Thursday, January 6, 2011

Exclusive interview: Moonlight Matters

In early December we presented to you the new act Moonlight Matters, former music maker Seba of Villa that now gone solo. And what a splendid start he has made so far, we believe 2011 will be the year of Moonlight Matters. Here we interrogated him what's going on in his life:

We've got to know you for not that long ago as Moonlight Matters, but you've been around for a while with Villa. What is the story about you going solo?
Though writing and producing the Villa music resulted in some good times and nice tunes, it had been a challenge for the three of us too work together from the start. Our difference in opinions/ambitions/taste seemed to become ever more irreconcilable. Since I wrote and produced the tunes Fredo & Thang decided they wanted to continue Villa without me and work with another writer/producer...

You made it into our top list of the best tracks from 2010 with your Digitalism remix, quite a start for your new project, hehe. Honoured?

Very much sooo! Love Tracasseur!

Along with this interview we have your latest remix of The Drums "Me & The Moon", which also made it into several top lists of last year as one really great track. What is your relation to The Drums?
I just love their organic sound, They are so young but sound like they've always been here. What you hear is what you get, The Beach Boys on speed!!!

And you chose to pitch it down a lot, to a real heavy steady beat. We love it!
I loved putting the vocals in a whole different context, like most of my remixes. In some way this translated to me into a slowbeat Ultravox/Human League/Depeche Mode vibe. Though I know this track wont tear up dance floors, I'm very happy with the mood and the vibe of the result dragging you thru it.

So are we and speaking of remixes, we mentioned in our post a while back that you got some real interesting ones coming up. What to come?
I've currently finished remixes for Ellie Goulding/Clare Maguire/Pacific!/Hercules & The Love Affair and currently working on one for Metronomy with more exciting ones on the shelf. Also interesting is that I've done a track for a new Luc Besson movie with Iggy Pop on vocals.

Oh, sounds really exciting. We can't hardly wait. Are you producing any of your own material also right now or are you focusing on the remixes?
well, I'm currently also in the process of finishing my first Moonlight Matters EP, which will be out soon this year. Really excited and looking forward to this in 2011. I've invited some nice people to join in with the fun...

Could we maybe get one of those nice people to share with our readers?
Haha, all I can say is that it involves a nice brass section and top notch vocals...

A real teaser, we will get back to you with that one. Ok, sounds that you got a lot going on, can you handle it? The success story of Moonlight Matters has just begun I believe?
I've been passionate about music for a long time and I'm determined to make a statement in 2011! I'm grateful and I hope I can keep on doing this for a while, cause I'm just getting started!

Yeah, you can't quit, because we love what you've done so far with Moonlight Matters. Do we have a deal?
I solemnly swear I will give it my all to keep amusing you with proper tunes throughout the future!!!

Wohoo, that pleases us. And with that calm we will leave you alone for now so that you can get back to producing some more top tunes for 2011! Thanks Seba and good luck!
Thank you! My pleasure!

The Drums - Me & The Moon (Moonlight Matters Remix)


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