Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New ODahl

New stuff from ODahl makes us this happy. We've been on and on about him, so if you don't know who he is, click the ODahl label below and indulge yourself. This track is more filter house than his usual stuff and might point at a new direction for his forthcoming EP. We will have reasons to come back to that soon though...

ODahl - Hold Me

Friday, March 26, 2010

Booka Shade rocked last night in Stockholm

The Tracasseur crew went to see and dance with Booka Shade last night. Good decision because it was awesome. They rocked like never before. People were like crazy and all 900 people danced like there was no tomorrow.

Here is the encore with their classic "Body Language" in a special version. Check out 1.11 in the clip when the build-up explodes into dance floor mayhem...

M.A.N.D.Y. vs Booka Shade - Body Language

M.A.N.D.Y. vs Booka Shade - Body Language (Tocadisco Remix)

M.A.N.D.Y. vs Booka Shade - Body Language (After Midnight Ultra Dubversion)

Flight Facilities + Bxentric

Thought I'd just pop this one up before I'm off to bed. Flight Facilities' new single "Crave You" featuring Giselle is released today/tomorrow, Friday the 26th, on the excellent Australian label Bang Gang. B-Xentric has made a remix of it which he was kind enough to share with us. It's a cool bongo and saxophone-filled nu disco affair which should be a smooth way of beginning your Friday with.

Flight Facilities - Crave You (Bxentric Remix)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Kiss N' Hold

Burns sitting on top of a washing machine wanting to be kissed n' hold.

I like Burns. He uses what I like with fidget house - the pumping beat - and leave out what I can't stand - that annoying bass that doesn't add anything to the rhythm. He seems to get much of the rest of his sound from the early 90s which always seems to result in great peaktime floor fillers. "Kiss N' Hold" from his new EP "So Many Nights" is no exception.

Out now, exclusively on Beatport.

Burns - Kiss N' Hold

It Takes A Muscle...

Amazing track I'm looking forward to get my hands on. It comes with a great retro video, but I don't want to know what muscle they talk's probably the brain!

While you think about it, enjoy this video for "It Takes a Muscle" by Get A Room!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Another great remix from Diamond Cut

Another masterpiece from our friend Diamond Cut from NY. His recipe is simple; make fantastic remixes all the time! This new one of London based producer M'Black (aka Matt Schwartz) is no exception.

M'Black - Heartbreak (Diamond Cut Remix)

And here is the great original track.

Booka Shade in town

Tomorrow (Thursday, March 25) Stockholm will have celebrated guests from Germany in spirit of Booka Shade. They will perform at Debaser Medis and are told to have 200 kilos of overload and a spectacular light-show. And since it's four year since they were in Stockholm, this is going to be huge. There are still some tickets left, so if you want to go, get your tickets here.

The Booka Shade duo consisting of Walter Merziger och Arno Kammermeier stands behind the notorious label Get Physical Music, which they started back in 2002 together with DJ T and M.A.N.D.Y. With over 100 releases they are a legendary label today within the electronic music scene.

Booka Shade are also one of the most prominent acts within electronic music in the last decade with underground dance floor hits like "Body Language", "Mandarine Girl" and "In White Rooms". Their first full-length album "Memento", released in 2004, are said to be one of the most ground breaking records of the last decade. That's a good grade to carry with you.

They are also of great importance with their fourth studio album "More!", that are to be released April 23 in Germany and in the rest of the world May 3. With this album they are going back to where they came from with the music, even if this album are said to be highly influenced of club music rather than techno.

We've a little taste of the forthcoming album with "Regenerate" and also some classic tracks from the years of Booka Shade. See you tomorrow at the show!

Booka Shade - Regenerate

Booka Shade - Darko

Booka Shade - Mandarine Girl

Booka Shade - In White Rooms

Booka Shade - Point Break

Booka Shade - Dusty Boots

Booka Shade - Charlotte

Booka Shade - Vertigo

Booka Shade - Night Falls

New Flashworx Mixtape

Our good friends from Switzerland, Flashworx has come up with another new fresh mixtape exclusive for Tracasseur. We love those exclusive stuff we receive and we also love when you can smell the influence of the 80s.

