Sunday, March 31, 2013

Third track from Young Galaxy's upcoming album

Young Galaxy's upcoming album "Ultramarine", once again produced by mastermind Dan Lissvik, will see the light April 23. The waiting has been long and we always get happy when they give us some drugs along the way, drugs as in music, drugs as in a new track. "New Summer" is another lovely drug with the dreamy and powerful sound of Young Galaxy and the amazing voice of Catherine McCandless.

New Grum remix

Only one hour old, this new Grum remix of Cahill had some contents that got the hold of me. Does it get the same hold of you?

Friday, March 29, 2013

Sweet Finnebassen edit on James Blake's "Retrograde"

James Blake's long awaited album "Overgrown" will be out April 8 and in the waiting for that he released the sweet single "Retrograde". Now Finnebassen has done his edit of that tune and maybe made it even better. At least it's for free.

New remix from Anoraak

Latest remix from Anoraak is on Trésors' second single "Pleine Lune" from their upcoming release "Missionnaires" out April 1 on vinyl and digital. Classic nu disco from Anoraak, that also comes as a free wav download!

Another nice remix of the same track comes from Holy Strays.

Hear the whole EP from WRD

Yesterday I wrote about the new high quality record label Under Bron Recordings. Today we can give you the chance to hear all the tracks included on their first release with WRD. Two originals and one remix from Delroy Edwards. The release is out in April on vinyl. Enjoy!

New track from M83 taken from the soundtrack for Oblivion

M83's Anthony Gonzalez finally had his dream come true by creating a movie soundtrack. The soundtrack is for Tom Cruise's next big movie "Oblivion". He has teamed up with the Joseph Trapanese, the guy behind "TRON: Uprising", and together they have seemed to create some magic sounds.

M83 as the band has teamed up with our beloved Norwegian Susanne Sundfør to give us the lead song for the movie, named the same. Powerful stuff along with Susanne's mighty voice.

"StarWaves" is the work of Gonzalez and Trapanese, and it's also a powerful and epic movie tune.

The soundtrack for "Oblivion" will be released on April 9 on Back Lot Records. Now we can just hope that the movie will hold the same high caliber as the music will do. Time for Tom Cruise to show us that when the movie premieres April 12.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

A new label is born by Under Bron

To the Stockholm crowd, Under Bron (Under the Bridge)is one of the best nightclubs in town playing the best music every weekend. The club is a kind of reaction against the lame clubs of the city centre of Stockholm playing boring and well expected commercial house music. At Under Bron you will always get in touch with the most interesting and sort of underground house and techno stuff. In some way you always end up dancing when you are there, mostly because of the great choice of djs and music.

So it's with great joy the news came to us that Under Bron is starting their own record label, simply named Under Bron Recordings. With the label they want to show what music you can expect to hear at Under Bron and also to help some of the talented producers who play at Under Bron to get out to the people of the world.

The first release to come out of the label will be WRD, known from releasing material before on Force Majeure. WRD is making this quirky and interesting deep house that has so many layers of sounds and things going on. Love it!

The release will hold two tracks from WRD including one remix from Delroy Edwards. One of the tracks is "Sounds in the Grass" and you can see and hear it here below.

Thank you Under Bron for this fantastic idea to start a record label and release fantastic music!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Say Lou Lou - Julian

New name, and a new single from Swedish duo Say Lou Lou, formerly known as S L L, formerly known as Saint Lou Lou. Apparently the new Pope is cracking down on fake saints, or if there was some naming-rights issues with a Swiss band. Can't remember which exactly. Whatever it was, I guess it was the reason they were called the less-than-catchy S L L on Goldroom's excellent single "Sweetness Alive" earlier this winter. Anyway, "Julian" is a nice dreamwave song that hopefully will propel the twins into the new ABBA-Frida and Agneta, as the promo picture seems to suggest. "Julian" is out May 6th with remixes by Dan Lissvik, Martin Dubka, Monsieur Adi and Checan, and featuring Chet Faker on the B-side of the limited 7" vinyl.

