Monday, November 2, 2009

Sir Lancelot's "So stuck in the 80's" vol. 1

First of all we'd like to thank all nice guys and girls coming to our premiere night of "Tracasseur 309" last week. Kudos to you all! Secondly and last, I'd like to share with you some of my favourite songs from the 80's, or simply songs inspired by the 80's... Actually one song is from '79 (hope you don't mind). I've chosen more or less obscure and rare songs that you hopefully don't already have. Enjoy!

Billy Ocean - European Queen (Rayko Remix)

When In Rome - The Promise


Tony Marinello said...

Love Love Love Chris & Cosey :-))

RadHax said...

This is the first time I've heard 'Bakerman'. I cannot stop listening! Thank you so much!

Could you post some of this smooth sexy, yet danceable type stuff?

I'm thinking things less obvious than Lifelike, Falke, Braxe (not that I don't love them)

First things come to mind:
The XX - Shelter (Them Jeans Mix)
Feist - One Evening
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Soft Shock (Them Jeans again)
Erlend Oye - Casualities

But that Laid Back tune, damn. The guitar, the sax, the throaty singing. It has a wonderful darkness that evokes city driving, slick night concrete. Skinny boots. An exposed knee...

Canadian love from Umea's cold.

Sir Lancelot said...

i will do my best!

thanx RadHax!

Jonas/Jonny Puma said...
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Jonas/Jonny Puma said...

Here is for example The xx - Shelter (Them Jeans Drum Edit) if it was the song with The xx that you meant.