Thursday, December 31, 2009

Arnie Becker's best of 2009

So, I've tried to sum up the music year of 2009 in 15 tracks, and man oh man was that hard. Women giving birth often think that is hard. Luke Skywalker probably thought hitting that shaft on the Death Star with those torpedoes was hard. But none of that compares to having to weed down a 50 or 60 tracks long shortlist to just 15.

In the end people like Baxter, Chromeo, Neon Workout, Cassian, Lebatman, Beaumont, PH Groove, FM Attack, and Pelifics along with bigshots like Bag Raiders, Midnight Juggernauts, Lifelike and Fred Falke (and all the others I've forgot to mention) were axed. But I'll stop bitching and get right to it.

#15. Severin - The Edge of a Sunday (Breakbot Remix)
Breakbot had a huge year in 2008, but there came a couple of gems this year too. I chose the Severin remix, even if the Yuksek one also was a favourite and also could have made the list. With an album coming out in 2010, expect to hear more from France's funkiest.

Severin - The Edge of a Sunday (Breakbot Remix)

#14. Edwin Van Cleef - OvertakenEdwin van Cleef was another one who spit out excellent tracks on almost a weekly basis in late 2008 and early 2009. After some label troubles he finally released "Overtaken" on his own label this fall. Despite releasing a bunch of great remixes this was my favourite Cleef track of the year. It's just filled with such energy!

Edwin Van Cleef - Overtaken

#13. GRUM - Runaway (Calling In Sick Remix)
From Leeds to Leeds and to Van Cleef's roommate GRUM. There's a place that should have some decent music at the afterparties... Both of them manage to transform their sound beyond the trash electro à la Justice they both had come to master into something new, while not losing a bit of their star quality. GRUM made so many great remixes this year, with Friendly Fire's "Skeleton Boy" narrowly missing my chart. His own "Runaway" release was epic as well with the great original accompanied with just as great remixes. Calling in Sick's was my favourite though.

GRUM - Runaway (Calling In Sick Remix)

#12. Elke - Blue Dream Lover (Youth Remix)Elke is one of those Australian bands that really makes you realize that the success of other Australian bands like Cut Copy, Midnight Juggernauts, Empire of the Sun and The Presets isn't just a fluke or an undeserved hype. The music scene down under really seems to be next to infinite with great bands a dime a dozen. The incredible thing is that the electro scene seems equally big with electro DJs and producers also a dime a dozen. That's two dimes a dozen! Brisbane-based Youth's nu disco odyssey is both beautiful and danceable.

Elke - Blue Dream Lover (Youth Remix)

#11. French Horn Rebellion vs. Database - Beaches and Friends (Hey Champ Remix)
The Brazilian maximalism from São Paulo's Database made up a big part of the soundtrack to the spring. Their energetic disco edits were on high rotation and the Phyllis Hyman edit could have made the list. One track that did is Hey Champ's remix of their collaboration with French Horn Rebellion. Rockford's Cut Copy, who combines making great pop tunes with their band while making awesomely funky house remixes, continues to be one of the most underrated acts in the music world. Such a great bassline on this one.

French Horn Rebellion vs. Database - Beaches and Friends (Hey Champ Remix)

#10. Friendly Fires - Jump In The Pool (Thin White Duke Remix)I haven't listened to that much indie rock the last couple of years, but when I rarely do one of my favourite bands are indie dancers Friendly Fires. Their self-titled debut from 2008 included so many great singles which in turn resulted in even more great remixes (I've already mentioned GRUM's "Skeleton Boy"). Stuart Price aka Les Rythmes Digitales made a string of great remixes under his Thin White Duke guise. The "Jump in the Pool" remix was a match made in heaven.

Friendly Fires - Jump In The Pool (Thin White Duke Remix)

#9. Holy Ghost! - I Will Come Back (Classixx Acapulco Nights Version)
Classixx had a great year with their hit "I'll Get You" and countless terrific remixes. Their blend of ultra-cool nu disco and lo-fi house was a big influence on the sound of 2009. Their remix of Brooklyn funksters Holy Ghost! took the cake though.

