Tuesday, February 22, 2011

PUNCHES + Flosstradamus

One of our favourite New York disco bands, PUNCHES, has just been remixed by Chicago duo Flosstradamus. One of the great things about Flosstradamus is how they let all of the fantastic musical treasure that has come, and still comes, out of Chicago influence their productions; from old-school acid house to more modern ghetto or juke house. "Sleepless City" is the title track, and my favourite, from Punches' EP from last year (buy it on iTunes), and Flosstradamus' remix sounds almost like Marshall Jefferson would have remixed it. And that's a pretty huge compliment, as I'm sure they'd agree.

Punches are playing at Vagabond in Miami on February 25 (click the flyer above), and after that they're going to SXSW in March. Be sure to catch them if you've got the chance.

PUNCHES - Sleepless City (Flosstradamus ReRub)