Monday, June 27, 2011

Shindu makes a homage

The latest Kitsuné release is produced by our Belgian friend and mastermind Moonlight Matters and it's Shindu's homage to Siouxsie and the Banshees' "Happy House" from 1980.

You can hear that Moonlight Matters is behind this great release, his mark of a great disco production leads you through the whole track. Along the release there is of course a couple of remixes, where the duo Herr Styler, Midnight Savari and Martians got three ace remixes. To get the full "Happy House" head over to Juno.

Shindu - Happy House (128 kbps)

Shindu - Happy House (Herr Styler Remix) (192 kbps)

Shindu - Happy House (Midnight Savari Remix) by Midnight Savari

SHINDU - Happy House (Martians Remix) by Regalia Recordings

Cavaliers of Fun + Britney Spears

Who will be better as the escort for Britney than our UK gentleman Ricco from Cavaliers of Fun. They will probably make the perfect couple and if they don't, they certainly hit it off in this remix. And for you who want to be escorted by Cavaliers of Fun, you will soon be escorted by his upcoming EP, that will be released in September on Barcelona based Holographic People (former Heartbeats).

Britney Spears - Till The World Ends (Cavaliers of Fun Remix) (320 kbps)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

We love Sneaky Sound System and Fear Of Dawn

The Aussie duo Sneaky Sound System that we listened to more than a lot two years back are finally here again with a new single in "We Love". Still that perfect disco pop coming from these guys.

"We Love" is the first single from their upcoming third studio album "From Here To Anywhere" out in the end of August on Modular. Along with this single release there is of course a bundle of remixes from acts like Aston Shuffle, Pleasurekraft and Bart B More and they have all been posted and shown to the world.

But we got a new goodie for you with the remix from the two guys from Fear Of Down, also Aussies, and they have come up with a pretty pretty nice remix, that we definitely will play on the dance floors this summer. We gonna show you more from these two fellows soon, we keep you posted.

Sneaky Sound System - We Love (Fear Of Dawn Club Mix)

Sneaky Sound System - We Love

Light Asylum

From the NY area, more exactly from Brooklyn, the duo of Light Asylum have been around for a couple of years. Searching for a label, and now finally they released the 4-track EP "In Tension" earlier this year on Mexican Summer. A full-length album is to come 2012.

What is Light Asylum then, it's a dynamic duo consisting of Shannon Funchess and Bruno Coviello. And Shannon, hey, what deep voice she's got there, at first I thought it was a male synth voice until I understood it was Shannon's cool dark and special voice, love it. Mix this with synths, some Witch House, a little industrial sounds and put in the New Wave scene from the 80s and you got what Light Asylum is about, kind of...

"Dark Allies" is a personal favourite of mine and along with "A Certain Person" they are the tracks from the EP that are the strongest. "Shallow Tears" came up on some blogs already during 2010 and it's not on this EP. Buy the whole EP over at the Mexican Summer shop!

Light Asylum - A Certain Person

Light Asylum - Dark Allies

Light Asylum - Shallow Tears

Since Light Asylum are good friends with Salem, one of the most famous within the Witch House genre, it was natural to let Salem make a remix of their style of "Shallow Tears".

Light Asylum - Shallow Tears (Salem Remix)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Get People + Crystal Fighters

Crystal Fighters from Navarra, Spain, can get on with their preparations for the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona in a couple of weeks knowing they have just pulled off a great remix of London trio Get People.

Get People - Rain Tears (Crystal Fighters Remix)

Like Crystal Fighters on Facebook! And why not Get People too?

CSS vs Faker

São Paulo electro-rockers CSS have just released their new single "Hits Me Like a Rock". It goes something like this:

CSS - Hits Me Like a Rock

I liked a couple of their early tracks, like "Let's Make Love and Listen to Death from Above", but even though "Hit Me..." isn't bad, it's something with CSS that makes me think that the idea or the image of them is better than the actual band. On the other hand, I'll give them the chance to change my mind with their forthcoming album "La Liberación", set for an August 29th release.

In any case I prefer their remix of Sydney's Faker's new single. It sounds a bit like Calvin Harris from a couple of years ago meets The Cure. Me Gusta.

Faker - Dangerous (CSS Remix)

It's better than the original, which is the sign of a good remix.

Dangerous (Radio Edit) by Faker Radio

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Elizabeth Rose + RÜFÜS

The Australian band RÜFÜS, who we wrote about back in January, are coming out with an EP on On The Fruit Records pretty soon. That should be good, and as a teaser they have just finished off a techno-poppy collaboration with talented Sydney singer Elizabeth Rose.

Check out the Fellini homage that is the video, and decide which edit you like the most:

Elizabeth Rose - Stars Ago (RÜFÜS Remix)

Elizabeth Rose - Stars Ago (RÜFÜS Remix DJ edit)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Don't be melancholic dear friends

We are truly sorry that so many people around the globe are so sad right now and we are really sorry for us making you feel all melancholic. We know we've not been posting so much the last week, sorry our dearest fans.

