Monday, August 6, 2012

Be The Bear - Bad Things

Sad to say, I had missed out on this stunning Swedish electronic indie pop duo Be The Bear. But now they are in my sight for now and for what to come, thanks to Danish-English singer Christina Wehage that sent us an email the other day. The other half of the duo is Swedish producer Mattias Bolin and together they make beautiful tracks down on the west coast of Sweden.

Be The Bear released the EP "Fireships" last year and now they are here with their strongest track so far. More electric and more catchy than before, I think this could be the big jump upwards for this duo. The perfect feeling of Christinas voice on top of the electronic landscape makes "Bad Things" into one of the most interesting songs from Sweden this year. Could they be the next Niki & The Dove?

Anyhow, talented bands like this need your support, so fan them, buy the track at iTunes and also listen more on their SoundCloud or on Spotify.