About Tracasseur

Tracasseur is an electronic music blog and a dj-trio consisting of Jonas Hellström, Sebastian Frintzer and Daniel Odelstad based in Stockholm, Sweden. Tracasseur have been around since 2009 reporting about the electronic music all around the world.

Over the years Tracasseur have been traveling all over Europe playing on festivals and clubs in the big cities. Of course they are also playing regularly in the best clubs in their hometown of Stockholm. They also had their own club in Paris for one night where they brought down Swedish bands and DJs, names such as Lo-Fi-Fnk, Pacific, Simian Ghost, Johan Agebjörn och Punks Jump Up.

In Stockholm they have also been running several clubs during the years. They have been inviting well respected acts from the world such as Moullinex, Xinobi, Fred Falke, Bag Raiders, Tesla Boy, Goldroom, Jonas Rathsman and Perseus to mention a few.

The last years Tracasseur have taken themselves more into the deep and techier sound then they delivered before. Still they play lots of nu disco and tropical, but their sets are something new now that have to been experienced.

You can contact us at tracasseur@gmail.com if you want to send us music or videos and book us for Dj-gigs worldwide. If you're an artist or label representative who wants your music taken down, use the same address and we'll comply promptly.