Flashworx is actually leaving Geneva for Tokyo in April. They're going to play at Soft Café April 17. And we can also tell that Tracasseur and Flashworx are making plans together for the summer. We're planning a dj exchange where we bring Flashworx to Stockholm and later on Flashworx brings us down to Geneva. And, of course, if anyone else want to book us together anywhere in the world, send us an email

Flashworx is also releasing their first EP on on Space Walker Recordings before the summer. Space Walker that has made two great releases so far in Claes Rosen and Toomy Disco. Extra fun release to me, because I'm going to design the cover. Expect nothing less than great design and great music.

Flashworx - Spring is Here Mixtape

1. Bodie Lee - Monaco (Dj Agent 86's Disco Bomb Edit)
2. Mario Basanov - Do You Remember (Arithmatix Remix)

3. Shally Shapiro - I'll Be by Your Side (Tensnake Remix)

4. Walter Jones - Living Without Your Love

5. Toomy Disco - Back from Cosmos (ODahl Remix)

6. The Revenge - Night Flight

7. Social Disco Club & Maia - The Way You Move (Greg Wilson Version)
8. Matt Van Schie - Saturday Night (Gloves Remix)

9. Lullabies in the Dark - Iridium (Superpitcher Remix)

10. Ilija Rudman - Two Faced Love

Monday, March 22, 2010

MGMT album preview

The rumours whispers that the new MGMT album "Congratulations" has leaked this weekend. The hype around the new album from MGMT is huge and it should have been odd if it not had leaked before the release date April 12. We don't want to post any of the tracks that has leaked, instead we refer to MGMT's own website where you can stream the whole album. And you can pre-order it here.

I don't think the album is as direct and great as "Oracular Spectacular" but maybe after a few listening sessions it will grow...

The Electro Wars

I recently heard from a musician that he doesn't believe in music blogs. I was very surprised to hear that, considering there are thousands and thousands of music blogs...and that's just the blogs focused on electronic music. So I think he should reconsider his thoughts about electronic music blogs.

Here is a very cool teaser for "The Electro Wars" a documentary about the electronic music scene. Also take a listen to this track made for the movie by Blende, a Swedish/British electro duo. The track is very retro and dark...or just plain John Carpenter as they describe it themselves. Blende will do the soundtrack to "The Electro Wars".

The Electro Wars Final Trailer from Stephen Alex Vasquez on Vimeo.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Gather up remixes of Fred Falke

Fred Falke, the guy with the most posts (14) at Tracasseur haven't been mentioned so much in the beginning of 2010. Only two posts this year, where the last one is posted so far away as nine days regarding the Work it Baby compilation.

But he he has also made some other new remixes lately, so I think it's time to make a post where I also bring along some older remixes that havn't been posted here at Tracasseur yet. That's only because we also write about other artists then master remixer Falke. But you could almost be having a blog only about Fred Falke, because he makes a lot of great remixes at a quick pace of totally different artists, everything from Grizzly Bear to Eric Prydz.

Florrie - Call 911 (Fred Falke Remix)

Grizzly Bear - Two Weeks (Fred Falke Extended Mix)

Hot Chip - Colours (Fred Falke Remix)

Hurts - Unspoken (Fred Falke Remix)

Justice - D.A.N.C.E. (Alan Braxe & Fred Falke Remix)

U2 - Magnificent (Fred Falke Remix)

Check out the older posts with Fred Falke, where you can find awesome remixes of Gossip, Burns, La Roux, Miike Snow to mention a few.


Paris band Fortune is releasing both an EP entitled "Gimme" and an album, "Staring at the Ice Melt", on March 23. The quartet are comprised of musicians with backgrounds from several other bands like The Yolks, The Big Knife, Abstrackt Keal Agram, Y Front and Rodolphe Burger's Meteor Band.

Labeled post-punk you can hear traces from the usual new wave and synthpop bands. But the guys also cite influences from 60s pop rock bands like The Zombies and The Troggs of Love via disco and Michael Jackson to modern bands like Granddaddy, Dopplereffekt, Lo-Fi-Fnk and Vampire Weekend.

