Friday, November 15, 2013

Bicep - Satisfy

These are exciting times since everyone's favourites Bicep are rolling out their full Soundcloud previews of their upcoming Satisfy EP on their own Feel My Bicep label. This is only their second release on FMB, but since the first one was "Vision of Love", which was one of last years best tracks, they clearly go for quality over quantity.

We have already been giggling at the "Satisfy" part of the promo video which consists of clips from the classic Swedish 80's movie "Stockholmsnatt" (Stockholm night) featuring young, fair-haired martial arts aficionado/street punk Paolo Roberto effectively playing himself. Somewhat of a renaissance man, he went on to become a TV personality, Italian food importer and even politician at one point.

Maybe more interesting than the exploits of Roberto are the snippets of the actual tracks. Bicep continues with the 90's revival, but now from more of a UK perspective than the Chicago or New York-oozing garage from "Vision of Love". The title track have the sort of breakbeats from the early 90's British rave music that eventually lead to jungle and drum'n'bass. "The Final Trip" sounds a lot like Kevin 'Reese' Saunderson who, although being one of the three grandfathers of Detroit techno was the one with the deepest links to the UK rave scene, with his moniker Tronikhouse in 1991 and 1992 for example. However, the track I instinctively like the best is "Snackbar", which happens to be the most classic American garage track of the three. It's just too damn funky!

Pick up Satisfy EP on a round plate of black plastic on Juno on November 25. Follow Bicep on Facebook.