Friday, December 6, 2013

Tommy Vercetti - Good Feelings

Here's a huge party banger that I've been listening to a lot lately: Tommy Vercetti's "Good Feelings" (out now on great UK label Love Not Money's latest compilation New Love Vol. 4). The choice of moniker is kind of ironic since Tommy makes house with a distinct UK flavour and not the sort of retro 80's nu italo that the used to post all the time a couple of years ago and that the protagonist of GTA: Vice City perhaps more likely would listen to. Anyway, great work from a producer and label worth keeping an eye on.

The track contains a very small part of a very famous sample that Alex Metric used with great effect in this track. The part with the sample over those breakbeats is truly awesome, but I can't tell if the drop is ghetto bass or horrible EDM "electro haus". Someone must have made an awesome edit of it.

Obviously that sample forever became a meme in the collective musical mind after this huge hit by Junior Jack.

Few of these tracks beats the original by Cherrelle featuring Alexander O'Neal. I wonder what Cherrelle thinks about Alexander stealing all the thunder with his verse? You'll also note that the original vocals have a completely different rhythm, and if you, like me, heard Junior Jack before the original, you'll think Alexander's singing sounds off-beat. Anyway, awesome song that really shows the origins of soulful deephouse.