Fortune - Gimme (Blackjoy Edit)

Fortune - Mission (M83 Remix)

Fortune - In the Shadow (Tepr Remix)

Phoenix - 1901 (Fortune Remix)

Pony Pony Run Run - Hey You! (Fortune Remix)

Axe Riverboy - Carry On (Fortune Remix)

Rubin Steiner - Another Record Story (Fortune Remix)

MTMT - I Am The Sound (Fortune Remix)

Fear of Tigers + Monsieur Adi

So finally we got our hands on Monsieur Adi's remix of one of our favourite tracks of last year (made my no. 1 spot for 2009); Fear of Tigers' "I Can Make the Pain Disappear". This really is a match made in heaven; one of the most talented producers around getting remixed by another of the most talented producers around. And what does Mister Adi do with the upbeat peaktime anthem that is the original? Why, a beautiful slow-dance ballad of course...

Fear Of Tigers - I Can Make The Pain Disappear (Monsieur Adi Remix)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Weird video from Hot Chip

The new single "I Feel Better" from Hot Chip's album "One Life Stand" is accompanied with a quite peculiar video made by Peter Seranfinowicz. Buy the album here.

Hot Chip - I Feel Better

Hot Chip | MySpace Music Videos

Hot Chip - I Feel Better


Where we have been the past weeks? We've been around, I can tell you that. Doing a lot of stuff, like clubbing, and also done a lot of other posts than writing about the two new tracks that leaked from MGMT's new album "Congratulations". The album is set to be released April 12, pre-order it here.

The two tracks, especially the officially released free for download "Flash Delirium", have been hyped to the almost insane. And what could be more insane to post the two tracks again? Probably not much, so to prove that we're not totally insane we also throw in some "Kids", one of the best tracks from their first album as MGMT "Oracular Spectacular".

MGMT - Flash Delirium (Removed by request)

MGMT - Congratulations (Removed by request)

MGMT - Kids

MGMT - Kids (Soulwax Remix)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lovers and Gamblers...

...are two guys and two girls from London and the south east area (with very cryptic names...) mixing great 80s, retro, synth and new electro music. I don't know much about these guys more than they've just released this great remix for Boston based Yes Giantess:

Look at their MySpace page here. You can also see stuff they like here.

Here is also a very cool mixtape they've done:

time out of mind - steely dan
i wanna rock you - giorgio moroder
keep me in my plane - whomadewho
the don - sisters of transistors
kilometer (aeroplane remix) - sebastien tellier
endless race - wally badarou
per sindaco - pink stallone
palazzo dei signi - fare soldi
precious little diamond - fox the fox
3,000,000 synths - chas jankel
happy station - fun fun
wrong galaxy - shit robot
the world outside (thee loving hand remix) - maserati
shades - popof
poison lips - vitalic
holdin on (moullinex remix) - justin faust
my old piano - diana ross

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Get your own Tracasseur t-shirt

We are very happy to announce that you now can buy super fresh Tracasseur t-shirts from our online store at MySoti. We've been looking for a great t-shirt partner within this field for a while and now we have found one with great quality in printing, environmentally friendly, good t-shirt brands and decent prizing.

So now it's time to dress up properly to the next party with a Tracasseur t-shirt!

Thanks to Chloe for showing off in this beautiful outfit.

Shout Out Louds remixes

It's with pride I write this post today. Back in 2000–2002 I went to a design school named Forsbergs here in Stockholm. I studied graphic design & illustration, nowadays I have the joy to work with design every day (the Tracasseur logo for example). During my years of studies I got to know a lot of great people, among them there were two nice and talented guys named Adam and Carl. They were not only good in making great design but also talented within the musical aspects.

What I didn't know back then, and could of course not do so either, was that these two guys should have a international well-known band called Shout Out Louds in 2010. They have been quite famous the last years and they've just released their third studio album "Work". But what few people know is that back in the days they made their first EP under the band name Luca Brasi, that actually is a character from The Godfather. But when they got some attention, there was a band over in the US that used that same name, so they decided to change into something else, Shout Out Louds was from then their official name.

They have a busy schedule this spring with a lot of touring. They will visit Germany, Austria and Switzerland in March. In April Scandinavia is visited with two gigs in home town of Stockholm. Then in May they are off to the US and Canada.

Several great acts have done remixes of Shout Out Louds, for example Ratatat, Studio, Kleerup, Lo-Fi-Fnk, Architecture In Helsinki and The Subliminal Kid. Today I have collected what I consider the best one's made of some of the best original Shout Out Louds tracks. And until we meet again give all your best to Shout Out Louds at their MySpace and tell them that I said "Hi".

