Monday, September 27, 2010

Yelle + Kitsuné + Lorenz Rhode

Kitsuné are about to release Yelle's new single "La Musique" along with remixes by Discodéine, Lorenz Rhode, Tepr and Myd on October 4.

French Yelle on French Kitsuné, a great combination. And speaking of France and great combinations, Yelle is right now on the West Coast of France with Siriusmo to finalize their new songs. Exciting! Until more on Yelle here's the remix by Lorenz Rhode of "La Musique".

Yelle - La Musique (Lorenz Rhode Remix)

A lot of PUNCHES

There's a lot going on for Brooklyn based trio of PUNCHES right now. Two parties and their debut single for free.

We'll start with the parties. October 1 they will make their LA debut at Bardot on 1737 Vine Street. The party is free with rsvp, just make sure to email

Tuesday, October 12 they will have the release party for their EP "Sleepless City" released on Our Label. They are joined by their friends Jacques Renault, Midnight Magic, Telephoned and a DJ set from Whitney Fierce. The show is $5 or free entry with rsvp to The event takes place at Public Assembly (70 N 6th St Brooklyn) and is from 9 pm–1 am. So if you're in NY you should go, we live in Sweden so it's hard for us, but if you are in NY there's really no excuses.

And finally PUNCHES give away their single "Feeling Right" along with a remix of "already-posted-today-act" The Phantom's Revenge.

PUNCHES - Feeling Right

PUNCHES - Feeling Right (The Phantom's Revenge Remix)

It's not totally over yet, two bonus tracks to let you you know PUNCHES even better. The Au Revoir Simone remix is ace.

Au Revoir Simone - Only You Can Make You Happy (PUNCHES Remix)

Jackie Wilson - Higher And Higher (PUNCHES Remix)

LBCK about to release the "Start" EP

October 4 LBCK will release their EP "Start" on On The Fruit Records almost everywhere (iTunes, Beatport and so on). We featured the great "Start" back in July along with the fine and colourful video. But it's as good that it should be re-posted:

On the EP there are a bunch of excellent remixers joining LBCK's release. What do you say about names like Fare Soldi, The Phantom's Revenge, Bit Funk, Moonchild, and la ZEBRA? Yep, thought so, this release will be something extra. LBCK are also kind to give you guys two of the fine remixes of "Start" in high quality. So nice of them that you absolutely should buy the whole "Start" EP on October 4.

LBCK - Start (Fare Soldi Alla Frutta Remix)

LBCK - Start (The Phantom's Revenge Daily Double Remix)

Chiddy Bang + Monsieur Adi

Finally some new stuff from our favourite French-Italian; Monsieur Adi! This time he remixes Philly hip-hop duo Chiddy Bang, whose album "The Preview" is out on October 11 in the UK and the day after in the US. Pre-order it now through their MySpace page.

Chiddy Bang - The Good Life (Monsieur Adi Remix)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Tracasseur Nights

Tomorrow (Saturday) it’s premiere for our new club ”Tracasseur Nights at Ace”. Once a month we got the honour to host the Ace place. Every time we will present special guests from all over the world. At the premiere night we will bring these wonderful acts:

Regular readers of Tracasseur know that we love this German guy. Justin Faust is a dj and producer that also is one of the bigger names within the scene of French touch, nu italo and dreamwave. People around the globe say he’s the new Falke or Lifelike and we can’t argue with that. He’s been djing in a lot of cities of the world, for example in New York he did it together with Danger, Louis LaRoche, Moullinex och Xinobi. Tracasseur are proud to be the first ones to bring him to Stockholm.
Justin Faust at MySpace
Justin Faust at Tracasseur

This night we have been collaborating with the label Brilliantine, which is run by the people of What Kind Of Breeze Do You Blow?. This duo hails from Toronto, this year’s city of music. They make awesomely superb remixes and we’re proud to bring them over the great sea to Stockholm while they’re on their mini-tour in Europe.
WKOBDYB? at MySpace
WKOBDYB? at Tracasseur

The young duo from Stockholm Montauk is also on Brilliantine and they’re hotter than anything right now. Since they released the great track “Holiday” earlier this spring they’ve been hyped all over. They call their own sound for “luxury-pop” and it’s obvious that these guys are into something big, very soon…
Montauk at MySpace
Montauk at Tracasseur

Here are some tracks from these guys to get you started, also visit the links above for more music from them. Some of these tracks are also collaborations between them, which make this evening even funnier. If you’re in Stockholm get your asses over to Ace and dance with us.

