Thursday, February 24, 2011

Azari & III are hungry for the power

Apparently Azari & III are hungry for the power. So if you're Canadian, vote for them in the next election. Here's the campaign song and campaign video. And please join the following at their Facebook page!

Azari & III - Hungry For The Power

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

PUNCHES + Flosstradamus

One of our favourite New York disco bands, PUNCHES, has just been remixed by Chicago duo Flosstradamus. One of the great things about Flosstradamus is how they let all of the fantastic musical treasure that has come, and still comes, out of Chicago influence their productions; from old-school acid house to more modern ghetto or juke house. "Sleepless City" is the title track, and my favourite, from Punches' EP from last year (buy it on iTunes), and Flosstradamus' remix sounds almost like Marshall Jefferson would have remixed it. And that's a pretty huge compliment, as I'm sure they'd agree.

Punches are playing at Vagabond in Miami on February 25 (click the flyer above), and after that they're going to SXSW in March. Be sure to catch them if you've got the chance.

PUNCHES - Sleepless City (Flosstradamus ReRub)

Pink Is Punk + Gabriell

Pink Is Punk is a DJ- and production duo based in Milan. With their eclectic sound they have made quite a name for themselves in Italy as residents at Bugged Out in Milan, playing with such greatnesses as Mr. Oizo, Crookers, Bloody Beetroots, Busy P, Kavinsky and Boys Noize to name a few. Their new album "Skull & Banana" is out now on Universal Italy. Gabriell, who we wrote about a while ago, has remixed the track "Grand Prix" off the album. The result is a nice piece of "French" house which confirms Italy as one of the best and most prolific producers of party house.

Pink Is Punk - Grand Prix (Gabriell Remix) [Tracasseur exclusive]

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Clancy and Ultra City + Kisses

Kisses, whom we wrote about last year, the he-and-she-duo from L.A. making fantastic dreamy music are back with a new EP "Midnight Lover" from the album "The Heart of the Nightlife".

The EP was released February 14 along with three remixes from our friend Clancy, Ultra City and ANR. The label decided to make Clancy's remix free for our readers and the Ultra City dub remix is also given away for no pesetas. Go and buy the EP here and why not buy the whole album here!

Kisses - Midnight Lover (Clancy Remix)

Kisses - Midnight Lover (Ultra City Dub)

If you remember the old post we wrote about Kisses, we said that the voice of Jesse Kivel reminded us about Swedish singer Jens Lekman. And as a bonus today, Ultra City remixed Kisses for this release but they've also remixed Jens Lekman back in the days.

Jens Lekman - Sipping On The Sweet Nectar (Ultra City Remix)

Video from Minitel Rose

The video for "Heart Of Stone" by our fave French guys of Minitel Rose. If you missed out on our interview with them a while ago, check it out here!

Minitel Rose - Heart Of Stone


Finally, I write this post about Digits. Been listening to his album "Hold It Close" the whole last year and was meant to write a post about it. I feel ashamed for not doing that, but now I will take revenge on myself and write the post and now it's with new tracks too.

If you like Erlend Øye and Röyksopp you will probably fancy Digits, not from Norway but from Canada, the country where almost every great act is coming from right now. Digits make this nice electronic indie pop that smells like Kraftwerk emerged with something from Norway.

Here is Digits latest single "Lost Dream" along with his straight from the owen fresh "Rachel Marie".

Digits - Lost Dream

Digits - Rachel Marie

And from the nice album "Hold It Close" I present two fine pieces, to get your hands off the whole release, get over here and buy it! If you want to get hold off a fine Schaatz remix of Digits, go back in time here.

Digits - Nonstop

Digits - Monster

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Oh, my God! Young Galaxy!

I first heard Canadian dream pop indie band Young Galaxy via Henning Fürst's remix of "Queen Drum" from the album "Invisible Republic" from 2009. Because of Mr Fürst being on my best of list for 2010 with his remix of Yeasayer's "Madder Red" I looked for more remixes by him and found Young Galaxy.

Young Galaxy - Queen Drum (Henning Fürst Remix)

In their dream pop sound I hear Tracey Thorn, Fleetwood Mac, Röyksopp, Lake Heartbeat, Slowdive, Annie, Jefferson Airplane and many more. Amazing sound with a incredible voice of Catherine McCandless.

