Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Say hello to Marlene ∞

This is our fine friend Marlene ∞. She's awesome and now she has also released her first track along with a nice video directed by another fine friend of ours Sikow (1/4 of Kate Boy).

Marlene ∞ has been in the music business for quite a while touring with some of the biggest acts in Sweden. But now it's her time to step into the limelight and be the next big act.

In "Bon Voyage" she got a really strong first tune that already got some air time on Swedish radio. The sound is a mix of the perfect pop tune along with some R'n'B vibes. You can also scent some of the commercial house sound but this is so much better in quality and have so many more flavors, for example the nice little intro.

Give it up for Marlene ∞! This is just the first thing you will see and hear from this girl...

If you want to make a remix of "Bon Voyage" you can get over to her SoundCloud and download an accapella and an instrumental version.

Cyril Hahn with a new one

Our beloved Cyril Hahn is back with a new tune "Raw Cut". This time the sound is a bit different from earlier tracks, but not that far away folks. Enjoy Mr. Hahn!

Monday, July 29, 2013

ColeCo's "You're So Fine" now as free DL

Thrillhouse Records are about to release a compilation named "Thrillhouse Forever" and ColeCo's "You're So Fine" is the first track too see from the release. "You're So Fine" has been out there for a while via ColeCo's Soundcloud but now it's available as a free DL. So enjoy some free tropical vibes today!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Free mp3: Hockey + Penguin Prison

So, Chris Glover, better known as Penguin Prison, has remixed fellow New Yorker Ben Wyeth, better known as Hockey, and we like it. Which isn't surprising as we're big fans of both. And speaking of New York and hockey, I can confirm that at least 33 % of Tracasseur are Rangers fans.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Kavinsky's new EP "Odd Look" with The Weeknd, A-Trak and Surkin

Kavinsky is about to release an new EP named "Odd Look" and along with the release he decided to record a new version featuring The Weeknd, a superb choice!

On the EP there will also be two new remixes of "Odd Look" from two classic acts in Surkin and A-Trak. You can always rely on these fellows. Buy the vinyl here.

Teenage Mutants & Andre Crome with new tune

Teenage Mutants and Andre Crom have joined forces and will release an EP on OFF Recordings August 6. The guys couldn't really hold themselves back and gave us this nice tune today. Diggin' it as always with stuff from Teenage Mutants and Andre Crom.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Thomas + Thomas

One of our fjord disco Norwegians Prins Thomas has made a remix of one of Norway's most acclaimed singer/songwriters Thomas Dybdahl. Mr Dybdahl is about to release his fifth album September 16. We became very happy when we got a mail that Prins Thomas had made a remix of the new single "But We Did". Lovely work as always Prins Thomas!

Also check out the sad but great original along with the official music video for Thomas Dybdahl's "But We Did".

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Washed Out video for "Don't Give Up"

Take a look at the colourful and wild video from Washed Out for his latest single "Don't Give Up" from the forthcoming album "Paracosm" out August 12.

Also the track on SoundCloud along with the first single from the album "It All Feels Right".

Cool stuff from Mculo and Doffa

Out on Cool Kid Music August 5 we got Mculo's "Shake Yo Biscuit", a deep UK techno experimental tune. Good shit! The Doffa remix makes into an even more minimal sound trip. Love the artwork too!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Theatre of Delays remix of Red Hot Chili Peppers!

Yep, you read right, Theatre of Delays take on Red Hot Chili Peppers' classic "Californication". Must say that I actually liked RHCP's a bit back in the days, for example the album "Californication" from 1999 was kind of a masterpiece back then.

Now Theatre of Delays give their own touch onto this classic tune and they transform it into a new classic. With galloping beats and by choosing the right stuff from the original tune they have created something that I really dig. Free DL as well!

Theatre of Delays also made a remix of Daft Punk's "Doin' It Right" a couple of months ago that also is a great one. Great with free DL too.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Doctor Dru remix of Bedouin Soundclash's "Brutal Hearts"

Went very happy when I saw one of my fave producers Doctor Dru's remix of the musical gem Bedouin Soundclash's "Brutal Hearts" featuring Coeur De Pirate. The original came about two years ago and it is still as sweet. Now it's time to give this tune some sweet love from the doctor! Out August 5.