Holy Ghost! - I Will Come Back (Classixx Acapulco Nights Version)

#8. Visitor - Los Feeling (Monsieur Adi Remix)
Visitor's "Los Feeling" was one of the most blogged and most remixed tracks. Fear of Tigers, Flashmen, Gentlemen Thieves, Digitalfoxglove and Wonder, Flashworx and Freak You were among those who gave it a shot and did it well. Monsieur Adi came out on top though.

Visitor - Los Feeling (Monsieur Adi Remix)

#7. Paul - I Feel Change
Paul haven't got the attention he deserves yet, despite being posted on Valérie. He stood out as one of the major renewers of the French touch scene, combining the house sound of Lifelike with more of pop music. He released a string of great tracks so picking out a favourite was hard, but given that we hadn't posted it for some reason, I chose "I Feel Change".

Paul - I Feel Change

#6. Miami Horror - Sometimes
Miami Horror reinforced his standing as one of the greatest stars of Aussie electro. Fewer remixes this year than in previous years but some great releases on his own. Like the "Bravado" EP and of course one of the most epic singles of the year, "Sometimes".

Miami Horror - Sometimes

#5. kamp! - Breaking A Ghost's Heart (ODahl Remix)
ODahl was one of our finds of the year, even if I was tipped off by a friend in Poland. His remix of Empire of the Sun's "Walking on a Dream" was a big favourite, and was close to making the list. In the end the remix of Polish band kamp! was marginally better. Something I know Olle agrees with since he's told me he thinks this is the best track he's ever done.

kamp! - Breaking A Ghost's Heart (ODahl Remix)

#4. Digitalfoxglove feat. Freak You - Beasts and Flowers
The collaboration between On The Fruit's Digitalfoxglove and Freak You resulted in one of the best intros of all time. Digitalfoxglove was one of all producers who moved away from the trashy electro sound to something else. In his case that gave him more room for his great sense for melodies and harmonies. Add Freak You's funky bass and you end up with this dancefloor stormer.

Digitalfoxglove feat. Freak You - Beasts and Flowers

#3. Coeur De Pirate - Comme Des Enfants (Le Matos Andy Carmichael Remix)
Le Matos was really one of the biggest favourites for all of us in the spring. They just had (and still have) such a unique fuse of beautiful pop melodies and pumping techno. They made a bunch of awesome remixes and tracks of their own (especially in the first part of the year), but when adding the delicate voice of Coeur de Pirate we got a track that was loved by everyone, no matter if you liked club music or not.

Coeur De Pirate - Comme Des Enfants (Le Matos Andy Carmichael Remix)

#2. Tesla Boy - Spirit Of The Night
Tesla Boy must have made one of the more meteoric rises to stardom in 2009. I was on to them by word of mouth from our eastern European connection and was immediately hooked on their blend of 80s sounding electro pop and new wave. Then they were posted by Valérie and the rest is history. The promo EP (that we daringly posted) contained five tracks that were such great pop tunes all of them, so the favourite was a close call. But in the end "Spirit of the Night" narrowly edged out "Runaway Man". Now we're all looking forward to the album which will be out early 2010.

#1. Fear of Tigers - I Can Make The Pain Disappear
Fear of Tigers really affirmed himself as one of the greatest and most innovative producers in electronic music right now. He made a couple of my all time favourite tracks in 2008 (the remix of Pnau's "With You forever" is still my top track on, and yet the release of his debut album this fall blew my mind. He combines music from all over the place into such a unique sound. From the eighties and nineties to the naughties, from electro and house to indie, his music transcends all genres. From a whole album full of perfect tens the opening track was the eleven.

