Monday, May 25, 2009

Blokgolf rocks!

If you thought Dutch music only was 2 Unlimited and Holiday Rap, you'd better think again. Blokgolf, comprised of Aux & Houston from Amsterdam, have been making nu rave/indie electro remixes for quite a while now, and everything I've heard from them is really good.

Aux isn't wearing a Bag Raiders t-shirt by accident. The Aussies are listed as one of Blokgolf's influences, and if I'd have to compare them with anyone I'd say they sound kinda like Bag Raiders, only a bit more indie, or even punk. Not surprisingly I guess, since Houston have his own proper indie rock band called MeloManics, who were remixed by our Swedish kung fu master Mr Miyagi by the way.

The guys are currently working on their last remix for a while since they'll be working on their début album, which hopefully will be released in the winter with a couple of teaser tracks due late summer. If you're lucky enough to be in Holland during the next couple of weeks, take the oppurtunity to see them at De Spot in Middelburg on May 30, or at The Scene with Pilooski, at Amsterdam's Flexbar on June 12.


MeloManics - DAF (Blokgolf Remix)

Krause vs Gram - One Track Mind (Blokgolf Remix)

Nite Cells - Try It Feel It (Blokgolf Remix)

Jacinto Di Yeah - Best Idea (Blokgolf Remix)

Hit Me TV - Maybe the Dancefloor (Blokgolf Remix)

HSSLHFF - Wake Up The Bad Boys (Blokgolf Remix)

MC Miker G & DJ Sven - Holiday Rap (Blokgolf Remix)

MeloManics - Get You (Mr Miyagi Remix)


aozora said...

dead links, again

Sebastian/Arnie B said...

They all work for me. Which ones aren't working, and which ones have you had trouble with before?