Tuesday, September 3, 2013

LBCK - The Goods album

Long Beach duo LBCK (acronym for Long Beach City Kids) released their début album "The Goods" last week, and I can't help but to draw comparisons with another duo's recent album; namely Daft Punk's "Random Access Memories".

Luigi and Alex have always been trusted go-to producers if you want no-frills party music. Their brand of pumping, cut-up disco house bangers has been from the same mould as people like The Phantom's Revenge or the La Valigetta crew and has been made almost exclusively for a dancefloor. And not of those sleepy early nights dancefloors.

So with that in mind, "The Goods" is both a few BPMs and a few calories less than the music we have gotten used to. "The Goods" is, like  "Random Access Memories" an album, and an album that give a nod to music that probably formed the Kids, even if the nods aren't towards Giorgio Moroder and Niall Rodgers but towards classic hip-hop, Bag Raiders and the Daft Punk of "Homework" (they even have a flirt with DP's "Teachers" in "Rock the House".

"RAM" was also DP stepping off the gas, even if they probably already were doing the speed limit, which meant their album had a Florida senior's speed. LBCK, on the other hand, are still speeding at times, but would maybe get to keep their licenses if the cops were to clock them. So all in all, "The Goods" is LBCK's introverted, backward-looking, old-geezer-rock album. Or it would have been if they'd had longer careers and were pushing 40 instead and not 20-something.

The whole album is available for free on LBCK's website. And below are my picks that represents slower discoier LBCK, hip-hop-flirting LBCK and classic, pumping party-LBCK.