Stuffa - Levitate EP

Ever heard of Stuffa? If you're a fan of garage and deep house, and Swedish garage and deep house in particular, you probably have. If you've been to this blog before you should know of DJ Nibc, who runs the Trunkfunk label, and who made an awesome Guest Tape for us, as well as one of our favourite tracks last year. You should also have heard of Jonas Rathsman, who have been lightening up the house sky over the last couple of years, and who also made a couple of our favourite tracks of last year. Together the two Gothenburg producers form Stuffa (which roughly translates to 'get down' [to music]), and they have an awesome-sounding EP coming out on Trunkfunk April 4. If you're near the Swedish west coast  on Friday, swing by the release party for the EP, and give the guys high-fives for a job very well done!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Magic Tape 31

Sorry you had to wait two hours for The Magician's new Magic Tape. You'll have to wait a little more for an exact tracklist.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sat 16.3: Moullinex + Richard Rossa + Tracasseur

More club night plugging, but this time because where in it ourselves. This Saturday (March 16) one of our favourite disco producers, Moullinex, will be playing here in the Venice of the North, and obviously I'm talking about Stockholm when I use that term (take that Giethoorn!). We covered Moullinex's latest single on Gomma just a couple of weeks ago, but you should really check out his album "Flora" that we mentioned then. Me and Jonny have been bickering about which track is the best, and as good music taste as Jonny has, mine is of course a tiny bit better, so the correct answer is that the title track "Flora" narrowly edges out the latest single "Darkest Night".

Even if it's a pretty hipster thing to say, I've listened to Moullinex since before he started spelling his name with two L:s. Around 2008 I discovered Cut Copy, and their "Lights and Music" was a big hit with lots of great remixes. One of the best was by someone named Moulinex, and what you do when you like a remix is scouring the internets for everything made by the remixer, and then you find out about a lot of great music by checking out who else your new favourite has collaborated with. The sound on this remix is very typical of early Moullinex (and of Portuguese and Discotexas brother in arms Xinobi), with it's retro synths and crickety electro house sound. Mind you, this is from the height of the French electro sound of all the Justice clones, and in the beginning of the nu italo wave. Even if it sounds very 2008, it still have a special place in my heart.

As if Moullinex isn't enough, and to complete the Gomma connection, we're joined on the line-up by the king of Swedish kraut disco, Richard Rossa, playing live! We're expecting a show worthy the rock star that he is, but instead of half a dozen costume changes, he'll be changing analogue synths.

And as always, it will be a pleasure to play with Pelle Höök and the Loaded crew. Click attending on the Facebook event, and we'll see you Saturday!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

SVMK Party tonight in Stockholm

This evening in Stockholm we have the joy to experience a new one-day festival created by our fellow friends Svenska Musikklubben (The Swedish Music Club) at Münchenbryggeriet. The festival has already started and will be ongoing until late tonight with two stages. It's an impressive line-up our friends have put together with both Swedish and a lot of foreign acts such as Modeselektor, Cyril Hahn, CEO, Nordpolen, HNNY, Ibéria, Karl X Johan and more. This will be an epic night in Stockholm and hopefully a spring festival that will come back next year again. Big ups SVMK!

First we post SVMK's own mixtape the made for the evening:

Then we post some of the tracks separately.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Goldroom - Only You Can Show Me (feat. Mereki)

Here we also got the latest vibes from Goldroom featuring Mereki on vocals. Another tune for the summer with some wonderful vocals from a sweet lady, the Goldroom melody!

Jonas Rathsman - Bringing You Down

Latest tune from Jonas Rathsman, only a few hours old. He's still kickin' these amazing house vibes into our hearts. Keep them coming our way Jonas, bring us down!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Moonlight Matters remix of Electric Guest

Latest remix from Mr. Vandevoorde aka Moonlight Matters is this one of Electric Guest. The remix is only a couple of hours old and as fresh it's in time as fresh it's in the sound. It's also a free DL, so get your own copy here.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

New Vinjette remix of Lucky Stripes + the original + the Erkka remix

Our dear friends of Vinjette, who always come with superb remixes are back with another superb one. This time they have remixed Lucky Stripes' superb "Take Me Dancing", therefore we post the original too. Both tracks are for free download, so get your superb music now!

The Erkka remix isn't bad either and it's free too!