Steve Mason - Hound On My Heel (What Kind of Breeze Do You Blow? Extended Edit)

El Perro Del Mar - Change Of Heart (What Kind Of Breeze Do You Blow? Remix)

What Kind of Breeze Do You Blow? - Love of Luxury (Montauk Remix)

Ratata - Clarence (Montauk Edit)

Montauk - Holiday

Montauk - Holiday (Justin Faust Remix)

Justin Faust - Holdin On

Justin Faust - The Capri Spinoff

Also check out the great Ace blog run by resident dj Daniel Öhrn. He posts great music from indie pop to electro. Well worth a visit or several.

Laidback Luke + MSTRKRFT

Nervous Records were really one of the coolest labels around the mid-90s when I was a huge fan of American garage house music. The logo with the guy who gets his hair cut off by a flying vinyl record was a seal of quality, and legendary artists like Byron Stingily, Masters At Work, Joey Beltram, Frankie Knuckles, Joe T. Vannelli and Kim English (just to name a few) were all released there. It's cool that they still are an important dance label even today with artists like Boris and Oscar G.

Recently huge progressive house star Laidback Luke released his "Till Tonight" EP there. It features vocalist Jonathan Mendelsohn (who will be performing "Till Tonight" at Pacha NYC on October 15 by the way) and remixes by Ferry Corsten, Tom Trago, Chris Kaeser and Canadians MSTRKRFT. Since it's been a while we posted something from the Toronto duo, I thought I'd just throw this up here as a break from all the synth-pop and indie electro we've been posting lately. This track will also get you into that Friday night party mood.

Laidback Luke ft. Jonathan Mendelsohn - Till Tonight (MSTRKRFT Remix)

Buy the full release at iTunes.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Exclusive interview: Minitel Rose

The French electro trio Minitel Rose is back in the game. Two years after their critically acclaimed first mini-album, "The French Machine" (Futur, 2008), Raphael, Romain and Quentin have teamed up with K7! Records for their sophomore release "Atlantique". We decided it was time to talk with these three Frenchmen about the release and how good Nantes really is.

Hello Minitel Rose, you’re back, and you’re back with great news. You’re here with your debut album “Atlantique”. Feels good we suppose?

Of course, it still seems unreal for us to realize a child's dream. I mean we are doing music, travelling around the world to play it, how can't that feel good?

You released “Atlantique” on the French market back in May on Futur and now it’s time for the rest of the world to get their hands on your debut album when Futur and German label K7! are working together on the international release. What are your expectations with the release worldwide?
"The French Machine", our first release had a little international visibility. With this one and the help of K7! we are really hoping that we could be touring in those countries where Minitel Rose never played before, such as USA or Australia.

Our expectations for “Atlantique” went high when we first heard and posted the instrumental version of “Snake Girl” back in March. We weren’t disappointed when we heard the rest of “Atlantique” for the first time, so to speak. It’s a great album, are you satisfied with the general impression of “Atlantique” yourselves?
It's really hard to get an objective point of view on our music, I mean we put all our energy and our feeling into it. For us "Atlantique" is a real step after "The French Machine". We decided to do it only by ourself, we recorded it, performed all the instruments, mixed it, finalized the artworks, so the album it's exactly as we wanted to do it. We choose each songs to be unique in its style and now we put the same attention on their live interpretation.

If you then should compare this release with the release of the mini-album “The French Machine” from 2008. What do you think is the biggest difference between them?
"The French Machine" was a kind of two first years best of Minitel Rose. With "Atlantique" we were only the three of us, working in a big house in front of the sea during one month. Even if we get some ideas before to get there, we composed, recorded and mixed the whole album during this period. There were two years between these two records, during this time we were always thinking about how we wanted that album to sound.

It's definitely more pop but with a far better sound, we used synths we like such as Moog Voyager or DX7. Raphael found his own vocal style he was looking for, a mix between sexy intention and powerful new wave chorus.

