Monday, February 3, 2014

Max Elto - Daniel and the Taped Rai EP

So, of course I have to write about this tune, not only because the tune is called "Daniel" but more so; it's really good, and the EP it comes with is also worth listening to. I first heard "Backyard Animals" about a year back, and it has stuck with me ever since, and a few days back they released the video for "Daniel". We have the pleasure of knowing these guys, of course they're from Stockholm, Sweden, and Max Elto is definitely a name you are bound to hear more from and about.

They, being Tom and Alexander, have been working together since sometime in 2012 and they were actually featured on a David Guetta single, back in the day. Nothing you would read about on Tracasseur, but with this the "Taped Rai" EP and especially the tune "Daniel", they have at least for my part, found a place in both my heart and my playlist. We are looking forward to seeing and playing their next step, but until then, "Daniel" will be stuck on repeat – both at home and in the clubs.

Here's the official video for Daniel - Enjoy!