Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tracasseur Nights at ACE #2

Tonight it's time for our second night at ACE in Stockholm. Last time we brought some fine acts from all around the world, Justin Faust from Germany and What Kind Of Breeze Do You Blow? from Canada and the Swedes of Montauk. This time it's going to be 100% Swedish!

We bring our fellow blogfriends of Dödselectro to Stockholm to join forces with us. Dödselectro is the second best electronic music blog from Sweden so Tracasseur will show them how to be number one. Dödselectro is actually one of the fastest growing blogs in the world right now. They are booked regularly in Sweden for dj-gigs and are also on their way to Spain in November to visit the cool Pantera Club in Madrid. In their hometown of Gothenburg they have been running some clubs and have had fine acts like The Phantom's Revenge, Fear of Tigers, Fare Soldi och Edwin Van Cleef on visit. Tonight it's going to be the harder electro, expect nothing less than deathelectro.
Dödselectro blog

The coolest guys out of Stockholm are the LOST crew. They have the best coverage of the new generation of club-kids. They know where the best parties, club nights, concerts and fashion shows will be. LOST throws great parties by themselves too. Tracasseur and LOST did the awesome "Rum 401" together in February, which was a huge success. Every time the flip records there will be a crazy party, and we look forward to that crazy party tonight.

To give our best to the club of ACE, we bring you a new track from Ladytron named "Ace of Hz".

Ladytron - Ace of Hz

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New remix of kamp!

This time it's not ODahl, the No 1 remixer of kamp! This time it's up to Nudge Nudge Nudge, also from Poland. It's a lot going on in Poland right now, Warsaw is said to be the disco capital of Europe for the moment. We would love to get down to Warsaw and gig together with kamp!, Nudge Nudge Nudge and/or Michell Phunk. Until then this new kamp! remix will keep us calm for a while...

kamp! - Distance of the Modern Hearts (Nudge Nudge Nudge Remix)

Crystal Castles + Robert Smith = Love

When Crystal Castles and Robert Smith join forces, it turns into something extra. Interesting collaboration that takes on "Not In Love" from Crystal Castles latest album "Crystal Castles II" released earlier this spring. On the album Ethan Kath sings but now it's time for classic The Cure's singer Robert Smith (51 years old nowadays). Oh sweet joy!

Crystal Castles feat. Robert Smith - Not In Love

Crystal Castles - Not In Love

"Not In Love" is actually a cover of 80s new wave band Platinum Blonde. Check out this old nice video from back then.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Get some Lykke Li

The new single "Get Some" by amazing Lykke Li was released as a freebie today. It includes the fine b-side "Paris Blue". We will share them here but you should definitely sign up for her newsletter so you can get free tracks or other goodies directly from her instead of from this boring blog...

"I'm your prostitute, you gon´get some!!!!!"

Lykke Li - Get Some

Lykke Li - Paris Blue

New label born + great mixtape

From our hometown of Stockholm, Sweden comes the new label Sweet Surprise (SSUR) focused on Re-Edits, Nu-Disco and Balearic House. Together with their favourite artists and other creative people they will release whatever they think is good, without inhibitions or restrictions.

The first release will be from our friends of Montauk, who were guests at our first Tracasseur Nights At Ace. Montauk is the next big thing to come out of Sweden, so keep your ears open for the new label SSUR.

Here is the mixtape "Hello World" made by all of the people over at SSUR. This is their inspiration and what made them even want to do this. It's a nice one!

"Golden Train" with Penguin Prison

The latest remix of beloved Penguin Prison's latest track "Golden Rain" just hit our inbox. It had to get up here immediately. Boxed In gives it this week remix and last week The Royal Palms had their train painted golden.

Penguin Prison - Golden Train (Boxed In Remix)

Penguin Prison - Golden Train (The Royal Palms Remix)

And as much we love Penguin Prison, we haven't had the time to post these latest ones, so as a bonus in this post, some more Penguin Prison to show our love!

