Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Self Control with Sunday Girl and Fenech-Soler

Laura Branigan covered Self Control from Raf who originally made it. Sunday Girl makes a fabulous cover of Branigan's version and Fenech-Soler makes a superb remix of Sunday Girl's version. Complicated? Not really, and to make everything clear for you, we got them all here for you.

Fenech-Soler has always been favourites of Tracasseur and with this remix they once again show their skills. Give it up for the four-piece band from the U.K and check out their album "Stop and Stare".

Sunday Girl is also from the U.K. but she's only a one-man show. Only 21 years old born as Jade Williams. The stage name Sunday Girl is from when she was young and worked in a pet store every Sunday. All customers used to call her "Sunday Girl". This Sunday Girl you should keep your eyes on seven days of the week in the future.

Sunday Girl - Self Control by Sunday Girl

Sunday Girl - Self Control (Fenech-Soler Remix)

Laura Branigan - Self Control

Raf - Self Control

Raf's version got a nice rap as bonus versus the other versions about 4.45 into the track. Don't miss out on that one.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Midsummer round up

We've been away the whole weekend to celebrate Midsummer, one of Sweden's most important holidays. In Sweden we celebrate Midsummer different from most people. We're dancing around a maypole, wearing traditional folk costumes, wearing crowns of wild flowers on our head, eating pickled herring with new potatoes and of course drinking a lot of "snaps". It's the Sweden way of fun.

But now we're back and have to make to a little round up from the inbox. Today there will be no words due to the weekend's hangover, but the music is good though.

Florence and the Machine - Cosmic Love (Short Club Remix)

Florrie - Call 911 (BeatauCue Remix - JBAG Edit)

Kavinsky - Nightcall (Deux Helix Remix)

Planet Jumper - Stick Back (Video Edit)

Spark - Shut Out The Moon (Monsieur Adi Remix)

Stars - Changes

The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition (RAC Mix)

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Overthrill is one of the producers who best keeps the legacy of the Justice-esque electro alive. The interesting thing is that someone who sounds so French actually is from Paderborn in Germany. Well, Sebastian Bentler isn't just another of those Justice clones who popped up like mushrooms around 2007, he mixes it all up with a lot of techno and funky disco. But there's still something of that intense epic feel, that I liked most about the French duo, in Overthrill's music. "The Upper Worlds" EP was released in early April on Thrillin' Records. Pick it up on Beatport!

Overthrill - Brahma

Overthrill - Rockson

Overthrill - Rookie

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Kids At Midnight remixed by Digitalfoxglove

Our friend Digitalfoxglove from Germany should be nervous right now. His team is up against Ghana in only one hour. The first match against Australia was a walk in the park but they lost against Serbia in the second. So now they have to win and as Digitalfoxglove said to me in the chat a while ago: "dare them Germans if they lose".

Speaking of Australia, Digitalfoxglove doesn't seem that he was nervous making the remix of Australian Kids At Midnight. Like always with Digitalfoxglove, it's great stuff. If I should give a simple explanation, he's a pro.

So with this post I want to give all my best to Germany and Australia. But I also cross my fingers for Serbia, because we got a lot of great fans there and we are going there this summer to play at the Exit Festival. Go Germany! Go Australia! Go Serbia!

Kids At Midnight - The Chase (Digitalfoxglove Remix) [Tracasseur exclusive]

Kids At Midnight - The Chase

Sweet Track debut via Brilliantine

Fine friends of the Brilliantine label are about to release their fourth release; Sweet Track from Somerville, Massachusetts. It's his debut single named "Two-Way Mirror" and it's a nice one. I can hear the sound of Swedish indie pop bands combined with dreamy electronica. It's very pleasant!

The digital release is out now and includes four remixes plus a brand new track "Upon Joining The Army" as the B-side. We got some of the tracks from Brilliantine for sharing but only in lower quality so we recommend that you head over to some of these places to buy the whole release in full quality; Beatport, 7Digital, Juno Download, Amazon, DJTunes.

