Tuesday, August 5, 2014

[Free download] Goldroom - Till Sunrise (Justin Faust Premix)

More old friends and more free downloads! This time Justin Faust have remixed Goldroom's upocoming single Till Sunrise, featuring Mammals on vocals. Actually, remix isn't really the appropriate term, since Josh Goldroom has come up with a pretty neat idea. The single is out August 11, but since a week back the vocal stems have been available for anyone to make their own remix. Err, I mean premix. They can then be sent to Josh and he'll post the things he likes on his Soundcloud, which with over 80.000 followers is pretty decent exposure.

It's an interesting concept. Since no-one have heard the original yet, there's no way that the preconceptions of the it will shape the remixes. So, apart from the keys of the vocals and the rather slow tempo, expect some pretty different takes on it.

84 bpm isn't really Justin's standard tempo, but he's managed to make a really groovy electro funk slowdance of it.

Why not give it a go yourself? Here are the vocal stems!


The Diver said...

Can't wait to hear the song with a 4/4 beat, which will probably be the winning remix or premix.

Colin Parker said...

Wow great groove indeed! Maybe i'll give the remix a go, thanks for linking the vocals!


Nice, I actually liked the vocals so much I did a premix myself. Cool concept, and it's genius because the "premixes" started showing up on blogs before Josh released the original, so it was already charting on Hype Machine when he released it. Damn, wish I'd thought of something like that.

Anyway, this is a dope remix.

LeadTheLeader said...

I loved this, people stare at my DJ Table when I play this song

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