Penguin Prison - Worse It Gets (RAC Mix)

The Temper Trap - Resurrection (Penguin Prison Remix)

Kimbra - Settle Down (Penguin Prison Remix)

STYGG releases "Envy" today

Today Swedish duo STYGG released the new single "Envy" on Trewetha Records. I had the honour to pre-listen the track a while back and was waiting with eager on this release with the remixes. Because when David of STYGG told me the remix participants I knew this release would be awesome.

Remixes by Tracasseur faves Owl Vision and F.O.O.L, who brings some deathelectro into the track. French FCKN CREW bring in the heavy beat and Unteleported Man and Push Pull turns "Envy" to another kind of track. It's a great hard and punky electro release of STYGG. It's available on iTunes or at Spotify, so buy the release to support the guys of STYGG!

STYGG - Envy

STYGG - Envy (F.O.O.L Remix)

STYGG - Envy (Owl Vision Remix)

STYGG - Envy (FCKN CREW Remix)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Preview of I Blame Coco's "The Constant"

The band of I Blame Coco (that sometimes are seen with the spelling I Blåme Coco) with 20-year-old singer Coco Sumner (Eliot Paulina Sumner) as front figure, were in Sweden two weeks ago performing a great live show at Berns and also released the debut album "The Content" here.

They wanted to release it in Sweden first because it was here it all started. Together with great Swedish producer Klas Åhlund (Teddybears) Coco founded her electro sound in Stockholm. Klas has for example written and produced for our "Swedish Queen of Pop" Robyn with great success. And now it's time for the next success, I Blame Coco!

Coco is the daughter of kind-of-famous Sting. She is living in England, love Sweden but was born in Italy. And her career is about to burst worldwide. With the first single "Caesar" together with mentioned Robyn it all started out with rocket pace. Then with remixes of Miike Snow and Diplo the snowball was on the roll (find the Diplo remix in this older post)

I Blame Coco feat. Robyn - Caesar (Miike Snow Remix)

But now over to the debut album "The Constant", which is a fine release. Love Coco's smoky and raspy voice together with the energetic sound. A mix of electro, pop and 80s rock. It's a record to like every day of the week. As said earlier, released in Sweden two weeks ago, and then it's been released in a couple of other countries in Scandinavia and Europe. But the homeland of Coco have to wait until November 8 to get their hands of the release. Pre-order your copy here. And for the people of England there will some extra fun, because of the UK tour, buy your tickets for the shows here.

Here are some of the greatest tracks from the album, but don't forget to buy the whole release, because every track is good!

I Blame Coco - Selfmachine

I Blame Coco - Quicker

I Blame Coco - Only Love Can Break Your Heart

I Blame Coco - Please Rewind

And a fine acoustic live performance of "Selfmachine":

And to honour Coco's father (and a friend of him) we bring on this bonus edit of Rayko.

Eric Clapton & Sting - It's Probably Me (Rayko Edit)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

MMMusic from MMMatthias

MMMatthias is back with some new stuff. He's been busy for a while with a lot of studio work with new original tracks and remixes. One thing to come in spring 2011 is his "Everest" EP on Autodidakt's Mähtrasher Records.

We'll start of with his new mixtape "ROAR", which include some EP teasers. As MMMatthias says himself about the mix: "...sounding like a bear crawling out of it's cave after hibernation, giving you a hungry ROAR!"

This new MMMatthias remix of different Berlin duo I'm Not A Band, who combine their alternative electro with violins, is a real beauty. I'm Not A Band will release their EP "Crazy" November 26 on ADP Records. It will contain remixes from Rampue, Jumping Jack Flash, Tonspender, Alle Farben and this one then.

I'm Not A Band - Crazy (MMMatthias Remix)

As a bonus MMMatthias handed over this remix that Belgian producer X-ettl has made. It's a banger!

MMMatthias - Lies (X-ettl Remix)

Final DJs

Straight out of Stuttgart the duo of Final DJs come. What they make is not the German style though, they make some really nice pieces of French Touch with a scent of the 80s instead. And it's really really good.

