Friday, May 28, 2010

New Kamp!

And now to an "most underrated" entry in both the label and artist categories. Kamp!'s new single "Heats" dropped on Brennessel this week. We love the immaculate electro-pop. Especially the B-side "Distance of the Modern Hearts".

Kamp! - Heats

Kamp! - Distance of the Modern Hearts

Amari + Fare Soldi

From the Geneva area in Switzerland to the Friuli area in Eastern Italy and Amari's new single "Tiger" that we have listened to the last couple of weeks. The low-fi, five-piece disco-funk band includes half of DJ/remixing duo Fare Soldi. The EP comes with remixes by NT89, Bunuel, Cécile and Cerronza.

Enjoy the cinematic video, and if you get the chance to see one of Amari's eclectic live performances, you should take it.

Here's the mp3:

Amari - Tiger (Album Version)

Amari are also responsible for this classic remix of Settlefish, which is my favourite track from them. And I know it's one of the favourites of Pasta who is the member of both Amari and Fare Soldi.

Settlefish - Summerdrip (Amari Night Members Club Remix)

Speaking of Fare Soldi, they've just finished this remix of Funkabit.

Funkabit - Mininova (Fare Soldi Sederone Remix)

SWR005: Flashworx

Ok, we need to get some posting done if we are to get all the music we're sitting on out to you. That means keeping the posts short. Especially since we had to fire the thousand monkeys we had writing for us. Ultimately, most of what they were writing were nonsense gibberish about bananas. Besides, they had awful music taste.

Space Walker Recordings' new EP is from our Swiss friends Flashworx who recently returned from their second Japanese tour. It will be released on June 1, and includes remixes by FM Attack, Sare Havlicek & Le Pimp and label boss Shawn Mac & Lazercat.

Flashworx - One More Night In Tokyo

Flashworx - Love Is Anywhere 128kbps by SpaceWalker Recordings

Flashworx - Odaiba Chase 128kbps by SpaceWalker Recordings

Flashworx - Sandra Was Great 128kbps by SpaceWalker Recordings

Flashworx - Sandra Was Great (Sare Havlicek & Le Pimp Remix) 128kbps by SpaceWalker Recordings

Flashworx - Odaiba Chase (Lazercat & Shawn Mac Remix) 128kbps by SpaceWalker Recordings

Flashworx - Love Is Anywhere (FM Attack Remix) 128kbps by SpaceWalker Recordings

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cassette Club

Cassette Club, comprised of Ben Macklin and Tom Hammond have released the remix EP of their latest single "4 Me" on Eye Industries today (or yesterday depending on which continent you're on), May 25. The original is really great to begin with,  and the remixes courtesy of Tracasseur household names like Bestrack and Beaumont, as well as hyped acts like Quinten 909 & Livian and Algeronics are just as good.

Pick up the release in it's full high-quality glory on Beatport and expect to hear more from Eye Industries and Cassette Club in the future.

Cassette Club - 4 Me (Beaumont Remix)

Cassette Club - 4 Me (Bestrack Remix)

Cassette Club - 4 Me (Quinten 909 & Livian Remix)

Cassette Club - 4 Me (Algeronics Remix)

Cassette Club - 4 Me (Original Mix) by EyeIndustries

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Short Circuit

We've written about the LA-based blog/label/producer collective Binary before. We love the stuff they do, and we're not just saying that because they'll become an entertainment empire the size of Google in the near future. No siree, the whole stable of electro, synthpop and chillwave acts are awesome. Just check out the latest release of member Short Circuit.

Short Circuit is Andrew Verner is a former indie musician who took his music to the world of ones and zeros in 2008. Well, the indie dance traces are still present between the synths and vocoders in his music, and during his dynamic live shows that includes an intricate blend of live synths and vocals and on the go remixing.

The new single "Let Go" drops today for free! The lovely original is a perfect, pumping electropop hit with a pinch of Eurythmics, while Californian Small Pyramids' remix is a more chilled out dreamwave piece. To top it off, we're proud to give you our Swiss friends Flashworx' trademark nu italo remix exclusively!

