Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Exclusive interview: Lifelike

As we wrote about in a post a while back, one of of the true greats of French house, Lifelike, visited Stockholm a month ago. We took the chance to have an interview with him about his music and about barbecuing, censorship and bass playing. Here it goes:

Great gig Saturday night. How was your evening?
It was a great evening for me too, the audience was really enthusiastic and full of energy!

First thing first, could you tell us a little bit about your musical background? What music did you listen to when you were younger?
A lot of early 80's and late 70's pop productions like Cabaret Voltaire, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, and all of that Manchester/Liverpool scene from that era. Everything that had synthesizers and drum machines and that didn’t sound commercial to my ears…

At the same time I discovered the whole funk/electro disco scene through a local DJ friend that had a funk radio show in my local town and was 300% into this sound. I liked all that right away too, as all those black musicians where using the exact same gear than their white, more melancholic colleagues from Manchester.

I love both side of that 80's period and wouldn’t be able to choose between funk/disco and electro. They all were composed by great musicians, black or white doesn’t matter to me.

What was the first record you ever bought?
I think it was a remix from Pet Shop Boys by Shep Pettibone, West End Girl extended or something like that. I spent all my money on records when I was a teenager!

In your set Saturday you played a lot of early French house classics like Daft Punk and Stardust, along with even earlier electro and new wave classics. What are your influences right now?
Well, my roots are definitely in that pop electro scene of the 80's, I can’t refer to any recent electronic band outside Daft Punk as an influence on my music. But if you ask me about pop music then yes, I’m influenced a lot by recent artists like Chromeo and Empire Of The Sun, The Presets, Midnight Juggernauts and this whole new scene coming from Australia. Those are the best bands I've heard in recent years really.

What do you listen to at home? Is it synth house 24/7 or do you listen to emocore at home to balance your diet?
Hmm, I don’t listen to that much house music to be honest. I don’t find anything interesting in it anymore. I have a big record collection, I still haven’t listened to all of it, I usually wake up and pick up an old record that I listen to through the day, it’s so relaxing.

We’ve read somewhere that you played the bass in a band in high school. Is that true?
Yes it's true, but I’m a pretty bad bass player nowadays, as I haven’t practised for years. I dropped it when I heard the first digital synthesizers in a music shop. It had the bass already sampled in it and sounded as good as the same real one... hmm well that’s what I thought, of course it sounded like crap at that time, ha-ha.

Fred Falke is a former bass player, your colleague Kris Menace played the bass on Jaunt’s Travelling EP. Is playing the bass a requirement for “French” house producers?
You’re totally right, there is a school for French house bass players in Paris. Just kidding... Well it’s probably a noticeably character of our sound, it’s a big part of the sound of the label Vulture and of course the productions from Daft Punk and Thomas Bangalter made heavy uses of bass lines. It’s certainly a trademark that we should have patented!

We’ve got the feeling that the likes of you, Falke, Menace, Jaunt and Charlie Fanclub are pals. Do you play football in the park and have barbecues every Sunday?
Not really, we're connected of course but we do not have such proximity. I’m closer friends with Alan (Braxe) than with Fred that I know a bit less. And we all are more or less aware of what the other ones are doing. There are other connections with Pedro Winter, who managed Daft Punk in the past, and his Ed Banger Label, as well as with Justice for example. It’s a scene that has his trademark I think. We’ve of course met many times but we’ve never talked about barbecues – maybe we should!

The French touch movement has a very distinct sound. How would you describe it?
That’s pretty difficult to answer... I think it’s a lot to do with disco music, it’s maybe more a sort of coolness in the way of producing the music. A sound that is quite rough, and in fact pretty much back to the roots of house music. I can’t tell exactly what it is, but it’s usually easy to tell the difference between an Eric Prydz production and a Thomas Bangalter production. The latter has a style that everybody would kill to have, it’s indescribable, and the former tries to get the same style as much as possible, but without the understanding that it’s not only the sound that matters, it’s the content too...

I'd say I agree with you on that one... You’re of course a very productive remixer. Which remix is your personal favourite?
I honestly can’t choose. I’ve done a lot these years, I would have to recheck them all. Maybe I would say it’s the on I made for Chromeo that I’m the most proud of.

