Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tracasseur Disco à Paris (mais oui!)

I really should be packing instead of blogging at half past two in the morning. Packing, you say? Am I going somewhere? Why yes, we're running somewhat of a club in Paris on Friday. As Jonny use to say: I'm not bragging, it's just facts.

So, it's not an ordinary overseas gig for us (still not bragging), we are actually in charge of the club night that ties up the first day of the six-day ÅÄÖ festival promoting Swedish music in Paris and France. The evening starts with a mouth-watering line-up consisting of Lo-Fi-Fnk, Pacific!, Simian Ghost and Korallreven starting at 7:30; a very healthy dose of some great Swedish music that will get you into dancing mood in time for midnight, when we start our Tracasseur Disco.

To this night we have booked Punks Jump Up (since we're polite swedes we even invited Joe even if he's British) and Johan Agebjörn, the man behind Sally Shapiro. We'll play our favourite music that we have (or should have) blogged about, together with our buddies Daniel Odelstad, who runs the now famous/world conquering Lunch Beat parties among other things, and our French liaison officers from Sven Sven (a lovely Swedish-sounding name).

It all goes down at Le Trabendo in the Parc Villette, and even if our disco night is free from midnight, you're going to want to buy tickets to the earlier evening here. You'll find more info in the Facebook event.

Punks Jump obviously has some awesome music out. I'm thinking of their collab with Dave 1 from Chromeo, remixed by Oliver, but they've also made some great remixes recently. And we still really dig that "Get Down" track.

Punks Jump Up feat Dave1 - Mr Overtime by Punks Jump Up

Punks Jump Up - Mr. Overtime (Oliver Remix) by weareoliver

Rebeka - Stars (Punks Jump Up Remix) by Punks Jump Up

Rebeka - Stars (Punks Jump Up Remix) by Punks Jump Up

Punks Jump Up - Get Down (Special CCCrash Mixxx) by Punks Jump Up

This is turning into quite a massive post, so I'll only throw this 150 bpm version of "Casablanca Nights" in there and promise to write more about Johan Agebjörn next time.

Alan Cook - Casablanca Nights (produced by Johan Agebjörn & Lovelock) by Johan Agebjörn


Afterburner said...

You guys are just making my day right now...

I CANNOT wait to finally meet you, right in my hometown, and for a free gig, you gotta be shitting me right? :D


Sebastian/Arnie B said...

Yeah! We are gonna kick some ass