When I then heard their new album "Shapeshifting" now in February released via Paper Bag Records I was absolutely amazed. It's one totally fantastic album produced by our Swedish master producer Dan Lissvik of Studio. An album, so solid and perfect within every angle. I could already say right now that this album will be on my best of 2011 album list, for sure. It's not a bad track on it but yet there are some tracks that sticks out even more. Here are my favourite one's from "Shapeshifting" and here you can buy the whole album to get as excited as me:

Young Galaxy - Blown Minded

Young Galaxy - We Have Everything

Young Galaxy - Peripheral Visionaries

Also on of my favourite one's is "Cover Your Tracks" that was released last week as an totally free EP along with remixes of Freedom Or Death, CFCF and Teen Daze.

Young Galaxy - Cover Your Tracks

Young Galaxy - Cover Your Tracks (Freedom Or Death Remix)

Young Galaxy - Cover Your Tracks (CFCF Remix)

Young Galaxy - Cover Your Tracks (Teen Daze Remix)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Potop Szwedzki mixtape

In case you missed our Elektrana radio show this Wednesday, here's the mix that was broadcast. It basically features some of my favourite tracks at the moment; some posted and some that we will post. As I've said before, I record these mixes live, and on this occasion I used predominantly tracks that are pretty new to me and that I haven't really learnt by heart. That always makes for more difficult mixing, so excuse a couple of less than smooth mixes (as with the extra bar that Fare Soldi put in their break towards the end of their remix).

If you wonder about the name of the mixtape, it's a nod to our new Polish friends we made during our visit there. During Sweden's brief period as a super power during the 1600s, we invaded Poland (these events are called the Swedish deluge, or Potop Szwedzki in Polish). Needless to say we were a lot more peaceful and friendly than our forefathers, and it's a safe bet that we received a warmer welcome...

Tracasseur - Potop Szwedzki Mixtape

1. Slicker Cities - Paradise (Airwolf Remix)
2. Toro Y Moi - Still Sound (Lazydisco Remix)
3. Aeroplane - Without Lies (Black Van Remix)
4. Beth Ditto - Open Heart Surgery
5. Futurecop! ft. Keenhouse - Dreams
6. The Dream - Yamaha (Fiero Double Rainbow Bootleg)
7. Gorillaz - Empire Ants (Miami Horror Remix)
8. Cut Copy - Pharaohs & Pyramids
9. autoKratz - Opposite of Love (North Lights ft. Perseus Remix)
10. The Tapeaters - Satellite (Lifelike Remix)
11. Mr. Oizo - Rubber (Go Go Bizkitt! Remix)
12. Chilly Gonzales - You Can Dance (Fare Soldi Gonzobot Remix)
13. Cadillac - Let's Do It
14. Christopher Cross - All Right (Fiero Catalina Remix)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Toro y Moi + Xinobi

Did you say you wanted more from Toro y Moi and more from the Discotexas crew? Why, how about this slow and funky remix from Xinobi?

Toro Y Moi - Still Sound (Xinobi Remix)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lykke Li follow rivers

Swedish pride Lykke Li, continues to release mighty stuff. Her second single "I Follow Rivers" is already one for the books. "I Follow Rivers" is taken from "Wounded Rhymes" set to be released February 28 worldwide.

Here are two mighty remixes of the mighty song. The remix of The Magician has been a favourite for a while and today I finally got my hands on the 320 kbps version. And yesterday I came across the Swedish techno duo Van Rivers & the Subliminal Kid's remix, and it was quite different, and I liked it. Thanks to our friend Daniel over at ACE who gave us the tip about the new remix.

Lykke Li - I Follow Rivers (The Magician Remix)

Lykke Li - I Follow Rivers (Van Rivers & the Subliminal Kid)

And the arty video for the original produced by Tarik Saleh.

Theophilus London + Sara Quin + Devonté Hynes + Solange Knowles

I'm back from a awesome visit in the Big Apple and while there I heard some new stuff from the cool Brooklyn based dude Theophilus London. Here is a nice collaboration with Theophilus and Sara Quin, from Tegan & Sara. Love the voice of Sara and the chorus got that thriving that you find in Kate Bush's lovely classic "Running Up That Hill".

Theophilus London - Why Even Try (feat. Sara Quin)

And a little bonus that we got from Doctor Rosen Rosen in December speaking of Tegan & Sara.

Tegan & Sara - Alligator (Doctor Rosen Rosen Remix)

And you should buy the whole new EP from Theophilus London named "Lovers Holiday", it's out now and you can buy it via iTunes. "Flying Overseas" is included and it's a lovely one featuring Devonté Hynes & Solange Knowles.