Arguably your biggest hit so far is Discopolis from 2005, which you made with Kris Menace. You had some censorship problems with the video. Could you tell us about that?
Well those are the mysteries of Television censorship. We never understood why they censored that video while you can go on the same channel and watch RnB or hip-hop videos where guys are smacking some black women's asses for hours while your little 10-year old brother is eating his meal. It’s just bullshit generated by a handful of people who think that they know what people want to hear and see. In fact they are on the wrong way really, that’s why the alternative electronic club scene is so strong, people don’t want to hear the crap you find on big TV or radio channels, it’s a sign of good health of the youth isn’t it?

So you're as big a fan of the FCC as Jimmy Kimmel then? On another note, you released Sunset together with Yota in February, but before that it was a while since you made a release of your own. Are we going to have to wait until 2011 for your next EP?
Not at all, I've had around a release every year. I do a lot of remixes, DJ sets and other productions that keep me busy another good part of the year you know. In the end, believe me or not, I've only got little time for my own music. I could release more if i really wanted it, but I like the idea of releasing an EP once a year or so, it makes the thing more interesting.

Speaking of Yota, she’s a member of the new duo Frankfurt Express that you produce. We're all anxiously awaiting the EP. How’s the work coming along?
It's going well now, we're almost finished. It’s a difficult project, as the main composer works with very old machines, samplers etc. It’s more time consuming to produce and sync them all together in the end. But the result sounds fantastic to me, it's such a great sound so far. Yota's voice fits perfectly to his music. I’m very proud of the project.

You played a version of Frankfurt Express’ “Wake Up” that sounded like a Lifelike remix. Will it be included on a future Frankfurt Express release?
Yes, definitely, the remix is still unfinished as I was trying to adapt the track to a late dance floor crowd, but it sounded quite good to my ears at Debaser last night.

Yeah, we thought so too. What are the differences between making remixes, making your own music and producing others?
You take more risks when you make your own music, you put a lot more stress and pressure on yourself when the record is getting released than if you would have to remix another artist or if you're producing tracks.

Both sides are cool, remixing is a fantastic way to adapt your sound and music to an artist that could have a totally different sound. I like to imagine Moby having a drink in Miami in 1985, and try then to put the remix in this ambience for example.

With productions it’s a less selfish way of making music. You have to deal with other artists and you can’t have your will all the time, you have to compromise. At the same time, it’s a great job as you learn to work with other musicians and you're there to put your talent into their music, to help them to realize a project.

What’s more fun?
Remixing is definitely more fun.

You made music under the Ferris Bueller alias in your early years. None of us have heard anything of it? Tell us about that project.
Back in 1999 I was trying to do something totally 80's, the name of Ferris Bueller came naturally to me as I was a huge fan of this movie in my teenage years. It wasn’t a very successful release to be honest, the recording company at that time (Undercover Music) had enough of my delirious productions that used Linndrum drum machines and Roland synthesizers at a time where they told me that I had to filter disco to sell records. I was influenced a lot by Les Rythmes Digitales at that time. The records where produced on really cheap set-ups if I remember well. Yes, horrible set-ups back in the days, an absoulute hell to sync together!

OK, thanks for the interview. Good luck with everything and welcome back!.

Now listen to more assorted Lifelike...

Lifelike - The Cult (2002)

Lifelike - L.O.V.E. Is What You Need (2003)

Lifelike & Kris Menace - Discopolis (2005)

Lifelike - Running Out (2005)

Alyoa - It's Been Too Long (Lifelike Top Gun Remix) (2005)

Kris Menace Presents Stars on 33 - I Feel Music in Your Heart (Lifelike & Kris Menace Remix) (2006)

Chromeo - Needy Girl (Lifelike Remix) (2008) (Link fixed)

Killa Kela - Everyday (Lifelike Remix) (2009)

... and buy everything with Lifelike on Juno!

It's automatic

Actually it's not Zoot Woman's excellent song with the same name I'm talking about.

Auto from Lille, France was formed by Jak and Tepat and have now made a great new remix of The Funktuary's "Wip Electric". If you missed their remix of Justice's "Stress", check below. On their homepage it says that Auto's electronic music are unpredictable, melodic, catchy dancefloor killers... Well, I've always believed that music shouldn't be described, it should be felt!