Short Circuit - Let Go

Short Circuit - Let Go (Small Pyramids Remix)

Short Circuit - Let Go (Flashworx Remix) (Tracasseur exclusive)

Actually, I feel we can't stop here as I feel we need to share these great remixes that Short Circuit has concocted. To show you that "Let Go" isn't just a fluke...

Michael Jackson - Beat It (Short Circuit Remix)

The Presets - Kicking and Screaming (Short Circuit Remix)

Keenhouse - Mecho Maniac (Short Circuit Remix)

LexiconDon - Nothings on the TV (Prod. Short Circuit)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Deluce & Shin

We've written about young Frenchman Deluce several times before but we've never written about another young Frenchman named Shin. Now they've actually remixed each other. So then we will let them share this post.

Deluce is the Frenchman that reached my Best of 2009 list and that is a true talent all the way. His Street Fighter remix of Shin's "Pusan City Lights" are as great as always.

Shin - Pusan City Lights (Deluce Street Fighter Remix) [Tracasseur exclusive]

Shin is the new talent to me that are highly inspired of the 80s and Korea. We will definitely hear more from this youngster in the near future. Hiya!

Deluce - Lionsheart (Shin trot Remix)

Friday, May 21, 2010


Remember this?

Mason's "Exceeder" was a big hit in 2007, even in mainstream clubs and charts. I liked it even if it is a little too Ibiza for me and I always get uneasy if something I like blows up too big. Because, let's face it, mainstream popularity is hardly a proof that something is good. It reminds a lot of Bodyrox' "Yeah Yeah" which was a hit a year earlier and that type of electro house is pretty interesting. You can hear both the electro-fying of progressive house and the emerging fidget house in them.

Anyway, the Dutch duo is back with a new single called "Corrected" featuring DMC of Run DMC and Sam Sparro. It also comes with remixes from Riva Starr, Alex Gopher and Freaky Friday. The cool thing with these remixes is that they are all so different from each other. Freaky Friday makes a fidget track, Riva Starr a bouncy house track and Alex Gopher a trademarked quirky acid/electro/techno track.

Yeah, fidget... You might have noticed that we don't post much of it. That's because neither me or Jonny like it very much. To me the Freaky Friday remix sort of pinpoints the problem I have with fidget. It could have been an excellent track. I like the piano build-up especially. And then that fidget bass comes in and spoils it for me. It just ruins the flow and the track just pauses and, well, fidgets. So it's a genre I'd like to like. I just can't stand the fidget bass, which is a shame since I like the rave flirts and the ghetto-y feel.

What's that? "Then do it yourself then" you say? Well, maybe I will, since anyone who signs up for their mailing list can get the stems and bits and make their own remix!

Mason - Corrected (Alex Gopher Remix)

Mason - Corrected (Freaky Friday Remix)

Mason - Corrected (Riva Starr Vocal Remix)

"Corrected" is out now on Animal Language. Pick it up on Juno or Beatport! Also get the new issue of DJ Mag where the cover CD contains an hour of Mason stuff. And if you're in Amsterdam on June 5, go see Mason and Alex Gopher at the Animal Language label party.

Erlend Øye + Fm Attack

So the Vancouver Canucks were eliminated by the Chicago Blackhawks in the quarter finals of the Stanley Cup last week. Even if that meant the end of a successful season I know it was to the disappointment of another of  Vancouver's prides; FM Attack. He has on the other hand something else to look forward to, and so do we. His new EP "Astrowave" will be released on June 1. And it's a real treat!

More on that soon though. In the meantime we're proud to give you his remix of another genius; Erlend Øye's 2004 single "The Black Keys Work". And it's a real treat too.