We’ve heard that the first rough outlines for “Atlantique” were made while you were on the road?
This is not really exactly. It was what our French partners told to be more sexy but the truth is that when we are on tour it's hard for us to be focused on other things than the live shows, plus we like too much party, to do other things after a show. But we were always speaking about what we wanted to do, that is true. And we started some songs between two gigs in our home studio. We really wanted to be the three of us in front of our synths, we've always done like that.

You guys are originally from Nantes, that’s close to the Atlantic Ocean. Is it therefore the album got the name “Atlantique”?
"Atlantique" is a part of us. To be honest we started to work on this album in Paris, in a traditional studio with a professional engineer, but it wasn't us. I mean we didn't recognize ourself in the way to do music, it was the way for us to figure out that the place we are at when we compose have a real influence on our music. So we decided to rent a house with our own keyboards and stuffs, in a place we perfectly know and love. The place where we met each other 10 years ago: the Atlantic Ocean. The ocean was always there in our life and it's a kind of family member. And we like the idea to be on the other side of the US, which is a dream for us.

Nantes were said to be “the most liveable city in Europe” according to Time Magazine back in 2004. Do you agree with them?
How can it not be, this city is at human size, you can easily know the good people, the good places. There is no coolest contest, all is really natural. It's only 30 minutes from the sea. Architecture is wonderful... and we got the Muscadet (a French white wine).

You’re a part of the amazing Valerie Collective with acts like Anoraak, Russ Chimes and The Outrunners. Do you think that being a part of Valerie has helped you forward in your career?
It has helped us to get an international focus for sure. The blog is really famous, and the Valerie party organized all around the world get a real impact. Valerie is for us the best on the 80's revival sound. Each member get his own way in different sounds and regarding career choice this is why the collective is so interesting.

The members of Valerie work together a lot, you remix The Outrunners, Maethelvin remixes you, College and you collaborate. How well do the members of Valerie know each other?
First it was College who created the blog in parallel with his musical project. His friends from the childhood, Maethelvin and The Outrunners were starting their project in the same musical direction. They were the first members of the team, four years ago now. College saw us at our first gig in Nantes, he liked it and after a few beers we were part of the crew. It was the same for Anoraak. The last member was Russ Chimes (the only who didn't live in Nantes). We are friends first, and we share same influences such as 80's blockbuster, synth gods (Vangelis, Moroder, Tangerine Dream), and we all share the same graphist (The Zonders).

And speaking of remixes, back in the days you made a couple of special remixes of Pink Floyd and The Kinks. How was it to remix classic old songs like these ones?
It was a kind of game for us to remix songs that are untouchables. It was our first step into the remix thing, we had no limit and that's why it works I guess. It's always fun to play these songs in a DJ set.

Pink Floyd - Another Brick In the Wall (Minitel Rose Remix)

You’ve been playing live and DJing at some of the best clubs and festivals around the world. On live gigs you are four performers instead of three and you use no computers or tapes. Is the feeling more genuine when doing so?
To find the best way to do our live set was a long journey. We tried a lot of things, from one computer and two mics to how we got it now. As a spectator we like rock performances, this is what we wanted to do, put all our energy in our instruments. So we decided to use only instruments, play live (no computers) and to be joined by a drummer. The songs are not exactly as on the CD but we don't care, cause they got their own life on stage.

Tracasseur wants to thank you guys for the interview and we wish you all success with the worldwide release of “Atlantique”. Salut!

Here are two carefully chosen great tracks from "Atlantique". Go and buy your copy of it here to get your hands on the whole great album.

Minitel Rose - Captain

Minitel Rose - Hundred Years

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Some Bag Raiders while waiting...

...for their self-titled debut album release next month. The great duo Bag Raiders from the land down under (Australia) are working with a lot of great names on the release, like long-time favourites Ted & Francis. Bag Raiders have been one of our special ones for quite a while and therefore we're excited on this release.

Meantime, their latest track "Way Back Home" is so damn good and it has been floating around since August but that will not stop me from sharing it now, because it's lovely.

Bag Raiders - Way Back Home

And at the same time, and old Tracasseur classic that we play time to time while djing.