Check out more of their songs on their MySpace page and buy their songs or T-shirts online here.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Brotherhood of the white knights

British electro housers Riton and Primary 1 recently released their single "Who's There?", which is a nice piece of bouncy, energetic electro house. Not only that, they've also discovered that the track fits with Surkin's epic "White Knight Two" like an armored glove on a white knight's hand. I couldn't agree more, but if you're still unconvinced, why don't you get the originals and mix them together yourself?

Primary 1 & Riton - Who's White

Primary 1 & Riton - Who's There (featuring Wiley)

Surkin - White Knight Two

Sunday with Lake Heartbeat

The perfect music for a perfect Sunday. Lake Heartbeat from Sweden creates music that travels smoothly into your ears and make your thoughts dream away. Beautiful and kind of slow dreamy pop disco. The fantastic Dan Lissvik from the amazing duo Studio has produced the debut album "Trust In Numbers" that you can buy from the label Service Records. Otherwise you can join Service and get lifetime membership for only €25 and then you get all the music they have in their catalog and all the up-coming releases.

Service are a fine record label with great Swedish pop acts like The Embassy, Tough Alliance, Jens Lekman, Franke and earlier mentioned Studio. Service have a great sensitivity in finding those new interesting pop acts for tomorrow like Lake Heartbeat...

Lake Heartbeat - Between Dreams

Lake Heartbeat - Blue Planet

Lake Heartbeat - Build The Wall Up

Lake Heartbeat - Mystery

Lake Heartbeat - Mystery (What Kind Of Breeze Do You Blow? Extended Edit)

Lake Heartbeat - Mystery (Ytre Rymden Dansskola Remix)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Into The Clouds

Up in the sky there are clouds and we're are going into them together with the two promising Swedes from The Sound of Arrows. But we will not travel alone into the dreamland, along by our side we have the incredible Fear of Tigers that will make us fly even higher...

The Sound of Arrows - Into The Clouds

The Sound of Arrows - Into The Clouds (Fear of Tigers Remix)

M4 Part I & II

Fantastic Faunts from Canada. They have been an apple of my ears for quite a while now. They were kind of an unknown indie rock band from Edmonton for several years. But in 2006 they released the EP "M4" and the song "M4 Part II" was included as the ending credits of the famous video game "Mass Effect". Since then they have grown in popularity and they released their third full-length album "Feel.Love.Thinking.Of" in February.

But still they are quite unknown and unheard by the people of the world, therefore I will introduce you to them and their amazing sound. Their sound is dreamy, dramatic and powerful. Why I post indie rock on Tracasseur it's because of the great remixes made out of the M4-songs that are included on the great remix record "Faunts Remixed". But the original songs are fantastic music so I can't resist posting them also.

Faunts - M4 Part I

Faunts - M4 Part I (DVAS Macho Mix)

Faunts - M4 Part II

Faunts - M4 Part II (The Paronomasiac Remix)

Also check out the cool video for "M4 Part II" with fighting crabs!

Friday, September 25, 2009


We've already written about the American nu italo label/blog/producer collective Girlfriend Records with artists like Sferro, Pelifics, HR, Awkoder'89, Illapa, The Sweeps and our buddies Neon Workout and Le Prix. One track that never was included in the previous post is the first release on the label by the head honcho himself, Mr Eric Sferro. Since then I assume he has noted with vengeful eyes that it has taken us forever to post it. Sorry Eric!

Sferro - Vengeful Eyes

Also check out Neon Workout's awesome video for Norwegian nu italo queen HR:

Follow the blog here, and become a Facebook fan here.

Owl Vision

Owl Vision from Gothenburg, Sweden is a dark electronic act in the spirit of bands like Justice and MSTRKRFT. He has done lots of cool remixes and also some unofficial ones of for example Miss Li and Kate Perry. Check out his MySpace and download his EP for free here.

Very soon his collection of older tracks in 320 kbps called "First Blood" (I think Rambo is involved in some way) will hit online stores like Amazon, iTunes, Emusic and so on. Meanwhile listen to these promo tracks in 128 kbps:

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Hallelujah! A new single from one of my favourites. My prayer was heard. Since the releases of "Solid Gold", "Hide Me" and "Favourite Things" there has been awfully quiet from The Golden Filter. The only exception was the the dub mix of Polly Scattergood's "Please Don't Touch" that kept me alive for a while. But now I can finally breathe properly again. "Thunderbird" is a typical Golden Filter song with the pumping sound that's going to keep my heart pumping.