Fear of Tigers - I Can Make The Pain Disappear

RAR: Arnie Becker's best of 2009 (All the tracks, including awesome artwork)

Jonny Puma's best of 2009

We've all each compiled lists for the best tracks of 2009, regardless original track, remix or edit. And it was not an easy task because of a fantastic electronic music year. I was forced to leave out several of great artists, bands and tracks, but they are still in my heart and in my player. I was forced to leave Bestrack, DatA, Upstation, Frankmusik, YACHT, Maethelvin, Ted & Francis, Daroc, Stephen Falken, Yelle, Emmon, FUKKK OFFF, Penguin Prison, Mille, The Sound of Arrows and Cavaliers of Fun out of the list but I will make it up to them somehow, and for all those other great acts that I didn't mention. But for now, I present to you the Jonny Puma's best of 2009.

#15. La Roux - In for the Kill
La Roux is one of the fantastic newcomers this year. The russet-red girl from the UK gave us this catchy electro pop gem in springtime and that made us survive until summertime when her fantastic self-titled album was released. Don't miss out that album that became one of Mercury Prize's "Albums of the Year". And don't miss out on the two best remixes of "In for the Kill" by Lifelike and Heartbreak.

La Roux - In for the Kill

#14. Le Matos - Quiet Earth
Yeah! A heavy banger by Le Matos for the late night dance floor. Doesn't leave anyone disappointed. Great build-up even if it already starts up in a massive mode, but when with 2 minutes left the heavy beats quits for a while and leaves us with a new synth loop that takes us into the next level when the heavy beats come right back at us.

Le Matos - Quiet Earth

#13. Miike Snow - Animal
The guys of Miike Snow aren't any greenhorns in the music business even if they released their debut album this year. "Animal" was released in February and after that Miike Snow has really made the charts. Several great remixes of the track has also occurred made by fine ones like Fred Falke, Crookers and Treasure Fingers. "Animal" is already a classic!

Miike Snow - Animal

#12. Jenny Wilson - The Wooden Chair (Peter Visti Remix)
Wow, first time I heard this slow remix with that steady beat pumping on I wondered who the man behind the remix was. It was the Balearic King of Denmark, Peter Visti. Great remix of our fine Swedish indie queen Jenny Wilson.

Jenny Wilson - The Wooden Chair (Peter Visti Remix)

#11. The xx - Heart Skipped a Beat
Nobody could have missed out the tremendous break-through for The xx this year. They're of course included on many "Best of 2009" lists, and it's not undeserved, because their album "xx" is absolutely fantastic. This track is my favourite even if almost any other track from the album could have made my list.

The xx - Heart Skipped a Beat

#10. Bat For Lashes - Daniel
Mysterious girl, amazing music! "Daniel" is nothing than an amazing tune. This British girl's second album "Two Suns" was also one of Mercury Prize's "Albums of the Year". Amazing year for Bat for Lashes, and I congratulate her for that.

Bat For Lashes - Daniel

#9. Mackintosh Braun - On and On
Mackintosh Braun, for us an unknown band from Portland, Oregon, was one of our first friends at Tracasseur's MySpace. As I wrote back in February, it was a great new acquaintance to me and I played their record on repeat back then and I still do. "On and On" is the best track from the album, that almost is the perfect album.

Mackintosh Braun - On and On

#8. Empire of the Sun - Walking on a Dream
Maybe the best song this year, if it would've been released a little bit later, it has unfortunately been played almost to death. I fell in love with it right away. Totally magnificent track! Maybe people will say that the track was released in 2008, and so it was, down in Australia, in Europe it was released as late as February and in the US in April. Even if I was on to Empire of the Sun autumn 2008 I think this track deserves the appreciation that it should have for 2009.

Empire of the Sun - Walking on a Dream

#7. Filthy Dukes - Poison the Ivy
Filthy Dukes have come up with one of the greatest synth electro albums this year with "Nonsense in the Dark". The track "Poison the Ivy" is the best song on the album, even if it's the most indie rock of them.

Filthy Dukes - Poison the Ivy

#6. Deluce - Lead the Galaxy
Our young and talented French friend Deluce have had a wonderful year with a lot of great tracks and remixes released. "Lead the Galaxy" is intergalatic music made for space travels. The greatest new artist that I've got the chance to get to know this year. And I say: "2010, watch out for Deluce!".

