Monday, May 27, 2013

Exclusive: Sally Shapiro + Young Galaxy & Bonus: Sally Shapiro + Mauvais Cliché

We have this exclusive remix for you from Sally Shapiro and Young Galaxy. Tomorrow Sally Shapiro and Paper Bag Records will release the remix album "Elsewhere" that is based on the album "Somewhere Else" released earlier this year.

Canadian Young Galaxy that not long ago released their long awaited album "Ultramarine" has put their teeth into Sally Shapiro's "What Can I Do". A sweet tune that we dig!

As a bonus we also want to show you the remix, also included on the album, from Mauvais Cliché. A remix that caught our attention when adding that 90s vibe to Sally Shapiro. Sweet!

Buy the release over at Juno and if you want a signed copy head over here, before the 200 signed copies will be sold out.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Disclosure - When A Fire Starts To Burn

So, I haven't really come to a conclusion about Daft Punk's album yet. It actually took me a week before I even listened through it, due to the over-hype, but the initial reaction is that it's pretty good. And while my reservations still stand, I think you can probably view it from a different angle too.

Another hyped-up album is the Disclosure's debut "Settle", scheduled for June 3. If the Daft Punk album was the long-awaited return of one of the master duos in the game, "Settle" will be the conclusion of the meteoric rise of the two new kids on the block. Will they be able to hold together a whole album? Will they be able to keep their older fans happy or will they "sell out" as many of them thought about the flirts with commercial R'n'B with "Latch", is there a risk to be underwhelmed as many were with "White Noise"? Or will they cement their place as a young, extremely talented duo who manage to combine commercial success with keeping their street cred?

I liked both "Latch" and "White Noise". And even if they have grown beyond the deep/UK house scene, they're still very much a force to be reckoned with there too, as evidenced by this track from the forthcoming album. I think the original fans who look forward to the album will like it, regardless of whether they do it with great anticipation or with anxiety.

Rumoured to not be included on the album is their bootleg of Ralphi Rosario's 1987 classic "You Used to Hold Me", which is probably due to licensing issues. Too bad, since it's a great tune. Then again, the original is probably one of the best house tracks ever made, so it would be an achievement to NOT make a great track out of it.

Here's the original:

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Kris Santiago remix of MNEK

Meet Kris Santiago from Frankfurt, Germany. A DJ that have been running Sexy Buegel Bretter (Sexy Ironing Board) for three years, where he releases mixes, compilations and his own stuff. Today I ran across his latest remix of MNEK. A sweet meeting! Head over to his SoundCloud for more mixes and good stuff and don't forget to like on Facebook.

Teaser from Boerd

Boerd's teaser for his upcoming EP "Receptor" leaves us with high expectations. Out June 11 on Comorbid Records.

Boerd - Receptor EP Teaser from kommak on Vimeo.

Sally Shapiro + Dan Lissvik

Sally Shapiro will release their new album "Elsewhere" May 28 on one of our favourite labels Paper Bag Records. Before the release Dan Lissvik has made his version of "If It Doesn't Rain". You know by now that Dan Lissvik is on of my Gods within music and once again he shows us why.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Smokin' hot Moon Boots

This Moon Boots tune is so fresh that you can still see the smoke around it. And what a track then! Smokin' new and also smokin' hot, what more do you need? That it comes with a free DL? Yeah, ok then. Total Tuesday happiness thanks to French Express, best label there is!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Rhythm Operator - Two and Three

Seems like it's free download/grey promo pic Tuesday. This time it's some nice deep house for later this evening from Rhythm Operator. So smooth and funky. Also, Mr Operator did an interview with Dance Till You're Dead that is well worth checking out.

2 x free Clancy

More free mp3s for you. This time from Clancy, who we hopefully will be seeing in Stockholm in the autumn. Stay tuned! "The Way You Dance" is a couple of hours old, while "All Just In My Mind" was included on The Magician's Magic Tape 31. Like Clancy on Facebook!

Isaac Tichauer teasers, freebies and mixtapes

Great to see one of our (many) French Express favourites, Isaac Tichauer, back in great form after somewhat of a hiatus. Here's a very promising teaser, a generous freebie and the latest of his great mixtape series.

Download "Take Over You" for free here.

Du Tonc - Surging Memories

Here's the second Du Tonc single fresh from disco ocean. This means more great disco from the super collaboration between Mighty Mouse and Matt Van Schie of Van She.

Also, check out Mighty Mouses's Spring 2013 for more sunny feels if you don't want to plat the above song completely to bits.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Xinobi - Puma & Woods

Our dear friend Xinobi has this new one "Puma" out on Discotexas. Another sweet deep house tune from the Portuguese master. As much as we love him as much must he love me, due to the homage of the name of the track: "Puma". Cheers Xinobi!

On the same release, that you by the way can get over at Beatport, another gem in "Woods" is there for you.