You can pre-order the limited edition of the 12” single with an extra song from the Dummy Shop. And you can also visit their website just because it's beautiful and mysterious.

The Golden Filter - Thunderbird

The Golden Filter - Thunderbird (Dub)

Is she a man?

Parisian indie band In The Club is formed by four guys with musical influences all the way from Daft Punk and Prince to Phoenix and Justin Timberlake. Listen to their songs at MySpace or buy their new album "Seduce and Destroy" here. If you are a big fan of Alex Gopher you will probably like this mighty big-floor remix he recently made for them.

Monday, September 21, 2009

It's night time...

Last post from Jonny Puma with The xx from London caused a major attention from blogreaders all around the world. Now it's time for always excellent What Kind Of Breeze Do You Blow? from Portland, to release an enigmatic and beautiful mix of The xx's "Night Time". What do you think about it? Let us know your thoughts...

Saturday, September 19, 2009


French Touch via the US from Sweden with flowers from Spain. Confusing? Not so complicated really. A Swedish guy named Flores (flowers in Spanish) is making music with the sound of French Touch and the song is named after a state in the US. Awfully good anyhow!

Flores - Massachusetts

And for a fact there are 1,931 people with the last name "Flores" in Massachusetts.

News on Tracasseur: Preview audio player

Fanfare! Finally we have taken the opportunity to embed a preview audio player for you guys. So now you can use the audio player as your pop-out player if you want to. To celebrate this occurrence we must have two Play-songs to start the playing. Now you go and play!

Larytta - Play Me Loud

Nadisko - Play. Time.

Friday, September 18, 2009

That's no surprise!

Philly guy Peter Dragontail has won two noble prizes, People Magazine's "Most Interesting Person of 2010" and Time Magazine's "Sexiest Thing To Ever Walk the Face of The Earth". Well that's what his MySpace page says...

What we do know for a fact is that his "To Begin With" is a plodding italo juggernaut and that his remix of James Yuill "No Surprise" is a truly fine electropop tune.
That's no surprise...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The C90s

Hello friends, we just received two new remixes by London dudes The C90s. Actually my colleague Jonny Puma posted the edit version of "Dirt" in an earlier post about Headman. So finally here is the long version and also the wonderful remix of "The Devil Made Me Do It" by the artist called the same.

I love them both and you can bet we will play these songs at next gig. Well at least I will... No more talk. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Burns + Fred Falke

As I mentioned earlier in this post about Burn's new EP "Teknique" Fred Falke had made a remix of a song on the EP named "First Move". And now here is that remix. Another fine work from remix-master Falke! Feels like I write that all the time a make a post about any of his remixes. But what can I say?!

Burns - First Move (Fred Falke Remix)

Once again Thomas Bachellier steps up with a nice video for the nice original mix of "First Move" with clips from Travolta's "Urban Cowboy".

As a tip Burns is doing a tour right now in Canada and in the beginning of October he's going to tour the US. Check out his MySpace for tour dates.

ODahl thinks happy thoughts

New from one of our big favourites from our hometown; the one and only ODahl. Less of his usual slick and funky nu disco house, this one's more of a pumping club track. But as good as always. Literally still warm from ODahl's CD burner, we tried it out while DJing last Wednesday, and it worked like a charm.

ODahl - Happy Thoughts

Oh crappy lap top, I luv you!

I experienced some computer problems when my Windows OS crashed a while back. I learned that using a computer without an operating system is quite inconvenient, so I was very happy when my personal IT support resurrected it from the dead. Now I can get back to my usual mp3-blogging by the pool.

So, to keep the computer gods happy, I'll post some tracks from French electro artist Popular Computer. These ones are also for Upkar and Anders.

Popular Computer - Girls

Pacific! - Sunset Blvd (Popular Computer Remix)

Popular Computer - Lost & Found (Shinichi Osawa Remix)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Swedes do it better!

We just got some fresh new tunes by Anto from Stockholm, Sweden. He made some cool remixes of artists like Digitalism, Amanda Blank and Autokratz, but my favourite one is his own original song "Fantasy" with its hard driving up-tempo electronic beat.

He made a success in Summer 2007 with his other project "Adonakis" (yes he is born by Greek parents) when super star dj Pete Tong played his song "Wonderful Strings" at his fasttrax show.
After that big and small dj's started to support his music and labels started to ask for remixes and productions...