Shout Out Louds - Fall Hard

Shout Out Louds - Fall Hard (Passion Pit Summertime Radio Remix)

Shout Out Louds - Tonight I Have To Leave It

Shout Out Louds - Tonight I Have To Leave It (Kleerup Remix)

Shout Out Louds - Tonight I Have To Leave It (The Russian Futurists Remix)

Shout Out Louds - Impossible

Shout Out Louds - Impossible (Possible Remake by Studio)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Bear Quartet will carry your weight

One of the best tracks last year from the indie rock scene was "Carry Your Weight" with the Swedish legendary band The Bear Quartet. The band celebrated 20 years during 2009, they were formed in the northern town of Luleå back in 1989. During the years they have released plenty of records and they have become a cult band in Sweden. Even if they never have hit it off huge they are well-known and they will always be indie. So indie that they in 2009 turned down a nomination for the Swedish music prize "Grammis".

The track itself is a beautiful one with a feeling of melancholic Finnish tango. The close distance to Finland from Luleå could be one explanation but also the Swedish-Finnish roots from some of the members in The Bear Quartet could be another one. Finnish cult character M.A. Numminen has actually made a cover version on the EP "Carry Your Weight" so it becomes even more tango.

The EP "Carry Your Weight" was the second single from their album "89" released 2009. The title "89" refers back to the year of 1989 but also as an anecdote is that the release was Adrian Recordings 89th release.

On the EP there are two remixes of "Carry Your Weight" made by Strange Maps and VED. The remix by Strange Maps is my favourite.

Strange Maps is Petter Granberg, usually a member of the indie outfit Park Hotell, but he also makes slow Norwegian/Brooklyn influenced disco under the moniker Strange Maps. This version is made for forest dancing and attic parties.

VED is a one man band derived from unique and mystic clubs and labels down in Malmö. Here he creates a deep ambient, sunken marshy ground version, for your nightmares.

The Bear Quartet - Carry Your Weight

The Bear Quartet - Carry Your Weight (Strange Maps Remix Version)

The Bear Quartet - Carry Your Weight (VED Remix)

Don Diablo + Nightriders

Don Diablo's new has released his new EP "Teen Scream Machine" just in time for his new North American tour. It's already been dubbed 'one of the songs you need to hear' by SPIN Magazine and it includes remixes by NT89, MOTOR and Nightriders. The tour starts March 18 in Chicago and swings by Vancouver, Burlington, Miami and LA before ending in San Diego on March 27.

Check out a preview megamix of the release in this video:

Pick up the Nightrider remix and a mash-up of the original and Missy Elliot's "Lose Control".

Don Diablo vs Missy Elliot - Teen Scream Control

Don Diablo - Teen Scream Machine (Nightriders Remix)

And lastly, check out this cool fan-made video of the latter:

New Grum

...and it's so awesome!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Module is Jeramiah Ross from Wellington, New Zealand making wonderful electro, downtempo and popsynth tunes. He has now branched into making video game soundtracks and sound design.

Anyway I thank our fan Steven for sending us this cool video to this amazing song. So check it out and stream or buy more music from Module here. His MySpace page is here.

More Paul

We posted a new Paul track Monday, but since you probably like his music as much as we do, you are probably already eagerly waiting for more great stuff from him. We don't want to disappoint, so here you go!

Paul - Viva The Last Days Of Disco

B-Xentrix + Sare Havlicek

We posted Worship's remix of the excellent B-Xentric track "Miami" back in January. Now the eccentric brit has decided to make the original available for free together with the remix by Slovenia's Sare Havlicek, whos Claes Rosen remix we wrote about yesterday. So here are two great tracks for your Thursday night disco.

B-Xentric! - Miami

B-Xentric! - Miami (Sare Havlicek Remix)

Hold On

The Vanish' "Hold On" was blogged a year a go almost to the day and became an instant favourite of mine. The New York duo is now releasing it on Eye Indutries with remixes from Gemini Club (who we wrote about not long ago), the Aussie electro house maestro Russ Chimes and Beyond Deep.