Excuses are not really ok, but since we went to Berlin to gig last weekend, we've been kind of party-lagged and also been taking care of things with our new summer club here in Stockholm. So, enough with excuses and we also promise to all you out there that this week is the shape-up-week for us. We keep you posted...

Gorillaz - Melancholy Hill (Feed Me Remix)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Beaumont - Skyline EP

It wasn't long ago we made a round-up of Beaumont tracks. A week later, this Monday, he released his Skyline EP to keep us on our toes. It contains a Beaumont original (well remix actually) and two remixes by Show Your Shoe, who he remixed in our last post, and our darlings Fiero. Head over to Beaumont's Bandcamp to buy the EP, including the Fiero remix which we only give away in 128 kbps sampler quality.

Beaumont - Skyline (Beaumont Remix)

Beaumont - Skyline (Show Your Shoe Remix) by beaumont_music

Beaumont - Skyline (Fiero Remix)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tracasseur off to Berlin

Yes, we're finally coming to Germany to gig. Germany, and especially Berlin, is the center of techno music and has now invited us to do our thing at the club Wild Wedding at Brunnen70 this Saturday, June 11. So we hope that Berlin is ready for our electro-indie-house-frenchtouch-italo-synth-dance stuff. This party is a kind of mini-festival with lots of live acts and djs in different genres and it's gonna be huge. Come and dance with us!

And what could be better to post in this "Tracasseur off to Berlin" post than some of our finest German friends within "our" genre, Final DJs. They got some new stuff that they sent over lately, for example their fine bootleg remix of Swedish Adrian Lux's "Teenage Crime", that Adrian really likes a lot, along with two tracks of their own. I always say it, Final DJs do some absolutely great stuff. Fan them!

Adrian Lux - Teenage Crime (Final DJs Remix)

Final DJs - K.I.D.

Final DJs - Nightflies

Rex the Dog remix

New high quality remix from one of our finest dogs. Always glad when we get new material from Rex the Dog, this one is no exception. Classic Rex track with 80’s arpeggiators and this one also got guitar break a la Top Gun.

The remix is from the single release of "Little Angel" by Mason feat. Aqualung. The original track is also a kind of italo syntish track and the release also includes a couple of more remixes and an interesting "Refurb" version, that is told to be on all releases from the label Animal Language. Buy the whole release at Beatport. And buy the whole album "They Are Among Us" over at iTunes.

Mason feat. Aqualung- Little Angel (Rex The Dog Mix)

Lifelike mixtape with new track

Got a tip the other day about a new mixtape from Lifelike including a new track from him. All engines on when listening to it, and it's a classic Lifelike and it's also a superb mixtape.


1. YUKSEK - Mister Dangerous
2. ETIENNE DE CRECY - No Brain (Alex Gopher & P.Devin Remix)
4. MENACE & ADAM - Missile Test (Fred Falke Remix)
5. LIFELIKE - Motion - ComputerScience (PROMO)
6. JUSTICE - Civilisation
7. DAFT PUNK - End Of Line (Photek Remix)
8. YEAH YEAH YEAHs- Heads Will Roll (A-Trak Remix)
9. FATBOY SLIM s HERVE - Machine Can Do The Work
10. DAVY DMX - The Dmx Will Rock
11. THE BLOODY SISTERS (T.B.S.) - Slammin'
12. DAFT PUNK - SuperHeroes (LIFELIKE re-edit)
13. PHANTOMs REVENGE - Long Time No Seen (PROMO)
14. VISITOR - Coming Home (LIFELIKE Remix) (PROMO)
15. EVIL NINE - Its You
16. GORDON GECKO - Wall Street - (french voice over)
17. ADAM KESHER - Hour Of The Wulf (LIFELIKE Remix)
18. SIRIUSMO - Feromonikon
19. N.V.D - Le Castle Vania (Computer Club Remix)
20. LIFELIKE & KRIS MENACE - Discopolis (ALAN BRAXE Remix)
21. KRIS MENACE - Phoenix
22. SEBASTIAN - Embody

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Official music video for Owl Vision

Swedish Owl Vision released this new video yesterday for "Deathstar". The video is produced by the guys from Punx Sthlm, who also are STYGG, an act we posted earlier. The track will be up for sale June 14 on iTunes, Juno and Beatport.

This new track is released via Owl Vision's own new label Comorbid Records, which so far holds himself and boerd (also posted not long ago) from Stay Ali. Keep track of this new label, they have more to come what we heard...

And as it was a time ago we posted stuff from Owl Vision, we must do our job proper by doing so now. Some stuff from the last months, all with free downloads, one oldie in "Dancing" but it was also the first release ever on Comorbid.