We hope to hear more from him again very soon!


Please forgive my absence here at Tracasseur, but as soon as I'm back from my holiday in Italy I will give 100% again. Until then, enjoy this wonderful new remix by Aussie Cassian:

As a bonus I'll post the video from Linus Love's excellent remix of Pixie Lott's "Mama Do".

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Blip blop

Today I will hand out a few tunes, some new and some old, but with lovely blip blop sounds!

I stumbled across Swedish Dj Dana Berquist's bootleg of classic song "Missing" by Everything But The Girl the other day. And I fell in love right away. A fantastic original song with the nice add-on of some blip blop makes it great. I have been missing that tune!

Everything But The Girl - Missing (Dana Berquist Bootleg)

This one have been one of my favourites for a long time. Epic blip blop at it's best by the masters of epic build-ups M83! 3.26 into the song it rises even further after a great build-up. Wonderful!

M83 - Slowly

Another fine tune that I now will repost because it's so damn good. As I wrote in the old post about Deluce I mentioned that his music was the best soundtrack while travelling in space, and it's sure still is.

Deluce - Lead The Galaxy

From Berlin, Electrixx takes care of the classic computer game Tetris and makes it into a new kind of puzzle for the dance floors.

Electrixx - Tetris

The last one is a more intense remix by Blacklight Flashlight of Midfield General's "Disco Sirens". A new tune to beat time with one's foot.

Midfield General - Disco Sirens (Blacklight Flashlight Remix)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Seven and 7"

Today everybody are well aware of Karin Dreijer Andersson's solo project Fever Ray. Her solo debut have gone very well and it was kind of expected after the last years success with The Knife.

Yesterday Fever Ray released a new video for the forthcoming single "Seven" from the album "Fever Ray". It is directed by Johan Renck (aka Stakka Bo a long time ago). The single is due for release on October 5th. The video is not an exception from earlier videos, always the creepiness and oddity in the atmosphere.

Fever Ray - Seven

Fever Ray - Seven (CSS Remix)

Fever Ray - Seven (Martyn's 7th Mix)

Fever Ray - Seven (RealDaniel Remix)

Fever Ray - Seven (Crookers Remix)

And as a little extra bonus here is a live video from Cologne of "Here Before". That tune was released on a limited tour-only 7". "Here Before" is a cover of the UK folk legend Vashti Bunyan together with The Subliminal Kid. The other tune on the 7" release is a cover of Nick Cave's "Stranger Than Kindness".

Fever Ray & The Subliminal Kid - Here Before

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Make My Day

NAPT, Beatport & Breakspoll Award Winners 2009 in four categories brings you Part 3 of their highly anticipated N-Funk series - "Make My Day" ft Louise Marshall/"Time You Realised". It's out now on Funkatech Records and you can buy it on Beatport.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Young dude from Barcelona

21 years old, from Barcelona and already with an interesting emerging career in the national and international scene. Real name is Joan Sala and he makes music under the name Nighty Max. He is also a member of YALL, with whom he performs regularly, organizing parties all around Spain, and soon also on an international level. He's combining this with Djing and being a producer.

All this together makes Nighty Max a competent and skilled music maker. Two of his latest creations are "Iglou" and "Beach Hut", and they will make you dance!

Nighty Max - Iglou

Nighty Max - Beach Hut

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Exclusive goods!

Tracasseur is going exclusive today! Exclusive together with the US-based record label Girlfriend Records that hosts such fine acts like Pelifics, Neon Workout, Le Prix, HR, Sferro and The Sweeps.

First out is a sneak preview directly from a studio in Stockholm, Sweden. Neon Workout is working on a lot of new material. This tune once again features the fine voice of HR, she was featured earlier on "Running In The Night".

Neon Workout feat. HR - Look Into My Eyes (Tracasseur Exclusive Preview)

Next out is Le Prix with this italo smelling beauty that could be featured in any cool 80's movie with fast cars.

Le Prix - Hockey Enemy Weapons Denied

The great final of exclusivities is a mix made by Neon Workout and Le Prix exclusive for Tracasseur. When the two of them work together the call themselves BMX Ninjas, and they are up to something, so keep your ears open.

