Monday, May 26, 2014

Tracasseur Early Summer Mixtape 2014

We got a new mixtape for you! Partly for the celebration of the early summer up here in the north that finally has arrived and partly because of the great music that we love. It's named "Early Summer Mixtape" but could also be named something like "Deep Early Summer Vibes From The North". Anyway, we hope you dig it!

1. David Keno, ME & her - Walking Boots 
2. Chi Thanh - Hotel DAmour 
3. Oliver $, Jimi Jules - Pushing On 
4. Ferreck Dawn, Redondo - Love Too Deep 
5. Ejeca - Alone (David Jach Remix) 
6. TCTS - Lose Control 
7. Tapesh, Dayne S - How I Do 
8. Dan Caster, Bjoern Stoerig - Nouvelle Future (Oliver Schories Remix) 
9. Da Lukas - Right Thing! (Club Mix) 
10. Joyce Muniz feat. Bam - Back In The Days 
11. Tapesh & KANT - Ey Yo


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Too good.

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ill follow and waiting for next song

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