Thursday, December 31, 2009

Jonny Puma's best of 2009

We've all each compiled lists for the best tracks of 2009, regardless original track, remix or edit. And it was not an easy task because of a fantastic electronic music year. I was forced to leave out several of great artists, bands and tracks, but they are still in my heart and in my player. I was forced to leave Bestrack, DatA, Upstation, Frankmusik, YACHT, Maethelvin, Ted & Francis, Daroc, Stephen Falken, Yelle, Emmon, FUKKK OFFF, Penguin Prison, Mille, The Sound of Arrows and Cavaliers of Fun out of the list but I will make it up to them somehow, and for all those other great acts that I didn't mention. But for now, I present to you the Jonny Puma's best of 2009.

#15. La Roux - In for the Kill
La Roux is one of the fantastic newcomers this year. The russet-red girl from the UK gave us this catchy electro pop gem in springtime and that made us survive until summertime when her fantastic self-titled album was released. Don't miss out that album that became one of Mercury Prize's "Albums of the Year". And don't miss out on the two best remixes of "In for the Kill" by Lifelike and Heartbreak.

La Roux - In for the Kill

#14. Le Matos - Quiet Earth
Yeah! A heavy banger by Le Matos for the late night dance floor. Doesn't leave anyone disappointed. Great build-up even if it already starts up in a massive mode, but when with 2 minutes left the heavy beats quits for a while and leaves us with a new synth loop that takes us into the next level when the heavy beats come right back at us.

Le Matos - Quiet Earth

#13. Miike Snow - Animal
The guys of Miike Snow aren't any greenhorns in the music business even if they released their debut album this year. "Animal" was released in February and after that Miike Snow has really made the charts. Several great remixes of the track has also occurred made by fine ones like Fred Falke, Crookers and Treasure Fingers. "Animal" is already a classic!

Miike Snow - Animal

#12. Jenny Wilson - The Wooden Chair (Peter Visti Remix)
Wow, first time I heard this slow remix with that steady beat pumping on I wondered who the man behind the remix was. It was the Balearic King of Denmark, Peter Visti. Great remix of our fine Swedish indie queen Jenny Wilson.

Jenny Wilson - The Wooden Chair (Peter Visti Remix)

#11. The xx - Heart Skipped a Beat
Nobody could have missed out the tremendous break-through for The xx this year. They're of course included on many "Best of 2009" lists, and it's not undeserved, because their album "xx" is absolutely fantastic. This track is my favourite even if almost any other track from the album could have made my list.

The xx - Heart Skipped a Beat

#10. Bat For Lashes - Daniel
Mysterious girl, amazing music! "Daniel" is nothing than an amazing tune. This British girl's second album "Two Suns" was also one of Mercury Prize's "Albums of the Year". Amazing year for Bat for Lashes, and I congratulate her for that.

Bat For Lashes - Daniel

#9. Mackintosh Braun - On and On
Mackintosh Braun, for us an unknown band from Portland, Oregon, was one of our first friends at Tracasseur's MySpace. As I wrote back in February, it was a great new acquaintance to me and I played their record on repeat back then and I still do. "On and On" is the best track from the album, that almost is the perfect album.

Mackintosh Braun - On and On

#8. Empire of the Sun - Walking on a Dream
Maybe the best song this year, if it would've been released a little bit later, it has unfortunately been played almost to death. I fell in love with it right away. Totally magnificent track! Maybe people will say that the track was released in 2008, and so it was, down in Australia, in Europe it was released as late as February and in the US in April. Even if I was on to Empire of the Sun autumn 2008 I think this track deserves the appreciation that it should have for 2009.

Empire of the Sun - Walking on a Dream

#7. Filthy Dukes - Poison the Ivy
Filthy Dukes have come up with one of the greatest synth electro albums this year with "Nonsense in the Dark". The track "Poison the Ivy" is the best song on the album, even if it's the most indie rock of them.

Filthy Dukes - Poison the Ivy

#6. Deluce - Lead the Galaxy
Our young and talented French friend Deluce have had a wonderful year with a lot of great tracks and remixes released. "Lead the Galaxy" is intergalatic music made for space travels. The greatest new artist that I've got the chance to get to know this year. And I say: "2010, watch out for Deluce!".

Deluce - Lead the Galaxy

#5. Monarchy - Gold in the Fire
Another fine encounter this year that wrote about not long ago. It was not a question if they should hit my list or not. It was as a matter of course! "Gold in the Fire" is an excellent indie electro pop tune. Only number 5 because of tough competitors, but Monarchy is one of the most interesting bands in the end of 2009. Keep your eyes and ears open for them during 2010...

Monarchy - Gold in the Fire

#4. Gossip - Heavy Cross (Fred Falke Remix)
One of my favourite original tracks this year, but it felt a little to much rock to post the original, even if it's a pearl with a great swing. I have to hail to remix-master Fred Falke, who made a remix of the fine track. Now I can play Gossip out on the big dance floors anyhow, and I love it!

Gossip - Heavy Cross (Fred Falke Remix)

#3. Fever Ray - Triangle Walks (Rex the Dog Remix)
Great debut album from Karin Dreijer Andersson's solo project Fever Ray. Almost every tune is something extraordinary. But when I found this remix from Rex the Dog it made "Triangle Walks" even better. Dark but yet happy italo sound together with Karin's cool and different voice.

Fever Ray - Triangle Walks (Rex the Dog Remix)

#2. Patrick Wolf - Who Will (Buffetlibre Remix)
Another artist with a great album "The Bachelor" released this year. "Who Will" is a strong track from the album and Buffetlibre from Spain succeeds in making it into something new and more danceable. Love the voice of Patrick Wolf together with the pumping beats. Splendid work all of you!

Patrick Wolf - Who Will (Buffetlibre Remix)

#1. The Golden Filter - Solid Gold
Ohh, The Golden Filter, who stole my heart back in early 2009 with "Solid Gold". Since then I've been watching every move the make and they keep on releasing fantastic music with nice disco beats and catchy synth lines together with the sexy female voice of Penelope Trappes. When they release their full-length album in spring 2010, I'll be the first one to buy it!

The Golden Filter - Solid Gold

ZIP: Jonny Puma's best of 2009 (All the tracks, including awesome artwork)


thestarryeyed said...

Great list! All of these tracks are awesome. You're very right with Walking on a Dream by Empire of The's definitely a song of 2009. Even in Australia (where it was released in 2008), it was getting a lot of play time on the radio in 2009.

DJ Maths said...

Mate, good list. Could not agree more with no.1 Absolute cracker!

Sophie de Suéde said...

Great list indeed! Solid Gold and Mackintosh Brown have been in my headphones through all of 2009!

Ol' Feezy said...

any chance i could get the zip???