The Vanish - Hold On (Gemini Club Remix)

The Vanish - Hold On (Russ Chimes Remix)

Pick up the excellent original and the Beyond Deep remixes together with full quality versions of these tracks at iTunes, Beatport or Juno!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

SWR002: Claes Rosen

March 15 is the release date of Space Walker Recordings' sophomore release; Swedish progressive house producer Claes Rosen's "Sparkles". Actually, prog house is a bit a narrow a label to put on Mr Rosen, maybe melodic synth house is a more accurate term. The release also includes an 80s italo-flavoured remix by Sare Havlicek, a jazzy chilled out remix by Lithuanians Martin Virgin & South eXpress and a funky French house-style remix by Russian talents SPSM.

The tracks are only available for streaming unfortunately, but label boss Shawn Mac has made it up to us by making this smooth mix that captures the spirit of the Hungary-Dubai based label. Pick the tracks up over at Beatport.

Claes Rosen - Sparkles (Original Mix)

Claes Rosen - Sparkles (Sare Havlicek 1984 Remix)

Claes Rosen - Sparkles (Martin Virgin & South eXpress Remix)

Claes Rosen - Sparkles (SPSM Re-Funk)

Shawn Mac - Tracasseur Mixtape

1. SuperSonic Lovers - Zupo (Casio Social Club Remix)
2. Toomy Disco - 1976
3. Mysterious future release from SWR
4. Justin Faust - Holdin' On
5. Maethelvin - Delight (Flashworx's Vision)
6. Cassette Kids - Spin (Russ Chimes Big House Remix)
7. Mysterious not yet released remix by one of our favourite producers
8. Grafton Primary - All Stars (Aston Shuffle Remix)

Kavinsky is back

One of my heroes within the electronic music with vibes from the 80s is back. Kavinsky aka The Zombie, with the car and with the 80s, is back with a new EP named "Nightcall" with two new tracks "Nightcall" and "Pacific Coast Highway".

And I can do nothing more than say; it sounds like Kavinsky and for that I'm happy. But still, this time he has actually developed further when using CSS lead-singer Lovefoxxx on "Nightcall". Excellent choice using female vocals and excellent choice of female singer.

Great remixers like Breakbot and MMMatthias are doing their nu-disco versions of Kavinsky. MMMatthias is by the way heading of to Australia soon for the Oz tour with Trashbags, April 9–19, with confirmed gigs in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

The "Nightcall" EP is set to be released March 15 of Record Makers and there is also a rumour about a full-length album coming out soon. Awesome!

Nightcall by Kavinsky

Pacific Coast Highway by Kavinsky

Kavinsky - Nightcall (Removed by request)

Kavinsky - Nightcall (Breakbot Remix) (Removed by request)

Kavinsky - Nightcall (MMMatthias Remix)

Kavinsky - Nightcall (Dustin N'Guyen Remix) (Removed by request)

Kavinsky - Pacific Coast Highway (Removed by request)

Kavinsky - Pacific Coast Highway (Jackson Remix) (Removed by request)

For about one year ago I made a post about Kavinsky and his greatness. One of my absolute favourite tracks back then, and still are, was "1986". So as a bonus track, here is "1986" for you.

Kavinsky - 1986

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Work it Baby 10

Ok, so it's time to do the first post on what will be the release of the spring: the 10th anniversary compilation from Work it Baby. WiB is to French touch house what Ed Banger is to the French electro scene. The label is run by Kris Menace and based in Paris (of course!). With releases from artists like Menace, Fred Falke, Jaunt, Serge Santiago, Charlie Fanclub, Patrick Alavi and Lifelike it has been one of the most influential labels in house music in recent time.

The anniversary is celebrated with an epic 2 CD, 35 track compilation littered with new, exclusive tracks from all the big players from the label. We have been listening to it on high rotation ever since we got the promo and we can just say that it's all that it's cranked up to be.

Here's the opening track from Kris Menace and Fred Falke:

Kris Menace & Fred Falke - Enamoured

Out now on on iTunes, Amazon, Beatport and HMV.

New Michell Phunk

Great news from our favourite Polish artist on our favourite Polish label! Michell Phunk, who we wrote about back in May, has just released a new EP on Brennessel entitled "My Electric Emotion". It contains four well-crafted electropop tracks with that special Michell Phunk feel that we fell in love with almost a year ago. On this release he has had helping hands from two other people from the excellent Brennessel netlabel; the singer from AXMusique and young producer Pandoid.

