Thursday, February 13, 2014

Marlene's official video for "Stay Awake"

Our beloved and extremely talented friend Marlene ∞ is back with her next single "Stay Awake". Today she revealed the official video directed by another friend of ours Sikow.

Last year Marlene got a hit with her debut single and 2014 will be her year, when she will hit the big masses. Her music is catchy and full of quality. With "Stay Awake" you can clearly hear her references within RnB and especially one of her biggest inspiration Rihanna. We really love this new single and in this track Marlene's voice is even better, if that were even possible?! This tune has already been mentioned by MTV as 1 of 5 must-hear-tracks-right-now. So, give your love to Marlene, the next big thing!


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