Deluce - Lead the Galaxy

#5. Monarchy - Gold in the Fire
Another fine encounter this year that wrote about not long ago. It was not a question if they should hit my list or not. It was as a matter of course! "Gold in the Fire" is an excellent indie electro pop tune. Only number 5 because of tough competitors, but Monarchy is one of the most interesting bands in the end of 2009. Keep your eyes and ears open for them during 2010...

Monarchy - Gold in the Fire

#4. Gossip - Heavy Cross (Fred Falke Remix)
One of my favourite original tracks this year, but it felt a little to much rock to post the original, even if it's a pearl with a great swing. I have to hail to remix-master Fred Falke, who made a remix of the fine track. Now I can play Gossip out on the big dance floors anyhow, and I love it!

Gossip - Heavy Cross (Fred Falke Remix)

#3. Fever Ray - Triangle Walks (Rex the Dog Remix)
Great debut album from Karin Dreijer Andersson's solo project Fever Ray. Almost every tune is something extraordinary. But when I found this remix from Rex the Dog it made "Triangle Walks" even better. Dark but yet happy italo sound together with Karin's cool and different voice.

Fever Ray - Triangle Walks (Rex the Dog Remix)

#2. Patrick Wolf - Who Will (Buffetlibre Remix)
Another artist with a great album "The Bachelor" released this year. "Who Will" is a strong track from the album and Buffetlibre from Spain succeeds in making it into something new and more danceable. Love the voice of Patrick Wolf together with the pumping beats. Splendid work all of you!

Patrick Wolf - Who Will (Buffetlibre Remix)

#1. The Golden Filter - Solid Gold
Ohh, The Golden Filter, who stole my heart back in early 2009 with "Solid Gold". Since then I've been watching every move the make and they keep on releasing fantastic music with nice disco beats and catchy synth lines together with the sexy female voice of Penelope Trappes. When they release their full-length album in spring 2010, I'll be the first one to buy it!

The Golden Filter - Solid Gold

ZIP: Jonny Puma's best of 2009 (All the tracks, including awesome artwork)

Sir Lancelot's best of 2009

It has not been an easy task to compose this list. In the end I've decided to pick songs I've been playing out as a Dj to be sure they all work on the dance floor. So here it is, enjoy!

#15. Automat - Droid (Cécile Edit)
Great edit version of this Italo classic. Guess it deserves another position in this list. You should also check out Serge Santiago and Tom Neville's pretty new track "Zoid" that also samples this track

#14. Hercules & Love Affair - I Can't Wait (In Flagranti Remix)
Crazy remix completely different from the original. I can always trust this crew from Brooklyn. If you by any chance are in Stockholm the 14th january see In Flagranti live at Debaser, Slussen.

#13. Discodeine - Invert (Parce que Edit)
Discodeine is a french duo born in Paris 2007 from the sick minds of Pentile and Pilooski. You probably heard lots of remixes by Piloooski by now. This track has supercool beats to start the evening with.

#12. Cosmic Boogie - Heads (Cosmic Boogie Edit)
Cosmic Boogie started as a music blog about music. Based in Liverpool but with hooks into other parts of north west UK, it has now grown into much more than originally intended. An edit label, a DJ / production alias for Stu Robinson and a banner to learn all about the different shapes of disco, funk, soul and electro. The best remix I've heard so far of this Talking Heads classic.

#11. LCD Soundsystem - 45:33 (Padded Cell Remix)
Don't think LCD Soundsystem needs more information but maybe you don't that much about Padded Cell aka Richard Sen and Neil Higgins. Having won notoriety as a Bronx Dog (Heavenly) and a Dirty Beatnik (Wall of Sound) respectively, Padded Cell came about in 2003. This is the best version and great use of the vocals.

#10. Washed Out - You'll See It
Indie-Synth at it's best. Check out his MySpace here.

#9. Hot Chip - One Life Stand
Hot Chip's new album with the same name coming up in 2010. Keep on dreaming so good at 1.50 minutes.

