Monday, July 30, 2012

Preview of the new EP from boerd

Young talent boerd, still under the wings of Owl Vision and his label Comorbid Records, is about to release a new EP "Velocity" August 14. This EP will be his third one and boerd is still experimenting and exploring the sounds of the electronic world with this solo project. boerd is also, as you probably already know if you're a reader of Tracasseur, one part of the successful trio Stay Ali and back in the days he also had another solo project named Multifaros.

Today we are the first blog in the world to give you the premiere teaser preview of "Velocity", hope you dig it as much as I do. I think this is the best boerd release so far gazing back a little towards Multifaros. As I wrote, out August 14 on iTunes, Beatport and Spotify.

New from Little Dragon

In case you've missed out on Little Dragon's latest track "Sunshine", here it is!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Official Moonlight Matters video

Our good friend Moonlight Matters released the EP "Come For Me" one month ago on Kitsuné and now he released the official video for the theme song featuring Gustaph.

The EP consists of three tracks and I must say that the other two tracks are actually my faves. Even if all three are high quality marked music by Moonlight Matters I prefer "Standing Up For Love" most of them. Also in this EP Moonlight Matters has explored the 80s and 90s pop music and put that together with his disco sound, lovely super-match!

"Special Delivery Love" video from Hi Fashion

Last year the dynamic duo of Hi Fashion released the EP "Sprechen Sie Hi Fashion?" and now they're back with a new track, new video and a more up-to-date sound. Last year EP was more into the electro-pop and with more talking vocals by Jen DM, one part of the Hi Fashion.

Now they're back with a sound that is the right thing right now, in other words Rick Gradone, the other part of Hi Fashion and the music producer behind the band, is on to something. I like their new sound much better even if their old sound was good too. You can hear stuff from the old EP that showed the way into "Special Delivery Love". But enough from me now, here's the new video:

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

ODahl update

It feels like it was ages ago we posted about ODahl, and it was actually quite a while ago. Our excuse to this, is that we actually thought he had a break from making music but it was rather the total opposite. When we talked him at the bar a couple of months ago, I got quite surprised that he was so into it. So now it's finally time to do this summary update of what Mr. ODahl been up to lately.

The latest remix was released yesterday and you can buy it over at Beatport and it can be one of ODahl's strongest so far.

During the last year he has also made a bunch of awesome remixes!

New Cocolores remix

One of my favourite duos Cocolores will be included on another Gomma release named "The Lost Remixes" out August 10. But already now we can get our ears on this fine remix. Play it loud for even better effect!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Long awaited new single from The xx

I, we and the whole world has been waiting for new spellbinding music from The xx. Now it's finally here; "Angels", the first single from their new album "Coexist" out September 10. You can pre-order your album copy here. From midnight tonight you will get "Angels" right away if you pre-order the album.

"Angels" is the perfect first track from The xx, it's The xx as they sounded and as it seems how they will continue their path. The xx have played "Angels" live recently and now it's here for you. Welcome back The xx, we've longed for this moment!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Introducing Storbritannien

In Swedish Storbritannien means Great Britain, but this band is instead from the town of Gothenburg in Sweden. I had not heard of this 4-piece band before and something got me hooked when I got a mail from them earlier today.

Storbritannien formed in 2010 as a 3-piece and last year singer Camilla Wallöe joined and now they're back with their second EP "Taiga". This EP could be their bigger break-through I hope. They do electro-pop with Swedish lyrics by Camilla and the lyrics are more poetic than many other bands within the same genre. I would say that they are a kind of mix between two other Swedish acts; Veronica Maggio and Kent, and that's not a bad thing.

Here is the video for the single "Min Sista Syn" (translated: "My Last Sight").

Buy the EP over at iTunes and if you got yourself a Spotify-account you can listen here or down here below on SoundCloud.

New summer vibe from Monitor 66

I've started my long summer vacation and I'm going to tour around all beautiful parts of Sweden. I've started the trip by hanging with some friends out in the Stockholm archipelago. Right now people are resting and I thought it would suit with some summer vacation posting.