Owl Vision - Dancing by Owl Vision

The Destroy Squad - Brainwashing (Owl Vision Remix) by Owl Vision

Adam Tensta - The Monkey w/ Spoek Mathambo (Owl Vision Remix) by Owl Vision

Futurecop! - Starworshipper (Owl Vision Remix) by Owl Vision

Monday, June 6, 2011

Patrick Wolf + Richard X

Even if we eat music every day, we sometimes miss out on some of the most yummy stuff. How this tasty remix by Richard X could miss our dinner table is a huge question, due to Patrick Wolf and Richard X are some of Tracasseur's favourites in what they take on. But what could be better then to eat it as dessert instead...

Patrick Wolf - The City (Richard X Remix)

Patrick Wolf - The City

You can now pre-order Patrick Wolf's new album "Lupercalia", from where "The City" is the first single.

Beaumont round up

April, May and the beginning of June have been real productive months for Beaumont, our Aussie fave. A lot of tracks and releases for him and we round them up here today so you keep track of Beaumont.

Latest one is his remix of Show Your Shoe's "Technik City - Jet Skiing". Get Beaumont's remix over at Juno, where you also should buy the whole release with remixes of Flashworx and Coupons.

show your shoe - technik city - jet skiing (beaumont remix) by beaumont_music

Next up is his latest EP "City Meets Soldier" featuring Ill Collins. The original track is a more than 8 minutes long dreamy Beaumont track, kind of epic. Lovely work. And the remixes that comes along the release, it's really hard to pick out any favourite one so far, due to all of them are really awesome and they all contributes with something in every remix. So here is the whole release in 128 kbps and if you want them in better quality, lets say 320 kbps or FLAC, head over to Beaumont's Bandcamp and buy them. Very praiseworthy thinking of the high quality content of the EP.

Beaumont feat. Ill Collins - City Meets Soldier (Original Mix)

Beaumont feat. Ill Collins - City Meets Soldier (Clancy Remix)

Beaumont feat. Ill Collins - City Meets Soldier (Ren Riz Remix)

Beaumont feat. Ill Collins - City Meets Soldier (Shelby Grey Remix)

Beaumont feat. Ill Collins - City Meets Soldier (Farfletched Remix)

Last tracks of the day will be "Oblivion" and "Feed the Sky". Once again Beaumont's distinctive character in the music, they got his signature written all over them. Dream away with Beaumont and the last words for the day will be: everytime you dream it feeds the sky...

Beaumont - Oblivion

Beaumont - Feed the Sky

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Do me to the music tonight again...

Tonight we will go a little dirty again and play that sexy music that will make you want to make out, and maybe even more, right on the dance floor. In the darkest corners of Slakthuset in Stockholm there will be things going on...Do Me The Music is back again...

To our help to get all of you into this vibe we've invited some dirty foreign acts and some sensitive Swedes, all on the turned on label Brilliantine. It's going to be their night tonight.

Once again we got fine Canadians in town and once again from the fine city of Toronto. We love our Canadians! Toronto is now the hottest city within blog electro and have taken over the number one position from Sydney and Paris. From here we get What Kind Of Breeze Do You Blow?. Even if they keep a low profile, they have been love bombed from everywhere due to their excellent remixes.

El Perro Del Mar - Change Of Heart (What Kind Of Breeze Do You Blow? Remix)

What Kind Of Breeze Do You Blow? - Unanswerable

Norwegian Pelifics is a well esteemed name within the nu disco genre with releases on labels such as American Girlfriend Records, Untz Untz from Bergen and also Brilliantine of course. Few people can do the perfect mix of the classic italo disco together with the modern electro as Pelifics does. Also be alert on his upcoming EP, which will hold some really exciting collaborations.

Pelifics - Forever

Pelifics - Guess What Paula, You're Sued

We've been writing a lot of the splendid Swedish duo Montauk and it's for that simple reason that they are awesome. With their dreamy disco pop sound they've conquered Sweden and other parts of the world. With their latest EP they moved further in the music exploration they do, one of the best releases this year!

Montauk - Eye-contact

Home Video - Every Love That Ever Was (Montauk's Vacation Mix)

And besides these horny acts the rest of the sexiest army will play as there were no tomorrow, we who will do this are Tracasseur of course and our other residents La Petite Putain and Happy Endings.

Come an do us to the music...

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Toque for free

Girlfriend Records' latest release is the EP "Xtro" by the new act Toque. It's a collaboration between Norwegian HR and another mysterious partner, if not HR was mysterious enough. We actually met this wonderful girl a couple of times but to the rest of the world she will be hidden. But that's no problem when she is releasing goodies as these ones.

This is also Girlfriend Records last free release and they hope people enjoyed their kindness and still will keep supporting them with their new upcoming releases. Soon their second compilation will see the light and it's told to be their biggest project so far.

But now, it's Toque time!

Toque - Xtro

Toque - Kenny G

Latest Grum remix

Missed out on this latest remix from Grum. The remix is of Urchins, a duo that I also missed out until recently when I heard their remix of Kissy Sell Out. This new remix is not the typical Grum sound, maybe we going to hear some more new stuff soon in a new way, even if we of course like Grum with all of his sounds.

Urchins - Xylophobe (Grum Remix) by GRUM