song by one of my favourite Aussies; Knightlife. Third and last is Thin White Duke's (aka Stuart Price) latest production of another Sneaky Sound System song. He is the master of huge build-ups and he always deliver...

So enjoy and remember to always support the artists in one way or another like Flight Facilities MySpace here
and Knightlife MySpace here


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Foreign Exchange

iTunes has an exciting project where they let artists cover and translate each other. Now it was time for our Swedish electro queen Robyn and the French electro pop singer Yelle (Tepr and GrandMarnier are also a part of Yelle) to make this exchange.

Yelle did a cover of Robyn’s “Who’s That Girl” and Robyn grappled with Yelle’s “À Cause Des Garçons”. Both covers are of fine craftsmanship and they have become totally new songs. I fancy Yelle’s version of ”Who’s That Girl” a bit more, but as mentioned in the sentence before; both are great!

Yelle - Qui Est Cette Fille / Who's That Girl (Robyn Cover)

Robyn – Because Of Boys / À Cause Des Garçons (Yelle Cover)

As a fantastic fine gesture from these two amazing artists they are also a part of H&M’s “Fashion Against AIDS”. Check it out here and give your support!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sweden vs Denmark

Today, these two magnificent countries meet in a football game to qualify to the World Cup 2010 in South Africa. But you can’t only compete in sports, you can also compete in music, some people say…

Therefore, here is the Tracasseur Qualification 2009!!

In the first half Sweden send forward the young and promising Fredrick Carlsson from Gothenburg with a great remix of a great indie hit composed by Jonathan Johansson.
The Danish people bring up one of their most famous electronic artists Trentemøller in company with Ane Trolle with her nice whispering vocals.

Jonathan Johansson – En Hand I Himlen (En Fot I Graven Remix by Fredrick Carlsson)

Trentemøller feat. Ane Trolle – Moan

Hard to make a winner out of that fine battle. We have to say it’s 1-1 after the first half.

In the second half Sweden once again send forward another young and talented artist after the success for Fredrick in the first half. This time it’s up to Jacques C to make Sweden the winning country.
Denmark sends in a whole group of people from Efterklang. Will they make mincemeat of Jacques C?

Jacques C – Place de Londres

Efterklang – Swarming

Another tough battle in the second half! Both team scored again and the final score of this battle is 2-2.

So the conclusion of this match is that both Sweden and Denmark have really fine artists in the electronic music scene.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Fresh stuff from Relentless

Two nice fresh tracks for the weekend to get you started. The tracks is handed to you by Relentless, a San Francisco based duo. The two guys behind Relentless are Ian Buzz & Austin H and they work with the magic of old and new technology.

They describe their sound as: “aggressive, dramatic house music that comprises an intelligent balance between pop and underground styles. Using advanced theories in sound design and completely exclusive sources, they’re able to deliver what moves people.”

Well, we love them! So probably you will too!

Relentless – Ur Fired

Relentless – William of Ockham

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sea & Sex & Sun

I remember when summer was just about those three S; Sea, Sex and Sun...those were the days! Well, I'm not that old yet. Actually, I still focus a lot on those attributes. Anyway, since the summer has just started I wanted to post these fresh summer tunes for you, and hopefully you haven't heard them until boredom before:

Metronomy - Heartbreaker (Kris Menace Instrumental Mix)

Bonusvideo: Serge Gainsbourg

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Digital Rhythms

1998 in New York was the first time I saw Les Rythmes Digitales and since then I've always been a fan of L.R.D as I call him. British Dj and producer Stuart Price, living in Paris, has so many aliases it's hard to keep track of them: Thin White Duke, Paper Faces, Man With Guitar, Jacques Lu Cont, Pour Homme and of course Les Rythmes Digitales. His album Darkdancer was released in 1999 under the band name Les Rythmes Digitales. He has also released a DJ-mix album, Fabric Live 09, under the name Jacques Lu Cont.

Price also released two albums with his rock band, Zoot Woman, 2001's Living in a Magazine, and 2003's Zoot Woman. Check them out, they are truly great with their typical soft and mellow 80s sound. This guy has done so much musically; produced Madonna, The Killers, Seal and Juliet... There are also so many remixes so I've decided to just post some of his old songs from his album Darkdancer.

Enjoy this "old school" electronica from 1999:

Les Rythmes Digitales - Brothers

Les Rythmes Digitales - About Funk

Les Rythmes Digitales - Sometimes

Les Rythmes Digitales - Hypnotise

Gossip about a heavy cross

When I received the remix of Gossip’s latest single ”Heavy Cross” by Burns, I felt it was the right time to make a post about Gossip’s latest release.

Burns is a great remixer and he gives this track an extra darker flavour. The original song is of course quite something, with a little touch of ”Edge of Seventeen” and the Knightrider theme in the beginning. Beth Ditto’s voice is as well quite extraordinary and so is she. I love her big time, she is a fantastic role model!

There are other remixes of this song too, where once again Fred Falke makes a great job. Probably there will come up a few more remixes of this fine track before the full-length album “Music For Men” is released June 22nd. Put it up on your shopping list, I'm sure it will be a wonderful album!

Gossip – Heavy Cross

Gossip – Heavy Cross (Burns Remix)

Gossip – Heavy Cross (Fred Falke Remix)

Gossip – Heavy Cross (Black Lights Remix)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Another pearl from Beaumont

This fine track just hit the inbox and again it's another pearl from the Aussie Beaumont. Enough said, listen instead!

Beaumont – Parallax

And like I said before, support this amazing guy!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Filthy Dukes, yeah Sir!!

If White Lies have come up with one of the greatest rock albums this year as I mentioned in the post about White Lies a while ago. Then Filthy Dukes probably has made one of the greatest synth electro albums of 2009.

“Nonsense In The Dark” was the right thing already after the first listening. It is catchy and it makes you wanna dance. It’s a good mix of all different kind of tunes with different guest artists such as Tommy Sparks who is doing the vocals on their latest single “Messages”. Here is the official video:

Filthy Dukes – Messages

Filthy Dukes – Messages (Burns 'Terradome' Remix)

Filthy Dukes – Messages (Tronik Youth Remix)

Filthy Dukes has made a remix of White Lies song “To Lose My Life” (find it in this post) but they also have made a bunch of other remixes, here are a few of them. The freshest and best without a doubt, the remix of “Learn To Lose” by the new fine band Hockey:

Hockey – Learn To Lose (Filthy Dukes Remix)

Heloise & The Savior Faire – Illusions (Filthy Dukes Remix)

Late Of The Pier – Bathroom Gurgle (Filthy Dukes Remix)

The Rakes – 22 Grand Job (Filthy Dukes Society Mix)

Bloc Party – One Month Off (Filthy Dukes Vocal Remix)

And of course, when a great new band with great songs shows up, the result is a lot of remixes. My favourite is from the king of remixes Fred Falke. His remix of “This Rhythm” is a nice one! Here is the original as a lovely video and the remix of king Falke:

Filthy Dukes – This Rhythm

Filthy Dukes – This Rhythm (Fred Falke Remix)

Filthy Dukes consists of three Englishmen; Olly Dixon, Tim Lawton and Mark Ralph. They started out as dj:s and still are, they still got their club “Kill Em All” at Fabric in London, where they have been playing for five years now.

Once again, “Nonsense In The Dark” is a fantastic album; you have to buy it here! You can also find it on Spotify. Here are a few favourite tracks from the album with the slow but yet so beautiful and beloved “Somewhere At Sea”.

Filthy Dukes – Poison The Ivy

Filthy Dukes – Somewhere At Sea

Filthy Dukes – Light Skips Cross Heart