Le Prix + Neon Workout - Hello We Are BMX Ninjas Mix (Tracasseur Exclusive)

The Dirty Disco

Got a mail from Adam in the British band The Dirty Disco. He told me that they had co-written and produced two really great tracks for Dead or Alive's founder Pete Burns, you know the band that had a major hit with the Hi-NRG song "You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)" back in 1985.

The hooky electro-pop is a new direction for Pete even if his last collaboration was with Pet Shop Boys. There is a clip of "The Art" on The Dirty Disco's MySpace.

But what really hooked me listening through The Dirty Disco's roster was the catchy "Sista!", mixed by Grammy nominated Dylan Dresdow. I think The Dirty Disco could have something going on here.

Adam told me that they right now are doing everything completely by themselves, so show them your love at their MySpace.

The Dirty Disco - Sista!

Dead or Alive - You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Breakfast at Fujasaki's

The great one-man band Fujasaki (not to be mistaken with the Japanese town of Fujisaki) from Sweden released "The Breakfast" EP last year and there were two fine videos along with that release.

Fujasaki has released two full-length albums and one EP before "The Breakfast. He has also been on several compilations and done remixes of Dibaba, Familjen and Lacrosse. As a feather in one's hat Fujasaki has done the music to the rewarded American short-film "The Wedge".

The first video for "Breakfast" was made by Emma Beckström & Lena Hegerfors.

The second video was made for "What I Look Like?" and was produced by Björn Johansson.

Here are the two tracks but also along with them two other special versions of "What I Look Like?" that are included in the compilation "Wires 6".

Fujasaki - Breakfast

Fujasaki - What I Look Like? (Original Mix)

Fujasaki - What I Look Like? (Part 1)

Fujasaki - What I Look Like? (Crusecontrole)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Free Buffet!

Our favourite friends at Buffetlibre has just released a mixtape. We listened to it and it's f&#! great! The beginning is so cool....

Buffetlibre - Pour Les Enfants Du Mond

Here is the tracklist selected by Buenavista and Buffetlibre djs:

1. Sintonia Buffetlibre
2. Andreas Dorau - Girls In Love
3. Ladytron - Playgirl
4. Mirwais - Naive Song
5. Jay Jay Johanson - On The Radio
6. Ginger Ale - Happy House
7. Fangoria - Electricistas
8. Monosurroud - I Warmed You Baby
9. Phoenix - If I Ever Feel Better (Buffalo Bunch Remix)
10. Barcelona - Studio Hair Gel
11. Annie - The Greatest Hit (Röyksopp Remix)
12. Radio 4 - Dance To The Undergroud
13. The Rapture - House Of Jealous Lovers
14. Console - 14 Zero Zero
15. Chucho - Magic
16. La Casa Azul - Cerca De Shibuya
17. Urban Cookie Collective - Feels Like Heaven
18. The Juan Maclean - Give Me Every Little Thing (Cajmere Remix)
19. Whitey - Leave Them All Behind
20. Saint Etienne - Shower Scene
21. John Paul Young - Love Is In The Air (Extended Mix)
22. Cassius – Feelings for you (Les Rythmes Digitales Remix)
23. Basement Jaxx - Bingo Bango
24. Etienne De Crécy - Prix Choc
25. Zoot Woman - It's Automatic
26. Le Hammond Inferno - Move Your Mp3
27. Betty Boo - Doin' The Do
28. MacNamara - Mi Correo Electronico Oh!
29. Justice vs. Simian - We Are Your Friends
30. ABBA - S.O.S.

Sir Lancelot says enjoy!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sunset City

As we reported a while back, Bestrack is releasing his debut EP on Justin Faust's label Bouchemiture. The EP was released today and it's sounding just so pretty damn good as we knew it would. Justin Faust's remix, which was included in the previous post, was included as expected. The other remix is made by Louis La Roche. Here's the tracklist:

1. With You
2. Wishmaker

3. Do It All Night
4. Wishmaker (Louis La Roche Reconstruction)
5. With You (Justin Faust Remix)

Our favourites are:

Bestrack - Wishmaker

Bestrack - Do It All Night

Two remixes that didn't make it to the EP are made by Paris' Digikid84 and Lyon's Indiscreet, where the Parisian's is our favourite:

Bestrack - Wishmaker (Indiscreet Remix)

Bestrack - Do It All Night (Digikid84 Remix)

Get the the high quality versions by buying the EP on Beatport here!