If you aren't keeping tabs on Brennessel yet, you really should. So head over there and find more excellent Central European electro!

Michell Phunk - Leaving My World (feat. AXMusique)

Michell Phunk - Leaving My World (Club Version)

Michell Phunk - Leaving My World (Pandoid Remix)

Michell Phunk - Colourless

Electric Youth + Shook

Den Haag-based producer Shook has reworked Electric Youth's excellent 80s flavoured electropop track "Replay" into a funky nu disco track. Great stuff!

Electric Youth - Replay (Shook Remix)

And here are some bonus tracks. First off the Electric Youth original.

Electric Youth - Replay

Then Shook's a lot trashier remix of fellow Dutchman Auxiliary tha Masterfader, who also is one half of Blokgolf (who we wrote about here).

Auxiliary tha Masterfader - Disco Bitch (Shook Remix)

Plus the original disco bitch.

Auxiliary tha Masterfader - Disco Bitch

Atlantique taste

French trio Minitel Rose (of Valérie fame) will release their debut album "Atlantique" in May. We're big fans, and have been for a long time. And judging by the first taste from the album it's going to be awesome. Like we didn't know that already.

Minitel Rose - Snake Girl (instrumental)

Monday, March 8, 2010

2020 premiere

Tracasseur got the honour to be djs at the premiere of the new special club concept "2020" here in Stockholm this Saturday, March 13. The club is the first of its kind in Scandinavia and what we heard it's going to be an exclusive invited crowd and the club are going to be kind of high-tech.

We got 10 exclusive memberships to give away to our fine friends of Tracasseur. So if you live in Stockholm and wants to be a member of "2020" send an email with subject "2020" to, include your Swedish cell phone number in the email and wait for your electronic membership card.

See you on Saturday and until then what suits better than 2020 Soundsystem...

2020 Soundsystem - Satellite (Unreleased Version)

New track from Paul

Yeah, a new track from our fellow Frenchman Paul. We have longed for a new track quite a while now, but when we got and listened to it, it was worth the waiting. Paul reached Arnie's "Best of 2009" list and he was one of our best new acquaintances to all of us at Tracasseur last year. So it's with joy I give you his new fresh track "Blue Lagoon" in the best quality. It's time to get aquatic with Paul!

Paul - Blue Lagoon

PEACE by Buffetlibre & Amnesty International

Our fine friends of Buffetlibre have another massive project on the go. Before they have had huge and splendid projects like "Rewind" (80s cover project) and "Batidora" (remix project). And now it's time for their new project together with Amnesty International named "PEACE". It was supposed to be released already by March 1, but due to bureaucratic paperwork and legal authorizations the project will be fully released April 12 instead. But these who waits for something good...

There are more than 15o artists from over 50 countries into the "PEACE" project. There are all kinds of artists involved from all the music genres there is. For us who are mostly into the electronic music we can tell you that fine acts like Tesla Boy, Jori Hulkkonen, The Hidden Cameras, The Toxic Avenger, Aeons, Sally Shapiro, Jeans Team and Don Diablo have produced brand new songs to the project.

This music atlas will be given for free to all those who, through the official "PEACE" website, make a minimum donation of € 2 in favour of the NGO Amnesty International. All benefits will go to Amnesty International to stand up for humanity and human rights. Their purpose is to protect individuals wherever justice, fairness, freedom and truth are denied.

Before the launch in about three weeks and due to the delay Buffetlibre have some free tracks to share with you and you can also stream 24 tracks from here. Every week until the official release of "PEACE" there will be 24 new tracks at the same place. We will make a new post when the official site is up.

The Toxic Avenger - NU 1553

The Requesters - Breakin Up

Ivri Lider - Mike

Plushgun - Mixtapes

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Red Hero

Our hero dressed in red, straight from the Bronx, Red Hero. Inspired by others today like Kavinsky and Danger but also of course by the 80s with the movies, anime and video games. Yet with that darker tech feel. David, as his real name is, also mention the movie "Nightmares" from 1983 in four parts with among others Emilio Estevez. He also tells that the name Red Hero came from the colour that lead heroes often wear.

This is a selection of tracks and if you visit Red Hero's you can download more tracks for free, but when there or at his MySpace, give him your 80s best wave you got. We give our best waves to mighty Rosso Corsa for giving us Red Hero.