Bag Raiders - Turbo Love (Light Year Remix)

Anoraak + Sally Shapiro + Tesla Boy

More beautiful electro-pop: Anoraak, who released his latest single as late as last month, has teamed up with our favourite Swedish nu italo duo Sally Shapiro. The result is, not surprisingly, wonderful. Just as last time these two acts collaborated on Anoraak's remix of "Anorak Christmas".

Anoraak - Don't Be Afraid ft. Sally Shapiro (Alternative Version)

Sally Shapiro - Anorak Christmas (Anoraak XMas Remix)

And since we like to spoil our readers, here's Tesla Boy's take on "Miracle":

Sally Shapiro - Miracle (Tesla Boy Remix)

Return of Electric Youth

Right now Sweden is in shock. After the election on Sunday we now have a populist "immigration critical" right-wing party with its roots in fascism in Parliament, something we have been proud not to have, compared to countries like the Netherlands, France or Denmark. While watching the last debates and the election results unfold this weekend, with a growing realization of what was happening, we got the comeback from Toronto duo Electric Youth in our inbox. And I don't know, it just spoke to me.

Well actually, I do know. Here is a duo who have been a couple since middle school. I don't know if that has anything to do with their music. All I know is Bronwyn's voice, which has to be one of the most beautiful voices in the world of blog electro, just fits so perfectly with Austin's happy, bubbly sounds. I know their music put a smile on my face and make my heart race.

And it's just so clear to me that what the world needs is less fear of things we don't know and hate of people who aren't like us, and more of positivity, compassion, warmth and open mindedness. And Electric Youth.

Electric Youth - Right Back To You (Removed by request)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

GFR004 - HR "Memory Chord"

Last Monday we posted an exclusive track named "Misery" from this EP by Norwegian italo queen HR, today it's time for the full release. "Memory Chord" is released by our friends over at Girlfriend Records, and they always make their releases free to the people.

This EP has been longed and now it's here. HR shows us to make beautiful nu italo with that right mix of the old and the new. This girl is classy! I know that she can handle the synth, I've seen her in action. Just take a listen to "Sandra"...

The EP also includes a remix by our old Swedish friend Neon Workout. He's into that kind of same music style but yet in another direction then HR. Enough said, here's "Memory Chord" EP by HR.

HR - Sandra

HR - System_R

HR - Memory Chord

HR - Memory Chord (Neon Workout Remix)

HR feat. mr Kitten - Misery

And if you fancy the cover artwork, I can tell you it's made by me, so you can fancy me too...

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tracasseur ♥ Elektrana Mixtape #2

In case you missed our radio show on Elektrana Radio last Wednesday, here's the mix that was aired. Apart from the usual challenges of live mixing, getting it as close as possible to an hour made me having to do some adding and subtraction while mixing. The mix clocking in at slightly less than 59 minutes, suggests I did something right.

Music-wise it ended up pretty nu disco-y, but with a flirt to my techno roots towards the end with a mash-up I concocted. It's between my favourite track from legendary techno duo Maurizio, "M5A" from the M5 EP, and the early eighties electro classic "Set It Off" by Strafe.

Tracasseur Loves Elektrana #2

(You can also find it at our Soundcloud)

Black Box - Everybody Everybody (Original Mix)
Grum - Cant Shake this Feeling (Grum Club Mix)
Señor Stereo
feat. Lookbook - Babe We're Gonna Love Tonight
Kele - Everything You Wanted (Fred Falke Full Remix)
Clashing Egos - Aminjig Nebere (I Trusted You) (Joakim's Afrobot Mix)
Cut Copy - Far Away
Miami Horror - Sometimes (G.L.O.V.E.S Remix)
Breakbot - Baby I'm Yours (Aeroplane Remix)
Jamiroquai - White Knuckle Ride (Penguin Prison Remix)
Golden Bug - Last Dance In Tokyo (G.L.O.V.E.S ReWrite)
Delorean - Stay Close
Lo-Fi-Fnk - Want U
Strafe vs. Maurizio - Set It Off (Tracasseur Bootleg)
I Always Wanted a Pony - The Weekend

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Two Door Cinema Club + Cryptonites

Two Door Cinema Club seem to have had a great year. Their name have been popping up everywhere, and I have liked what I've heard, regardless if it's been originals or remixes. After all, it's generally a sign of quality when you find yourself liking tunes of the same band being remixed by different remixers.