Theophilus London - Flying Overseas (feat. Devonté Hynes & Solange Knowles)

And the video to it:


The latest Binary release is pretty darned dope. It features the collaboration of the British synthpop duo Futurecop! and Keenhouse, who is one of the main acts of the LA based label/collective. The original is a warm and sunny dreamwave tune with a chorus that is a generous dose of Prosac in sonic form.

The remix support comes from a pleasant new acquaintance in Swiss Show Your Shoe, and a couple of familiar names in super-combo Ride The Universe (Fiero + Digitalfoxglove), and our buddy ODahl, who we haven't heard from in a while. Well that last bit is not entirely true; we met in a club a few weeks back, and for some unknown but obviously completely unjustified reason Olle pinched my nose so hard that I looked like Rudolph the raindeer for almost a week, which obviously is a very dated look in January.

Pick up the excellent release on iTunes!

Futurecop! - Dreams (ft. Keenhouse) by Binary Records

Futurecop! ft. Keenhouse - Dreams (Ride The Universe Remix)

Futurecop! ft. Keenhouse - Dreams (ODahl Remix)

Futurecop! ft. Keenhouse - Dreams (Show Your Shoe Remix)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Toro y Moi + Lazydisco

More from Toro y Moi and more from the Discotexas crew. Lazydisco, also known as Rockets (and formerly Discorockets), has made this chilled out remix of Toro y Moi's "Still Sound", and he is kind enough to share it with us, today being Valentine's day and all. And what could be more suitable than sharing some make out house on a day like this?

Toro Y Moi - Still Sound (Lazydisco Remix)

Fan Lazydisco on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Coupons - Driving To Your House Party

Today the Australian duo Coupons release their EP "Driving To Your House Party" on Discotexas. As we wrote before, we are huge fans of both Coupons and the label, so it was no surprise that the EP is really great. Remix support comes from Xinobi, Jad and the Ladyboy and Moullinex and SymbolOne under their new collaboration moniker Gesso.

We have been listening to it for a while, and we have also played it out, and we can assure you that it works very well for both occasions. The original is an up-tempo and very danceable power synth track, Jad and the Ladyboy's remix is chilled out disco, while Xinobi's and Moullinex and SymbolOne's Gesso remixes are made for the clubs.

Go to Beatport right now and pick up your copy!

Coupons - Driving To Your House Party (Original)

Coupons - Driving To Your House Party (Jad And The Ladyboy Remix)

Coupons - Driving To Your House Party (Moullinex and SymbolOne 'Gesso' Remix)

Coupons - Driving To Your House Party (Xinobi Remix) by Discotexas

The kind people of Discotexas give away these freebies by Portuguese newcomers Cvlt and Dreams that are not included on the EP:

Coupons - Driving To Your House Party (Cvlt Remix)

Coupons - Driving To Your House Party (Dreams Remix)

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Thursday, February 10, 2011


Just one more quick post for today. And this is about another act with a name from a car: Australian disco house duo Cadillac. "Let's Do It" is a great piece of disco funk based on the equally great SOS Band song "Take Your Time (Do It Right)".

Fan them on Facebook!

Cadillac - Let's Do It

Toro y Moi + Fiero

Here's a new remix from one of my favourite bands right now - Fiero. This time of Columbia, NC's superstar Toro y Moi's "Still Sound". This track shows more of a B-boy electro side of Fiero than the Quincy Jones-R'n'B-fused electro of their previous tracks. It's still as good though.

Toro y Moi - Still Sound (Fiero Remix)

Chilly Gonzales + Fare Soldi

Chilly Gonzales' (also known as just Gonzales) new single "You Can Dance" is being released on February 28. It's a nice piece of funky disco as you can hear in the video:

Our favourite Italian disco duo Fare Soldi have made it into a much more intense party track, but without taking away anything of the funkiness.

Chilly Gonzales - You Can Dance (Fare Soldi "Gonzobot" Remix)

Chilly Gonzales - You Can Dance (Gemini Club Remix)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Two Door Cinema Club + Young Empires

Young Empires just finished supporting Chromeo on their latest tour. Apart from being pretty huge, that sounds like a whole lot of fun. Here's a remix we found on the internets that they've done of Two Door Cinema Club that also is a whole lot of fun.