Sebastian Stütz and Thomas Del Popolo are not only best friends they've also been producing music together for twelve years. They're of course inspired of the French Touch scene with guys like Fred Falke, and you can hear some inspiration from him with basslines and such. But they also into the 80s and especially italo disco and new wave then. During the last one and a half year they've been producing more seriously and starting to get a really nice sound. I liked it from the first listen and you will too. Great Final DJs!

Final DJs - Twilight [Tracasseur exclusive]

Final DJs - Astromen

Final DJs - Delicat

The guys of Final DJs are also into DJing, as the name says. It's their second love and here's an exclusive mixtape from them to us with tracks from Tesla Boy and Ocelot among others.

They also got a Streamchannel with more mixes here.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tracasseur ♥ Elektrana Mixtape #3

Earlier today at 7PM CET this mixtape was aired at Radio Elektrana. For you who missed the show, we got the mix here.

This is Tracasseur's third exclusive mixtape for Elektrana, and it's always as fun making these mixes that goes live on their radio show, this time was no exception. Some new tracks, some semi-new and some older, a mixtape in other words. Enjoy!

Tracasseur - Tracasseur ♥ Elektrana Mixtape #3

1. Detachments - The Flowers that Fell (Mirror People 're-make re-model' version)
2. Miami Horror - Moon Theory (Punks Jump Up Remix)
3. Flashworx - One More Night In Tokyo (Deluce Shogun Remix)
4. Robyn - Dancing On My Own (Rex The Dog Remix)
5. Bag Raiders - Turbo Love (Light Year Remix)
6. Minitel Rose - Wild Birds (Clancy & Build Remix)
7. Metric - Stadium Love (DJ JMP Remix)
8. Miike Snow - Animal (Fred Falke Remix)
9. Filthy Dukes - Light Skips Cross Heart
10. Justin Faust - Sloppy Chic
11. Alfa - Sky Patrol
12. CatComplex - Love Gemma
13. NightWaves - Fascination (Keenhouse Remix)
14. Adrian Lux - Teenage Crime
15. Leonard Cohen - First We Take Manhattan (Sta Linn Remix)

Thursday, October 14, 2010


We're pretty happy about having booked Digitalfoxglove for two gigs in Uppsala and Stockholm this weekend. And speaking of getting music tips from DJ and artist friends (like the recent StardonE post), Digitalfoxglove played a track I immediately loved during one of his live mixing sessions. The track was Dreamtrak's remix of London dance punk band TEETH!!!'s "See Spaces", and it just has that naive early 90s feel to it, when house, techno and rave still barely had broken up into separate genres.

After some mailing back and forth I'm now sitting with a bunch of remixes that I'm pretty stoked to share with you. Not only is his remixes just awesome, but they also show a great versatility; from Electric Youth-like electropop, via deep nu disco to that retro rave-techno style. I know a couple of these are on my shortlist for the "Best of 2010" list.

Remixed artists include Moshi Moshi acts James Yuill, cocknbullkid (and TEETH!!!), as well as his buddy nervous_testpilot, fjord disco maestro diskJokke, Londoners Internet Forever and Leeds indie band Sky Larkin.

Dreamtrak is also a studio and a label, and you can follow all of the awesomeness on the Website, MySpace, blog, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo and Soundcloud pages.


James Yuill - First In Line (DREAMTRAK DIAMOND SOUND)

cocknbullkid - Misery (DREAMTRAK DIAMOND SOUND)

nervous_testpilot - Wonderful Information (DREAMTRAK DIAMOND SOUND)


Internet Forever - Cover The Walls (DREAMTRAK DIAMOND SOUND)

Sky Larkin - Still Windmills (DREAMTRAK DIAMOND SOUND)

We Are Standard + Anoraak + John Talabot

Speaking of Anoraak remixes, We Are Standard are releasing a remix EP on Mushroom Pillow on November 26. Anoraak has a remix included on it, which is a little more lo-fi disco than usual. The other remixes on the EP are from In Flagranti, CFCF, John Talabot, David E Sugar, Arthur Baker, The Requesters and more!

We Are Standard - Don't Let the Children Play Around (Anoraak Remix) by Mushroom Pillow

Here's the remix made by John Talabot, who we were fortunate to meet up in Uppsala a couple of months ago.