This is the latest remix, made by (edit) Swiss disco house kings; Cryptonites (sorry for calling you Spanish guys).

Two Door Cinema Club - What You Know (Cryptonites Remix)

Case in point about good remixes of TDCC is French Horn Rebellion's excellent tune from last spring.

Two Door Cinema Club - I Can Talk (French Horn Rebellion Remix)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The full remix package for Grum's "Through The Night"

British Grum are soon to release the track "Through The Night", to be more precise, October 4 is the exact date. But already today you can take a listen to the full 10-track release here with a bunch of excellent remixes of an excellent track. With remixes by estimable acts such as Tom de Neef, Bit Funk, Swiss Menergy, Perseus, Beaumont and Grum himself, it's a very fine release.

Grum is also a kind soul and share these two fine remixes from the release with you guys.

Grum - Through The Night (Beaumont Remix)

Grum - Through The Night (Perseus Remix)

Young Empires + French Horn Rebellion

This year's best acquaintance Young Empires sent us this new remix of album debutants French Horn Rebellion. Match made in heaven? Almost, as close it can be.

Young Empires, the dance punk trio from Toronto, who've hit the charts and been hyped in the blogosphere lately (for example by us with six posts since May), are here with their latest remix. This time of Brooklyn duo French Horn Rebellion, who are about to release their full-length debut "The Infinite Music of French Horn Rebellion" November 15. "This Moment" is a single from that album, awesome funky tune that will keep you going. The remix is as great, with that Young Empires sound that we've learned to love.

French Horn Rebellion - This Moment (Young Empires Remix)

French Horn Rebellion - This Moment

Monday, September 13, 2010

Tracasseur Got Neonized Mixtape

Here's a new mixtape from us that we made exclusively along with an interview of us made by the great Spanish blog Neonized. If you haven't read the interview yet, head over to the interview at Neonized right away (if your Spanish isn't how it used to be, scroll down and you will find the interview in English).

You can find more mixtapes and videos from us playing under the new page "Tracasseur DJs" up to the right. It's a new feature!

Tracasseur - Tracasseur Got Neonized Mixtape

Preview of Kris Menace's upcoming EP

Next week the maestro Kris Menace is up to release a new EP named "Masquerade". He's one of those guys that don't need any more presentation. But I can say that the release sounds very promising...

Preview of Kris Menace's "Masquerade" EP

Exclusive track from HR's "Memory Chord" EP

In less than a week the longed EP of our beloved Norwegian italo queen HR is about to be released on one of our favourite labels Girlfriend Records, that hold acts like Pelifics, Neon Workout, Illapa, Le Prix and HR then of course.

On Saturday, September 18 "Memory Chord" is released to the masses. It will hold four original tracks and one remix by Neon Workout. But until Saturday will come, we got this exclusive track "Misery" that will be included on the EP for you to take a listen to. HR makes this wonderful nu italo with hints from the 80s but also from times like today. With "Misery" she shows you what I mean.

HR feat. mr Kitten - Misery [Tracasseur exclusive]

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Get "Senior" with Röyksopp

Norwegian masterminds of Röyksopp are back with the album "Senior". This album is the instrumental follow-up of last year's more intense "Junior". They say themselves that the "Senior" album got that "autumn feeling" whilst "Junior" had the "spring feeling". On "Junior" almost every track was featured by a vocalist, for example Robyn, Lykke Li and Karin Dreijer (Fever Ray & The Knife) now it's 100% instrumental.

Another thing about this new release is that they recorded it at the same time as "Junior" and they wanted it to be more mature and introspective. The atmospheric feeling they deliver with "Senior" is different from many other things they do in one way but on the other hand it's right up their alley. "Röyksopp Forever" from "Junior" is kind of close to the sound of "Senior" even if it's more dramatic. And we all know the depths of Röyksopp's great music knowledge and talent.

