Sunday, April 29, 2012

Meet Milo Riccie

Got a tip today about this super young producer named Milo Riccie based in Morocco. Started to listen to his remix of Amtrac's "Came Along" and it kind of blew me away. Maybe too big words, but I'm always excited when I hear something really cool that's produced by a 16 year old guy. Take a good listen and enjoy it you too!

Amtrac - Came Along (Milo Riccie remix) by Milo Riccie

I had to check out his other tunes at his SoundCloud, and also liked his second remix of Kai Urig & Artful Dice. His first original is not bad either, but the remixes are still better. But this guy has the time to grow and to become someone to keep an eye on for sure. Keep it up for Milo Riccie!

Kai Urig & Artful Dice - Prestige (Milo Riccie Remix) by Milo Riccie

Milo Riccie - Yanomami (Original mix) FREE DOWNLOAD !! by Milo Riccie

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Exclusive from Collateral + their new EP with remixes

Today we say thank you to our French friends of Collateral, for giving our readers an exclusive download of their nice remix of Tanlines. It was about to be an official remix, but in the last second it was withdrawn. Both good and bad news, the good one is that they give it to you guys now as a little gift.

Tanlines - Policy of Trust (Collateral Remix) (320 kbps) [Tracasseur exclusive]

Collateral also released their debut EP on Desire Records in the beginning of April. Along with that release they also released two remixes of "CTRL 5" by Team Ghost and Second Date. Really like the Team Ghost remix!

Collateral - "CTRL 5" by Collateral

Collateral - "CTRL 5" (Team Ghost remix) by Collateral

Collateral - "CTRL 5" (Second Date remix) by Collateral

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fear of Tigers - Ma Foom Bay (demo)

Great to hear some new stuff from our buddy Fear of Tigers. You recognize his slightly less than minimalist soundscape, which is a refreshing change in these times of deep house/disco. The funky electro bass is kind of new in his repertoire though. "Ma Foom Bay" don't make us any less anxious waiting for the album.

Ma Foom Bay (demo) by fearoftigers

About that name, I'm not sure what the connection is to Cultural Vibe's old house classic from 1986 with the similar name. But being an old house DJ, Ben probably has some idea behind it.

The Magician - Magic Tape 22

The Magician's always wanted mixtape is now out in public. Number 22, for this April, and what is the most fun with this mixtape, is that our friends of Monitor 66, got their huge track "Triscuits" as the first track on the mixtape. Much fun too, that we also have booked Monitor 66 as support on our Fred Falke night May 18th in Stockholm (more info to come on this one). Double the fun in other words.

Magic Tape Twenty-Two by TheMagician

Should we together continue to complete the tracklist as we always do?

Tracklist (so far):
1. Monitor 66 - Triscuits
2. ??? - ???
3. Stuck In The Sound - Brother (Yuksek Remix)
4. Satin Jackets - How Long Can I Wait For You
5. ??? - ???
6. Chris Malinchak - Fuego
7. ??? - ???
8. Scuola Furano - On Fire (feat. Fiorious)
9. Mike Mago - Power
10. Totally Enoromous Extinct Dinosaurs - Tapes & Money (Dub)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Video pilot: Classique Collab

Last week we were approached with what seems like a really cool video series concept. UK creatives Classique's idea is to take two artists, throw them in a studio for the day and film the collaboration as they make a new track together. For the pilot, the lucky guinea pigs were Futurecop! and grime trio RRA (Random Robot Army).

This is what the producer Spike (that name rings a bell) had to say:

I love Futurecop!, the music they make is just so fresh and inspired that they were the obvious choice for the pilot of our new series. We wanted to take them out of their comfort zone a little bit by pairing them with UK grime trio RRA. I think it works pretty well, it's definitely Futurecop!, just not as we know it!

Here's the result:

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tracasseur Guest Tape #3: DJ Nibc

Some slow posting lately, and the last post over a week ago. You guys must wonder what the hell we're doing; are we quitting the blogging game? Fear not, we have both just been super busy with our respective day jobs (fighting crime and ending world hunger). A guy who must have wondered the same is Swedish Berlin expat Fredrik Nyberg who had this mix ready almost a month ago (sorry Fredde). As DJ Nibc he makes deep and vibey house music cool enough for guys like Mercury to remix. With his label Trunkfunk he's also pumping out great, often Swedish, music. Which is cool since the music import, especially when it comes to deep house, usually goes the other way.

1. Inner City - Share My Life (Kenny Larkin Detroit mix) - 6 x 6 Records
2. Andrés - New For U - La Vida
3. Urban Soul - I Got This Feeling (Sankt Göran Remix) - The Free Spirit Society
4. Newtimers - January Love (Dj Nibc Remix) - Rec Rec
5. Omar S And Ob Ignitt - Wayne County Hill Cops - FXHE Records
6. Machinedrum - No Respect - Lucky Me
7. B.Traits - Fever (Eats Everything Remix) - Digital Soundboy
8. Chris Malinchak - There I Was - French Express
9. Makam - Good To You - Dekmantel
10. Dj Nibc & Patrick L feat Andreas Cavaco - Call Me (Dj Nibc 'Reality Check' Dub) - Trunkfunk Records
11. Session Victim - Good Intentions - Retreat
12. Redshape - On Da Floor - Running Back
13. Green Velvet - Answering Machine (Chicago Connection Mix) - Cajual Records
14. Tom Taylor And Gareth Whitehead - Tired Of Being Wrong - Poker Flat Recordings
15. Dj Nibc & Hans Berg - Teufelsberg Safari

"Call Me" from late last year is still a huge track; you need to check it out if you haven't. Nibc's own version, included in the mixtape, plus the Mercury and Tiger Stripes remixes are my faves.