We Are Standard - Don't Give Up (John Talabot's Slowing it Down remix) by Mushroom Pillow

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Here's something to make up for all the indie pop that Jonny has been posting lately. I don't know much about Guesswerk? other than he's from Milton Keynes, UK where Vinny Jones' old football relocated to. He labels his music as dubstep, but to me it sounds like the bastard child of Squarepusher and DJ Slugo.

Guesswerk? - Shattered Dream

Siobhan Wilson + Anoraak

The latest remix from Anoraak is of Scottish-French singer-songwriter Siobhan Wilson, and it shows a jazzier side of him.

Siobhan Wilson - Getting Me Down (Anoraak Rework)
(Re-uploaded without glitches!)

T.B.S. [The Bloody Sisters]

T.B.S. (The Bloody Sisters) is the Parisian duo Thierry and Marc. In 2008 they released their EP "Time Machine", which we like a lot. In 2009 they focused on remix work, for people like Röyksopp, Yuksek and Empire of the Sun for example. Now they are back with a new EP of their own, called "Bright Nights" (on Sismic just like the last one).The EP mirrors their broad music style and have everything from dancefloor bangers like "Slammin'" to more laidback, funky tracks like "Rock Your Body". It also features remixes from other upcoming acts Vektorkat and Overthrill.

Check out the video of "Slammin'", which is a tribute to the gore horror movie genre and give a whole new meaning of the word 'slammin'...

Check out the more funky side of T.B.S. including their recent Walter Sobcek remix.

T.B.S - Rock Your Body (T.B.S. Autoremix)

Walter Sobcek - Je Me Souviens (T.B.S. Remix)

Smashing Pumpkins vs StardonE - the mp3

People liked StardonE's Smashing Pumpkins remix, just as we do. We managed to get an mp3 of it, and at the same time ask StardonE where he's from, since that seemed like somewhat of a mystery that people found intriguing. We can 'reveal' that he's from Seoul, Korea. That's pretty cool, but not as cool as his music.

Smashing Pumpkins - 1979 (StardonE Remix)

Dirty Disco Youth - Love EP

Dirty Disco Youth is 19 year-old Phil Speiser from Hamburg. After his "...Off" EP that was released on Dim Mak later this year, his latest EP entitled "Love" is being released on October 22 on t-shirt label-turned-record label Oh My God It's Techno Music!, which Speiser runs with two friends. The label seems one you should keep tabs on since the debut release was by Azzido da Bass earlier this year. Apart from setting up a label and releasing two EPs, DDY has remixed the likes of Robyn and Etienne de Crécy, produced Chicks on Speed's latest album, played some of Europe's biggest festivals and toured Australia and Asia. Pretty productive, huh?

The Love is pretty brilliant with a couple of electro/techno/rave bangers and one heart-warming, slightly slower track. And I like them a lot.

Dirty Disco Youth - No Love (Removed by request)

Dirty Disco Youth - Love by Tracasseur

Dirty Disco Youth - In Love by Tracasseur

EDIT: There was a slight misunderstanding between DDY and his manager, so you will have to hold out till October 22, when the official release will be marked by the premiere of the "Love" video, aired live on the Dirty Disco Youth Facebook page.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Marina & The Diamonds + Fred Falke

If you like Marina & the Diamonds, champagne and Fred Falke (and who doesn't?), you're gonna like this. If you like proper spelling, you might like it a little less.

Marina & The Diamonds - Shampain (Fred Falke Radio Edit)

Bag Raiders + 1928

Bag Raiders have easily been my most played artists of the last month or so, ever since the release of their album. It's pretty great, but my favourite track is still "Way Back Home", which we posted back in September. We just got this remix by Melbourne's 1928 which adds a retro techno feel to the acid pop of the original.

1928 has played as main support for a string of impressing names, like Tiga, Breakbot, Sinden, Fred Falke, LA Riots and Yuksek, to only name (very) few. He also has an EP coming out on legendary Bush Records soon.

