Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bullmeister + Lifelike + Gooseflesh

Bullmeister is a dance punk/electro pop trio from Berlin. They consist of Daniboi, Sam and Costa who, judging by the video below, seem like people who'd be fun to hang out with. They list Phoenix, Goose and Fenech-Soler as influences, and I think they sound a bit like an English Dance punk band but with traces from Berlin's deep house and minimal techno club scene. This makes them seem like a fun band to watch too. Just check out this video:

They're also a band with a mission; they want us to eat more ice-cream and make more love, which if you do it right should leave you with the exact same weight as before.

The remixes by Lifelike and Gooseflesh are good, but it's the original and the soundbites from the video that will make you want more.

Bullmeister - Baby

Bullmeister - Baby (Lifelike Remix)

Bullmeister - It's Okay (Gooseflesh Remix)


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