Sweet Track - Two-Way Mirror

Sweet Track - Two-Way Mirror (Mirror People Remix)

Sweet Track - Two-Way Mirror (Radiant Dragon Remix)

Sweet Track - Upon Joining The Army

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Preorder Hey Champ's debut album

Hey, you can now preorder Rockford's pride Hey Champ's debut album "Star" exclusively via their site. The official release is set to July 13. When you make the preorder you will receive half the record right away and the other half will automatically be emailed to you on July 13.

Hey Champ, the three-piece band that we wrote about in April when they released their single "Neverest". Now you can grab it here for free and check out the video with a Kurt Russell look-alike.

Hey Champ - Neverest

If you haven't heard about Hey Champ before, maybe you been away in outer space, but anyway, you should take a good listen to them because they're pretty good. I think the album are going to be great, maybe one of the best albums of 2010?! Here are five tracks as a sample from "Star", these are also the tracks you will get as the first half.

If you want more with Hey Champ, here are some older remixes they've made.

Yeasayer - Sunrise (Hey Champ Remix)

The Sounds - Beatbox (Hey Champ Remix)

Moneypenny - Say No (Hey Champ Remix)

Priors - What You Need (Hey Champ Remix)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Swedish Queen of Pop: Robyn

Michael Jackson was the King of Pop and Madonna was the Queen of Pop back in the days and now they say that Lady GaGa is today's Queen of Pop. I could definitely argue about that for long but until that argument sets off I will stick to that our amazing Robyn is the Swedish Queen of Pop.

To show the world that she is, she will release three mini-albums named "Body Talk" this year. The first one is out now "Body Talk Pt. 1" and it shows how multi-talented Robyn is. If the two other albums hold the same quality it's going to be Robyn's year big time. Buy "Body Talk Pt. 1" on CD here or digital here.

There are some of the tracks on the album that needs some comments. After last years hit "The Girl and the Robot" together with Röyksopp it was time for them to give it all up for Robyn. "None of Dem" is a new collaboration between Röyksopp and Robyn.

Robyn feat. Röyksopp - None of Dem

Diplo is helping out on "Dancehall Queen" and also made a remix of I Blåme Coco's "Caesar" where Robyn features. More on I Blåme Coco to come...

Robyn - Dancehall Queen

I Blåme Coco feat. Robyn - Caesar (Diplo Remix)

"Don't Fucking Tell Me What To Do" is a track that got some sounds that reminds me of her latest album. Really dig this track, it's good electro from Sweden.

Robyn - Don't Fucking Tell Me What To Do

The greatest track on "Body Talk Pt. 1" is "Dancing On My Own" and it was also released as a single to the album. It has been around in the blogosphere for a while now with reason. Some of our favourite remixers have also contributed with some splendid remixes of this track. Fred Falke and Rex the Dog are guys that got the well-earned respect of Tracasseur.

Robyn - Dancing On My Own

Robyn - Dancing On My Own (Fred Falke Remix)
(Removed by request)

Robyn - Dancing On My Own (Rex The Dog Remix)

Robyn - Dancing On My Own (Chew Fu Extended Remix)

Robyn - Dancing On My Own (Jakwob Remix)

Robyn - Dancing On My Own ('Live Lounge' Performance)

The last track above is Robyn performing live in BBC's Radio One Live show. Fantastic version that once again shows that Robyn is the Swedish Queen of Pop:

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Atlantis in Stockholm

A new club concept is coming to our hometown Stockholm in July. To celebrate the launch of Atlantis Despotz Records offer a brand new track from one of the acts performing at the opening night; Suck Shaft. It's a really great track the give us, liked it after the first time.

Suck Shaft are an up and coming Dj/producer-duo from Sweden who's remixed the likes of Stereoheroes, Basutbudet, Titiyo and O’Spada. This premiere evening their also going to do their first live performance ever.

Suck Shaft - There Are Children Here

The concept of the club are to experience the greatness of Atlantis and it's devastating fall during nine whole hours together with Suck Shaft, Style by Rats and Wildlife!

Wildlife! from Switzerland use to play with other great acts such as Sinden, Diplo (Major Lazer), Boy 8-bit, L-Vis 1990. Here is his latest remix of Poirier.

Poirier - 90's Backyard (Wildlife! Remix)

If you're interested in the new club Atlantis with premiere July 16 check out their facebook-event. The people behind Atlantis don't want to use the word epic instead they say: "Follow the Light"

Friday, June 18, 2010


As we all know, Cut Copy is the greatest band in the World (they are by far the artist with the most plays on my Last.fm account). And not only that, they are great remixers. Their way of melting together indie, house, synth and nu disco is probably among the most pleasant experiences you can inflict on the human ear, whether it's their own stuff or their remixes. I've even heard that they are curing hearing impairments in Australia just buy playing Cut Copy to the patients.

We also know that these guys aren't the only ones making awesome music in Australia. On the contrary, you can't throw a rock down there without hitting some awesome electro producer or musician. Someone like, let's say, Joel Dickson, better known as Nile Delta and half of Riot In Belgium. So what if Joel teamed up with a guy like Dan Whitford from Cut Copy? Would that be awesome? You know it!

The duo call themselves Voltage and their first EP, entitled "All Night" is out now on the great label Cutters (home of Knightlife among others). You really should pick it up over at Beatport, or how do remixes from In Flagranti, Ilija Rudman, Munk, Azari & III and Midnight Juggernauts alter ego Turkish Prison sound like? Awesome, huh?

Check out the video teaser and download the Radio edit and the remix from Canadiens Azari & III.

Voltage - All Night (Radio Edit)

Voltage - All Night (Azari & III Remix)

Sare Havlicek - Toscana Nights album release party mixtape

Sare Havlicek is no beginner to the music producing business. He's been producing music for twenty years or so. To put that in perspective, his native Slovenia was still a part of Yugoslavia back then. On July 5, Sare is releasing his new album "Toscana Nights" on Nang. As if that wasn't enough, he released a new single on May 31 called "Dreams in Light" with Hannah Mancini. Pick that one up on Juno. We love the cool disco sound of Mr Havlicek. Take a peek at the video to "Dreams in Light" and listen to the previews of the single and the album.

Sare Havlicek-Dreams In Light (w/ Hannah Mancini) - 5 versions preview by Sare Havlicek

Toscana Nights Preview by myALBUMpreview

After such a busy spring, Sare has earned himself a "Lazy Summer".

Sare Havlicek - White Russian (Lazy Summer) by myALBUMpreview

We also got the honour to handle the virtual release party for the album. The party starts when you press the play button after downloading the exclusive mixtape. A bunch of hot girls or guys (whichever you prefer) will ring your door and disco-balls and bottles of Champagne will come lowering down from the ceiling. Well, maybe you shouldn't count on it, but at the very least it will make you break out in uncontrollable dancing. The mixtape includes two tracks from the album and two exclusive edits.

Sare Havlicek - 'Toscana Nights' album Release Party mixtape

1. Alfons Von Partei - Broken Axel
2. Shahrokh Sound Of K feat Toyin Taylor - Love Happens (Supersonic Lovers dub)
3. Gazebo - Red Hearts
4. Casual Encounters - No Limits
5. Johnny Dynell- Jam Hot (40 Thieves dub)
6. Sare Havlicek - Pleasure Storm
7. La Bionda - I got Your Number (Sare Havlicek edit)
8. Change - Paradise (Sare Havlicek edit)
9. Sare Havlicek - Toscana Nights
10. Ichisan - Magnetic Field
11. PH Groove - You Turn Me

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fredrick Carlsson

Ok, I need to get some blogging done. The end of the university semester and the World Cup has affected my work-rate adversely (not to mention what six hours of vuvuzelas per day does to my creativity).

First thing I'll share is Swedish producer Fredrick Carlsson's new single "House" that was released on June 6. Fredrick is from Gothenburg, and his music is a mixture of pop, synth and techno and there's something very Swedish in his sound, especially in this track. I don't know what it is, but there's a melancholic feeling that makes me think of other great Swedish electro bands like Lo-Fi-Fnk or The Embassy. That melancholy might come from Swedish electro's close ties with indie pop or influences from old school British synth music. Or it may be a cry from our ancestors with their lonely lives in the middle of some vast pine forrest. I don't know.

One who doesn't have a background in indie music is Neon Workout, who have a background as a big bitpop and chiptune star turned italo disco afficionado. He revamped the track into a purposely crude, early 90s house-flavoured banger. Another longtime Tracasseur favourite and friend, Norwegian Pelifics, chose to turn it into a soft dreamwave track.

Fredrick Carlsson - House

Fredrick Carlsson - House (Neon Workout Remix)

Fredrick Carlsson - House (Pelifics Remix)

Fredrick Carlsson - Kristallpojken


PNAU - Embrace (Fredrick Carlsson Epic Remix)

Hammarin & Robin - Lingering Regret (Fredrick Carlsson Remix)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tracasseur@Exit Festival in Serbia, July 8–11

Yes, Tracasseur are going on a tour, well not really a tour but we're going to the Exit Festival in Novi-Sad in Serbia this summer (July 8–11) for a dj-set on the Elektrana Stage. Yeah!

Exit Festival is a huge festival with fantastic bookings such as Miike Snow, Röyksopp, Crookers, Boys Noize, Moderat, Klaxons, Yeasayer, Midnight Juggernauts, The Horrors, Crystal Castles and many many more (see all bookings here).

The festival takes place at the beautiful and magical Petrovaradin fortress. What we've heard from friends and former visitors and acts, this festival is the best festival there is. So Tracasseur are really keen to be a part of this year's Exit Festival.

Tracasseur are playing together with our friends from Uppsala who runs the great club Glasnost, where we've been flipping records regularly. We're are performing under the name Tracasseur & Glasnost Showcase. And we will of course also report from the festival on daily basis here on the blog with movies, interviews and other juicy stuff.

As mentioned above we're performing at the Elektrana Stage. That stage is driven by Elektrana, that is a fantastic collective from Serbia that bring forward new and fresh electronic artists, talents, minds and everybody who creates music with brain, idea and attitude. They're also running Radio Elektrana with great success. We're hoping to bring some of the enthusiasts back to Sweden this autumn.

On the Elektrana Stage there are several other great bookings where some of Tracasseur's favourites actually are performing. We're proud to share the same stage with our favourites Tesla Boy, our Swedish friend Juvelen, the amazing We Have Band and the cool Brazilian remix duo The Twelves. It's going to be huge! Stay tuned for more on Exit Festival.

Tesla Boy - Dark Street (Removed by request)

Juvelen - All-Time High

We Have Band - Honeytrap

Terry Poison - Comme Ci Comme Ca (The Twelves Remix)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

¡BORRACHO! remix of AXXE

We and ¡BORRACHO! have been anticipating this release for well over a month now. They've made a remix of our fine Montreal duo AXXE. The remix is of "Hard Candy" that we posted a while ago, and this remix will for sure turn up the heat on any dance floor this summer. We like this new remix from ¡BORRACHO!

It's being released on the new independent digital label Rural Route Records and the track is out on iTunes now.

AXXE - Hard Candy(¡BORRACHO! REMIXX) by ¡Borracho!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Ren Riz - Swamp

A month ago we posted a new Beaumont remix of Ren Riz's "Swamp". It was a remix we liked and our eyes hit a new wonder from Australia; Ren Riz.

24 years old from Melbourne but not a newcomer at all, he started making hiphop and oldschool electro beats in the early 2000s. He actually released an instrumental hiphop album under the name Crytearia. A trip to Paris a couple of years ago got him interested in electronic music coming out on labels like Institubes and Ed Banger, and it wasn't long before he began focusing on electro music under the name Ren Riz.

Now he's releasing his "spaced out disco meets hard hitting electro" debut single "Swamp" on Stop Listen Dance Records. It's out now on Beatport and will be released further on other digital stores June 27.

Except the Beaumont remix mentioned earlier, remixes from Swiss faves Flashworx and Flecker are on the debut release. Swedish duo F.O.O.L also made a massive remix that we can share with you people.

Ren Riz - Swamp (F.O.O.L Remix)

And for all you others that also are as new with Ren Riz as we were a month ago, here's an add up of demos, remixes and unreleased tracks from Ren Riz. This guy is good!

Ren Riz - Condor

Ren Riz - Like Waiting

Ren Riz - Primavera 2009

Ren Riz - Twice

Monsieur Adi - Hedonism (Ren Riz Remix)

Ladyhawke - Back of the Van (Ren Riz Remix)

Proxy + The Bloody Beetroots

Proxy from Russia has gained much attention the latest years by earning respect from such heavyweights as Justice, Soulwax, Boys Noize, Erol Alkan and Mr. Oizo. Proxy has also produced remixes for Peaches, Prodigy, Tiga, Boys Noize, Chromeo, Digitalism and Moby.

The Bloody Beetroots are one of those who has made a remix to the limited red vinyl release of "Vibrate" which will be released June 28, the other remixers are Noob and Sound of Stereo. The digital release is set to June 22.

This is a quote from Proxy regarding his music:
“My music tells you what to do, but never why. Your ear may be afraid, but your body completes its labor.”

Proxy - Vibrate (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

News from Visitor

Former Cobra Dukes changed name last year and became Visitor. As I wrote back in August last year I said that I were glad they changed from the Dukes to more indietronica. I still stand by my word!

With the new project Visitor they released a rough mix of the fantastic "Los Feeling" last year with a bunch of great remixes by Monsieur Adi, Flashmen, Digitalfoxglove, Here We Are and Flashworx to mention a few. But now it's time for real, this time it's one of the greatest to both remix and give out. It's the maestro Alan Braxe and his label Vulture and the release date is set to June 21.

As Tracasseur were one of the first to ever write about Visitor we got this fine b-side "Love (Club Edit)" to post from 'the Visitors' Kyle and Lucas. We're proud to give this new track to you guys. Enjoy the track and don't forget to buy the debut single "Los Feeling" on June 21.

Visitor - Love (Club Edit)

New stuff from Lifelike

Fresh new stuff from Lifelike always makes us happy as kids on Christmas Eve. Lifelike has always been one of Tracasseur's favourites, and we went bananas last year when we got the chance to make an interview with the master. Read it here.

With these two new tracks he has teamed up with Yota again. She is one piece of Frankfurt Express and have a longer story with Lifelike. One part of the longer story is that they teamed up with "Sunset" back in the days.

Lifelike feat. Yota - Sunset

But now they're up for it again and they also bring along Namebrand on "Love Emulator". And it's a superb track that comes with a special club mix. In "Silicon Love" there's only Lifelike and Yota but it's as superb. You can say it's two classic Lifelike-tracks with floating synth sounds, just amazing stuff! The "Love Emulator" EP will be released June 14 on his own label Computer Science.


LIFELIKE / YOTA / NAMEBRAND Love Emulator (Original Mix) by LIFELIKE


And as an extra bonus Lifelike is on the latest release from Kitsuné with a treatment of "Vox Populi" by Jupiter. Great 9th compilation from Kitsuné by the way, you should definitely get your copy over at the Kitsuné Shop.

Jupiter - Vox Populi (Lifelike Treatment)

Clancy & Build collaboration

Those of you who are here at Tracasseur on regularly basis are familiar with both Build and Clancy. For you who doesn't come here regularly, it's time you should. Otherwise you can miss out on such good acts like Build and Clancy. To get a catch-up on them, read and listen to our older posts about Build and Clancy.

Build is the English bloke who have grown up most part in Australia. Nowadays he's based in the east parts of London. He's doing that eclectic 80s indie-electro-synth thing and has done superb remixes of Phoenix, Cut Copy, Empire of the Sun and Delphic to mention a few.

Clancy has also made remixes of Delphic and he's also from the UK. He's a producer, DJ, musician, promoter and are flipping records at numerous London East End raves and thriving basement parties in Shoreditch and Dalston.

Having spent the last year or so working on their own indie-electro-synth productions and having admired each other’s work from-a-far, Clancy and Build have come together to produce some perfect 80s inspired synth bombs.

They're actually working on a number of remixes and this is the first one out of hyped Yeasayer. The track "O.N.E." is the strongest one according to me from their album "Odd Blood" released earlier this year. Their remix of "O.N.E." combines arp and live bass with classic analogue synth stabs bringing everything together.

Yeasayer - O.N.E. (Clancy & Build Remix)

And of course there is a bonus today also, here's the original with two other remixes that also are quite nice.

Yeasayer - O.N.E.

Yeasayer - O.N.E. (Studio Brussels Remix)

Yeasayer - O.N.E. (MMMatthias Remix)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Upstation EP

Our fine Russian friends of Upstation are back with some new material. Once again it's beautiful disco pop with influences as well from the 80s but also from the 90s. If you would compare them with today's music Cut Copy aren't a bad comparison or their countrymen of Tesla Boy. With other words; this is a awesome band well worth to keep an eye on.

We wrote about them back in November last year and when we heard them back then we were overwhelmed of their fine catchy sound with great synths. These four new tracks include a new version of "Get It On" and they are all great and even better produced than before.

At their MySpace they got another new fifth track "One Little Secret" that couldn't be on the EP due to a cool French label that are about to release it in a while. Take a listen over there because it's as great as these four ones.

Upstation - Get It On (new version)

Upstation - No More Promises

Upstation - She Won't Forget You Boy

Upstation - Take Me Out

Beaumont remix of Groove Armada

This guy Beaumont is something extra. From Australia he sends out his remix-love to the world on regular basis so that the world won't break apart. This time he has remixed the classic English duo Groove Armada, who released a great new album this year named "Black Light" inspired more of the 80s than before.

"I Won't Kneel" featuring SaintSaviour was the first single to be released for the album and a couple of remixes has turned up. Beaumont's remix is my absolute favourite even if I gave it my first listen earlier today. He's something of the extraordinary this Beaumont, I told you so.

Groove Armada - I Won't Kneel (Beaumont Remix)

As a bonus, here's the original with two other remixes that also are quite nice.

Groove Armada - I Won't Kneel

Groove Armada - I Won't Kneel (Treasure Fingers Radio Remix)

Groove Armada - I Won't Kneel (Mock & Toof Remix)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

New track from Anoraak

Oh, we always enjoy new stuff from Anoraak. This new track from his forthcoming full-length album is a beautiful one that once again shows that Anoraak is a guy you always can rely on. I believe the album will be massive. It's going to be released August 30 on the French label naïve, that recently signed Anoraak. Hold your breath until August 30.

Anoraak - Above Your Head

"Just Fine With You"

"Just Fine With You" is a new track by Gossip Culture, a one-man indie pop disco band from Cleveland, Ohio. Hailed by my new favourites Young Empires as music for "good vibes", this song is a piece of clean disco with 80s synths and a sax hook. I like it, it's a nice song that makes you feel a little happier.

An EP named "People Talk" is said to be released later this year. So later this year you will probably be a little bit happier.

Gossip Culture - Just Fine With You

Friday, June 4, 2010

Monarchy + Holy Ghost!

We love Monarchy here on Tracasseur. We also love Holy Ghost!, so when they remix the upcoming "Love Get Out Of My Way" single (out July 26), chances are we're going to love the result, huh? Well, we do.

Monarchy - Love Get Out Of My Way (Holy Ghost! ft. Dixon Remix)

To keep tabs on Monarchy easier, I suggest you sign up to their mailing list.

Speaking of Monarchy and remixes, we like Disco Bloodbath too. We had the opportunity to play with them a couple of months ago, and apart from being great DJs they're really nice guys. Not to mention great producers.

Monarchy - The Phoenix Alive (Disco Bloodbath Vocal Radio Edit)

Monarchy - The Phoenix Alive (Disco Bloodbath Dalston Dub)

With the Monarchy track it's 50-50 which version you want to listen to; the shorter, vocal radio edit or the longer instrumental dub version. That's kinda not the case with Monarchy's recent remixes of Kelis. I don't know if she suffered from a cold when she recorded "Acapella", or if she for some inexplicable reason was trying to imitate Nelly Furtado, but I would have wanted a dub version of the extended club remix. But I guess it's a sign of quality that Monarchy manages to make a track I like with those annoying vocals.

Kelis - Acapella (Monarchy Urania Radio Edit)

Kelis - Acapella (Monarchy Urania Club Mix)

Casual Encounters - Funk Phenomenon Mixtape

It's Friday night which means you need some music for your pre-party right? Problem is, your weekday track lists are getting old and selecting and mixing tracks yourself distracts you from mixing cocktails and getting drunk. The answer to this predicament is of course listening to a good mixtape. And since we're here for you, that's what we're going to post.

Casual Encounters is a duo consisting of Boston producer Chas Bronz and Space Walker Recordings' own Shawn Mac. Besides co-running SWR, Shawn makes great music himself, and the newly formed duo are releasing their first EP in a couple of months. Here's a sweet mix made by Shawn:

Casual Encounters - Funk Phenomenon Mixtape

Tracklist : 

1. Grum - Take Me To The Stars
2. Leonardus & Quinten 909 - Heartbreaker
3. Claes Rosen - Boogie Breeze (Casual Encounters Remix)
4. Flashworx - Sandra Was Great (Sare Havlicek & Le Pimp Remix)
5. Funky Instruments - Luv Me Right
6. Bit Funk - Things I Can't Remember
7. Pest - Pat Pong (Solid Groove Remix)
8. Beatfanatic - Black Satin Nights

Chas Bronz recently released the EP "Walking In Space" on Space Walker (SWR004), which, because we're lazy bastards, we never covered (Sorry about that Chas). On the other hand, this is the perfect opportunity to check it out. Or better yet, pick it up at Beatport!

Chas Bronz - Walking In Space (Original Mix) 128kbps by SpaceWalker Recordings

Chas Bronz - Walking In Space (Mustang Remix) 128kbps by SpaceWalker Recordings

Chas Bronz - Walking In Space (Beaters & Bowls Remix) 128kbps by SpaceWalker Recordings

Shawn is also working on a collaboration with Baxter that is going to be released soon too. And it sounds really promising.

Casual Encounters Feat. Baxter - No Limits by Shawn Mac

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fm Attack - Astrowave EP

As we reported a while ago, FM Attack's new EP "Astrowave" dropped today on Tonite Records. We labelled it as a treat then, and after around two weeks of listening to it it has grown even more. Even if it has the same unmistakable sound, it has a slightly more mellow temperament than the Album.The four tracks are also very even, with the favourite track changing from listening to listening. In short, FM Attack is one of our favourite producers, as we know he's one of yours too.

Pick up "Old Skool Daze" in 128kbps promo quality and listen to "A Million Miles Away".

FM Attack - Old Skool Daze

FM Attack - I Saw Her Dancing (Removed by request)

A Million Miles Away by Fm Attack

You'll want to pick up the high-quality EP on iTunes or Juno (Beatport link up soon). And if you didn't download the Erlend Øye remix, do it now!

Erlend Øye - The Black Keys Work (FM Attack Remix)