Bag Raiders - Way Back Home (1928 Remix)

His remix of College's "Can You Kiss Me First" was one of my favourites out of many excellent versions.

College - Can You Kiss Me First (1928 Remix)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Monday!

Today is Happy Monday, everyone's favourite day of the week. To celebrate that we thought we'd share a few random tracks with you; some newer, some older.

Fear of Tigers is working on a new album, which I imagine you will hear a lot about. In the meantime we all have to make do with his remixes, which come a little bit too far in between. On the other hand, we're not that fast with this anyway.

EDIT: Jonny posted this way back in July when I was on vacation. Apparently I'm the one who's slow, but what else is new, right?

Rosanna - Waterfall (Fear of Tigers Remix)

Van She Tech finally released a new remix, which was included in Edwin Van Cleef's mixtape that we posted yesterday.

Vandroid - Master & Slave (Van She Tech Remix)

Chris Jylkke has concocted this quite epic nu-disco edit of a Madonna track I hadn't heard before.

Madonna - Miles Away (Chris Jylkke Mash-Edit)

This Bright Light Bright Light remix is just beautiful. One of my favourite tracks this weekend.

Leni Ward - I Want My Heart Back (Bright Light Bright Light Mix)

Got this new Gemini Club remix of Housse De Racket today. There's a neat combo for you.

Housse de Racket - Gwendoline (Gemini Club Remix)

Speaking of Housse de Racket, there's a remix of "Oh Yeah!" that we simply have to post, and that's Tonka's Cosmic Munich remix. Tonka is a legendary act of the old German disco house scene with acts like Ian Pooley and Gene Farris and labels like Force Inc. When I say legendary I'm talking Daft-Punk-mentioning-you-in-"Teachers"-legendary.

Housse De Racket - Oh Yeah! (Tonka's Cosmic Munich Remix)

Weird indie and the return of Stereolab

Even if Jonny is Tracasseur's panda (what indie kids are called in Sweden because of their white-powdered faces and dark eyes), I have of course also listened to some indie music, even if it always have been sort of on the side. Sweden had a great indie scene around the mid to late nighties, and I remember one of my favourite bands was Komeda. They were a pretty obscure band from the northern university city of Umeå, which you almost could hear in their cool and brainy music. It's that arty sort of indie music that university students and advertising people like, full of weird harmonies, beats and tempo changes. Listen to a couple of my favourite tracks from the 1998 album "What Makes It Go" yourself:

Komeda - A Simple Formality

Komeda - Binario

Anyway, every time I happened to mention Komeda to anyone who new something about indie music, I got the same comment; "if you like them, you would like Stereolab". For some reason I never really took up on that advice. I mean, I came across Stereolab stuff and I always liked it, but if I remember correctly I dove into minimal techno instead around that time.

The French-English band currently have five members, even if the constellation have varied a lot since 1990. There are eleven former members, but Tim Gane and Lætitia Sadier have always been at the helm. I know they recently were on a hiatus, but they are now back with their twelfth album, entitled "Not Music". This time I'll try to get to know them better.

Stereolab - Sun Demon

Edwin Van Cleef October chart mix

The true globetrotter leaves LA for London after Tilt's 3 year anniversary party to go to Hear We Dance at Cargo on Friday 22. Our colleagues over at Too Many Sebastians are involved in it, and it has just as an epic line-up as the Tilt party. Or how does Fare Soldi, Edwin Van Cleef and Kartell and Lebatman from Shiny Disco Club sound? Add residents Hear We Dance DJs and you have a recipe for a great night.

Edwin sent over a mixtape to draw you a picture.

Edwin van Cleef - October Chart Mix 2010

Boys Noize - Yeah
Yelle - La Musique (Lorenz Rhode Remix)
Deep Sea Arcade - Keep On Walking (Blue Satellite Remix)
Zowie - Broken Machine (RAC Remix)
Vandroid - Master + Slave (Van She Tech Remix)
John Dahlbäck - Sfinx
Martin Solveig & Dragonette - Hello (Michael Woods Remix)
Dido - Everything To Lose (Fred Falke Remix)
Roger Sanchez - Another Chance
Toto - I Won't Hold You Back

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Binary Day

Today is Binary Day since it's the date 101010. What can be more appropriate than to check in with our friends over at Binary Entertainment? The Californian collective had a very productive summer, which sadly coincided with Tracasseur practically being down to one person (sorry about that Jonny!), so we need to do some backtracking.

