Monday, March 30, 2009

Exclusive Interview: Deluce

We have written about the French wonderchild Deluce before. But now we wanted to have a little chat with this bloke and ask him how’s it going in school while producing fantastic music.

Who is the man behind Deluce?
Deluce is a young electronic music producer who will like to cross the galaxy in a powerful spaceship.

Does Deluce stand for something? I found this American city named Deluce in Arkansas...but that I believe has nothing to do with you?!
No, Deluce was the name of my old college-cooker, haha. His name makes me feel good, so I take it as my pseudonym in video games, and after that for the music.

You are French and live in Ile-de-France (Paris). How is that?
Exactly, Ile-de-France is Paris and all close by neighbourhoods, I live approximately seven minutes of Paris so I can say I live in Paris. Ile-de-France is cool; Paris is the most beautiful city in the galaxy!

We have written about you before, and we wrote that you are studying engineering. How is a day in school?
Yeah, I study in an Engineer school. It's cool, we don't have a lot of work. A day in school is slow. I often sleep in class otherwise I draw.

Does it work well studying and writing great tracks? How much time on studying versus producing?
Yeah, it works well! I consider being more serious with my studies, but in class I'm not that serious. 80% producing and 20% studying. It works well, haha.

How many points did you get in your last examination?
9/20 in maths.

How many points do you give your last tune "Epic"?

Hehe, you are a bit shy, we believe it’s a great track, well worth much better points!
What influences do you have?
Danger (I'm a fan!), Trentemøller (his sound quality makes me fly), Ratatat (his melodies makes me so cool), and of course Valerie troops and French rap!

We also wrote in our last post about you, that your music would be a great soundtrack while travelling in space. Do you think your music will suit outer space?
I make a lot of different kinds of music but it's true that some of my tracks are made for intergalactic travel.

Yeah, let’s head into space now and until next time Deluce, good luck with your producing and don’t forget about school…
Hehe, no I promise. Now let's go for track!

Deluce – Epic

Deluce – Superheroes

Lex Chauve – The Invader (Deluce Remix)


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