Monday, October 22, 2012

For you who've missed Holy Ghost!'s new one

Could been hard not to have heard about the new Holy Ghost! track released approx one month ago. But we didn't post it back then due to us working as Sloths, but anyhow anyway here is the latest track from the Brooklyn duo that still are one of our dream bookings. You can always trust Holy Ghost!

Nice edit of Olivia Newton-John

Holmes Price has made this nice edit of Olivia Newton-John's "Love Song". Perfect lazy Monday tune.

And only a couple of days ago Holmes Price presented this new remix of Tronik Youth.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Joypopp album out tomorrow!

The awaited album from Joypopp named "Addictions" that we wrote about back in September, will be released tomorrow. As we also wrote back then was that Joypopp consist of the singer Alix and the producer Daroc. Before that post was written no one knew that it was Daroc who was behind Joypopp. We also told you that Alix works as a doctor and that the album is going to be an album to remember. We also posted the first single and an instrumental version of "Vanity" and now we got a nice gift from Joypopp, we can share "Vanity" as a 128 kbps album version with vocals. Thank you Joypopp!

Joypopp - Vanity (128 kbps) [Tracasseur exclusive]

Down below is the album teaser and here you can buy it in iTunes.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The first ATTAR! single

Good news that ATTAR! delivers his first single and even better is that it's for free downloading. That's a man of our taste! The third good thing is that it's a really nice tune too. We give it here to you but to get it properly ATTAR! would like you to fan his page, so if you're not already a fan you should become one, ATTAR! is someone to fan.

ATTAR! - Folivora Parade (320 kbps)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

New single from Kamp!

Our friends in the Polish trio Kamp! are about to release their debut album in November. To kick this thing of properly, they released this new first official single "Sulk" yesterday. This is a dreamy electronic pop tune signed Kamp! all the way. Until we get more news regarding the exact release date of the album we put "Sulk" on repeat.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Tempogeist - Transatlantic EP

Great stuff from Shiny Disco Club. Tempogeist's new "Transantlantic EP" couples discofunkpop originals with remixes ranging from electrofunk from Prometones (the new moniker of Kido Yoji - Japan's answer to Breakbot), nu disco from Satin Jackets and house from Rogue Vogue. All in all a high quality release, not all that surprising given the line-up. It doesn't hurt that Swedish starlets Monitor 66 throws in a freebie for good measure.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Introducing SURAHN

One member from Empire of the Sun has started this new project named SURAHN. And it sounds so good! Imagine a touch of Elton John, disco, nu-disco and other yummy spices and you got the sound of SURAHN. The whole project so far is pretty secret and kind of a mystery. Not so many know of this act yet but Prins Thomas does, so he made a mighty fine remix of a mighty fine original. SURAHN for you!

SURAHN - Watching the World (256 kbps)

Moullinex's first single

"Take My Pain Away" is the first single from Moullinex's upcoming album "Flora" out October 26 on Gomma Records.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Gigamesh remixes Two Door Cinema Club

Kind of disappointed with the latest Two Door Cinema Club album "Beacon", I expected so much. But now I'm a bit happier after Gigamesh remix of "Sun". Thanks Gigamesh!

Here you can pre-order the "Sun (Remixes) EP" with more remixes from Fred Falke, Gildas and Alex Metric.

Beautiful video from Lana Del Rey

This video from Lana Del Rey for "Ride" made me pretty emotional.

You can pre-order "Born to Die - The Paradise Edition" with eight new tracks on iTunes.

Itchin on a Photograph remixes by Wolf Gang and The Very Best

Got two mighty fine remixes of Grouplove's "Itchin on a Photograph". First out is awesome Wolf Gang that for the first time remixes their friends of Grouplove. Super bonus is that the track is 100% free to download.

The second remix comes from The Very Best. Not as strong, but maybe it's just because it's different from Wolf Gang's remix.

