Thursday, February 28, 2013

Lissi Dancefloor Disaster release debut album today!

Finally, we can hear Lissi Dancefloor Disaster's debut album "Waves" in its full glory. Out today on Goldenbest and you can buy your copy over at iTunes.

Tonight there has also been a release party for the album at Södra Teatern in Stockholm and on Friday the people of Gothenburg can celebrate the release too at Clooneys.

Lissi Dancefloor Disaster is the electro-pop duo, consisting of Johan Tilli and Josefin Lindh, hiding behind the cat masks. You have seen that particular cat all over wherever you've laid your eyes. You can find it all over the world on walls and the band name is actually taken from Johan's former cat Lissi.

Here are some sweet tunes taken from the album:

As a bonus we also give you our dear friend Le Prix's remix of "Singing My Heart Out".

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New artist Treasure remixes Bruno Mars

Treasure is this new act that still is hidden in all this secret. I know a little about this new up-comer, but I have promised to keep my mouth shut. So until Treasure wants to reveal more about himself we will let this first remix of Bruno Mars speak for itself. Funky vibes, make you wanna dance!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Bondax + Moon Boots

Moon Boots' really shows on his latest remix of Bondax how to make a really funky groove. Straight drums and a pretty minimalistic bass. It's what my father always says about jazz music; you've got to listen to the notes they're not playing. One of the best tracks Moon Boots has done, and that says a lot.

Blacstreet + Fare Soldi

Don't miss out on Fare Solde's "No Diggity" hype! Giggity.

Gomma update: The Deadstock 33s & Moullinex

Great stuff coming out from Gomma recently. Well, recently might be a poor choice of words; it's hardly surprising they're releasing great stuff, we've known that for ages, it's just that they're doing it on a weekly basis these days.

Last week Moullinex released his beautiful "Darkest Night" from his "Flora" album as an EP (out now on Discotexas), featuring remixes from Portuguese brother in arms Xinobi and, to complete the Portuguese-German connection, a collab remix by Kris Menace and PWNDTIAC. Oh, and we're playing together with Senhor Moullinex here in Stockholm on Saturday, March 13. If that'll be half as fun as when we played with Xinobi, we're all in for a real treat.

And today Gomma released this baby: house legend Justin Robertson, aka The Deadstock 33s' very retro "Underneath the Pines" featuring remixes by Ewan Pearson and Disco Bloodbath. It all sound very mid-80's acid house, where Pearson was a huge figure in the Manchester scene which was the hub of acid house in Europe in these days, while I have to admit my favourite is Disco Bloodbath's more Chicago-sounding version that sounds like it could've been released on Trax or DJ International in '87. If you haven't already had an acid house phase, and you're the least interested in house music, you should check both of those scenes out.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Another one from Young Galaxy

Not so long time left until we will see and hear the new Young Galaxy album. One of the albums that I've been looking forward to so very much. Therefore always happy when I get the chance to hear something new from the upcoming album "Ultramarine" out April 23. This new one "Fall For You" is a smooth piece with flavours both from the Caribbean and Africa.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Magic Mixtape 30

The Magician is here with his 30th mixtape! As always, just to sit down and relax and listen to it, always a pleasure!

1. Goldroom – Only You Can Show Me 
2. Claptone – Wrong 
3. Bondax – Gold (Moon Boots Remix) 
4. Roberto Rodriguez – Oxymoron 
5. Ali Love feat. Kali – Emperor (Waze & Odyssey Remix) 
6. Villa – Mint (Punks Jump Up Dub) 
7. Little Freaky Things – Nightfall 
8. Willy Moon – Get Up (Alex Metric’s wherewereyouin92 Remix) 
9. Mike Mago – The Show 
10. Kraak & Smaak – The Future Is Yours 
11. Little Freaky Things – What A Bad Day (The Shoes Remix)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday with Round Table Knights

"So Good" with the Swiss duo Round Table Knights has been one of my fave tracks lately. This is the kind of deep house that gets me going. Today I have been "tjejlyssnat" to this track. I don't know if the word "tjejlyssnat" is a word that exists out in the world, but it's a Swedish expression that could be translated into "girl listening" and means that you listen to the track over and over and over again. And why I do that, it's because it's so good!

