Saturday, December 28, 2013

Jonas' best of 2013

2013 is soon over and it's time for us to summarize this year music wise. The highlight of the year kind of. For me it has been a superb year when I look into the rear-view mirror, both when it comes to music and how my life has been. Maybe the two are connected?

As always it's super hard to narrow down a great year of music into a top 20 list and as always a lot of splendid music had to be out of the list. Some of the tunes that will be out of my top 20 will make it into our Spotify Top 100 list that will be out in a couple of days.

Here are my selected best of 2013 tracks and I hope you will dig these tracks as much as I do. The list consists of everything from deep house, tech house, nu disco and chillwave. This is our way to say thanks to you Tracasseur fans out there by making our Best of lists. Enjoy and see you in 2014!

#1. Noir & Haze meets Compact Grey & Ron Costa - Around The Bane (Noir Mashup Treatment)
This is a nice bunch of people that came together to produce this #1 track of 2013. Noir (a.k.a. René Kristensen), Haze, Ron Costa and Compact Grey made this collaboration and I'm very happy for that. When it was released this summer it hit me hard and it was such a sweet tune to put on during our sets. "Around the Bane" has also been hanging on in the charts over at Beatport for a long time, well deserved!

#2. Rebelski - The Rift Valley (Lee Van Dowski Binary Re-Up Mix)
Ohh, how much have I played this remix this year? In my home, in my car, in the clubs, yeah almost everywhere I have been. Love Lee Van Dowski's take on Rebelski's already great track. This is been my anthem of 2013, especially during the summer driving around with friends in the car. And what points a really superb track is that you never get tired of it.

#3. Le Youth - C O O L
Le Youth released this debut single "C O O L" in June with a bunch of good remixes. In the beginning I fell for one of the remixes until I re-discovered the original, that is such a sweet pearl. So in the end it was no doubt that the original should make the list, and it finally ended up in the top 3. Love the tropical vibes that harmonizes so well with the nu disco and RnB sound.

#4. Groovebox - Brooklyn
If we're talking about anthems, Groovebox's "Brooklyn" has been our anthem when we've played the whole summer and autumn on the dance floors. It's such a banger on the floors and every time we get into the right mood. It's tech house at its best!

#5. Josh Butler - Got A Feeling (Bontan Remix / Pleasurekraft Edit)
Josh Butler made a mighty fine original with "Got A Feeling" and Bontan made an even deeper remix of it and it became accomplished when Pleasurekraft put the final touch to it. A gem made in a three-way-step from three brilliant producers. We got the feeling!

#6. Koda - The Last Stand
The first down-tempo track on this year's list. Because we also need some really sweet chill sounds in between the high tempo. With Koda, we can all find that beautiful sound that make you dream away. This tune is so winsome and so amazing.

#7. Round Table Knights - So Good
Round Table Knights, the great Swiss duo that always releases major tracks. "So Good" is one of them. Been a favourite since I first heard it and it's still a tune to play in my set. I can't count how many times people have come up to me and asked what track it is. That, I would say, is a pretty good gradein how good this tune is.

#8. Mano Le Tough - Primative People (Tale Of Us Remix)
The Berlin-based duo Tale Of Us gave us this magnificent remix of Mano Le Tough's "Primative People" this year. Wow what a remix then! Love the sound of the xylophone (or glockenspiel?) that goes through the whole track. Genius tune!

#9. Ninetoes - Finder
Another Berlin-based producer, Ninetoes hit us up with this sweet semi-tropical deep house anthem. The track was actually kind of the anthem of Garden Festival in Croatia this summer. Once again proof that Ninetoes have created a modern classic.

 #10. Wet - Don't Wanna Be Your Girl (Eest Coast Remix)
I actually fell in love with this sad and beautiful tune right away when I heard it. The original from Wet is as beautiful but Eest Coast have pitched down her voice and put his style onto the track so it became even sadder and even better. Nice work from Eest Coast!

 #11. Viceroy - Dream Of Bombay (Bufi Remix)

 #12. NVOY - Is It Good

 #13. Finnebassen - Bella

 #14. Erkka - Excommunication

 #15. CloSE - My Way (Tanner Ross & Slow Hands Remix) Finnebassen Edit

 #16. Luca Cassani - Gluttony

 #17. Niko Schwind & Kellerkind - Lose Control (Teenage Mutants Remix)

 #18. Tocadisco - Falling

 #19. Pleasurekraft, Jaceo, Vedic - The Most Dangerous Game

 #20. Imany - You Will Never Know (Miguel Campbell & Matt Hughes Remix)