LexiconDon's second single "Student Body" was the second single from the album "Pink + Blue", and it came with a gazillion of great remixes, of which we already have posted two. Here are some more along with the original:

LexiconDon - Student Body

LexiconDon - Student Body (LBCK Miniremix)

LexiconDon - Student Body (depepeguinta Remix)

LexiconDon - Student Body (Tomahawk Remix)

(Pick up "Pink + Blue" on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody or 7Digital)

A quarter of LexiconDon is producer Fabian, who makes a lot of great things on his own.

Fabian - Heatwave

Fabian - 2 AM

Fred Falke - Back to Stay (Fabian Remix)

Dragonette - Easy (Fabian Remix)

Pony Pony Run Run - Walking On A Line (Fabian Remix)

Phoenix - 1901 (Fabian Remix)

Keenhouse remixed the earlier LexiconDon track "December Sunset" instead. Plus NightWaves and Housse De Racket.

LexiconDon - December Sunset (Keenhouse Remix)

Housse De Racket - Oh Yeah! (Keenhouse Remix)

NightWaves - Fascination (Keenhouse Remix)

I'll finish off this Binary compilation with producer Alfa, who released a new track and remixes of Vim Cortez and ODahl this autumn.

Alfa - Sky Patrol

ODahl - Dance Mama (ALFA Remix) by Alfa

Vim Cortez - Givin' it up (ALFA Remix) by Alfa

Finally, if you're anywhere near the American west coast on October 15, you really should go to Tilt Magazine's three year anniversary bonanza at the Echoplex, with acts like Jamaica, NightWaves, French Horn Rebellion, Short Circuit, Parallels and more. Buy your tickets in advance for only twelve bucks here (15 at the door).

Saturday, October 9, 2010


One of the reasons I liked Clancy's mixtape from the last post is the excellent opening track "Love Fighter" by StardonE. It made me think of excellent power synth like Diamond Cut, but maybe with a slightly more 90s trancey feel.

So, thankful to Clancy for tipping us off about something potentially great I was just about to look up this mysterious name and look for more music, when we got an email from him containing "Love Fighter" and two more tracks with a slightly more Lifelike fell to them. Apart from some great music there wasn't very much info about the artist, and somehow I doubt his Myspace page that says he's from Antarctica. I guess we have to do like Leo DiCaprio and dig deeper with this one.

StardonE - Love Fighter

StardonE - CT

StardonE - Space Romance

Smashing Pumpkins - 1979 (StardonE Remix)

Clancy - Night Sky Mixtape

We got some good news from Clancy the other day. He has an EP entitled "Night Sky" coming out in mid-November. We're looking forward to it a lot, and will of course write about it when we can get our hands on it. In the meantime Clancy sent us a mixtape in preparation for the release, complete with some recently made edits.

Clancy - Night Sky Mix

1. StardonE - Love Fighter
2. Holy Ghost - Static On The Wire (RAC Remix)
3. LBCK - Start (Bit-Funk Remix)
4. Kavinsky - Nightcall (MOONBEATZ Remix)
5. Diskokaine - Hall of Shame (Hannulelauri Remix)
6. Fused - Terror (Clancy edit)
7. Visitor - Love (Club Mix)
8. Crystal Understanding - Timmy & Tammy (Remute's Higher-NRG Remix)
9. Fear of Tigers - Pippi (Diamond Cut Remix) (Clancy's 'best bit' edit)
Bonus track:
10. Sister Sledge - Lost In Music (1984 mix - Clancy edit)

Friday, October 8, 2010

PUNCHES + Justin Faust

So, we had a great time with Justin Faust when we played together two weeks ago here in Stockholm. We also had a great time hanging out, and in between watching Jersey Shore and discussing memes and viral videos, there was of course a lot of music talk. We also had a session when Justin shared some of his unreleased music with us, and out of a string of great tracks one of my favourites was his remix of PUNCHES, who Jonny wrote about a while back. The remix just has such a laid-back, yet funky, disco vibe and the production just fits the vocals perfectly.