Take a look and listen to the sweet original too:

Edu Imbernon feat. Sutja Gutierrez - Things I Do (Teenage Mutants & Lars Moston Remix)

Another awesome remix from German based Teenage Mutants, this time made together with Lars Moston, one half of Moston & Malente. The remix is on Edu Imbernon and the release will be out August 3 on Stil Vor Talent.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Ben Macklin remix of Daft Punk

Just heard this Ben Macklin (aka Cassette Club) remix of Daft Punk's "Doin' It Right", which features Panda Bear. One of the best tracks on the album, maybe the best, and this remix shows that and it also make it much more nu disco.

If you haven't heard other stuff from Ben Macklin you should check out his SoundCloud, where he has a lot of more great music. Like this one for example featuring Yota.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

ATTAR! remix of Body Language

ATTAR! just gave us this sweet remix of the Brooklyn based indie pop band Body Language. "Well Absolutely" is the new single from their upcoming album and ATTAR! gave it some of his love.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Xinobi + Justin Faust

Hear out Xinobi's take on Justin Faust's "Space Rhumba". Nice summer vibes when a Portuguese is playing with a German. This track is included on the "Discotexas Picnic II" compilation and you can check it out over at Beatport.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Treasure is back!

Maybe you remember our secret act Treasure, that we posted back in February. He was a secret back then and still is. But now he's back with a new track that's still as funky as the earlier remix of Bruno Mars. We dig it and we know that he has more in the pipeline. Keep it up for this guy!

Also, since February, Treasure has released a remixxx of Chris Brown that's as funky as the other stuff. Check it out too!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Spirit Animal + Caleb L'Etoile (+ Happy 7/4!)

Since about half of our dear readers are American, I think it's appropriate to wish all you yanks out there a happy 4th of July! Obviously we music lovers from the rest of the world have a lot to be thankful for American music culture, both in a broader sense and in our more niched corner of it, since both house and techno are American inventions.

It's just too bad that you Americans have, up till now at least, been so bad at appreciate the music that have been made in your own backyard. For a while especially the American techno went straight to export. So don't complain about this EDM trend - you brought it on yourselves. Much of it could have been avoided if you would have had stronger house and techno sub-cultures.

An equally educating and patriotic way to spend your 4th of July is to listen to Kevin Saunderson discussing the emergence of techno in the young black communities in Detroit in the mid-80s on his Soundcloud. Saunderson, one of the Great Americans, is obviously one of the three guys credited for inventing techno as we know it, the other two being Juan Atkins and Derrick May. Apart from pioneering techno under different aliases, he was half of Inner City, producing all the music while Paris Grey brought her lovely voice. "Good Life" was a huge hit in the late 80's. And although I always preferred their prior single "Big Fun", their "Paradise" album is probably my all-time favourite album. I still to this day love it as much as I did when I bought it as a kid in '89 or '90.

So, after that little comment on the history of American techno, I thought I'd post one of my favourite American tracks at the moment: Washington DC producer Caleb L'Etoile's remix of Brooklyn's Spirit Animal. What's great about it is that it captures that soulful American early house/techno feeling, down to the flutes! This is a track that could have been played on Detroit's pirate Deep Space Radio back in its heydays.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Oliver remix of Mayer Hawthorne

Smooth, sweet and groovy remix from Tracasseur faves Oliver. This time they take on Mayer Hawthorne's first single "Her Favorite Song" from his new album "Where Does This Door Go" out July 16. Pre-order your copy here and don't to forget to download the totally free Oliver remix!

All Le Youth "C O O L" remixes up now!

Today the rest of the remixes for Le Youth's "C O O L" came up. My fave is pretty easy, because I'm a fan of ColeCo and their productions but also the Ben Pearce remix, that has been out before the others for a while. But all them remixes are good maaaan and also the original of course! Gonna be a hard time chose which one to play at the next gig. Buy the EP here and be cool!

Is the new Julio Bashmore really that awful?

Julio Bashmore just announced his new single, called "Duccy". If you look through the Soundcloud comments you'd think it was produced by Rebecca Black, because it was a long time since I saw someone getting ripped to shreds so thoroughly.

So, what happened? Well, it's a very simple, techy track, with a certain DIY feel to it. Is it the best track he's done? No, it's no "Battle Of Middle You" or the "Into the Valley" remix, but I really can't understand why people are so up in arms about it. It's a deep, ghetto track in the mould of let's say Amine Edge and his crew. It's also clear if you listen to what guys like Ejeca and Bicep is doing that the British house scene is moving more towards techno. Is it a future classic? Maybe not, even though you can't judge a track after just a few listens.

Julio also announced new tourdates on his website, so try to take the opportunity to judge for yourself live.