Monday, August 19, 2013

Tracasseur guestlist: Urulu

Picture credit: French Riton
After making the usual summer disappearance act, it's always nice to make a slow start of the post-summer season. This means blog posts that requires minimum work and creativity is favoured over the more belaboured insightful dissectings of the many corners of today's dance music culture. This is why this post is the first of a genius concept.

Last Friday was a great night out that ended with catching the last part of Urulu's gig at F12 here in Stockholm. Great music and Taylor's energetic DJ-ing style made for an electric atmosphere and a sweaty dancefloor, despite the venue being out on a terrace in the mild Swedish summer night. Obviously this was a great excuse to reaching out to the L.A. native who moved to London back in December, and after some discussion Taylor shared an idea he had harboured of naming his favourite producers at the moment.

Obviously this is an awesome idea for a blog post since "what do you listen to at the moment" is one of our favourite questions when we do interviews (we really should do one soon). And we don't even have to do any research or even write more than the intro you're now reading. Copy/paste Urulu's own words, add some links and voilá!

This is the story of how Tracasseur's new series of Guestlists came about. Here is (drumrolls):

Urulu's top 5 favourite producers at the moment:

1. Quell

Just recently got a hold of this dude, not realizing how extensive his release catalogue already was. With solo works on labels like Claap, Tsuba, 2020 Vision, and 4lux, I can only imagine where this guy is headed. It solid, straightforward, unadulterated house music at its rawest point.

2. Terrence Pearce

Cape Town native making ridiculously clean house music with a tinge of funk. His recent EP on Futureboogie has been in my crate for almost every gig. Super nice dude and even better music, no complaints whatsoever.

3. Behling & Simpson

Been listening to these two Bristol natives for ages, but as of recent their EP for Shir Khan's Black Jukebox series on Exploited Records has really hit the spot for me. Four tracks all under 120 bpm and built for the sun, embodying summer in all its glory. Love, love... love this one.

4. Zoo Look

Had the pleasure of meeting these two at Gottwood festival in Wales this year. First heard of them from their Morris Audio EP, then dug a bit deeper to find out they had stuff on labels like Tsuba, Kolour LTD, Sccucci Manucci, Dirt Crew, and, most recently, Show & Tell (a label curated by the two themselves). Self released and surely built for the floor, Take It Down EP, is a stomper. All four tracks are unbelievably cut and built for the floor.

5. Urulu

And a little narcissism never hurt, or did it? I don't know, who cares haha. Will leave the last one for some shameless plugging. I've got an EP forthcoming on New York based Let's Play House next week. Four tracks, all built relatively heavy around samples and tight percussion. My Left Coast EP is an ode to the sunny influences of California (which I'm back in and touring in October).

Ok, to be fair, one of the reasons I liked Urulu's idea of a list was that it was something I've been thinking about for some time too, and in all honesty, all DJ mags with any sort of self-respect have them. What is completely true though is that a little narcissism don't hurt, especially when it means plugging a great upcoming release like Urulu's. I've been fortunate enough to listen to it already, and you will want to check it out when it drops on August 26.


Olivia said...

Hey, cool to see this on here. I grabbed the Urulu and Chaos in the CBD EP when that was released and really liked it. I live in London, so have been looking for some Urulu gigs. I like the producer list idea as well.