I also would like to remind our New York readers of PUNCHES' release party on Tuesday, October 12, which is free with an RSVP. More details on what looks like a great night out in our last post.

PUNCHES - Feeling Right (Justin Faust Remix)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

New Uniforms video

Just a quick post to share Uniforms brand new video. Beautiful video and beautiful song. We hope to be able to get back to you on this one.

Songs from the promised land

I really like Findlay Brown's cover of Joe Smooth's 1987 house classic "Promised Land", since it in my view is a homage to the soul music that influenced the Chicago house music in general, and Smooth's song in particular. The original is very dear to me, and I would say that there are few places in time that has influenced me as much as Chicago around the mid and late 80s, with perhaps the exception of Detroit around the same time. Of course i didn't really know it then, being a kid in a suburb outside Stockholm, Sweden at the time.

Anyway, there isn't a greater feeling than popping a copy of "Promised Land" in the cassette deck of your red Italian sportscar, cruising with the top down and chatting with some chick on your car phone...

So when Villa makes a remix of the cover it's sort of like making a sequel to a prequel. Like a meta-song if you will. How do you avoid ending up making the same track as the original, never mind making a track that's good enough to be measured with one of the most legendary tracks of all time? Well, I don't know. You have to ask Villa who, like Findlay Brown, manages to make a track good enough to stand on its own feet while at the same track paying enough respect to the original.

Findlay Brown - Promised Land

Findlay Brown - Promised Land (Villa Remix)

Joe Smooth - Promised Land (Original Mix)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Zombiekids

The Zombiekids from Madrid are a hot bunch. They got their own Zombie Club in Madrid, which has been something out of the ordinary. It fast became one of the most popular clubs and party to attend. Now they are one of the most wanted djs in Spain. They've played on the biggest club around the nation and are up to mayhem in other cities around the world like Dublin, Amsterdam and our hometown of Stockholm.

The Zombiekids have been called music terrorists because of their punk attitude while they are mixing electro, punk, hip hop, metal and everything in between. Their style is not a music genre… it’s just pure attitude.

Now they are here with a new video for their new track "Blow Money Fast". Underneath the video are some previews of what to come with these guys. Also find a remix of legendary TV-serie A-Team.


Preview Roulette by THE ZOMBIEKIDS

Preview L' école featuring M o i by THE ZOMBIEKIDS

The A-Team - The A-Team Theme (The Zombiekids Remix)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Chicago love between Hey Champ and Gemini Club

Things are happening in Chicago. Perhaps the new mid-80s are about to happen, or has it already happened?! With acts like Hey Champ, Gemini Club, Only Children, and Midnight Conspiracy the scene of indie dance is about to burst in Chicago.

The indie-electro trio of Gemini Club are about to release their debut single "Ghost" in mid-November with a bunch of great remixers along their side. Above mentioned names are the Chicago remixers to be along and besides that Golden Bug (FR) and Barretso (AU) are in. It will be a great release for sure.

Gemini Club - Ghost (Hey Champ Remix)

As great Hey Champ remixes "Ghost" for the release, Gemini Club wanted to give their love back, so they remixed already classic "Cold Dust Girl". And how they did it! 8 minute long with a high-energy breakdown. Don't miss this one!

Hey Champ - Cold Dust Girl (Gemini Club Remix)

Friendly Fires and Azari & III

The hyped Canadian house quintet Azari & III (to be read: Azari and Third) in a collaboration with long time hyped Friendly Fires. Not that bad combo. I can understand the hype around Azari & III and their flirt back to the 90s house music. This is not shit at all...

Friendly Fires and Azari & III - Stay Here

And this other Azari & III track is taken from their latest EP with the same name. Later this winter they are up for their self-titled debut album on Turbo Records.