Erlend Øye - The Black Keys Work (FM Attack Remix)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


This is actually an old friend of mine (the guy to the right) that goes back in the days when I was young. I'm still young, but when I was younger and played soccer and got to know this guy Le'Andre via a friend of mine who played in the same club. Back then I didn't realize that he would be posted on my blog like ten years later.

But now it's how it is and Le'Andre forms the debut band PURPL PoP together with Skoog. Le'Andre is the rapper/singer/songwriter and Skoog is the producer. They're creating a little chunk from the 80s, 90s, 2020s and creating the sound that is PURPL PoP.

With influences like Jamiroquai, Prince, Dizzy Rascal and Biggie they're aren't the usual stuff we write about on Tracasseur. But I like it, not only that Le'Andre is an old friend of mine. It's good, funny and so likeable.

I believe this Swedish duo will hit the charts in 2010, still unsigned but that's only a matter of time. Give it up for them, buy their track in full quality at iTunes if you live in Sweden and check out this video for their debut single "The Way".

PURPL PoP - The Way

WKBDYB + Montauk

We wrote about What Kind Of Breeze Do You Blow?'s mini remix EP just over a week ago. It's the Brilliantine label's third release and it dropped today (or yesterday here in Europe), May 17. The Brilliantine guys are in a giving mood after Belgian super duo Aeroplane included Montauk's "Holiday" (a single we wrote about in April) in their May 2010 "Chart Mix". So much so they have decided to give away half of  the remix EP for free. That's great for us, but I can't help thinking: why wouldn't they include a band like Montauk?

Pick up "Holiday" on iTunes, and the remaining track from the WKBDYB remix EP, Deux Helix' remix of "The Probe", on Juno or DjTunes.

What Kind of Breeze Do You Blow? - Love of Luxury (Montauk Remix)

Aeroplane "Chart Mix" May 2010 by Aeroplane (Official)

1. John Waynes - Falling Leaves (Social Disco Club Remix)
2. Rodion - Alagoas Cowboys
3. The Aikiu - Just Can't Sleep
4. Montauk - Holiday
5. Anthony's Games - Theme From Sunshine Love
6. Amari - Tiger (Cécile Remix)
7. Scissor Sisters - Invisible Light (Siriusmo Remix)
8. Headman - Fluctuation (Thee Loving Hand Remix Edit by T.G.)
9. Ost & Kjex - Continental Lover
10. Jori Hulkkonen - I Am Dead (CFCF Remix)

Plasma + Digitalfoxglove

So, after the coldest winter in decades, and after ticking off spring in a few days, summer has finally hit Stockholm. I took the chance to spend the weekend out in the archipelago to charge the batteries before heading back to the blog mines. Ah, who am I kidding? Blogging is pretty smooth sailing for Tracasseur. Not least since we have a staff of a thousand monkeys to write for us. Just tell them what you have listened to recently, and they come up with these interesting and funny posts.

Today we're happy to bring you Tracasseur favourite Digitalfoxglove's brand new remix of Plasma's "Crazy". Plasma is a trio hailing from Chur, Switzerland who makes energetic dance punk. You'll have the chance to check them out when they play at Open Air in St. Gallen on June 26.

Pete's DFG remix is literally a couple of hours old and we're happy that he wanted to share it exclusively with our readers. The original is a couple of months old though, and great remixes by the familiar faces of I'm not a Band and Neo Tokyo have been out there for a while.

Plasma - Crazy (Digitalfoxglove Remix) [Tracasseur exclusive]

Plasma - Crazy (I'm Not A Band Remix)

Plasma - Crazy (Neo Tokyo Remix)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Radiant Dragon

This guy is musical brilliance. The music makes you spellbound. Dreamy, orchestral, sweeping music of it's own kind. You will probably set the tracks on repeat.

Radiant Dragon is originally from Frankfurt but nowadays he lives in London. He describes his music as a trip through fragments of Utopia. His tracks will take you on a journey through the electronic forests, abandoned cities, and buried dreams of the future.