They've got that magic touch and have been with us for ten years now and still renew themselves with every new release. And they keep impressing us all the time, when we thought they reached the top of their career, they create something mind blowing and continues to climb on with their journey upwards until they reach the clouds and get to sit right next to God himself.

"Senior" will be released tomorrow September 13, but until then you can pre-listen the whole album down below and pre-order it here. Down below are also three tracks as mp3:s from the album, where I got my favourite one in "The Fear".

Röyksopp - The Fear

Röyksopp - Coming Home

Röyksopp - The Alcoholic

Here's a kind of odd but yet fantastic short film with the tracks from "Senior" included. Enjoy "Röyksopp's Adventures in Barbieland".

And as a bonus, "This Space" will not be included on the release. It was released earlier this year as "Track of the Month" for free at Röyksopp's site and it's a pearl.

Röyksopp - This Space

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tracasseur on Teez FM

Tonight we're proud to announce that we have our premiere for our radio show on French internet radio station Teez FM. Teez stream music-only shows concentrating on pop and indie music in a broad sense. Our show, which is going to air every second Saturday of the month, will be our usual blend of nu disco and indie-electro. We'll also include tracks that we haven't posted, so even if you're an avid reader of our blog, there's a good chance we'll play something you haven't heard.

Tune in tonight at 19:00 CET (18:00 GMT / 1 PM ET / 10 AM PT - for your local time, check this site for example).

Listen through the official page here.

Listen directly in your media player here.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Neonized interview

If you came running here to read an exciting interview with the guys behind excellent Spanish blog Neonized then I'm sorry to disappoint you. But if you'd like to know us a little better, they have an interview with us up (in Spanish and English). So, if you want you can read my interesting and thoughtful answers and Jonny's ramblings and download our brand new Tracasseur Got Neonized mixtape.

But before you go, here's Here We Are's latest remix of The Vanish, made together with The Amplid. Half of HWA is also part of Neonized, and happens to be the one who interviewed us, so please giggle a little at my dig at him towards the end of the interview.

The Vanish - Heartbeat (Here We Are vs. The Amplid Remix)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Uniforms remixed

We've already covered the excellent first release of excellent blog-turned-label French Express. Our favourites on a very strong compilation was Swedish duo Uniforms, who just had their new video released:

They have also been given some very nice remixing treatment by Danish Eumig & Chinon, who makes you think of guys like Breakbot, SebastiAn or why not Justice, and mysterious Australians Rainbows of Death, who we've been keeping tabs on since their awesome remix of Pocket 808, and who up until very recently didn't even have a MySpace page. On the other hand, who uses MySpace in the 10s, right?

Anyway, they're both acts that we hope we'll have the opportunity to get back to you about.

Uniforms - 1020 Trickery Lane (Eumig & Chinon Remix)

Uniforms - 1020 Trickery Lane (Rainbows of Death Vocal) (Removed by request)


Ginger Ninja - Sunshine (Eumig & Chinon Remix)

DATA/DEBT - California Special (Eumig & Chinon Remix)

Pocket 808 feat Nathan Hudson - Ghostship (Rainbow of Death Remix)

Please make sure to pick up the French Express Vol. 1 compilation on Beatport!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Teaser and new remix from Justin Faust

Justin Faust just announced the release date of his next single "Sloppy Chic" to be out October 22 on roXour. What you can hear from this 30 sec teaser, is that the tune are going to be something huge. Preorder the release here along with b-side "Your Life" and a remix of Bestrack.

A couple of days ago we also received this new remix of our English fave-girl Florrie. Once again this collaboration flourishes, last time Justin Faust remixed "Panic Attack" with dash and now it's time for "Give Me Your Love" to be as superb.

Florrie - Give Me Your Love (Justin Faust Remix)

Florrie - Give Me Your Love

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Beauty of Baths

Only 21 years old from Los Angeles, Will Wiesenfeld of Baths makes music so good you could think he was at least 40 years old. No, age has nothing to do with Baths, except the fact that he's young and really talented.

It's been a hype around Baths since the release of the album "Cerulean" this summer. It's a beautiful piece of album full with tweaky sounds and experimental voices. It's electronic down-tempo music that's going to fill your living-room with dreamy shades. Turn off the lights and close your eyes and get into Baths' music or get into your car and drive a long dark road accompanied of Baths in the speakers. But first of all, check out this wonderful video.