Two Door Cinema Club - What You Know (Young Empires Remix)

Classic Brothers + Rimer London

Classic Brothers are a Dutch duo that moves somewhere between hip hop, electro and other forms of club music, while at the same time not really being being able to be categorized as either. Their album "Off" is finished and will be released in March 2011. But leading up to that they have released this rather cool video:

Also, check out this remix by Rimer London of their track "Munchies"; a song about feeling rather peckish after a long night's play with your model railway.

Classic Brothers - Munchies (Rimer London Remix)

Exclusive mixtape from Mirror People

Our Portuguese friend Rui Maia of Mirror People got so happy being on my Best of 2010 list that he put together an exclusive mixtape for us. We are of course super happy for that, lots of great tracks in a really slow and steady disco tempo. Pure love!

Mirror People - Tracasseur Mixtape [Tracasseur exclusive]

1. Golden Bug & Rodion ft. Lavinia Claws - Washing Machine
2. Trujillo - Baby, You're Still The Same (Social Disco Club 'Sexual Flashback' Remix)
3. Hercules & Love Affair - I Can't Wait
4. Cut Copy - Take Me Over (Azari & III Remix)
5. Mano Le Tough - Eurodancer (Tensnake Remix)
6. Azari & III - Into The Night
7. Terminal Twilight - Black & Blue
8. Voltage - All Night
9. The Hundred in The Hands - Undressed in Dresden (Jacques Renault Remix)
10. Indian Ocean - Schoolbell/Treehouse (Walter Gibbons Remix)

Then some news in the world of Mirror People. He's got some remixes in cue for Lazydisco (Discotexas label), Ooft Music! and Terminal Twilight. Then two EPs and a 12" are soon out. We'll keep you posted on this.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Untied shews

Missed Kill Them With Colour much? Well, they're back with yet another awesome track. This time with a dreamy original tune about shoes. Well, not so much about shoes per se, but more about being at a dance, wanting to go up that particular girl and ask her if she wants to dance, only to realize that you are too drunk and your shew is untied.

If you only could get over there she'd be the only one you'd want to dance with, but the untied shew is making it difficult for you. Meanwhile you're hearing the music through some sort of haze, and a distant voice. Is it a voice inside your head telling you to get over there, or is it her luring you over? Who knows...

Anyway, here's one for the ladies...

Kill Them With Colour - Shews Untied

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Justin Faust - La Grande Bouffe Mixtape

Our friend and master troll Justin Faust is at it again. Check out this mixtape full of goodies:

Justin Faust "La Grande Bouffe" Mixtape by Justin Faust

Download here (Mediafire)

Kartell - Pantera
ODahl - Out Of Control (Justin Faust Remix)
Bag Raiders - Sunlight (GLOVES Remix)
CZR - Southside Of Chicago (Adulture Remix)
Senor Stereo - Unintentional feat. Danny Daze (U-Tern Remix)
Melee Beats - Chains and Whips
Attack Yourself! - Long Time No See (The Phantom's Revenge Remix)
Second City Rhythm - You Got Me
Geisha Twins - Love Situation
White Sea - Ladykiller (Gigamesh Remix)
Madrac - Normale (Fare Soldi DiscoFu Remix)
Speaker Buster - Rollercoaster

Cullen + Diamond Cut

We wrote about Cullen's debut single last spring. Well, to be honest it was maybe more about Calling in Sick's remix of it. Anyway, it was a nice debut, and we thought Mr Cullen was one to watch. That sentiment hasn't changed, since the single is very nice too. But even nicer is Diamond Cut's remix of it. As you know we're huge fans of Diamond Cut, so we have to piggy-back post this.

Cullen - Crazy Enough

Cullen - Crazy Enough (Diamond Cut Remix)
(Via ArjanWrites)

Killabite + Fear of Tigers

It's great to hear from Fear of Tigers again! Ben is currently working on his second album that is supposed to be finished this spring, even if it looks like it might be slightly delayed. I know both his UK and Spanish management are on his back, and why don't you head over to his Facebook page and nag on him, you too?

Killabite is a duo consisting of Matt and Chau, who according to the legend met at a UFOlogists Anonymous Club meeting in LA. I'm not sure if that's true or just a cynical way of catering to the probably huge UFOlogist market. Either way, they make nice electropop, and sport a really cool Tron-like keytar.

Killabite - Follow Me Home by UniversalMusicSweden

Pick up the single on iTunes!

Killabite - Follow Me Home (Fear of Tigers Remix)