#8. Al Usher - Lullaby for Robert (Bogdan Irkük Remix)
Perhaps a little slow and reminds me sometimes of Enigma from the 90's, but I can't resist this lovely remix by Borat. Sorry, I meant Bogdan.

#7. Dondolo - Dragon (Shit Robot Remix)
Shit Robot aka Marcus Lambkin releases music on DFA Records, my favourite label these days.
This dark bass and blippy keys on that vocal does the work for me.

#6. Chromeo - Night By Night
Night by night I keep listening to this brilliant gem. Don't think they need more introduction but check out their MySpace here.

#5. Bag Raiders - Shooting Stars (Cassian Remix)
So many versions, so easy to pick the best one of them. Cassian is also an Aussie like the raiders.

#4. VEGA - No Reasons
It's a star! It's the last boss from Streetfighter 2! No it's VEGA my favourite Dj and producer from Austin, Texas. Beware of his super cool live performances...

#3. Goblin - Tenebre (Serge Santiago Edit)
Oh Serge, Serge! Actually Serge Santiago is not a Frenchman but an English bloke, but he uses his own name. This remix is pretty close to the original but so much more up-tempo. And of course I don't mind Justice's version called "Phantom" either.

#2. Vitalic - Poison Lips
I'd love to make out with the girl singing on this second single from the brilliant album "Flashmob" by Vitalic aka Pascal Arbez. If I don't, I have at least one Frenchman on my list, there is no list really....

#1. The Twelves - Nightvision (Daft Punk)
No doubt The Twelves is my winner 2009. I've finished so many sets with this song and I still can't get enough of it. I also love all cool graphics these Brazilians make.

ZIP: Sir Lancelot's best of 2009 (All the tracks, including awesome artwork)

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lebatman pour Tracasseur Mix

This will be the last post before our "best of 2009" posts tomorrow. And what better way to finish off 2009 than with one of the first artists we wrote about when we started the blog; Lebatman. He sent over this exclusive mix which spans from early 80's italo classics to electro and house from the verge of the 2010's. This will make you want to party like it's 2009!

Lebatman pour Tracasseur December 09 Mix


Teenage Bad Girl - Ghost House
Hystereo - Deale
Kingdom - Any Chance To Win (Menace and Adam Remix)
Miko Mission – The World Is You
Fear of Tigers - What Did I Do
Explorer - Enjaw J
Jaunt - Travelling
Marchand – Supernova
Lemon Jelly – ’76 aka Stay With You
The Buffalo Bunch – Music Box
Disco Trash Machine – Neon Disco (Moonbootica remix)
Broke One – Please Take Me Back
The Subs – From Dusk Till Dawn
Kris Menace ft. Fred Falke - Fairlight
Sphinx - When I'm In Love
Tracey Thorn – It’s All True (Kris Menace remix)
Sia - Day Too Soon (Lifelike Remix)
Fancy - Lady Of Ice
Bat For Lashes - Daniel (Edwin Van Cleef remix)
College ft. Electric Youth - She Never Came Back (The Outrunners remix)
Lifelike – Adventure
Le Knight Club – Tropicall


Lebatman - Arpège

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Nothing new under the sun with the track "Sabali" made of the fantastic African duo Amadou & Mariam, or actually the fantastic couple Amadou & Mariam also known as "the blind couple from Mali". They are husband and wife and they got married back in 1980 and have been collaborating within music since then.

In 2008 they released the album "Welcome to Mali" (produced by Damon Albarn of Blur and Gorillaz), where the first track was "Sabali", a great electronic track that you really can't compare to any other track on the album. All their tracks are fantastic but "Sabali" sticks out to an electronic fan like me and when Paul Epworth made a mighty fine remix of it, I was sold. The other remix is inspired of the African music style Kudoro that was founded in Angola in the 80s.

Amadou & Mariam - Sabali

Amadou & Mariam - Sabali (Paul Epworth Remix)

Amadou & Mariam - Sabali (Dakunt/Candongueiro Kuduro Refix)