What could then be better to post then the latest track from our friends Monitor 66. With "Triscuits" they made this year's best summer track and now they're back with another summer pearl in "Deep in the Nite". The perfect summer sound to sit out on the porch sipping on a cold beer, taking a smoke and watching the sun above the water. Summer magic! Also notice that it's a free download on this summer feeling.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

New autoKratz single

New single "Devil's Touch" from the British autoKratz duo along with a video. It has been a good year so far for autoKratz due to they've been selected for Mixmag’s Electro Tune of The Month twice and DJ Mag’s monthly accolade on a further occasion.

Apart from Lovesport

The latest sound from our brothers of Lovesport. A nice piece of music, that we can put into the genre Lovewave. Music to love to and love Lovesport too!

Some Crazy P

Today I just felt to post some fine Crazy P tracks. Crazy P, that you probably know was named Crazy Penis from 1995 to 2008 also, but from 2008 it's only Crazy P. Been with these guys for quite a while on their journey and today it felt like a Crazy P day. A small collection of some favourite gems of mine from Crazy P latest years.

"Heartbreaker" is a real one, that makes it hard to sit still and the remix of Danism is also a pearl. For you who haven't listened that much to Crazy P, take a good listen to their last album "When We On" and you will find a new fave act.

Crazy P - Heartbreaker (DJ Edit) (320 kbps)

Crazy P - Stop Space Return (320 kbps)

Danism - Love The Way (Crazy P Remix) (320 kbps)

Miguel Migs - Tonight (Crazy P Remix) (128 kbps)

Friday, July 6, 2012

French Express watch

So, there are quite a few things in the pipeline over at French Express. As usual, label boss Leon's marketing plan is to leak stuff way in advance through mixtapes (like those Belgian ones for example), Youtube teaser videos and, lately, through the British club music radio institution BBC Radio 1. And as usual we're all waiting anxiously.

Its' great to see Jaymo and Andy George jump on the Jonas Rathsman bandwagon.

It wasn't long ago Cris Malinchak released his awesome Ironbound EP, and yet it seems he'll soon release a new gem. Talent and prolificy is a great combo.

The latest member of the French Express family is Sydney producer Isaac Tichauer. And from his mixtapes and the the bits and pieces from his upcoming work, we're in for a treat. That "Doing What I Got" track is really awesome, for example.

It's interesting to hear from his early stuff that Isaac Tichauer has, just as Chris Malinchak and Leon Oziel himself, a background with the synthier French touch house. The French Express blog, that proceeded the label, posted a lot of the French masters in the genre, like Lifelike and Fred Falke. The French Express guys are now all in the forefront of the movement from French touch house and nu disco towards deep house and garage, and have in that regard left the likes of Falke and Lifelike behind.

Now, I don't mean 'behind' as a negative word, it's just that the French house guys haven't jumped on this trend. When we played with Fred Falke in Stockholm a while ago, I asked him what he thought of all the deeper house that is so popular at the moment, and he replied that he doesn't really listen to club music himself, similar to what Lifelike said in our interview with him back in 2009.

So, have Falke and Lifelike 'lost it' by not switching to deep house? Hardly, it would only be weird for legends like them to completely switch sounds, just because something else is considered hotter at the moment. Am I saying the deep house trend is just a fad? Not at all. First of all, music trends, like all trends, are cyclic, and the deeper, clubbier sound is a natural reaction to the sunny 80s disco sounds we listened to so much a couple of years ago. It's also cool to see a new generation producers exploring the culture treasures that emerged from Chicago, Detroit and New York in the late 80s and early 90s. And after all, it's music that is close to my heart at least.

So where are we going? I'll leave you with this mystery track from French Express; it might contain some clues. Will the tropical disco and deep house sounds evolve into at least a dipping in to stuff like Latin, samba, tribal or even jazz house? It would only be logical in a way.