I chatted with a friend earlier today and I showed "So Good" for her and then she reminded of this other top tune from Round Table Knights that was played a lot for couple of years ago. Thanks for that reminder!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Viceroy + Bufi=Brilliance!

Been loving the new Viceroy tune "Dream of Bombay" featuring the beautiful voice of Chela, who was doing the finest vocals ever made on Goldroom's modern classic "Fifteen". Viceroy and Chela are the same perfect match and her voice lifts this tune up above the clouds. We haven't posted the original yet, so here it is, a brilliant track!

But today, I got a new crush on this one when I heard Bufi's remix of it. Damn, it has everything suddenly, even the muffled voice. Bufi, this is one for the books!

Classixx' first single from upcoming album

Now we can hear the first single "Holding On" from Classixx' album "Hanging Gardens" out May 14. I think the single got it all, funky bass, house pianos and sweaty vocals samples along with a steady beat. In "Holding On" we got ourselves a classic Classixx tune! Also loving the Munich '72 inspired artwork!

Gigamesh "Enjoy" out now including remix by Oliver

Gigamesh's new single "Enjoy" is available today, exclusively on Beatport via Nurvous Records. You can find that it includes a remix by Oliver too. Both these acts always give us some stuff of greatness!

Kavinsky "Protovision" remixes

We wrote about Kavinsky's 'comeback' in December after his huge hit with "Nightcall" included on the "Drive" soundtrack. Now he will release his debut album "Outrun" on February 25 and earlier he gave us a preview teaser in December with "Protovision".

Lately there have been some remixes seeing the night lights, along them the best one from Blood Orange with new vocals from The New Sins and also the great 80s smelling Turzi crack remix.

On the vinyl (buy it here) the remix of Blood Orange is included but also the Boys Noize remix you can find there.

This heavy Mumbai Science remix is also a pretty cool one!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Tracasseur Guest Tape #5: Sccucci Manucci

As you know we have this monthly mixtape series going on. The word monthly is of course a totally relative and subjective term, so the fact that the last tape was released last May, doesn't make any less monthly, right? I hope you'll agree, because otherwise we'll have to change our motto for the mixtapes, and that means extra work for our in-house AD Jonny Puma.

So, to kick the series off after its little hiatus, we asked James Vorres over at cool London based label Sccucci Manucci to make a mix for us. Sccucci Manucci releases a lot of great music ranging from disco to deep house. Our mission description was just to do whatever he wanted, and James came back with a lovely deep mix that he had this to say about:

"Here’s a selection of tracks which have been making me smile, all chunky deep house cuts, with hats swinging like a married couple in the 1970’s. I think this mix is more a reflection of the sound I am putting out on the new label “Manucci’s Mistress”, a kind of raw, bass laden, bastard son of deep house. I hope you enjoy…"

I'm sure you'll do. Follow Sccucci Manucci on Soundcloud, Facebook and Twitter, and keep an eye on Manucci's Mistress on their Soundcloud and Facebook.

1. Hot Toddy - Mutha Sucka (Ron Basejam remix) [Smoke n Mirrors] 
2. OOFT! - Arbitary [FOTO] 
3. Whitesquare - Bob Nostril [Aenaria Music] 
4. Milton Jackson - See The Light [Black Key] 
5. Si Ke DJs - Break Down [Freche Fruchte] 
6. Sek - These Dayz [Lost My Dog] 
7. Jack Fell Down - Road To No Where [Manucci's Mistress] 
8. Elef - Lazy Liz [Sccucci Manucci] 
9. Kris Wadsworth - Fan Mail [Hypercolour] 
10. Bicep - Don't (feat Omar Odyssey) [Aus] 
11. Greymatter - Sweat (James Welsh remix) [Wolf Music]

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Röyksopp feat. Erlend Øye – Poor Leno (The Regroove Edit by Selector Retrodisco)

"Poor Leno" is one of Röyksopp's classic tunes, where Erlend Øye takes care of the vocals, that goes all the way back to 2001 from their debut album "Melody A.M.". Often older tracks like this becomes forgotten due to so much new music created every day around the world. But sometimes people like Selector Retrodisco kicks life into a classic like this, once in a while. Really like what he have done with "Poor Leno". A bit of groovier sound along with an extended intro, but yet only minor changes made to the original. A version more up to date in other words!