Red Hero - Brace Yourself

Red Hero - Real Hero

Red Hero - Red Villains

Red Hero - Hostage Situations

Red Hero - A Dead Engine

Red Hero - Death Race

Red Hero - Insignia

Fresh from ¡BORRACHO!

Exclusive new remix from ¡BORRACHO!. Always doing great stuff with this kind of commercial music, puts it into another level.

Fat Joe feat. Lil Wayne - Make It Rain (¡BORRACHO! Remixx)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Tribute to Rory

This guy is something special. Rory Phillips, an icon in the nightlife of London and the UK. Everything he touches turns kind of into gold, when he makes remixes they're excellent and when he makes his own material it's as excellent.

Today I just want to collect a bunch of his greatest remixes and let the music speak for itself instead of me babbling on. They're in alphabetical order so you can find more easily. Enjoy Rory and give him all your hails over at his MySpace.

Alexander Robotnik - Obsession For The Disco Freaks (Rory Phillips Remix)

Eine Kleine Nacht Musik - Feuerprobe (Rory Phillips Remix)

Jackpot - Greased Lightning (Rory Phillips Remix)

New Young Pony Club - Chaos (Rory Phillips Remix)

Primary 1 - Hold Me Down (Rory Phillips Disco Dub)

Robyn feat. Kleerup - With Every Heartbeat (Rory Phillips Remix)

Rory Phillips - Solar Breakfast

The Blow - Parentheses (Rory Phillips Remix)

The Golden Filter - Hide Me (Rory Phillips Mix)

The Teenagers - Starlett Johanssen (Rory Phillips Dub)

The Units - High Pressure Days (Rory Phillips Remix)

The xx - Crystalised (Rory Phillips Mix)

White Lies - Farewell To The Fairground (Rory Phillips White Horse Mix)

YACHT - Psychic City (Rory Phillips Remix)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Love Kisses!

Love at first listen! Brilliant pop! Dreamy! Balaeric! Catchy! Indie! Great voice!

Nobody can really not have noticed the blog hype around this new half secret act from L.A. called Kisses. Almost everyone are comparing the voice of Jesse Kivel with Swedish Jens Lekman, I can only agree with them. I also think the voice of Jesse is even better and smoother. He's brilliant accompanied by Zinzi Edmundson. Perfect match!

It's dreamy pop and you can easily place them in the same league as several Swedish pop acts from the label Service, such as above mentioned Jens Lekman, Lake Heartbeat and The Embassy.

The single "Bermuda" is from the forthcoming album "The Heart of the Nightlife" that will be released this spring. I'll wait with eager for the release, until then I'll have to be satisfied with these two tracks.

Kisses - Bermuda

Kisses - Kisses (Removed by request)

Everybody needs Oh Shit! & Night Drugs

The other day I posted a bunch of Diamond Cut remixes and one of the remixes was of Oh Shit! & Night Drugs "Everybody Needs". A pumping house track for the dance floors. Unfortunately we had to remove the original track after receiving a mail from Sean, one of the two guys in Oh Shit!. He goes under the name of Dirty Seaner and the other one is Devoe. They are based in L.A. and are told to have a kind of bizarre live act.

Instead they wanted us to post the promo tracks for their upcoming EP "Everybody Needs" that they release together with their dj friend Night Drugs from Montpellier in France, so we are happy anyway.

The EP will come out exclusively on Beatport on March 17 as a special WMC release from Velcro City Records. The remixers backing up the release are not a bad posse for sure, what do you say about names like Diamond Cut, Galactik Knights, Fabian and The Phantom's Revenge. So this is what everybody needs...

Oh Shit and Night Drugs - Everybody Needs (Diamond Cut Instrumental)

Oh Shit and Night Drugs - Everybody Needs (Galactik Knights Club Mix)

Oh Shit and Night Drugs - Everybody Needs (The Phantom's Revenge Remix)

Oh Shit and Night Drugs - Everybody Needs (DJ Vanish Love & Lace Remix)

Oh Shit and Night Drugs - Everybody Needs (Fabian Remix)

Oh Shit and Night Drugs - Everybody Needs (Bit Funk Remix)

Another great video!