Lately his fine misty single "Preseli" has been remixed by Entrepreneurs and Nowa Huta. The track "Preseli" will be featured on Radiant Dragon's debut album, that is told to be released in October on his own label Cloud Factory.

Radiant Dragon - Preseli

Radiant Dragon - Preseli (Entrepreneurs' Neuromancer Remix)

Radiant Dragon - Preseli (Nowa Huta Remix)

Other tracks that also will be included on the album are "Frost Satellite" and "In The Dawn".

Radiant Dragon - Frost Satellite

Radiant Dragon - In The Dawn

As a bonus here's also Radiant Dragon's remix of Egyptian Hip Hop, where he makes the remix into something else than the original.

Egyptian Hip Hop - Wild Human Child (Radiant Dragon Remix)

Lisa Bonet + Rush = Evan Patrick

Sometimes you just like something. I liked Evan Patrick when I took my first listen. Couldn't really tell why it got me hooked, but it did. Could it be the similarities to M83 or the flirt with the sound of the 80s? Maybe it's the combination...

Evan says that his EP "The Geek Out" is the product of his singularly unhealthy interest in 80s detritus, which he know is cool and whatnot at the moment, but it's still a totally sincere and personal pursuit for him. He's tried to capture the sounds of Tears for Fears, Rush, Hall & Oates and Tangerine Dream.

The finest tracks on the EP are the M83-flavoured "Architect of the Utopia" and 80s-flavoured "Misfits of Science".

Evan Patrick - Architect of the Utopia

Evan Patrick - Misfits of Science

Evan Patrick - Asia

Evan Patrick - My Perfect Treat

Evan Patrick - The Last Unicorn

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Wonderful video

One of our faithful readers named Alex Dückminor has made this colourful and beautiful music video for the brand new project Columbus.

Columbus consists of singer AMOS and producer Bartellow. Their debut single "Love Machine" will be available as download and on vinyl, released by the Austrian record label Estrela. The single will also hold remixes made by Ben Mono, Disco Damage and Harry Jen.

The video is Alex's master project from a design school in London. It took him eight months to make the video. But you can really see that the video is made with love and care. Wonderful video that works perfect with the music from Columbus.

Enjoy! Also check out Alex's other designs at The Crystal Beach.

Test - Test song

Another new fine track from Young Empires

Got this new track from the guys in my new great discovery Young Empires. As I wrote back in the beginning of May, they could be the next big thing. Interesting sound of their own with catchy beats.

This track is a little more mellow but as great like their other few tracks they've made so far. Remember they only started in October last year, so the future are theirs. Keep your eyes open for the upcoming EP, it's going to be huge!

Young Empires - Glory of the Night (Demo)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Indiscreet debut EP "The I"

My latest love from France is Indiscreet. Since we posted the remix of Bestrack back in September last year I got my eyes and ears focused. And yesterday he released his first EP "The I" and it's smashing. Melodic, corrosive basslines, great kicks, it's simply great.

What can you say about the debut EP then. Well, it's a solid piece with superb composition, both in the melodic sound and in the pumping beat. It's French Touch with the electro vibes. It's great craftsmanship all the way.

The whole EP is also a time-line story in both music and graphics about a fascistic future where the big eye rules. Something similar to the story in the classic masterpiece "1984" written by George Orwell back in the 40s.

The best track according to me from the EP features the amazing Virginia based singer and producer KiD A. Here are the tracks in correct order to tell the story right. You can purchase the whole EP here.

Vanish Part I

Vanish Part II

Stab In The Back

Indiscreet feat. KiD A - Reveries Past

Indiscreet has also got attention and excitement due to his numerous remixes and this is the latest one of Jimmy Onassis.

Jimmy Onassis - Spell (Indiscreet Remix)

Heavier Thursday with Powerhäus

Today we go a little deeper. We'll go into a dark cave with Powerhäus from NY. It's the harder house kind of music but still very melodic. It's the soundtrack to an alternative horror movie and it's Charles Mandino who composed it.