Patrick L & DJ Nibc - Call Me (Mercury Remix) by Trunkfunk

Patrick L & DJ Nibc - Call Me (Tiger Stripes Remix) by Trunkfunk

Another fave is his remix of Jonas Rathsman's band Uniforms' "March Of No Coincidence".

Uniforms - March Of No Coincidence (Dj Nibc Remix) by Trunkfunk

Monday, April 9, 2012

Daroc's new EP + exclusive free mp3

It was way too long along we wrote about Daroc. The talented Frenchman with a passion for the 70s and 80s movie sounds, and of course he's also gazing towards master Moroder. And Daroc is one of the producers that makes it so good. His music is well crafted and it has all these layers of details and harmonies. There are a lot of producers out there that want to make music as good as Moroder did and few succeeds, Daroc is one of the exceptions, because he does it so truly but yet also into his own style, the Daroc sound!

Now he's back with a new EP named "Destination" that consists of four original tracks and three remixes, where we got one to give away to you guys exclusively! This EP was released already back in February on a new French label named Metrophon. But for now, sit back and float into the sound landscape of Daroc...

Daroc - Psychodio (4 Trakz Top Gun Remix) (192 kbps) [Tracasseur exclusive]

02 - Psychodio by daroc 01 - Initial by daroc 03 - Escale by daroc 04 - Sea Steria by daroc 07 - Sea Steria (Mmmattias Remix) by daroc 05 - Sea Steria (John Lord Fonda Remix) by daroc

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Le Prix cover of U96

Le Prix has made a really nice cover of the U96 classic track "Love Sees No Colour" from 1992. U96 was the German techno group that hit it off in the 90s and they are most famous for "Das Boot". U96 are still active they say...

The original "Love Sees No Colour" was a 6 minute 90s trip and Le Prix keeps the length of the track and almost put it into 8 minutes. But Le Prix also makes this cover into his own style, I think it's brilliant and epic, and it's free to download too!

Love Sees No Color (U-96 Cover) by LE PRIX

And here is the original U96 version of "Love Sees No Colour":

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Tracasseur Exclusive: Free Mp3 from Jack's Vengeance's debut EP

Today it's time for some exclusive goods, this time from a young Frenchman named Jack's Vengeance. Based in the historical city of Avignon in the south-eastern parts of France and passionate of rock and metal, Jack's Vengeance tries to mix the best from the different genres he's fond of. He started making remixes early and of course also got influences in the electro and techno scene from acts such as Lifelike, Arnaud Rebotini, Jokers Of The Scene and MSTRKRFT.

Jack's Vengeance, inspired by the character of Jack the Ripper, is now back with his first EP, named "Vengeance EP". This 4-track EP holds a variety of styles, from house to electro and also more softer sounds as in Sunset Outro. Buy your copy here and fan this young guy here and also check out some more tunes at his Soundcloud.

And as said before, we got one of the tracks from Jack's Vengeance to share exclusively with our fans, so here we go:

Jack's Vengeance - Gimme (320 kbps) [Tracasseur exclusive]

And here are the other three fine tunes from the EP.

Apocalyptic (Vengeance EP) by Jack's Vengeance Yellow Birds (Vengeance EP) by Jack's Vengeance Sunset Outro (Vengeance EP) by Jack's Vengeance

Friday, April 6, 2012

Video for John Dahlbäck feat. Adam Tensta & Dida

We just got this new video from our friend Adam Tensta. It's his latest collaboration with another prominent Swedish producer John Dahlbäck. It's a nice tune with a bit quirky video. I can see some similarities to Steve Urkel from the 90s serie Family Matters. Always loving the stuff that Adam is involved in! Buy the release over at iTunes.

Zimmer - Horizontal Disco (Remixes)

Latest from fave label Discotexas is the remix release of Zimmer. The original release was out and about in last half of 2011. Zimmer is the young producer that makes music that get you in the right mood, always. He's mixing all genres from the latest decades and makes it into his own style.

This remix release is of course his music as the base but it's even more the six well-known acts that flavours Zimmer's music with their own spices. The six remixes spans from nu disco into house. It's really hard to pick a fave but Xinobi's and Mercury's remixes are powerful 90's house tunes. Also Broke One's remix slips into that style with pride. And Moullinex always deliver some great stuff.

If you want the release as a transparent 12" vinyl, you can pre-order it here, but hurry, because it's limited to only 200 copies. And you can also buy it digital over at Beatport.
  Zimmer - Slave To Your Heart (feat. Jeremy Glenn) (Mercury Remix) by Discotexas Zimmer - Slave To Your Heart (feat. Jeremy Glenn) (Xinobi Remix) by Discotexas Zimmer - Slave To Your Heart (feat. Jeremy Glenn) (Broke One Remix) by Discotexas Zimmer - Looking At You (Moullinex Remix) by Discotexas Zimmer - Bay Bridge (Moon Boots Remix) by Discotexas Zimmer - Cruisin' (Lou Teti Remix) by Discotexas

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Kris Menace & Kiki Twins + PWNDTIAC

Sorry for being lazy bastards everyone. Well, actually we've both been working hard on our day jobs. We thought a super fresh remix by German house starlet PWNDTIAC of German house star Kris Menace's new tune with Kiki Twins would somewhat make it up to you. It's super fresh partly because it's super funky, but also because it's 11 minutes old.

Kris Menace & Kiki Twins - We Are (PWNDTIAC Remix) by PWNDTIAC