If the last posted was a funny and colourful one, this one is stunning. In one shoot they manage to create this fantastic video for, originally from Chicago but nowadays LA based, OK Go and their tune "This Too Shall Pass" from their latest album "Of the Blue Colour of the Sky". Indie with a big scope of Prince.

OK Go - This Too Shall Pass

OK Go - This Too Shall Pass (Passion Pit Remix)

Bonus tracks from the same album:

OK Go - End Love

OK Go - WTF?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

John Waters or Hard Ton?

I was so glad today, first of all I woke up feeling so much better from my long lasting flu (hence my five-day absence) and in our inbox we got an email about this disco queen and John Waters character of the 21st century from Venice; Hard Ton on Gigolo Records. I'm a big fan of early acid house and Giorgio Moroder so this guy is a very nice discovery for me.

Yes, it's the artist himself impersonating famous cover of Grace Jones album Island Life for his EP "Hard Ton" and their music is inspired by Duran Duran, Justus Koehncke, Giorgio Moroder, Terre Thaemlitz, Madonna and early acid house, well I don't care I just listen to their wonderful sound made by using, exclusively, analogue and vintage gear from the 303, 606, 707, Oberheim DMX, Korg Monopoly, MS20...

If you wanna hear more from Hard Ton just check out his MySpace or wait for the EP "Hard Ton" coming out 15th of march. Meanwhile check out this amazing video for "Earthquake":

Gemini Club

Hailing from Chicago, the birth city of house music, is indie electro/dance punk trio Gemini Club. They formed as late as July last year, but have moved places since then, creating quite a buzz with their energetic music and great live shows (as evidenced by the video below).

They are currently working on remixes for as distinguished acts as The Vanish and Housse de Racket which will be out this month. They have played on-stage with other great bands, such as Tigercity, French Horn Rebellion and 2020 Soundsystem, and they have upcoming shows with Hey Champ and Database at The Empty Bottle on March 28 (oh, how I would kill to go to that) and Two Door Cinema.

Check out the live video of "Ghost", which will be included in a future release, and my two favourite tracks from their "Future Tidings" EP.

Gemini Club - Mary's Day

Gemini Club - Mirrors

To finish off, here's a half hour mixtape of Gemini Club so far.

Gemini Club - 30 Minutes Of Gemini Club

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

And a great video...

...from Darwin Deez. Funny, colourful and most of all playful. Be happy!

Darwin Deez - Radar Detector (Removed by request)

Fresh stuff from Diamond Cut...and some older...

One of Tracasseur's finest and also one of the most frequently blogged acts here, Diamond Cut is actually releasing remixes in an impressive pace. We can't hardly keep it up with him so now it's going to be a little sum-up of his latest remixes.

The other day we got one in the mailbox from our great friends over at Work It Media. It was a great and kind of slower remix from Diamond Cut of a new young English duo named The Candle Thieves, who are having their first official release with Downtown Records (Major Lazer, Miike Snow, MSTRKRFT, Santigold).

The Candle Thieves - We’re All Going To Die (Diamond Cut Slow Jam Mix)

The Candle Thieves - We’re All Going To Die (Have Fun)

Another beautiful remix is the one recently made of Sydney based Radio Ink's "Wish U Were Here". Fine craftsmanship by Diamond Cut once again. The track is not to mistaken with one of Sweden's more embarrassing tracks from the 90's by Rednex also named "Wish U Were Here"...

Radio Ink - Wish U Were Here (Diamond Cut Remix)

Radio Ink - Wish U Were Here

The remix of American rap duo Starrset is also a fresh one and also a good one. Quite different from the original track and that's what does it for me.

Starrset - My Face (Diamond Cut Remix)

Starrset - My Face

A really really hot steamin' track is this one of Oh Shit! & Night Drugs and it's more regular house vibes from Diamond Cut than usual.

Oh Shit! & Night Drugs - Everybody Needs (Diamond Cut Remix)

Oh Shit! & Night Drugs - Everybody Needs (Removed by request)

And finally one of my favourite remixes from this guy that came in the end of last year "Lying Around" by great Aussie quartet Cassette Kids. It just slipped through my fingers when posting Diamond Cut's all other great remixes during 2009.

Cassette Kids - Lying Around (Diamond Cut Remix)

Cassette Kids - Lying Around