Powerhäus - Cold

Powerhäus - 17 YRS RWRK

Powerhäus - I Luv Warped Animalz

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Volta Cab

I remember when hearing Tesla Boy for the first time, just over a year ago, that I thought it was rather exotic that they were from Russia. Of course, I had heard a few other Russian bands, like 7he Myriads for example, but to me 2009 is still the year where Russian synth- and electro pop stepped out of its shadow to earn its place on the global music scene.

Upstation have been favourites of ours since last Autumn. Another artist we've been keeping tabs on for nearly as long is Ulyanovsk producer Volta Cab. His music, as well as his aesthetics, are strongly influenced by the 80s, just as the two aforementioned bands. But where Tesla Boy and Upstation draw a lot from the 80s New Wave and synth pop, Volta Cab mixes the retro sound with more of disco and filter house. Or as Konstantyn himself describes his project:

"Volta Cab comes from Mother Russia and brings us into the neon future. Into the times where space rockets are the most widespread type of transport. Into the times where teachers at your child's' school are Martians and the chief-cooks of your favourite restaurant are from Mercury. Into the times when the war is over and everyone in the universe loves one another in the interstellar dance to the synth pop music heavily influenced by the 1980's pop-culture."

Volta Cab - Curious Dreams

Volta Cab - Clarissa

Volta Cab - Stay With You

Volta Cab - We Are Marsians

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New remixes from Beaumont

Our fine friend Beaumont on the other side of the world has been productive lately. He got some great remixes ready to show the world.

The remix of 24-year old Melbourne producer Ren Riz (more to come about him soon) is only 12 hours old. It's a bit of a departure from Beaumont's usual styles, but we like this style too. A little harder more driven beat.

Ren Riz - Swamp (Beaumont Remix)

The second remix is of former Moloko member Roisin Murphy, who is about to release her third solo album this year. The track "Momma's Place" is supposed to be on the album and this is Beaumont's remix of it. I think it's a superb remix of Beaumont!

Roisin Murphy - Momma's Place (Beaumont Remix)

The third and last remix is of great Grum (he still seems to stopped spelling his name in caps) and his awesome track "Can't Shake This Feeling" that we posted the eating video to a while ago.

Grum - Can't Shake This Feeling (Beaumont Remix)

"Starcrash" with Worship

New epic space track from our fine Swiss Worship. This guy always make these fine melodic harmonies and that's what keeping me hooked on every new track that he makes.

This one is an exclusive track in full quality that he gives away for free to the fans of Tracasseur. Worship is giving you his love so it's a matter of course that you answer the love back.

Worship - Starcrash

And you must check out this awesome trailer for this Italian epic action in outer space from 1979 with the same name "Starcrash" starring David Hasselhof.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Funkstar De Luxe remixed... our fave Edwin Van Cleef and Dolby Anol. At Beatport you can buy the Van Cleef remix, the original and some other remixes but if you want to get your hands on the Dolby Anol remix you must do like this:

Destined Records are encouraging people to start following them on Twitter. Because on Monday, May 23 they're giving away the remix in full 320 glory via their Twitter feed. The link will only exist for a limited period. If you want to get your hand on it, start following Destined Records before May 23. The remix will never be available to buy so this is the only chance to get it.

DEST041 Funkstar De Luxe Do You Feel Edwin Van Cleef Remix by destinedrecords

Funkstar De Luxe 'Do You Feel' (Dolby Anol Remix) by nathantayloronline

New remixes from our favourite TEEN

Amy from TEEN has made two new great remixes lately. We wrote about her in January and since then she has been the runner-up in a remix contest of Streetlab's "Rat Racer" and remixed the hip-hop icon Snoop Dogg.

I believe it's time to say congratulations for the second place in the remix contest and the great work with that hip-hop thang.