And here's a couple of tracks from "Cerulean" and some other ones. Buy the full release of "Cerulean" here.

Baths - Lovely Bloodflow

Baths - Aminals

Baths - Hall

Baths - Maximalist

Baths - Nordic Laurel

Fol Chen - In Ruins (Baths Remix)

Swoon collection

"Swoon" is not a new track, but it's a damn good one. The first single out of The Chemical Brother's seventh studio album "Further" released in June. A lot of remixes has circled the internet and when I heard the fine Lindstrom and Prins Thomas remix the other night I felt it was time for Tracasseur to collect all the remixes of "Swoon".

The Boys Noize remix of "Swoon" brings back fantastic moments for the Tracasseur crew as it was a kind of anthem every night at the Dance Area at Exit Festival back in July.

The Chemical Brothers - Swoon

The Chemical Brothers - Swoon (Boys Noize Summer Mix)

The Chemical Brothers - Swoon (Lindstrom and Prins Thomas Remix)

The Chemical Brothers - Swoon (Don Diablo Remix)

The Chemical Brothers - Swoon (Blaze Tripp Remix)

The Chemical Brothers - Swoon (Elektropusher Remix)

The Chemical Brothers - Swoon (xKore Dubstep Remix)

Fuji Kureta

Fuji Kureta are a duo from Istanbul making downtempo electronica with vocals in both English and French. The members Sahin Kureta and Deniz Öztürk have been making music together since August 2008. Their music reminds me of some of Björk's songs mixed with something that Portishead and Trentemøller are up to. Interesting music with soft but strong melodies. So interesting that they in 2009 won "Best Electronica Act" award in Miller Music Factory Contest.

Fuji Kureta - Bonjour

Fuji Kureta - Hommage

Fuji Kureta - Toutes les Femmes

In late May Fuji Kureta released the EP "Sweets" on Gergaz Netlabel and you can download it for free at their site.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Latest news from Heartbeats Management

Here are some of the latest news from one of the finest management and booking agency Heartbeats Management. Heartbeats is based in Barcelona and is run by Swede Sarah Hansson and she's doing an excellent job. The evidence of doing great stuff you can see by the roster of Heartbeats with acts as Fear of Tigers, Edwin Van Cleef, Worship, Bxentric, Clancy, Shelby Grey and Vicknoise. And now on to the latest news then:

News #1: Clancy & Build remix of LexiconDon
The dynamic duo of Clancy & Build are back with a danceable remix of LexiconDon's "Student Body" that is the second single from their newly released album "Pink + Blue". With a pumping beat, which they master superbly, they once again show the possibilities of this collaboration. LexiconDon's next single "Set Sail" will also be remixed by Clancy & Build and another Heartbeats fellow Worship. We'll let you know at the end of September.

LexiconDon - Student Body (Clancy & Build Remix)

News #2: Shelby Grey also remixes LexiconDon
Shelby Grey has also made a remix of LexiconDon's "Student Body". This remix is more into that tropical disco feeling.

LexiconDon - Student Body - Shelby Grey Tropical Disco mix by Shelby Grey

News #3: Bxentric are back with new stuff
Another dynamic duo are Bxentric and they are up to good stuff again. A month ago we posted their fine remix of Flight Facilities' "Crave You". Now their back with a new remix and a track of their own. Just love their funky basslines together with the jamming saxophone.

Bxentric - Complete

Louie Austen - Make Your Move - Bxentric Rmx by BXENTRIC

Friday, September 3, 2010

John Talabot in Sweden

The latest rising star from Barcelona is John Talabot and tonight he makes his debut on Swedish ground. It's the fine disco club of Glasnost in Uppsala, who once again comes up with a fine booking. Except ourselves acts like Disco Bloodbath (UK), Serge Santiago (UK), diskJokke (NO), In Flagranti (US) and Ben Rymer (UK) have visited earlier.

John Talabot has come forward with disco and house on Permanent Vacation and other similar labels. The Spanish magazine Go Mag voted his release "Sunshine" as best Spanish single of the year. His alias is still surrounded by a lot of mystic but according to some pretty certain sources he's resident DJ on one of Barcelona's best clubs and known under a different alias within the world of techno.

