Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Win tickets to Todd Terje at Berns in Stockholm

Dear readers, from Sweden especially or even from the Stockholm area. We've just got the nice opportunity to give our readers of Tracasseur the chance to win tickets to go and dance to Todd Terje, when he will be doing an unique live-gig at Berns now this Easter Sunday, March 27.

The gig will take place in Stora Salongen in Berns and there will be a huge party in the whole building. The gig is unique due to this will be Todd's first live-gig ever in Sweden. He will be supported by the duo Haidl & Lindstrøm. Down in Audiio Rollerboys will then continue the party all night long. Link to Facebook event.

All you have to do to win these special tickets for you and a friend is to go to this link with your cellphone and download the nightclub-app Keyflow (or maybe you already have it). The go to the event and chose "Request Guestlist" and give a motivation why justify why you should win a ticket.

Simple as that, good luck! See you there on Sunday then when we dance alongside with you.

Todd Terje's debuting his live show (with band) at Oya Festival 2014. Due to YouTube copyright laws the audio between 4–10 mins (Leisure Suit Preben) has been removed.


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