Sunday with Duvchi

Duvchi is back with another beautiful track "Whole Life Tour". It premiered on Swedish radio this Friday and it went straight into my precordium. It was two years ago he released "Turtleduvs" and since then Duvchi has been collaborating with other famous Swedish acts like Adam Tensta and Lorentz & Sakarias. So we're happy that Duvchi is back with a new beauty of his own! Start your Sunday with this!

  (The track isn't up anywhere yet, so we use the embedded Spotify link until it shows up)

Friday, February 8, 2013

Justin Faust - La Fête

As you know we're huge fans of both Justin Faust and Discotexas. Justin celebrated getting OVER 9000 followers on Soundcloud this week (try tweeting "over 9000"). If you're not one of them, you should be ashamed. The new track, "La Fête", features an obscure sample from an early 70's song by Michel Fugain. According to the legend, the sample came to Justin when happening to hear it on the radio in a cab on the way to Lyon airport from a gig, and blown away asked the cabbie what it was. After thinking about it for 20 minutes straight, the driver finally remembered what it was. Now that's what I call a cool story bro. I'm sure Justin was drunk and a pain in the ass for the cabbie who had to have dispatch google it for him. Seeing he was on his way from the gig and all.

Anyway, "La Fête" is decidedly more intense than Justin's usual productions, which is a development I really like. And, according to Justin, so is the next one.

Here's the original. I like the dance moves in the video. I think, as an inside joke, everyone should dance like this when they hear Justin's song. I think he'd enjoy

Skream - Kreepin'

Someone said deephouse? Finnebassen's take on Aaliyah's classic 1996 single "If Your Girl Only Knew" made it into my Best of 2012 list. Dubstep nestor Skream has made a deephouse version too, and it's just as good. You'd think they'd sound a lot alike, but there's a big difference in the mood between the two. Finnebassen has that Scandinavian melancholy which Skream's more in your face peaktime track lacks. Plus, like a lot of the current British producers, you can hear those little hints of drum 'n' bass and dubstep. I was about to digress into the history of electronic dance music, and how the development differed between countries determined by what people absorbed what parts of house and techno, and how you can hear those differences today. But important as it is, it'll have to wait. You're biting your nails already, I'm sure.

Oh, and imagine how much money whoever inherited Aaliyah would have gotten in royalties if American college kids actually listened to good electronic dance music.

Body Language + Niki And The Dove

Note to self: don't ever announce a "Friday afternoon blogging assault", since of course something will come up to delay the assault. In this case the wind changed, and you don't want smoke from te smoke grenades in your face, because that means you have to wash you hair again, even if you just did it this morning. On the other hand, it's like when you start the morning with a mouthful of whisky: It's gotta be noon somewhere. And since it's four in the afternoon in São Paulo when I write this, I'm technically not late at all.

Goldroom's remix of Niki And The Dove's "Mother Protect" was one of my absolute favourites of 2011. Despite that, I have listened remarkably little to the Swedish duo. That's obviously something I have to rectify as evidenced by their recent Body Language remix. The way it unravels after a minute and a half is just beautiful. And it gets even better when Angela Bess' voice comes in moments later.

Body Language has cross-remixed everyone's favourite outro track. See, I can post other things than deephouse!

Monday, February 4, 2013

On And On + Blackbird Blackbird

Not feeling that chatty today, but for a change it doesn't stop me from blogging. Let's say I'm letting the music speak for itself, and this Blackbird Blackbird remix of On And On is saying some very lovely things. Download it for free over at XLR8R.

Fake Blood + Donovans

Really digging Donovans' remix of blog electro classics Fake Blood. Donovans has been making a lot of stuff fusing classic electro and techno for a while, and he's been doing it very well. Cool to see that he makes great house with ease too.

I'm writing "him" despite the fact that I referred to Donovan as a duo back when I was uploading music to YouTube, and back then he/they were Donovan singular and not Donovans. It's all very confusing. The only thing I know for sure is that he was in "Neighbours" and dated Kylie Minogue back in the 80's.

Moon Boots - No One

New Moon Boots is very nice. That is all.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

New track from Sameblod

Swedish Sameblod released a new track yesterday named "Trés". Cool tune and this time without any vocals, but still as good. Excited to hear more from them soon...