Streetlab - Rat Racer (TEEN Remix)

Snoop Dogg - That Tree (TEEN Remix)

TV OFF debut album available for pre-listening

Finnish electro-pop duo TV OFF will release their debut album "Music Machine" in two days on May 12. But the album will be available already tomorrow May 11 in 12 hours for pre-listening. The 12 hours will start 12 p.m. EET and ends at midnight and you can pre-listen here, at their Facebook or at their MySpace.

"Music Machine" tracklist:
1. Intro
2. Music Machine
3. Car Is On Fire!
4. Tow-truck
5. Boogieman
6. Giraffe
7. Spots
8. Interlude (Popcorn)
9. I Mind Now
10. French Boys
11. Pillows & Shortcake
12. Honey

The album is released through TV OFF's own label Eels In My Pants. Previously released tracks have created a lot of positive reviews from all over the blogosphere. And the debut EP, also named "Music Machine", released via Euphonios Records earlier this year made the fine video for "Music Machine" noted in the Top 10 list of most watched indie videos.

Last year Dancefloor Mayhem had a remix contest for the track "Music Machine" and here are the two best remixes according to me. Check out all the other remixes over at Dancefloor Mayhem.

TV OFF - Music Machine (Jemex Remix)

TV OFF - Music Machine (Noah + The Man Mix)

TV OFF got a hype around them and they've been to Tokyo playing, they've been nominated for Best Upcoming Act at the Basso Radio awards, performing at the Diesel Global Party and played along with CSS, Crystal Castles and Patrick Wolf.

This duo is obviously one act to keep an extra eye on.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Stay Ali's Vat:Auhlau EP - pure magic!

Here's a real treat for y'all. Stay Ali are three teenagers from Stockholm that produce awesome music with a maturity well beyond their years. And they are no newcomers either; they made tracks like "Emotional Day" two years ago! Their EP "Vat:Auhlau" is released on May 24 on Technofavrik, the label co-run by Monsieur Adi, and includes four original tracks and two remixes by Owl Vision and Datassette. I guarantee you'll want to buy it.

Stay Ali - 97

Stay Ali - Seeing People featuring Karma Tree (Removed by request)

New Lebatman

One of our many favourite Italians, Lebatman, have made a couple of new tracks. And more is in the making.

Lebatman - Duelle (removed by request)

Lebatman - Hyadum Crash

Nightcall remix contest

Ok, I thought I'd get some blogging done for a change. We've got a lot to cover so I'll try to touch the ground running.

First off, a great track that already have been blessed with a lot of great remixes will get even more since Kavinsky and Record Makers are having a remix contest. Rules are simple; download the parts from here and submit your remix of "Nightcall" before June 30 and you'll get the chance to get it released digitally.

So expect lot's of "Nightcall" remixes this summer. If they're all as good as this Studio Brussels one I'll be happy.

Kavinsky - Nightcall (Studio Brussels Remix)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Cullen + Calling In Sick

Sydney duo Calling in Sick's latest remix is of one man musical force Cullen's début single "Easily Impressed". Those guys really have a knack for producing club bangers and this track is no exception. Love those 80s synths and the pumping beat, even if this remix doesn't quite reach the dizzying heights of their Grum remix that made my Best of 2009 list. But on the other hand, that track is on top of the Petronas towers...

Cullen - Easily Impressed (Calling In Sick Remix)

I like the original a lot too. Obviously more indie, but with the beat and those synth and electro influences that has made the Australian music scene so good in recent years.

In short, Cullen seems to be a guy to keep an eye on. And with other great remixes by Redial and Fromage Disco, this is a release you really should check out.

What Kind Of Breeze Do You Blow? May 2010 Mix

Brilliantine are going from strength to strength.The label's third release is What Kind Of Breeze Do You Blow?'s mini remix EP. It consists of remixes of "Love of Luxury" by Swedish luxury-pop duo Montauk and a club banger of "The Probe" by Deux Helix. The EP is out May 17 on all major digital stores, but you can already pre-order it here.

As an intro to their sound, or just to get you in the right feeling, here's a mix by WKOBDYB? that not only includes both of the tracks from the EP, but also an early teaser of the future fourth release from Brilliantine; Sweet Track's "Two Way Mirror".

