Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Walter Sobcek is a man...

...or a electronic pop duo from Paris to be more correct. But the duo have made Walter Sobcek into a project where Walter Sobcek is a character created to tell the story over 11 songs of a lost Frenchman who goes to America to follow his lost girlfriend Chelsea. He will not find her but he will get himself lost in the dark side of Los Angeles.

This is the text from their MySpace regarding the project:
"Walter Sobcek is a man.
He likes girls. He likes Traci Lords.
However, he is in love with Chelsea.
A 20 year old girl.
She is blonde. She is beautiful. She left him.
To forget her, Walter also left.

Paris – Los Angeles, one way ticket.

3 months later, Chateau Marmont, Walter is looking for Don Simpson but finds Ashlyn Gere. She aged badly. He ends his night with “Traci In Heaven”. A classic. Nobody has seen Walter Sobcek since then."

This is one of the eleven songs from the project Walter Sobcek. It's a great tune with the same French feeling as Sebastien Tellier. Follow the music story about Walter via their MySpace.

Walter Sobcek - Prom Queen (Dana Plato)