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Jonny Puma's best of 2012

The music summary of 2012 from me. Hmm, it's been a fantastic year music wise. So many nice albums, tracks and remixes. Every year I say it's hard to make this Best of list due to so much good music that's been created out there in the world. This year was even harder than last year and therefore a lot of amazing tunes fell out of the top 25 tracks. But we will make it up to those who came just outside the list, because we're gonna release our Spotify Top 100 tracks in a couple of days. Keep your eyes open for that.

Now, enough with my babbling, here you got my 25 best tracks from 2012. Hope you will enjoy them. It's our way to say thanks to you guys out there by making our Best of lists. And stay with us in 2013, because we got some exciting news to give you very soon...

#25. Xinobi - (I Hate The Sound Of) Guitars

Our Portuguese friend Xinobi did one of this year's deepest tunes in "(I Hate The Sound Of) Guitar". Such a solid track, that works so well with the crowd on the dance floors we play. If Xinobi hates the guitar or not, we can't really tell, so we have to ask him next year.

#24. Foxes - Youth (Pyramid Remix)
Sweet sweet Foxes had a real blast this year. Such a blast that she makes it into my best of list this year. Big ups for Pyramid, our super Frenchman, that made this lovely original tune into something darker with more pumping beats. Superb combination with the voice of Foxes!

#23. Chris Malinchak - So Good To Me
That Chris Malinchak would make it into this year's list, was there not any questions about. It was more which of his awesome tracks that he released during 2012 that would be my choice. "So Good To Me" was the track that I finally went for, due to perfect balance of the vocals and the music. Mr. Malinchak is a true artist

#22. Air Zaïre - Play
One very interesting new artist that I got to know this year was Air Zaïre from Brooklyn, NY. With his tropical tune "Play" he got himself a new follower. And I suggest you also fan this guy and keep track of what he will create in 2013. I hope 2013 will be the year of Air Zaïre!

#21. Ben Howard - The Fear (Moonlight Matters Remix)
Moonlight Matters make it into the list this year again with his massive remix of Ben Howard. This is a huge remix that really kicks your ass on the dance floor. This is one of the best floor fillers made this year without any doubt. Play it loud and you will get the magic touch of Moonlight Matters!

#20. Kate Boy - Northern Lights
This new band Kate Boy with three Swedish producers and one Australian singer really hit it off when they released the video for "Northern Lights". Seldom a debut track make it so well in such a short time. Their sound is a mix of The Knife vs Icona Pop. Electronic pop with grimy synths and sharp beats. Next year will be Kate Boy's year for sure!

#19. Moullinex - Darkest Night
There was a lot of different opinions when Moullinex released his album "Flora" in 2012. Some people said he had changed his sound into more pop and that they didn't like that he tried to be more commercial. I would rather say that with "Flora", Moullinex really showed how talented he is, a true artist that can move in more directions than only forward. In "Darkest Night" he has created a disco tune with vibes from the 70s, it's pure love!

#18. Perseus - Love In Zanzibar
Perseus have had another great year releasing great tracks one after another. "Love In Zanzibar" is my pick of the small music treasure of Perseus. If you recognize the voice it's because it's Mary J. Blige’s “I Can Love You” that Perseus has sampled very well. We love you Perseus!

#17. No Ceremony - Feelsolow (Theatre Of Delays Remix)
Really love this remix by Theatre of Delays of No Ceremony. The original tune is also absolute fantastic but with Theatre of Delays take on this tune, it grows even more. The track itself also grows, it starts easier and slowly builds up into some kind of crescendo. Love how Theatre of Delays manage to take such a great tune and make it even better. I bow!

#16. Little Dragon - Little Man (Clancy's Deep Haze Remix)
We have often posted Clancy, but I actually missed out on this awesome remix that he made of Little Dragon earlier this year. I'm very happy that I found it because it is one hell of a tune! Exactly as the title says, it's deep and hazy, and it's terribly good!

#15. Bonobo - Silver (Krizz Luco Edit)
One of 2012's best findings! Krizz Luco's edit of Bonobo's "Silver" is a journey somewhere in between tech and deep. With a delicate feeling Krizz has kept the parts that should have been kept from the original and added a totally another touch. This is one track that have been on repeat for quite a while now. For me that defines that this is one track for the books of 2012.

#14. Idjut Boys - One For Kenny
Oh sweet joy for you who haven't heard this track yet from Idjut Boys. You're in for a treat! I remember when hearing this track for the first time when a friend played it to me. A beer in my hand, a cigarette in the window and the volume high, it was a sweet night I remember. One for you now!

#13. Lindstrøm - Fāār-i-kāāl
The Norwegians know how to make fantastic disco, a disco style that for me goes under the name "fjord disco". Lindstrøm is one of the front runners in the Norwegian team. With his EP "Smalhans", he has put together six epic tracks, where "Fāār-i-kāāl" is my favourite pick.

