Wednesday, October 16, 2013

[Free download] Germans + Auxiliary tha Masterfader

Here's an amazing slow dance disco gem from one of my favourite Dutch producers and people in general: Auxiliary tha Masterfader. Warm synths and those lovely vocals over a slow and meaty 80's disco funk comp make up one of my favourite tracks at the moment. Truly awesome stuff!

Of course, a good foundation for a good remix is a good original, and Germans is a real find. With the catchy motto "pop breakup songs: feel good about feeling bad" Brooklynite Julia Kwamya makes wonderfully crafted, dreamy and melancholic music, and it's obvious that she's someone worth keeping tabs on.


Mimi said...

These are wonderful! And the pictures really render the mood of the songs. Although i like this Wonderhow version better than the one you posted. Cruel is also amazing, i haven't heard it before, thanks a lot for posting it :)

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