If you are in the surroundings of Uppsala you should come to Glasnost. Tracasseur will be there!

John Talabot - Sunshine

John Talabot - Matilda's Dream

Delorean - Seasun (John Talabot's Kids Drums Remix)

Glasser - Learn (John Talabot Remix)

If you think the poster above for the evening is great, I can tell you that it's really great and it's made by me :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Steamin' hot remix from Danger of Acid Washed

While I was writing the last post about Anoraak we got another hot email from Record Makers that we just have to post immediately. It's a new Danger remix of the French duo Acid Washed self-titled track.

Acid Washed are as the write in the email "proud to announce the release of their eponymous 12" with remixes from The Hacker, Mickey Moonlight, Danger, Daniel Haaksman, Digikid84, Lazy Flow, Jungle Fiction and Stuff." And so they should, great song remixed by a bunch of great people. For example Danger, who needs no introduction, and his version of "Acid Washed". Pure good! Buy the whole release here.

Acid Washed - Acid Washed (Danger Remix)

Anoraak remix of Neon Indian

Got this new Anoraak remix of an older Neon Indian track named "Psychic Chasms". But it doesn't matter if the original track is about one-year old old when the remix is Anoraakingtastic!

The remix is featured on a new deluxe edition release of Neon Indian's "Psychic Chasms" now named "Mind Ctrl: Psychic Chasms Possessed". It contains nine remixes or versions of the featured tracks, for example remixes of Yacht and Dntel. Get it here.

Neon Indian - Psychic Chasms (Anoraak Remix)

Neon Indian - Psychic Chasms

Another thing that's Anoraakingtastic is the 360° video shot by Milosh Luczynski with 8 cameras to the first single "Above Your Head", a track that we posted a while back, from the delayed release of "Wherever the Sun Sets". New release date are set to September 21, still on naïve though.

Rosie and Me

It's not the love story of Rosie and me Jonny Puma, but instead it's the name of a folk pop group from Brazil!! Yep, Rosie and Me are hailing from Brazil influenced of the American folk music making their sound a little more unique.

Now you're maybe wondering why the electronic music blog of Tracasseur writes about folk pop suddenly. The story is kind of sweet (maybe a love story...) and it started out when singer Rosie emailed us wanted to be reviewed on Tracasseur and telling us of their influences of likes as Bon Iver, Stars and Band of Horses. Me, listening to that kind of music also, took a listen and liked what I heard. Unfortunately it would be kind of wrong to post only folk pop on Tracasseur even if we really can post whatever we want.

So even if the post wouldn't be made I had to answer her and tell that I really liked what I heard but we couldn't post it regarding our electronic direction. But I also asked her if they got a remix made of some of their tracks, because then we could kind of go around the problem and posting the remix along with the original track as we often do with a lot of remixes. Hurrah, there were one remix!

So she sent over a remix of "Come Back" made by a French DJ named Benwa. So now we could make a post. "Come Back" is one of the tracks from their self-released EP "Bird and Whale" (buy it here) and it's a pearl all the way, especially if you're into folk pop with sweet introspective lyrics, catchy melodies and soft female vocals. So now it's Rosie and Me...

Rosie and Me - Come Back (Benwa's Remix)

Rosie and Me - Come Back

"Har du varit STYGG?"

"Have you been bad?" is what the headline say in Swedish. And it's from Sweden the duo STYGG are. It's been quiet from STYGG for quite a while since the released their great track "Lunacy" in the early 2009. But now Johan Bring and David Strindberg are back with their new single "Sleep" released on Trewetha Records and available on iTunes and Spotify along with four remixes.

STYGG - Sleep

STYGG - Sleep (Kungen & Hertigen Remix)

STYGG - Sleep (The Integrals Remix)

And speaking of the older track "Lunacy" here's a fine video directed by themselves with their producing agency Punx Sthlm along with the track and a remix. At their MySpace there are some other fine tracks to take a listen to.

STYGG - Lunacy

STYGG - Lunacy (Body In The Thames Disco Diablo Mix)