The Chromatics - Into the Black (Burn Boyz Re-Edit)

Burn Boyz (DJ's Bigg John Scott & Travis Mac) have taken on The Chromatics cover of Neil Young. The Chromatics version is bit more mellow and Burn Boyz have added beats to make it... more beatish.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Casual Encounters October mix

More mixtapes! Casual Encounters (Chas Bronz and Shawn Mac) are two of quite a few people who have moved from nu disco towards deep house. I'm one of those too; even if I think we still have a pretty 360 degree view the viewpoint has definitely moved towards deep house and garage.

We've brushed on where we're going and why before, as these are interesting but difficult questions to answer. We haven't delved deep into the implications of EDM's conquering of especially American mainstream music culture, as our colleagues over at Disco Demons did a while ago in an interesting read. Even if one reason is that it's a natural reaction for people that used to make up the electronic dance music scene to hide deeper in the undergrowth when the douchebags are taking over your scene.

Another reason is what I think is the positive thing with the rise of dance music, both in the US and globally, and that's the infusion of sincere fans from a different background and perspective. One of the great things, in my opinion, with the blog electro/nu disco movement is the way it was, and still is, embraced by people who were/are new to dance music. Daft Punk and Justice can't be underestimated as gateway acts for indie fans into the world of electronic dance music. So if nu disco is a way to explore the 80s European dance music roots of EDM, discovering garage and the stripped-down early house music of mid-80s Chicago and Detroit or early 90s New York was bound to happen, right? For all the American 'newcomers' it must be cool to realize that the roots of Daft Punk & co sprung from your own backyard.

I had a quick chat with Shawn asking for a tracklist for their excellent October mix below, and we brushed on these things, as we realized that were 'coming home' to the sort of deep house and garage that we listened to before nu disco. Shawn didn't want to post a tracklist just yet, as apparently not posting a tracklist generates in more plays (this explains so much!), but I can reveal that it includes a lot of forthcoming releases on misters Bronz and Mac's own labels Tru Talk and Dancefloor Encounters respectively. Some name-dropping that may or may not be included on these releases are Chas Bronz, Rhythm Operator, Monitor 66 and Sccucci Manucci. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Magic Tape 26

Speaking of double-posting The Magician; did you know he makes mixtapes?

RAC + Penguin Prison + Cassian + Treasure Fingers + Escort

So, managing to double-post The Magician's (granted, very good) remix of RAC and Penguin Prison's "Hollywood" just days after Jonny posted it, meant a proper bollocking, a demotion and docking of a weeks pay. Ok, not really, but to get back on the horse I'm crossing my fingers and throw up three other very good remixes of the same song by Cassian, Treasure Fingers and Escort.

Sumera + Rogerseventytwo (+RipTide)

We wrote about the producer Amateur, formerly half of Blokgolf, back in March. Recently he has joined forces with Dutch singer Sumera. Brought up in Germany and Spain, and with Caribbean and Portuguese heritage, she's got a pretty multi-faceted background. This might also show in her music, which she says comes from her love for the symbiosis of pop music and electronica.

Coming up is the iTunes release of "Bright Lies" together with a free remix package consisting of four remixes. We're premi√®ring the remix by Rogerseventytwo, also known as half of techno duo TWR72 which is the second remix put up online. It's an uptempo trancey affair...

...compared to the more mellow nu disco remix that RipTide did:

"Bright Lies" was included on the "Stop Heart" EP, released last spring and produced by Bart Constant. My favourite track is the beautiful "Intro Gender Blender". See, we don't just like deep house nowadays!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Xinobi doesn't like the guitar

Our all time fave Xinobi is back with a new super good single in "(I Hate The Sound of) Guitars". Released on our all time fave label Discotexas. Buy it over at Beatport or order your own limited and numbered edition of 200 copies in white vinyl with a silkscreened image on the B side. Could be something to have in your record collection.

DiscoSocks - Motivation

A feel good slap bass tune from DiscoSocks out on Heavy Disco Records. Free download in 128 kbps.

Monday, October 1, 2012

RAC + Penguin Prison + The Magician (+ Mayer Hawthorne)

So, how does a combo made up of RAC, Penguin Prison and The Magician sound like? Very good, obviously. And being free download doesn't hurt either.

Speaking of RAC and give away remixes, his retro funky take on Mayer Hawthorne is great too: