Sunday, July 31, 2011


I've been raving a lot about Fiero, who I think have approached the whole retro 80s sound with a twist by borrowing more from mid-80s American R&B than early 80s italo synths. That means more funk and more electric guitar solos, and that's always fresh, right?

Another band that I put up there as the stars of Quincy Jones electro is Oliver, a duo comprised of Oliver "Oligee" Goldstein and Vaughn "U-Tern" Oliver. I've been listening to and playing both their awesome remixes and their even more awesome originals for quite a while, the favourite being the slow but ultra cool "Walk With Me".

The latest track they've made is "I Need You", which they will give away for free when it hit 20.000 plays, so put it on repeat people!

Oliver - I Need You by weareoliver

Oliver - Walk With Me by weareoliver

Oliver - All Night by weareoliver

Oliver - 79.1FM by weareoliver

Britney Spears - I Wanna Go (Oliver Remix) (Official) by U-Tern

Penguin Prison - Fair Warning (Oliver Remix) by weareoliver

Juan Atkins - Dayshift (Oliver's Nightshift Remix) by weareoliver

Black Cards - Dominoes (Oliver Remix) by weareoliver

Chromeo - Hot Mess (Oliver Remix) by weareoliver

Don Diablo ft. Dragonette - Animale (Oliver Remix) by weareoliver

Follow Oliver on Twitter and Facebook.

New single from Flight Facilities

It's been 18 months since Flight Facilities' debut single "Crave You". What have they done since? New houses? New jobs? New spouses? Hell, it's even enough time to squeeze out four children.

Actually they have by their own account been busy touring Australia, Europe and Asia, done some remixing, been banned from hotels in Japan, mixed tunes for Annie Mac on BBC Radio 1, topped Hype Machine and squeezed into the top 20 in Triple J's Hottest 100 in 2010.

Why not celebrate such feats with a new summery disco single?

Flight Facilities - Foreign Language (feat. Jess) by future classic

And here's the video:

Friday, July 29, 2011


Thought I'd write a quick post to share some 'French' touch house we received in our inbox today. Kelek is a 25 year-old German who lives in the old Hansa city of Lübeck and he's been making electronic music for about three years. And he has far fewer plays than what his music deserves. He hasn't even set up a Facebook page yet, but on the other hand I have a feeling we might have reason to get back to him!

Kelek - Velodrome (320 kbps)

La Roux - Bulletproof (Kelek Remix) (320 kbps)

Dada Life - Fight Club Is Closed (Kelek Remix) (320 kbps)

Justin Faust - Girl Talk EP

Last Friday Justin Faust released his new EP "Girl Talk" on Discotexas. Bad timing, since we're amidst the summer holidays. Or at least I've been. Then again, Jonny would probably argue that I've been on vacation since around February. On the upside I had the opportunity to meet up with Justin in Munich where we talked about the EP (and of course how much we're looking forward to the new Jersey Shore season). Not surprisingly he was very happy with the EP; both his originals and the remixes. It seems we, him and the Discotexas people aren't the only ones since it went straight up to top 5 on Beatport's Indie Dance/Nu Disco chart. Well deserved!

To me, G.L.O.V.E.S' remix narrowly edges out Bit Funk's and Herr Styler's strong remixes as my favourite of the bunch. Great to hear some new stuff from one of the true great Australian acts. Let's hope he pulls a Bag Raiders very soon. If he does we'll try to convince him to end his World tour in Stockholm, oh let's say next spring?

Justin Faust - Girl Talk by Discotexas

Justin Faust - Get Down by Discotexas

Justin Faust - High Hopes by Discotexas

Justin Faust - Girl Talk (Gloves Remix) by Discotexas

Justin Faust - Girl Talk (Bit Funk Remix) by Discotexas

Justin Faust - Girl Talk (Herr Styler Remix) by Discotexas

Pick up the release on Beatport! Swipe this for free though:

Justin Faust - Do It Again (320 kbps)

Of all the great music we should write about but end up not writing about (since we really need to hire some interns), Discotexas' last release with Lazydisco needs a mention. Lazydisco made that awesome remix of Toro y Moi last winter remember? The EP contains more of that smooth and funky lazydisco, plus some great remixes.

DT007 - Lazydisco - More Tigers by Discotexas

Lazydisco - More Tigers (Coupons Remix) (320 kbps)

Lazydisco - More Tigers (Astrolabe Remix) (320 kbps)

After this little round-up we are happy to spread the news that our Polish darlings Kamp! will release their next single on Discotexas. That's something to look forward to!

Bag Raiders + Eli Escobar

Fantastic Bag Raiders, that we booked to our club Virgin Ears in Stockholm this spring, are now on the road in the US and Canada together with our UK love Ellie Goulding. Lucky people!

Ellie won't be with Bag Raiders on all the shows but some of them in the beginning. So New York, Toronto, Royal Oak, Denver and LA are the one's that get Ellie too. After August Bag Raiders are off to Europe again and also dates in Asia, South America and Australia are booked.

Along with this tour Bag Raiders give away the Eli Escobar remix of "Not Over" from the remix release of "Not Over" to be released next month with remixes from above mentioned Eli Escobar, Tony Senghore, and Softwar.

Bag Raiders - Not Over (Eli Escobar Remix) (320 kbps)

Bag Raiders - Not Over (320 kbps)

Fri July 29 - Terminal 5 - New York, NY – with Ellie Goulding
Mon Aug 1 - Kool Haus - Toronto, ON – with Ellie Goulding
Tue Aug 2 - Royal Oak Music Theatre - Royal Oak, MI – with Ellie Goulding
Sat Aug 6 - Kansas Speedway, Kanrocksas Festival - Kansas City, KS
Sun Aug 7 - The Mid - Chicago, IL
Mon Aug 8 - Ogden Theatre - Denver, CO – with Ellie Goulding
Thu Aug 11 - The Wiltern - Los Angeles, CA – with Ellie Goulding
Sat Aug 13 - Pacific Festival - Anaheim, CA
Fri Aug 19 - Hotel New York, Launceston, Tasmania
Sat Aug 20 - Granada (Venue Six), Hobart, Tasmania
Fri Aug 26 - Mezzanine - San Francisco, CA
Sat Aug 28 - Sixto Escobar Stadium - Old San Juan, PR
Sun Aug 28 - Voyeur - San Diego, CA
Sun Aug 28 - Wavehouse - San Diego, CA

Thu Sept 1 - Ubel & Gefahrlich, Hamburg, Germany
Fri Sept 2 - Splinder & Klatt (DJ Set), Berlin, Germany
Sat Sept 3 - Boothaus, Cologne, Germany
Wed Sept 7 - Sinkkasten, Frankfurt, Germany
Thu Sept 8 - Baby, Munich, Germany
Fri Sept 9 - Bestival, Isle of Wight, UK
Sat Sept 10 - Berlin Festival, Berlin, Germany
Fri Sept 16 - Macquarie University Conception Day, Port Macquarie, Australia
Sat Sept 17 - Coaster Festival, Gosford, Australia
Fri Sept 23 - Hu'u Bar (DJ Set), Bali, Indonesia
Sat Sept 24 - Bengkel Night Park, Jakarta, Indonesia

Sat Oct 8 - Full Noise Festival, Townsville, Australia

Wed Nov 9 - Armando Records, Bogota, Colombia
Thu Nov 10 - Armando Records, Bogota, Colombia
Fri Nov 11 - Medellin, Colombia
Sat Nov 12 - Maquinaria Festival, Santiago, Chile
Sun Nov 13 - SWU Festival, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Sat Nov 26 - Stereosonic Festival, Sydney, Australia
Sat Nov 27 - Stereosonic Festival, Perth, Australia

Sat Dec 3 - Stereosonic Festival, Melbourne, Australia
Sat Dec 3 - Stereosonic Festival, Adelaide, Australia
Sat Dec 4 - Stereosonic Festival, Brisbane, Australia

Thursday, July 28, 2011

More from Testarossa

Our old friend Testarossa continues to give us these amazingly produced freebies in high quality. Today we got two of these goodies for you here at Tracasseur.

But yesterday Testarossa launched his new fan page (he hadn't one before, this crazy guy?!) and over there you can get hold of more nice tracks for free and always be in the loop when he's up to something. So the tip of the day is to head over to Testarossa's fan page, press Like, download some more good tracks and then keep track of Testarossa's moves in the future.

I think "We Have Disco" is a real masterpiece and "Boogie Night In Paris" is a track that I know Testarossa himself is very pleased with. Enjoy Testarossa!

Testarossa - We Have Disco (320 kbps)

Testarossa - Boogie Night In Paris (320 kbps)

Free EP from Alpha Boy

We wrote about young Berliner Alpha Boy back in November last year and how he was spreading his 80s flavoured tracks with inspiration as likes as Kavinsky and Multipac. Now he's back with a new EP named "Fresh", and it's for free.

"Fresh" contains four tracks all coloured in pink and purple haze from the 80s. The biggest difference from earlier work is the smoother sound. It's a more quiet approach and the inspiration now lies closer to Miami Vice outros rather than Kavinsky. Another improvement is also the production, really solid. I like how this guy evolves in a positive way, because we and many others liked him already back then.

Alpha Boy - Falkor (320 kbps)

Alpha Boy - The Fresh Tape (320 kbps)

Alpha Boy - Walking On Light (320 kbps)

Alpha Boy - Chip Child (320 kbps)

Show Alpha Boy some Facebook love...

Lo-Fi-Fnk + Lovesport

We wrote the other day about our new finding Lovesport from NYC. In that post we mentioned a remix they had made that we got the chance to hear out. Due to some 'not cleared stuff' between people it was all in a mist, but now we got it cleared for sharing.

The band they remixed is our Swedish friends of Lo-Fi-Fnk, who released the single "Boom" in late June. The full-length album "The Last Summer" is planned to be released August 17. You can pre-order the album, either as Ltd Ed 12" Vinyl, Ltd Ed CD or Digital.

Over at Gimme Indie there also a remix-competition for "Boom", check it out and participate!

And here's the great remix by our new loved ones, Lovesport.

Boom (Lovesport Remix) by LOVESPORT

Lo-Fi-Fnk - Boom (128 kbps)

And as bonus two super fresh remixes made by Lo-Fi-Fnk themselves:

Foster The People - Pumped up Kicks (Lo-Fi-Fnk Remix) by lo-fi-fnk

Architecture In Helsinki - Escapee (Lo-Fi-Fnk Remix) by lo-fi-fnk

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kimbra + G.L.O.V.E.S & Shook

One of our new favourite girls is Kimbra, one nice voice from New Zealand. Maybe New Zealand is the next thing after Australia and Canada. Leno Lovecraft is for example one big thing from the NZ island.

But focus on Kimbra and the two fine remixes of "Cameo Lover", taken from the forthcoming album "Vows", that we got from her earlier today. And it's two Tracasseur faves that made these remixes, G.L.O.V.E.S and Shook. Enjoy!

Kimbra - Cameo Lover (G.L.O.V.E.S Remix) (128 kbps)

Kimbra - Cameo Lover (Shook Remix) (128 kbps)

Bonus: the other day we wrote about the Aussie trio RÜFÜS and they have made a re-edit of a Gotye track featuring Kimbra.

Gotye feat. Kimbra - Somebody That I Used To Know (RÜFÜS Re-edit)
(320 kbps)

Meet Lovesport

Say hello to Lovesport, a new and still unsigned duo from NYC consisting of Ben and Julian. I believe that record labels soon will fight to get their signature on a contract.

This first track "Chase" that I heard from them, got me really interested and I got the chance to listen to a new remix they just had finished for a well-respected Swedish act, that release is still not sure when to be released, so I can't really say more than it was as ace as "Chase".

Lovesport also told me that they got a new hot remix for the the new Hey Champ! single that is about to come soon. But until then we can put "Chase" on repeat and you should also join their mailing list over at their Bandcamp, for that you also get "Chase" for free in which sound quality you prefer. Here below we only give you the track in 320 kbps.

Lovesport - Chase (320 kbps)

Monday, July 25, 2011

RÜFÜS new remix EP "We Left"

Australian trio RÜFÜS have today released a new remix EP for their great track "We Left" via the French label On The Fruit Records, that we of course love for their fine work within the electro disco.

"We Left" is an awesome track that we got a tip about already in January from Franck You (owner of On The Fruit). Since then we've been following RÜFÜS to see what they will come up with, and we knew that they would make this remix EP. It's a really solid remix EP with great remixes from all people involved. Thanks to Ride The Universe, Beaumont, Broke One, Freak You and SymbolOne.

Especially we actually love the SymbolOne remix the most and that's the one that they give away for free in 320 kbps today. Perfect day!

RÜFÜS - We Left (SymbolOne Remix) (320 kbps)

Here is the official video for the original:

And here is the rest of the remixes for streaming, to buy the whole EP, head over to Beatport:

RÜFÜS - We Left (Ride The Universe remix) by On The Fruit Records

RÜFÜS - We Left (Broke One remix) by On The Fruit Records

RÜFÜS - We Left (Beaumont remix) by On The Fruit Records

RÜFÜS - We Left (Freak You edit) by On The Fruit Records

PS. Love the cover of the EP

Young Galaxy's new video

Amazingly beautiful video for Young Galaxy's amazingly beautiful "Blown Minded". The artist/film maker Carine Khalifé made it with oil paint on top of a piece of glass with a light box underneath as only light source. They paint never dried so therefore she could play with the paint for hours. Fine work!

And as we already have announced Young Galaxy's album "Shapeshifting" as one of the best one to come this year, you should get your copy over at their label Paper Bag Records.

Preview of Patrick Alavi's new single

Today Patrick Alavi released his first single "Peace" taken from his forthcoming debut album "Beachghettoblasta". You can preview the track here below and buy it exclusively on Juno Download.

"Beachghettoblasta" was actually planned to be released already 2007 but Patrick wasn't happy with the sound and the release got postponed. Since that he's worked a lot with recordings and even created his own analog gear in the hunt of get his vision right for the album. "Peace" is one first good vision from Patrick Alavi.

Patrick Alavi - Peace (Preview) by patrickalavi

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Maman Records tour in Sweden

Our fine French friends of the record label Maman Records is about to visit Sweden for a mini-tour. In three days they will visit Malmö and Stockholm for some special shows, where they bring Leno Lovecraft (NZ), Greatest Hits (US) and Collateral (FR).

If we start off with the night in at Loyal in Malmö this Thursday, July 21 the night will also hold a Japanese VJ named Misaki Kawai. We know it's gonna be a night filled with great sound and visuals. Tracasseur-fans of Malmö, we recommend you visit this party!

Then on Saturday, July 23 the whole crew fly up to us here in Stockholm and we will join them in the dj-booth at Debaser Medis to make the night in Stockholm even better. The Maman crew visit the joint club Tom Tom Shape Up! that is a mix of Tom Tom Disco and Shape Up! ran by the beautiful people Richard Testarossa and Nina Kienast. Tracasseur-fans of Stockholm, we so recommend you to visit this party!

And finally some music so you know what to expect in Malmö and Stockholm on the Maman Records nights:

Leno Lovecraft - Silver Aquariums (192 kbps)

Greatest Hits - Funky Dame (233 kbps VBR)

Arnaud Rebotini - Twilight of Gods (Collateral Remix) (320 kbps)

Testarossa - Drive My Body (320 kbps)

To hear more from Leno Lovecraft, head over here and order records from here...

...and more from Greatest Hits here and order his records here.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mitzi + Softwar

When Australians do music, it's almost superb every time. When you put together two Australian acts and make one of them remix the other one, it must be superb x 2? Maybe not that extremely superb but when Softwar take on Mitzi's "Morning Light" it's pure magic.

Mitzi - Morning Light (Softwar Remix) (320 kbps)

(If you want the track in 1411 kbps as a WAV-file, head over here.)

STYGG - Get Thee Behind Me Satan

Swedish duo STYGG, that we've written about before with their previous single releases are now back with their first full-length album "Get Thee Behind Me Satan". It was released only a couple of days ago and you can find it on Spotify so far and soon on iTunes (we will let you know when it's up there or you can follow STYGG on Facebook).

A lot of cool people have remixed their earlier tracks "Envy", "Sleep" and "Lunacy", or what do you say about Owl Vision, F.O.O.L., The Integrals or FCKN Crew? And with this album release STYGG also start their own label Voz Alta Records, where they will continue release good music from friends and others.

Here are two tracks from "Get Thee Behind Me Satan":

STYGG - Acid Test (320 kbps)

STYGG - Photos From Mir (320 kbps)

And for those who're interested, the saying "Get Thee Behind Me Satan", is the reply of Jesus when tempted by the Devil.

We Have Everything remix EP

One of the best indie dream pop bands in the world is Young Galaxy from Canada. And recently they were so gentle that they gave the EP "We Have Everything" for free over at their label Paper Bag Record's site.

The EP only consists of remixes of "We Have Everything", from one of this year's best albums "Shapeshifting". Remixes come from Grimes, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Blue Hawaii, Adam & The Amethysts and Cotton Mouth. We give you two of them right here below along with the original, but if you want to grab the whole EP with all the remixes you should head over here and sign up to get Young Galaxy's newsletter plus the rest of the EP.

Young Galaxy - We Have Everything (249 kbps VBR)

Young Galaxy - We Have Everything (Adam & The Amethysts Remix) (192 kbps)

Young Galaxy - We Have Everything (Blue Hawaii Buh Buh Remix) (192 kbps)

And as a bonus we also hand out the remix Young Galaxy did for their fellow countrymen of Austra a while ago:

Austra - Lose It (Young Galaxy Remix) (192 kbps)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Monarchy round-up

Too many months since we last wrote about Tracasseur faves Monarchy. So this will be a kind of round-up for their last adventures with remixes from the single "I Won't Let Go" and the release of their debut album "Around The Sun".

They released the single "I Won't Let Go" in April and we posted the original track in March and revealed that the remixes would come from Bag Raiders, Mustang and Sam Tiba. Love the Bag Raiders remix that put some 90s touch into Monarchy's pop sound.

Monarchy - I Won't Let Go (Bag Raiders Remix) (192 kbps)

I Won't Let Go (Mustang Remix) by Monarchy

Monarchy - I Won't Let Go (Sam Tiba & Myd Remix) by samtiba

And they also released their full-length debut album yesterday July 11 and it's released on iTunes (still not available in all countries). It's a really solid debut album from Monarchy as we expected all the time. With the splendid tracks "Gold In The Fire" and "The Phoenix Alive" this album will definitely hit my Top 10 albums of the year. My best recommendation is to buy it directly and if you must take a listen to two of the tracks in their full length before you buy the whole album, listen here below:

Maybe I'm Crazy by Monarchy

Jealous Guy by Monarchy

Noah and the Whale remixes from "Last Night On Earth"

One of my absolute favourite indie bands in the world is Noah and the Whale from London. Two years ago they released the perfect album with "The First Days Of Spring" and in March this year they released their third and latest studio album "Last Night On Earth" and it's as perfect as its predecessor. So many brilliant tracks, you should get your copy here.

So far, regarding to my sources, there's not so many remixes made out of the tracks on the album yet. But the other day I got my hands of a superb remix from Yuksek. The Frenchman make "Life is Life" into a indie dance track, and it becomes as good as the original in a complete other way.

Noah and the Whale - Life is Life (Yuksek Remix) (320 kbps)

Classic remixers RAC have also put their skills into remixing "Tonight's the Kind of Night". It's a nice remix that sounds like a RAC remix, and that's nothing bad about that, because I adore everything that the RAC people do, this one by André Allen Anjos.

Noah and the Whale - Tonight's the Kind of Night (RAC Mix) (320 kbps)

A little harder and the remix that is most different from the original track is the remix of "L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N." from Fake Blood.

Noah and the Whale - L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N. (Fake Blood Remix) (320 kbps)

Bonus: As there are no more remixes from "Last Night On Earth" so far we give you some older favourite remixes from "The First Days Of Spring" that we've posted before, but these one's always deserve attention because of how good they are. The Yacht remix is absolute ace!

Noah and the Whale - Blue Skies (Yacht Remix) (320 kbps)

Noah and the Whale - Blue Skies (The Twelves Remix) (320 kbps)

Noah and the Whale - Love of an Orchestra (Nightwaves Remix) (320 kbps)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Exit Festival, here we go again!

Hello Serbia and Exit Festival, we are back! Or at least we're on our way down to you again. After last year's phenomenal festival and our fantastic gig at the Elektrana Stage we are back to do it this year again. Yeah!

We are going on stage on Saturday at 11 PM on the fine Elektrana Stage. Once again we promise to kick some butt and get you dancing, we of course also promise that this year's gig gonna be even better than last year...

Once again the great people behind Elektrana have managed to book the coolest name of this year's festival by booking Tracasseur faves Grum, Anoraak, Cinnamon Chasers and Futurecop! We are going to spend many hours at the stage of Elektrana.

So before we're off to Novi-Sad we just wanted you, who will be at front of the stage, and those who can't be there, to get a hint of how it's going to sound like, kind of...

The Return of Tracasseur to Elektrana Stage 2011 Mixtape from Tracasseur DJs at

This is how it sounded and looked like last year, kind of...

And of course we will also give you the best one's from our friends who will be sharing the same stage as us.

Grum - Runaway (211 VBR kbps)

Anoraak - Nightdrive With You (320 kbps)

Cinnamon Chasers - Wishing for the Fire (271 VBR kbps)

Futurecop! - Transformers (OOGA BOOGA Remix) (320 kbps)

As we say in Sweden: "Nu kör vi!", could be easily translated into "Letsa go!" as Super Mario says but to us it's more like "Let's party until it was no tomorrow!" Join us!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cut Copy + Toro y Moi

Cut Copy's next single off their "Zonoscope" album will be "Blink and You'll Miss a Revolution". Remix support comes from a whole platoon; Toro Y Moi, Chicken Lips, Das Moth & Kenji Takimi, Tornado Wallace and Henning Fürst. They'll all be available digitally on August 9 with 12-inches following soon after.

Pre-listen to the remix from the talented Toro y Moi:
Blink And You'll Miss a Revolution (Toro Y Moi Remix) by cutcopymusic

Check out a video of the original, shot live in Williamsburg:

Cut Copy will start the final leg of their worldwide tour with a pretty comprehensive US tour beginning on September 13 in New Jersey. The last show from this album will be in London on October 27. If you haven't caught them yet, you should if you still have the chance. Their shows even include supporting acts Washed Out and Midnight Magic. Dates are on their website.

Goodnight with Stars and LightsoverLA

What could be better than go to bed together with this nice remix by LightsoverLA of the wonderful band Stars' "Dead Hearts" from last year. Big love and goodnight for today!

Stars- Dead Hearts (LightsoverLA Remix) (320 kbps)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Casual Encounters

This meeting with Casual Encounters will include some mighty fine disco reworks and edits. Behind the duo Casual Encounters we find label manager Shawn Mac, who runs Space Walker Recordings that regular Tracasseur readers are well familiar with. We also find Chas Bronz as the other part of the duo.

Together they do this funky cosmic disco touch of edits and reworks of both old disco tracks from 70s and 80s but also of newer music such as Dana Bergquist, and of course they also produce original tracks of their own.

Today we will give you a couple of fine ones we got from these lads during a period of time. We got the latest edit today in Sister Sledge's "We're Lost In Music", so then it was the time for Casual Encounters. Hope you will have a pleasant encounter with their music!

Sister Sledge - We're Lost In Music (Casual Encounters Edit) (320 kbps)

Fantasy - You're Too Late (Casual Encounters Edit) (320 kbps)

Komiko - Feel Alright (Casual Encounters Rework) (320 kbps)

Casual Encounters feat. Greatness - I Got The Vibe (320 kbps)

Ace of Base - All That She Wants (Casual Encounters Edit) (320 kbps)