#12. Christopher Norman & The Reverb Junkie - You Don't Know
The Reverb Junkie has made a couple of interesting collaborations this year. One of them is this success story along with Christopher Norman. The electro pop made by Christopher together with The Reverb Junkie's smooth voice, made their EP "All The Pretty People" to one of 2012's most successful ones according to humble me.

#11. Flight Facilities feat. Christine Hoberg - Clair De Lune (Deptune Remix)
With the mellow and beautiful "Clair De Lune" Flight Facilities showed us another part of themselves to us. Christine Hoberg made an excellent job with the vocals. Very neat little tune that of course was blogged a lot. Deptune did the clever thing to make a remix that added a beat. The remix is very true to the original but it got that beat to make it into another tune. Very very good I must say, so now it's even possible to play this tune out to the crowd on the dance floors. Well done Deptune!

Flight Facilities feat. Christine Hoberg - Clair De Lune (Deptune Remix) (320 kbps)

#10. Urban Cone - Deja Vú (Vinjette Remix)
The Swedish duo Vinjette was unknown for me until they sent us an email talking about their new remix of Urban Cone. I love Urban Cone, so it was a must to take their remix for a ride. And what a ride it was, it was actually instant love. So I thank Vinjette for making this brilliant gem and I also thank them for their other remix of Julia Vero, that we posted only days ago. Support this dynamic duo!

#9. Goldroom feat. Chela - Fifteen
Goldroom have had himself a huge year, both touring the whole world and releasing amazing tunes. He well deserves the success, because he's not only an extreme talented producer, he's also a very nice fellow. We know that because we met him and played with him when he visited Stockholm on his tour. We also served him Swedish Meatballs, so he could continue making fabulous music in 2013! "Fifteen" is one example of great music from Goldroom, it was the perfect summer anthem for us gazing into the sunset at the lake. Also big ups for Chela, who sings like a goddess!

#8. Van She - Jamaica (Plastic Plates Remix)
Van She returned to us this year when they released a long awaited album. Great album, where "Jamaica" is the golden hit. Arnie has the original on his list and I wanted to shed the light on the Plastic Plates remix. I can't count how many times we have played this one to our audience, but I know for sure that people really love this remix. It's sweet, it's tropical and it has a nice beat, yeah, it's a solid remix in other words. A solid remix to love!

#7. Jupiter - One o Six (A.N.D.Y. Remix)
The year for our friend A.N.D.Y. has also been a year full of success. As former member of Mustang, he decided to go single with his own project A.N.D.Y. I always liked the stuff Mustang made, but I'm very happy he decided to start something new, because A.N.D.Y. is such a good thing. Awesome tracks (and mixtapes) and especially this remix of disco-influenced Jupiter.

#6. Moon Boots - Got Somebody
This is one of my most loved tracks this year. Such a massive tune! Perfect I would say! Moon Boots has made a tropicopop-flavoured 90s tune that everybody likes, even the big guard at the place we played last night wanted to know what track it was. A track that melt big guys' hearts, it's a great track for sure!

#5. Finnebassen - Touching Me
Another Norwegian on the list. Finnebassen from Oslo has made this deep house tune. The sample is from Allure's "Head Over Heels" and it's a perfect sample in all aspects. Maybe a simple track, but it got it all. Simple but yet with depth!

#4. Monitor 66 - Triscuits
For me, Monitor 66 was one of the hyped acts in 2012. I wanted them to have become even bigger, because this is a really talented young trio of Swedes. "Triscuits" is one warm and sexy tune that was our summer track #1 when driving around in Sweden in my old SAAB. Could it be better? Also a proof that this is a first-class track is that The Magician had "Triscuits" as opening track on his Mixtape 22.

#3. Sailor And I - Tough Love (Aril Brikha Remix)
This is brilliant! It's so good that I almost don't have any words, just listen and you will know what I mean. Sailor And I is a band from Stockholm and Aril Brikha is a well known Swedish producer and DJ. Magic combination and the result is pure magic!

#2. Drop Out Orchestra feat. The Reverb Junkie - Sun Machine (diskJokke Remix)
The original track by Drop Out Orchestra is really good, but diskJokke have made it even better with his sensitive touch. And then we have us a third Norwegian on the list. The beautiful voice is once again from The Reverb Junkie, I told you that she had a couple of interesting collaborations this year. I love when diskJokke is letting her voice take over fully when there is no beat. Another quirky and nice thing with this remix is the added funky guitar that comes in at the end of the track.

#1. Chad Valley feat. Glasser - Fall 4 U (Lissvik Remix)
This year's best track is this Lissvik remix of Chad Valley. Dan Lissvik is my God sort of and it's something with his Kraut inspired music that get a hold of me. Everything this guy touches turns into gold, like Studio and the records that he produces for Young Galaxy for example and all of his mighty fine remixes. Chad Valley made a really nice album this year with a lot of different guest appearances. In this remix we got fantastic Glasser to sing along with Chad. Thank you Dan Lissvik for this fantastic remix, it made my year!

ZIP: Jonny Puma's best of 2012
(all tracks in 128 kbps, buy the originals over at Beatport or Juno)


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