Monday, December 9, 2013

Kygo, wow!

Meet Kygo, a young Norwegian guy from Bergen. I don't know how, but I've missed out on his amazing remixes and edits, but now I've found me a treasure, bigger than Blackbeard's.

First I stumbled upon Kygo's edit of "Jolene" and was about to make a post about that nice edit. While starting writing the post I started listening to his other tunes on his SoundCloud. The edit of Marvin Gaye was also a gem and then the remixes of the British folk band Passenger got me hooked. There's not a bad remix on Kygo's SoundCloud, all the edits and remixes are bloody fantastic. His tunes, the first not older than nine months moves from slower deep house vibes to Caribbean chill out vibes. His last tune, the remix of Ed Sheeran is a piece of beauty. I love this and you are about to get Kygo hooked! All tunes comes as free download and there are more nice tunes over at his SoundCloud.


Unknown said...

I remember hearing Kygo's "Let Her Go" edit, but I had no idea he also remixed Matt Corby!! I LOVE IT. Thanks for the post!

Blogged here.

Unknown said...

This dude makes music specifically for me. I'm sure of it.

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