Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rhythm Droid

Rhythm Droid is Tokyo-based Devon Hughes who makes awesome melodic funky electro/techno music. That seems quite logical since he states his musical influences includes Japanese pop to 70's fusion, Detroit techno and French electro, elements all of which you'll hear in his music. He's also touring the Tokyo nightlife with a live-show with just synths, sequencers and other hardware but with no laptop.

Take a look at this brilliant live techno jam:

Mr Hughes has been snapped up by Eye Industries who's given you the likes of The Twelves, Alan Braxe, Cassette Club and Russ Chimes. Expect to hear more from him!

(via Too Many Sebastians)

Rhythm Droid - Sunrise on Planet Tokyo

Rhythm Droid - My Neon Heart

Rhythm Droid - Vector Interlock


Alexandre said...

This guy is Brilliant.

Tony Marinello said...

Oh I love the Yamaha RS 7000 !