What Kind Of Breeze Do You Blow? - May 2010 Mix

1. Booka Shade - This Is Not Time (Get Physical Music)
2. Marius Vareid - Vallefaret (Full Pupp)
3. Popname - Hello Gorgeous (Terranova Remix) (Kompakt Pop)
4. Sweet Track - Two Way Mirror (Mirror People Remix) (Brilliantine)
5. Aka Jk - Someone Out There (KIM Remix) (Throne Of Blood)
6. Ettiem - Winter Count (I'm a Cliché)
7. What Kind Of Breeze Do You Blow? - Love Of Luxury (Montauk Remix) (Brilliantine)
8. Compuphonic - Alpha Station (Factor City)
9. Play Paul - Tijuana (Trumpets Of Lust) (Acid Girls Remix) (Kitsuné)
10. What Kind Of Breeze Do You Blow? - The Probe (Deux Helix Remix) (Brilliantine)
11. Human Life - In It Together (Kris Menace Remix) (Lifex)
12. Jamie Lidell - I Wanna Be Your Telephone (Warp)
13. Crookers ft. Soulwax & MixHell - We Love Animals (Love Supreme Alternative Mix) (Southern Fried)

As a bonus we'll give you Montauk's excellent remix of The Sonnets.

The Sonnets - Sebastian Said (Montauk Remix)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Monsieur Adi + Soul II Soul + Ellie Goulding again!

We have written a lot about Monsieur Adi, and in quite a short period time. There are two reasons for that. He's very productive. And he's frickin' brilliant. Case in point are these two tracks; a remix of 1989 classic, Soul II Soul's "Back to Life" and another remix of Ellie Goulding. Seriously, are Goulding and Adi the best dynamic duo since the dawn of time or what? Just listen!

Ellie Goulding - Guns And Horses (Monsieur Adi Remix)
(via Random Trax)

Soul II Soul - Back To Life (Monsieur Adi Remix)

Don't forget to buy Monsieur Adi's "We Are The Romans" EP on Beatport!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"Journey" from Matt Van Schie

The latest single from Van She bassist Matt Van Schie's solo project is called "Journey". It's a bit more dreamy than earlier release "Saturday Night". As our friends over at French Express described the new track: "epic new wave yacht rock". It's produced by his band mate Michael Di Francesco (aka Arithmatix!) but also by one of our favourites; Diamond Cut. Get the fine 4-track EP "Balmy Nights" here.

Matt Van Schie - Journey

Matt Van Schie - Saturday Night

Matt Van Schie - Saturday Night (GLOVES Remix)

Introducing Young Empires

Wow! This can be the next thing for sure. Found this Toronto band Young Empires via one of Tracasseur's finest supporters Ingaborg from Serbia. Thanks Ingaborg!

The 3-piece around twenty-something have found an interesting sound of their own that makes you want to move your body. It's catchy and it got flutes (!) yep you read right: flutes. They combine the flute with some post-punk feeling with a catchy disco beat. Sounds interesting? I understand it does, it's ok to press the play button on the player while continue reading about these fine young empires of Toronto.

Young Empires started out as late as October 2009, therefore they only got some demos at their MySpace but they've told us that they are working on their first EP as we write this post. Once complete, they plan to distribute their new sound the good-old-fashioned way; by hitting the road, and hitting it hard. I also believe when the EP is out, the climb to the top will begin.

The guys behind the next big thing are bassist Jake Palahnuk, guitarist Robert Aaron Ellingson and GoldenGirl's Matthew Vlahovich, who is no stranger to the Toronto music scene. And Jake said to us in a quippy way: "We're writing tracks that make you feel wealthy, attractive, powerful; a soundtrack to your haute life, if you will."

Remember where you read about Young Empires in their early stage of their career and remember to bow to them at their MySpace and Facebook.

Young Empires - Rain of Gold (Alternate Mix)