Azari & III - Indigo

Tasty Tuesday with Le Prix

Long time since we last posted our Swedish nu italo producer Le Prix. But now he's back with a new track and a mixtape. It could be a good Tuesday after all, hope you're hungry.

"Eyelash Ok" is a typical nu italo flavoured piece of meat directly from the Le Prix oven. Well cooked and served with the perfect temperature. It's delicious!

Le Prix - Eyelash Ok

For dessert we go with the salad that we just cut in two pieces, that's the way to go with the nu italo chef. The salad comes with a lot of great music too.

Le Prix - Salad Cut In Two Pieces Mixtape

1. The xx - Shelter (Tiga Remix)
2. Priors - What You Need (Grum Remix)
3. Polargeist - Home from the Can (Tensnake Remix)
4. Pony Pony Run Run - Walking On A Line (Lifelike Remix)
5. Jamiroquai - White Knuckle Ride (Penguin Prison Remix)
6. Miami Horror - Sometimes (Universe Remix)
7. Uniforms - 1020 Trickery Lane (Eumig and Chinon Remix)
8. Dragonette - Pick Up The Phone (Arithmatix Remix)
9. M'Black - Heartbreak (Diamond Cut Remix)
10. TV Rock - In The Air (Grum Remix)
11. Ellie Goulding - Starry Eyed (Russ Chimes Remix)
12. Mario Basanov - Do You Remember (Arithmatix Remix)
13. Neon Indian - Psychic Chasms (Anoraak Remix)

Saturday, October 2, 2010


We're proud to be the first big blog in the world (listed to Hype Machine) to write about Tabularaza (today they've changed name to Scenic). An Australian production duo of Eric Harrison and Adam Tucker and a 3 piece live.

Eric sent us an email a while ago and among all our mails we receive I dived into this mail and then I was hooked. Happy and cheerful electronic music with soft vocals. They have been producing under the banner of Tabularaza since late 2008 and have been playing local live gigs for the past year. But now it's time for the world to get to know these nice mates from the land down under. The name Tabularaza stems from the Latin word, meaning ‘clean slate’.

These guys would love your support and kind words, and they're really well worth it. Now we together kickstart this snowball so they get signed and can hit the world with their music big time.

Tabularaza - Reminisce

Tabularaza - Prime Prime Prime

Tabularaza - Thing to Break

Friday, October 1, 2010

Weekend music from friends

Friday, time to get into the right mode. Therefore I will stop babbling and just give you some great music from some of our fine friends of Tracasseur that we love and support.

First out is our wonderful Torontian girl TEEN with a new nice track of her own.

TEEN - Girls Will Be Girls

Next out is our awesome Aussie guy Beaumont, who recently made a remix of Grum's latest release "Through The Night". Don't miss out on that one and don't miss out on this nice remix of Housse De Racket.

Housse De Racket - Dans l'Avion (Beaumont Remix)

Another friend of ours, from the same country as us but from another city named Gothenburg. We're bit ashamed not having made more posts about Owl Vision. But we promise to post this guy more regularly further on. Get heavier with Owl Vision and Oh Shit!

Oh Shit! - Outside Of Me (Owl Vision Remix)

Our other Swedish friends of PURPL PoP that we've posted and had a remix competition together with, just released their debut single on Fat! Records (Beatport/Juno/iTunes). Remixes come from Foamo who serves up two versions, Utah Jazz, Warrior One, The Living Graham Bond and remix competition winner Shooting Horses. Download this remix from London duo Warrior One and stream the rest of the release here.

PURPL PoP - The Way (Warrior One Remix)

Our Finnish friends Sara and Markku from TV OFF released their debut album "Music Machine" in May, buy it here. They have made a new video to "Boogieman" featured on the album. This remix made by Sharkslayer is a banger. TV OFF also want to give you a previously unreleased track named "Bird". This is actually one of the first songs they ever did. They recorded it at Markku’s house and Sara improvised the melody as she sang it.

TV OFF - Boogieman (Sharkslayer Remix)

TV OFF - Bird