Thursday, August 16, 2012

Chris Malinchak, we love you!

After our long but well deserved summer vacation with fewer posts we tried to slowly start up Tracasseur again. We failed a bit, but now we will roll up our sleeves and make another more serious attempt to get back to business, back to the "normal" Tracasseur. Hope you still are with us!

We are still with Chris Malinchak, one of the best producers/acts right now. After the success EP "Ironbound" we've been playing his tracks so much that they almost ignited. A couple of days ago our fave label French Express released another new track named "If You Got It", and of course it's another smasher from Malinchak and it's for free!

During summer French Express also released a more tropical summer track with Malinchak and it's been one of my summer anthems while driving around in my old SAAB in whole Sweden with my girlfriend. So this one goes out to her and of course to my other love, Chris Malinchak.

In case you've missed out on "These Dreams", here it is too!


H3CT0R said...

Awesome tracks!